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calcium OR vitamin D) AND (bone density OR c

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Entrez PubMed r 1: Zonis De Zukerfeld R Inaatta R. SanchezNesete G, Matusevich A, R&ted At-tj&s, t

Overview Intebi C.
Help I FAQ s lpsychosocialaspectsin osteoporosis]
New/Noteworthy III Vertex. 2003 Dec;14(54):253-9.Spanish.
E-Utilities PMJD: 14654873DbMed - in process]
r 2: YanaseT, Suzuki S. Goto K, Nomura M. Okabe T. TakavanagiR, Related Articles, I
PubMed Services Nawata H.
Journals Database
MeSH Database E Aromatasein bone:rolesof Vitamin D(3) andandrogens.
Single Citation Matcher IEI J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2003 Sep,86(3-5):393-7.
Batch Citation Matcher PMJD: -14623536lplbMed - in process]
I- 3: Mullins CD. Ohsfeldt RL. Related Articles, 1
Modelingthe annualcostsof postmenopausalpreventiontherapy:raloxifene
Related Resources alendronate,or estrogen-progestin
Order Documents J Manag Care Pharm. 2003 Mar-Apr;9(2): 150-8.
NLM Gateway PMID: 14613344fplbhAed - iudexed for MEDLINE]
Consumer tiealth r 4: Smith CA, TennentTD. PearsonSE. Beach WR. Related Articles, L
Clinical Alerts
PubMed Central
E Fractureof Bilok interferencescrewson insertionduring anteriorcruciate
Arthroscopy. XI03 Nov;l9(9):E4-6.
Privacy Policy PMID: 14608335DbMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
r 5: Tokar K. Ford MA. Turner L W. Denny G. Related Articles, L

S Bonemineraldensitylevelsof college-agedwomenin northwestArkansas.

cl J Ark Med Sot. 2003 Nov;100(5):170-5.
PMLD: 14606227[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 6: Silverberg SJ. Bilezikian JP. Related Articles, 1
B “Incipient”primary hyperparathyroidism:
a “forme fruste”of an old disease.
= J Cfin Endocrinol Metab. 2003 Nov$8(11):5348-52.
PMLD: 14602772@+bMed - indexedfor MEDLJNE]
r 7: HodsmanAB. Hanley DA. Ettinger MP. BologneseMA. Fox J, Related Articles, 1
Metcalfe AJ. Lindsav R.
S Efficacy and safetyof humanparathyroidhormone-(l-84) in increasingborn
mineraldensityin postmenopausal
IIII osteoporosis.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2003 Nov;88( 1I):521 2-20.
PMID: 14602752lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 8: GradosF, Brazier M. Kamel S, Mathieu M, Hurtebize N, Maamer M, RotatedAfictes, 1
GarabedianM, SebertJL. FardehoneP.

12/l l/2003
Icmrez-ruoivleo rqci L us 3u

Predictien of bone mass d&i&$ variation by bone remodeling markers in

postmenopausalwomen with vitamin D insufFiciencytreated with calcium a
vitamin D supplementation.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab; 2003Nov;88( 1I):5 175-9.
PMED: 14602746lpubMed - indexedfor MPDLFNE]
r g: PasseriG. Pini G. TroianoL, VescoviniR. SansoniP, PasseriM, Related Articles, 1
GueresiP. Del&more R PedrazzoniM FranceschiC.
Low vitamin D status,high bone turnover, and bone fractures in centenarian
Els J Clin EndocrinolMetab. 2003 Nov;88(11):5109-15,
PMlD: 14602735WbMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 10: RozenGS. RennertG, Dodiuk-GadRP. RennertHS, Ish-ShalomN, Related Articles, I
Diab G, Raz 3. I.&Shalom S.
E Calcmm supplementationprovides an extendedwindow of opportunity for
0 bone mass accretion a&r menarche.
Am J Clin NW. 2003Nov;78(5):993-8,
PMLD: 14594787lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINEJ
r 11: HeaneyRP. Related Articles, 1

E Long-latency deficiency disease:insights from calcium and vitamin D.

