R-20018/112012-DRDA Government of India Ministry of Rural Development DRDA Admn Section New Delhi the 14thJanuary, 2013 Subject: Ensure compliance with Section 4(1)(b) of the RTI Act, 2005 - Uploading of information pertaining to DRDA on the website of the Ministry Reference IEC(RTI) Section communication No. K-1101811512010-IEC(RTI) dated the 2nd January, 2013 on the subject mentioned above. NIC Unit(RD) is requested to replace the enclosed material pertaining to DRDA Administration under Rright to Information under Quick Links, placed on the website of the Ministry viz.


( Dr. Manik Chandra Pandit) Assistant Commissioner(DRDA) ~UNIT Copy to IEC(R TI) alongwith a copy of the updated material.

Objective / purpose The DRDA Admin. Brief history "DRDA Administration" Scheme was introduced from 1st April. Main activities / functions • • To formulate policy guidelines for DRDAs Release of funds under DRDA Administration Scheme List of services being provided with a brief write . However. in so far as it relates to administration of DRDAs. It is a supporting and facilitating organization which plays a very effective role as a catalyst in development process. Section is the office in-charge of implementing the DRDA Admin. The DRDA is the principal organ at the district level to manage and oversee the implementation of different anti-poverty programmes of the Ministry of Rural Development. Mission / Vision Statement The objective of the scheme is to strengthen and professionalize the DRDAs so that they can effectively enhance the quality of implementation.up on them • • • Allocation of funds under DRDA Administration Scheme Release of funds under DRDA Administration Scheme Organization of Conference of Project Directors of DRDAs .DISTRICT RURAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (DRDA) I. States has been changed from 75 : 25 to 90 : 10. 1999 under which the salary and administrative expenses of DRDAs are funded on a 75:25 basis between Centre and State Governments. from 2008-09 the funding pattern for N.E. Scheme through which the Central share of fund is directly released to the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA). Duties Dealing with all issues related to DRDA policy and all matters.

: 2 : Organizational Structure Diagram at various levels namely State. Shri B. Pooja. Director (DRDA) .23346235-36 5.B.23346235-36 4.23346235-36 6.23346235-36 For all matters pertaining to Policy. Commr(DRDA) . Consultant . release of funds. district. parliamentary references. Commissioner (DRDA) DRDA Section Expectation of the public effectiveness and efficiency authority from the public for enhancing its To provide feedback on the implementation irregularities of the Scheme and to highlight any Arrangements and methods made for seeking public participation / contribution NA Mechanism available for monitoring the services delivery and public grievance resolution • Performance of DRDAs is reviewed before processing release of 2nd installment of funds • Right to Information Act. Mr. Please provide details of the powers and duties of officers and employees of the organization 1. region. directorate. Shri Debi Singh. Ms.23346335-36 3. Manik Chandra Pandit. RTI and other miscellaneous references matters. VIP . Shri Anil Kumar. Dr. block etc.23743278 2. Assistant . DEO . MTEA . 2005 • Third party monitoring through National Level Monitors 11. Asstt. Secretary (RD) Joint Secretary (RE & PC) Director (DRDA ) Asstt. Sethi. Consultant(DRDA) . Surinder Kumar. Ms Preeti Nath. Minister (RD) MOS (RD) Secretary (RD) Addl.23346235-36 7.

Whether there is any provision to seek consultation / participation of public or its representatives for formulation of policies? If there is. manual and records.nic. No. Records.A. Subject / Topic Is it mandatory to ensure Public participation (yes/no) No Arrangements seeking public participation for 1 Policy matters relating toDRDAAdmn NA . manual and records Fee charged by the department for a rules. Available on Ministry rural.Choose one of the types given below (Rules. held by public authority or under its control or used by its employees for discharging functions as per the following format. the web site of the From where one can get a copy of rules. This format has to be filled for each type of document Name /Title of document Type of document . regulations.: 3 : Ill. manual. Instructions. Please provide list of rules. IV. copy of instructions. Regulations. others) Brief write-up on the document DRDA Administration Guidelines Others The DRDA Admn. Guidelines contain all the information and instructions regarding imple-mentation of the Scheme and its brief history since its inception. instructions. regulations. regulations. please provide details of such policy in following format SI. manual and records (if any) N.

Committees.No. State Emporia .A. State Emporia manik. Other Bodies) Brief introduction of the Affiliated Body (Establishment Year. Councils. Category of the document Guideline Name of the document Guidelines DRDA Procedure to obtain the document Available on the web site Held under custody of DRDA Section Ministry of Rural Development and other 1 VI. Address Fax No. Manik Chandra. Objective/Main Activities) Role of Affiliated Body (Advisory/Managing! Executive/Others) Structure and Member Composition Head of the Body Address and main office and its Branches Frequency of Meetings Can public participate in the meetings? Are minutes ofthe meetings prepared? Not Applicable. Assistant Public Information Officers and Departmental Appellate Authority of the Public Authority. Phone No. Use the format given below to give the information about the official documents. 011-23346235 Ms Preeti Nath. - - VII. Please provide contact information about the Public Information Officers. BKS Marg 3rd floor. Also mention the place where the documents are available e. at secretariat Name. Designation. (DRDA) Asstt. Please provide information on Boards.4th (DRDA) Telefax Complex. N.pandit@ni New Delhi Complex. Commssioner 01123346236 floor. Dir.: 4 : V. BKS Marg c. Council. Designation & Address ofCPIO .No. Appellate Authority E-Mail Name. directorate level. Committees Bodies related to the public authority in the following format Name and address of the Affiliated Body Type of Affiliated Body (Board.m Ph. others (Please mention the level in place of writing "Others") S. Phone No. E-Mail Dr.23743278 .Telefax New Delhi Pnathrzrnic.

