KidBlogs App

Logging In
Students will type in their teacher created blog ( is already provided). Students will then need to locate their names in the menu below. Last, students type their password and press the login button to gain access.

New Posts
The pin icon allows the user to post writing. Tell students to avoid the top row on the keyboard at least initially. Write a Title, Use a Tag (main idea for writing), and write the content. Publish when completed.

Add Video/Audio
Students can add video clips or images through the video or image icon.

Additional Icons
Pencil icon - allows students to type their writing. Cog icon - allows students to change blog post settings. If students need to save their post as a “draft” to finish later, they would need to change the status to “draft” in this settings tab. Eye icon - allows students to view what their post would look like if published to the blog.

This section allows students to select between old published posts or drafts that have not been published yet.

This section allows students to view comments made on their blog posts.

View Site
This section allows students to view the main blog. From the main blog site, students can read their classmates writing and make comments on their classmates posts. Two main sections to use here the Recent Posts and Blog Directory.

Control Panel
In the control panel, students can access most of the features that computer users can access. It isn’t necessary to use this tab.

Log Out
Have students log out prior to putting their iPads in the cart.

Made by: Dan Gibson


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