811 Am 3 Clin Nufz. 2003Nov;78(5):912-9.Review.
PMJD: 14594776EpubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
I- 12: TsudaK. Related Articles, I
ESonemineral density, blood pressure,and stroke in elderly women.
EB Stroke.2003 Nov;34(1l):e210-1; authorreply e210-1.Epub 2003 Ott 23. No abstract
PMID: 14576367[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
i- 13: TakacsI. LakatosP. Related Articles, I
E pn ProcessCitation)
0 Orv Hetil. 2003Jul27;144(30):1467-72.Hungarian.
PMID: 14569676[PubMed- in process]
r 14: Chen2. PettineerMB, Ritenbaup;h
C. LaCroix AZ. Robbins J. Caan RelatedA&ictes, [
BJ. BaradDH. Hakim IA.
E Habitual tea consumptionand risk of osteoporosis:a prospective study in tl
87 women’shealth initiative observationalcohort.
Am J Epidemiol. 2003 Ott 15;158(8):772-81.
PMlD: 14561667[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 15: Silverberg SJ. Gao P, Brown I, LoGerfo P. CantorTL, Eilezikian JF. Related Articles, I
Clinical utility of an immunoradiometricassayfor parathyroid hormone (l-
in primary hyperparathyroidism.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab.2003 Oct;88(10):472530.
PAID: 14557447[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLJNE]
r 16: CooperC. Emkey RD. McDonald RH. Hawker G, Bianchi G. Wilson Related~flcles, [
K, SchimmerRC.
Efficacy and safety of oral weetiy ibandronatein the treatment of
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2003 Oct;88(10):4609-15.
PMJD: 14557430[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]

r17: Related Articles, I

SmalhidpeRC. BourneK. PearsonBW, Van HeerdenJA, Carpenter

120 f/2003

PC. Young;WF,

Cashing’ssyndrome due to medullary thyroid carcinoma: diagnosis by
proopiomelanocortinmessengerribonucleic acid in situ hybridization.
J CIin EndocriuolMetab.2003Oct;88(10):4565-8.
PMIDz 14557423lpubMed- indexedfor MEDLJNE]
r 18:EttinaerMP. Related Articles, I

Aging bone and osteoporosis:strategiesfor preventing fkacturesin the elde

Arch Intern Med. 2003 Ott 13;163(!8):2237-46.
PMlD: 14557222lpubMed- indexedfor MBDLINE]
r19: Smith BB. CosenzaME, Man&i A. DunstanC. GregsonR Martin Related Articles, 1
SW. Smith SY, Davis H.
= A toxicity profile of osteoprotcgerinin the cynomolgus monkey.
El lnt J Toxicol. 2003SepO&,22(5):403-12.
PAID: 14555415[PubMed- in process]
r 20: PO authorslisted1 Related Articfes, I

Dentists can help detect patients at risk of osteoporosis.

III DentToday.2003Sep;22(9):36.
No abstractavailable.
PMLD:14552215 FubMed - indexedfor MBDLINE]
r 21: Larkey LK. Day SIX Houtkooper L. RengerR. Related Articles, I

Osteoporosis prevention: knowledge and behavior in a southwestern

3 CornmuuityHealth.2003Oct;28(5):377-88.
PMID: 14535602lpubMed- indexedfor MBDLlNB]
r 22: KubotaM. Related Articles, I
E [Optimization of calcium intake for the prevention of osteoporosisand
cl osteoporoticfixxctures:a review of the evidence]
PMID: 14533561[PubMed- indexedfor MBDLINB]
rz3a.u Related Articles, 1
E [Evidence-basedeva3uationof preventive procednres for osteoporosis,
ICI osteoporotic fractures and other diseases]
PMID: 14533560[PubMed- indexedfor MBDLlNE]
r 24: PfItzemnaierJ. Lotz J. Faldum A, Beringer M. Stein R Thuroff JW. Related Articles, I
Metabolic evaluation of 94 patients 5 to 16 years a&r ileocecal pouch (Ma
pouch 1) continent urinary diversion.
J Urol. 2003Nov; 170(S):1884-7.
PMID: 14532799lpubMed- indexedfor MEDLINB]
r 25: Lisker R, Loner MA. JasuuiS. PonceDe Leon Rosales$4,Correa- Related Articles, I
Rotter R, SanchezS. Mutchinick OM.
E Association of vitamin D receptor polymorplkms with osteoporosis in
cl mexican postmenopausalwomen.
Hum Biol. 2003Jun;75(3):399-403.
PAID: 14527203[PubNed- indexedfor MEDLJNB]
I- 26: BubbearJ. Keen R. Related Articles, 1 12/l l/2003