if any Process of Execution the Policy matters relating to DRDA Administration Amendment III the Guidelines Approval of Minister for Rural Development is sought and instructions are issued to the concerned authorities of the State Govts. through advertisements in print and electronic media.IUTs . Who are the offices at various levels whose opinions are sought for the process of decision making? • • Concerned Ministries/Departments of the Govt. Please provide information separately in the following format for the important matters on which the decision is taken by the public authority. Who is the final authority t at vets the decision? Minister for Rural Development XIII.: 5 : VIII. Govt. of India IX. What are the documented procedures/laid down procedures/Defined criterialRules to arrive at a particular decision matters? What are different levels through which a decision process moves? As per Manual of Office Procedure. What is the procedure followed to take a decision for various matters As per Manual of Office Procedure. of India State Rural Development of the State GovtslUTs and district level authority XII. 1 Subject on which decision is to be taken Guidelines / Directions. S. leaflets / booklets etc XI. What are the arrangements to communicate the decision to the public? Decisions are communicated to the public through the Ministry's website. Govt.No. of India X.

Please provide the for different Remarks NIL - - - - - 14 15 16 17 - - - . No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Items Name of the Programme/Scheme Duration of the Programme/Scheme Objective of the Programme Physical and financial targets of the programme (for the last year) Eligibility of beneficiary Pre . If the application is made on plain paper please mention it along with what the applicant should mention in the application) List of attachments (certificates/documents) Format of attachements Where to contact in case of process related complaints Details of available fund (At various levels like District level. Directory of officers and Employees Given under chapter heading "Directory of Officers" XV. Block level etc.6 XIV. The manner of Execution of Subsidy information as per the following format S. 500 crores. XVI.) Programmes. Please provide information ab ut the details of the budget activities under different schemes in the given format Budget for the year 2012-2013 is Rs.requisites for the benefit Procedure to avail the benefits of the programme Criteria for deciding eligibility Detail of the benefits given in the programme (also mention the amount of subsidy or other help given) Procedure for the distribution of the subsidy Where to apply or whom to contact in the office for applying Application fee (where applicable) Application format (where applicable.

Means.No.No. 1 2 3 4 granted 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Items Name of the programme Type (ConcessionlPermits/ Authorization) Objective Targets set (for the last year) Eligibility Criteria for the eligibility Pre . Please provide the details of the Norms/Standards for execution of various activities / programmes.: 7 : XVII. Through the internet. Please provide the details of the information related to the various schemes which are available in the electronic format All information about the scheme is available on the Ministry'S website XX. S. leaflets. permits or authorization by it. S. 1 Item of work Allocation of funds and fixation of physical/Financial Targets Release of 1st installment 0 funds (1st tranche) Release of2no installment 2 3 Prescribed norms Within one week of budgetary allocation By 2no to 3rd week of April Within One monthl30 days of proposal received XIX. advertisements etc . methods or facilitation available to the public which are adopted by the department for dissemination of information. Information Education Campaign activities of the Ministry. Particulars of Recipients of concessions.requisites Procedure to avail the benefits Time limit for the Concession/Permits Authorization Application Fee (Where applicable) Application format (where applicable) List of attachments (certificates/documents) Format of attachments Remarks NIL - - / - set by the Department XVIII. Please provide the information as per the following format. booklets.

Frequently Asked Questions and their answers Not applicable XXII.: 8 : XXI. if any) Procedure of giving help Contact information for applying Application fee (where applicable) Other fees (where applicable) Application form (Incase the application is made on plain paper please mention the details which the applicant has to provide) List of enclosures / documents Format of enclosures / documents Procedure of application Process followed in the Public Authority after the receipt of application Normal time taken for issuance of certificate Validity period of certificate (If applicable) Process of renewal (if any) Selection procedure Time table of training programme (in case available) Process to inform the trainee about the training procedure Arrangement made by the public authority for creating public awareness about the training programme List of beneficiary of the training programme at various levels like district level.No.requisite for training (if any) Description of help (Mention the amount of Financial help. block level etc. Remarks Not applicable - 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 - - 13 14 15 16 - - 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 - - . Related to seeking information public by Public Authority S. with relation to training imparted to 1 2 3 Items Name of training programme with brief description Time period for training programme/Scheme Objective of training Physical and Financial targets (Last year) Eligibility for training Pre .

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