Clinical managementand algo&hms in osteoporosis.

HospMed. 2003Sep;64(9):512-6.
PMID: 14521065@%tbMed- indexedfor MRDLINE]
r 27: ~I,IIIV~ SM. StadlerDD. BainbridgeCN. Miller SC. Moyer-Mileur LJ. RelatedArticles, I
E Familial resemblanceof bone mineralization, calcium intake, and physical
0 activity in early-adolescentdaughters,their mothers, and maternal
J Am Diet Assoc.2003Oct;103(10):1~20-5.
PMHX 1452025
1 jPubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 28: Lin PH. Gintv F, ADI& LJ. Aickin M, BohannonA. GameroP, Related Articles, 1
Barclav D. Svetkev LP.
The DASH diet and sodium reduction improve markers of bone turnover ar
calcium metabolism in adults.
J NW. 2003Oct;133(~0):3130-6.
PMII): 14519796fPubMed- indexedfor MRDLlNE]
r 29: vA.R
Caule- J ebb’ SJ C ac!oix Related Articles, 1
AZ. Lel3off M. Lewis CE; McGowan 3. NeunerJ. PettinaerM,
St&nick ML. Wactawski-WendeJ. Warts NB: Woxnen’tiIiealth
Initiative Investigators.
SE Effects of estrogenplus progestin on risk of fracture and bone mineral dens
a the Women’s Health Initiative randomizedtrial.
JAMA. 2003Ott 1;290(13):1729-38.
PMID: 14519707lpubMed- indexedfor MRDLINE]
r 30: Lemer A. Horesh2. RelatedArticles, I
Minimal external fixation and calcium-phosphatecement in the treatment c
83 fractures of the tibial plateau.
J BoneJointSurgBr. 2003Sep;85(7):1088;
authorreply 1088.No abstractavailable.
PMID: 14516057lpubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 31: Wu F. StavkovaT. Home A. ClearwaterJ. Ames R. Mason B, Orr- Related Articles, L
Walker B. GambleG. Scott M. Reid I.
E Efficacy of an oral, IO-day courseof high-dose~calciferolin correcting vita
rl D deficiency.
N 2 Med J. 2003Aug 8;116(1f79):U536.
PMID: 14513083@%sbMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 32: Maliot~.
[Osteoporosisin adolescents]
cl Arch Pediatr.2003May;10Suppl1:204s-205s.
French.No abstractavailable.
PAID: 14509799[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 33: TounianP.
fNutritional risk in children]
Arch Pediatr.2003May;10 Suppl1:2&-29s.French.No abstractavailable.
PMID: 14509730[PubNed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 34: Svversenu. wd~e
n. Related Articles, I
@ Irugtherapy of osteoporosis]
ICI TidsskrNor Laegeforen.2003Aug 28;123(16y2263-4.
Norwegian.No abstractavailable.
PMID: 14508549[PubMed- indexedfor MIDLINE]

r 35: B&n CD. C~CCOSA. Yau YY, Weslev RA. Oblitas JM. RehakNN, Related Articles, I

htep:// 12/l l/2003


Leitman SF.
Ra.ndomizeciplacebo-controlledstudy of oral calcium carbonate
supplementationin plateletpheresis:II. Metabolic effects.
Transfusion. 2003 Oct;43(10):1414-22.
PMITX 14507273 FubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

r 36: Sapir-KorenR. Livshits G. Kobyliansly E. Related Articles, L

Genetic effects of estrogenreceptor alpha and collagen IA1 geneson the
relationshipsof parathyroid hormone and 25 hydroxyvitamin D with bone
mineral density in Caucasianwomen.
Metabolism. 2003 Sep;S2(9):1129-35.
PMID: 14506618 [PubMed - indyed for MEDLINE]

r 37: FiechtnerJJ. R&ted Art&s, 1

s Hip fracture prevention. Drug therapiesand lifestyle modifications that can

I’l reducerisk.
Postgrad Med. 2003 Sep;114(3):22-8,32. Review,
PMID: 14503398 [PubMed - indexed for MEtDLINE]

r 38: LakatosP. RelatedArticles, I

[Treatmentof osteoporosis]
III Orv Hetil. 2003 Aug 3;144(3 1):155 l-2. Review. Hungarian. No abstract available.
PM-ID: 14502870 lcpubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
r 39: zf%f$ A&McLorie G. Gildav D. Laudenbere; H. Upadhyav J. Bagli D, Related Aflcles, 1
x-y .

s Long-term evahrationof metabolic profile and boue mineml density after

D ileocystoplasty in children.
J Urol. 2003 Oct;l70(4 Pt 2):1639-41; discussion 1641-2.
PAID: 14501680 lpubMed - indexed for MEDLINEJ

r 40: Fink&stein JS. HavesA, HunzelmanJL. Wyland JJ. Lee H, Neer RM. RelatedArticles, I
The effects of parathyroid hormone, alendronate,or both in men with
N Engl J Med. 2003 Sep 25;349(13):1216-26. Epub 2003 Sep 20.
PMID: 14500805 j+bMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
r 41: Black DM. GreenspauSL. EnsrudKE. Pal-0 L. McGo\NanJA, RelatedArticles, I
LanrrTF. GameroP, Bouxsein ML. Bilezikian JP. RosenCJ: PaTH
Studv Investiaators.
5 The effects of parathyroid hormone and alendronatealone or in combinatio
rl in postmenopausalosteoporosis.
N E?nglJ Med. 2003 Sep 25;349(13):1207-15. Epub 2003 Sep 20.
PMID: 14500804 [PubMed - indexed for WDLINE]

r 42: pino givers v. Related Articles, 1

lfJew advancesin the treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism]
Med Clin @arc). 2003 Sep 13;121(8)Q95-6. Spanish, No abstract avaiiable.
PMID: 14499084 lpubMed - indexed for MEDLXNE]

r 43: jN0 authorslisted;l RelatedArtides, 1

Summariesfor patients. Thiazide diuretics and hip &acture risk.
Ann Intern Med. 2003 Sep 16;139(6):136. No abstract available.
PMTD: 13679346 [PubMed - indexed for MBDLINE]

http://www.ncbi, 12/l l/2003

Entrez-PubMed XaljGUW JU

Related Articles, 1

52 Thiazide diuretics and the risk for hip fracture.

ICI Ann Intern Mad. 2003 Sep 16;139(6):476-82.
PMID: 13679324lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLLNB]

r-45: GobernaTricas J. Related Articles, I

E [Osteoporosisand climacterici Therapeuticactions]

rl Rev Enferm. 2002 Mar;25(3):8-14.Spanish.
PMID: 13677784[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]

l- 46: fN0 authorslisted] Related Articles, L

Patient information. Calcium and strong bones.

0 Adv Nurse Pratt. 2003 Aug;ll(8):72. No abstractavailable.
PAID: 13677089@%tbMed
- indexedfor MEDLINE]

r47: Khosla S, Melton LJ 3rd. Dekutoski MB. AchenbachSJ. Ober~AL, Related Articles, I
&ggs BL.
E Incidenceof childhood distal forearm tiactures over 30 years: a population
ICI basedstudy.
JAMA. 2003 Sep 17;290(11):1479-85.
PAID 13129988[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLLNR]
r 48: Garcia-NietoV. Navarro JF. MonpeM. Garcia-RodrimezVE. Related Articles, I
Bone mineral density in girls and their motherswith idiopathic hypercaleiu
NephronClin Pratt. 2003$4(4):989-93.
PMID: 12972718[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 49: Weisimer JR, Related Articles, I
Bone mineral density in idiopathic hypercalcntria:the chicken or the egg?
NephronClip Pmt. 2003;94(4):&1-2.No abstractavailabie.
PMID: 12972715lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 50: StakkestadJA. BenevoleuskayaLI. StepanJJ, SkagA. Nordby A, Related Artihes, I
OefiordE. BurdeskaA. JoukauskiI. MahoneyP; Ibandrouate
IntravenousStudv Grout.
Intravenousibandronateinjections given every three months: a new treatmr
option to prevent bone loss in postmenopausa1
Ann RheumDis. 2003 Oet;62(10):969-75.
PMID: 12972476lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINB]
r 51: Wimr KK, Ko CW, Remolds JC, Dowdy K. Keil M, PetersonD, Related Articles, 1
Gerber LH, McGarvev C. Cutler GB Jr.
Long-term treatment of hypoparatbyroidism:a randomizedcontrolled study
comparing parathyroid hormone-(1-34) versus calcitriol and calcium.
3 Clii Endocrinol Metab. 2003 Sep;88(9):4214-20.
PMID: 12970289fpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 52: Boiviu G. Lips P. Ott SM. HarperRD. SarkarS, PinetteKV, Meunier R&tad At$&s, 1
Contribution of raloxifene and calcium and vitamin D3 supplementationto
increaseof the degreeof mineralization of bone in postmenopausalwomen
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2003 Sep;88(9):4199-205.
PMID: 12970287fpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINB]
r 53: Dams I. Altintas A. Yoldemir T. VarolanA- YazganA. BaksuB. Related Articles, L

12/l l/2003
Entrez-PubMed ru(jv . .,A””

5=_ Effect of daily h-one thkapy andalendronateuse on bonemineraldensi

in postmenopausal women.
Fe&l Steril. 2603 Sep;80(3):536-40.
PMID: 12969694lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINEI
r54: Ezura Y. Nakaiima T. Kaiita M. Ishida R. Ino~e S. Yoshida H, Suzuki RelatedA&j&s, 1
T. Shimki M, Hosoi T. O&o H. Emi M.
c Associationof molecularvariants,hztplotypes,and linkagedisequilibrium
5 within the humanvitamin D-bindingprotein(DBP) genewith postmenopar
J Bone Miner Res. 2003 Sep;18(9):1642-9.
PMID: 12968673[PubMed- in process]
r55: ]
Fan Yv RelatedArticles, 1
LeeuwenJ’P.Pols HA, Uitterhnden AG.
E Cdx-2polymorpbismin the pro?oterregionof the humanvitamin D recep
5 genedeterminessusceptibilityto fracturein the elderly.
J BoneMimerRes.2003 Sep;l8(9):163241.
PMID: 12968672mbMed - in process]
r 56: Rauch F . Related Articles, I
The rachiticbone.
5 EndoctDev, 2003;6:69-79.No abstractavailable.
PMID: 12964426Epubued- indexed,for MEDLINE]
r 57: Ali N. SiktbergL. Related Articles, I

s Osteoporosispreventionin femaleadolescents:
5 participation.
PediatrNurs. 2001 Mar-Apr;27(2):132,135-g.
PMI;D: 12962249[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINEf

I- 58: Bruera D, Luna N. David DO. Bergoglio LM. Zamudio J. Related Articles, 1
Decreasedbonemineraldensityin HIV-infectedpatientsis independentof
AIDS. 2003Sep5;1?(13):191’7-23.
PMID: 12%0$24 [PubMed - indexedfor MEDLlNE]
r59: Davies JE. Related Articles, I

E Understandingperi-implantendosseous
5 J Dent Educ. 2003 Aug;67(8):932-49.Review.
PMlD: 12959168fpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]

r 60:

SE A Poly AdenosineRepeatin the HumanVitamin D ReceptorGeneis

5 Associatedwith BoneMineral Densityin Young-SwedishWomen.
Calcif TissueIut. 2003 Sep10 [Epubaheadof print]
PAID: 12958689DbMed - as suppliedby publisher]
r61: Leslie WD. Bernstein CN. Leboff MS; American Gashwnkrological Related Atides, 1
Association Clinical Practice Conmitee.
AGA technicalreviewon osteoporosis
in hepaticdisorders.
5 Gastroenterology.
Review.No abstractavailable.
PMID: 12949738fpubMed- indexedfor MEDLTNEI
c-62: ._acksonJ
WeiGS Related Articles, I

http://www.ncbi, 12/l l/2003

Entrez-PubMed ra~Gour.Jv

Ethnic disparity m the t&af,niem of women with establishedlow bone mass

5E J Am Med WomensAssoc. 2003 Suqmer;58(3):173-7.
PAID: 12948109 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 63: Ou$s ME. OrtegaKM. Lopez-SobalerAM. Garrido G. Kecpejo Related Articles, 1

Influence of dietetic and anthropometricfactors and of the type of sport

practisedon bone density in different groups of women.
Eur J Clii Nutr. 2003 Sep;57Suppl kS58-62.
PMLD: 12947455[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLME]
r 64: Giamiui S. Nobile M. Dalle CarbonareL. Lodetti MG. Sella S, Related Articles, L
Vittadello G, Miaicuci N. CrepaldiG.
ZE Hypercalciuria is a common and important finding in postmenopausalwon
5 with osteoporosis.
Eur J Endocrinol.2003 Sep;149(3)209-13.
PMID: 12943523EpubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 65: Lam 0. K.&R MA. BurckhardtP. WasserfallenJB. Related Articles, I
An economic anaIysisof hormone replacementtherapy for the prevention c
fkacturein young postmenopausalwomen.
Expert Opin Pharmacother.2003 Sep;4(9):1479-88.Review.
PMlD: 12943477lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 66: KerstetterJE. O’BrienKO. InsognaKL. Related Articles, 1

E Dietary protein, calcium metabolism, and skeletal homeostasisrevisited.

El Am J Clin Nutr. 2003 Sep;78(3Suppl):S84S-592s.Review.
PMID: 12936953BbMed - indexedfor MBDLINE]
r 67: CheneS. Tvlavsky F. Kroger H, KarkkainenM. Lpytikainen A, Related Articles, L
fcoistinenA. Mahontm A; Alen M. Halieeu J. VaananeuR. Lambere-
Alfardt C.
S Association of low 25hydroxyvitamin D concentrationswith elevated
5 pamthyroid hormone concentrationsand low cortical bone density in early
pubertal and prepubertalFinnish girls.
Am J Clin Nutr. 2003 Sep;78(3):485-92.
PMID: 12936933PubMed - indexedfor MEDLJNE]
r 68: f.14.1ieertj
g PulieaanoI, SchiappoliA, Minisola S. KornagnoliE, Related Articles, t

s Bone metabolism in ochronotic patients.

5 J Intern Med. 2003 Sep;254(3):296-300,
PMID: 12930240DbMed - indexedfor MEDLINEJ
r 69: Kim H. fwasski K. Mivake T, ShiozawaT. Nozaki S, Yaiima K. Related Articles, I

E Changesin bone turnover markers during X4-day6 degreeshead-downbed

5 rest.
J Bone Miner Metab.2003;21(5):31l-5.
PMID: 12928833[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINEJ
r 70: Zhaq YY, Lone:JK. Liu PY. Liu YJ. SheuH. Zhao LJ. D&ngHW. Reiated Articles, 1
Estrogenreceptoralpha and vitamin D receptorgene polymorphisms and b
mineral density: associationstudy of healthy pre- and postmenopausalChir
BiochemBiophys Res commun. 2003 Sep J;308(4):777-83.
PMID: 12927786[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]

12/l l/2003

r 71:SteinkrausLw. Related Articles, L

Primaryosteopeniain a femalemilitary flight crewmember.

Aviat SpaceEnviron Med. 2003 Aug;74(8):869-73.
PMlD: 12924763[PubMed - indexedfir MEDLINEJ
r 72: unSWOI%h J. Related Articles, I

Preventionof fracturesin olderpeoplewho fall.
Q Br 3 Community Nurs. 2003 Ju1;8(7):308-13.Review.
PAID: 12920465[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 73: Allain TJ. Dhesi J. Related Articles, I

Q HypovitaminosisD in older adults.
Gerontology.2003 Sep-Oct;49(5):273-8.Review.
PMID: 12920346PbMed - indexedfor MEIDLINE]
I’- 74: Probst-HenschNM. Wang H. Goh VH. Seow A. Lee HP. Yu MC. Related Articles, 1

s Determinantsof circulatinginsulm-likegrowth factor I and insuhn4ike

0 growthfactor bindingprotein3 concentrationsin a cohortof Singaporeme
CancerEpidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2003 Aug;12(8):739-46.
PMID: 12917205@kbMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 75. Cornell CN. Lane JM. Povnton AR. Related Articles, i
of vertebralandlong bonefracturesin patientswi
cls osteoporosis.
Clin Gerktr Med. 2003 May;1 9(2):433-55.Review.
PMID: 12916295[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r76: Becker C. Related Articles, I

s Cliical evaluationfor osteoporosis.

87 Clii Geriatr Med. 2003 May;19(2):299-320,Review.
PMlDz 12916288[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]

r77: C01it1EM, Uitterlinden AG. Mews JB, Berti Al’. V~IT de Klift M, RelatedArticles, 1
Fang Y. Am PP. Hotian A. van Leeuwen JP. Pols HA.
Interactionbetweenvitamin D receptorgenotypeand estrogenreceptoralpI
genotypeinfluencesvertebralf&ture risk.
J Chn Endocriuol Metab. 2003 Aug;88(8):3777-84.
PMJD: 12915669[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]

r78: Siris ES. Bilezikian JYP.Rubin MR. Black DM. Bockman RS. Bone Related Articles, I
HG. HochbergMC. McCluue; MR. SchnitzerTJ.
Pinsandplasteraren’tenough:a call for the evaluationandtreatmentof
patientswith osteoporoticfractures.
3 Cliu Eudocrinol Metab. 2003 Aug;&8(8):3482-6.Review.
PMID: 12915621jPubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]

r79: Kurl S. Heinonen K. Lansimies E, Refated Articles, I

E Pre-andpost-discharge
feedingof very preterminhmts:impacton growth;
89 bonemineralization.
Cliu Physiot Fuuct Imagiug. 2003 JuQ3(4): 182-9.
PMID: 12914556[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 80: Lakatos P. Related Articles, I

http://www.ncbi;~.~,gov/entrez/quer 12/l l/2003


s [Diagnosis and pkrmacol~gic therapy of osteopgrosis]

lrl Orv Hetil. 2003 Jul i3;144(28):1373-9.R;iriiew. Hungarian.
PMID: 12914121DbMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 81: OrcesCH. Casas C. Lee S, Garci-CavazosR. White W. RelatedArticles, 1

B Determinantsof osteoporosisprevention in low-income Mexican-America3

ICI women.
SouthMed J. 2003 May;96(5):458-64.
PMJD: 12911I84 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE)
r 82: WarrenMP. Brooks-GutmJ, Fox RF. HoldernessCC. Hvle EP, Related Articles, i
Hamilton WG, Hamilton L.
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syn~otropi$$.@% in priqgfititii&s
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Ll treatedchildrenandadolescents
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construct,feg 12/l l/2003
Entrez-PnbMed rage 40 or 30

patientswith mtlffipie
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IlIfl signalhyperparathyroidism,
a disease
thatdisruptsthe distributionof talc
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h~:/;f~gi?C~=s~Gh~~~=~ubM~ 1211l/2003
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12/l l/2003
EntraWubMed rage 3 1 of 30

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cl with myeIomen&gooele
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a prehminaryreport.
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MK. Mot&men!TT. Nuotio IO. Irjala KM, Leino

12/l l/2003
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- the NoNoF
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in Swedishadolescents
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Entrez-PubMed rage 30 0130

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PMID: 12432996WbMed -indexed for MIDLINE]
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