Marbling pattern of the saloon that the first runway of Wang took place and the cracking prints

of the clothes cannot be a coincidence for me. The third part of the representation of the Balenciaga house’s work is about Wang. Hommage and back to the roots are key words for Balenciaga. Some might say that... The cracking is the third and last step of the story. The story will continue but for this period this is the end. This the rebirth now. The egg is created by Balenciaga and birth took place. Ghesquiere gave life to the egg and dyed the shape and now this is the time for a new step and process. Wang has taken the house to the roots he says … and there is big similarities between Balenciaga himself and Wang. The minimalism notion that is not present during Ghesquiere has come back. And also for colors there is a intimacy to the couturier of the couturier’s. İt is too difficult to examine Wang’s collection because that is just the first one. Always having the movement is one of the highlight pint of Wang’s designs. The interaction with the body is also a key element in the first collection of the New Yorker designer. Which is also another key in the DNA of the brand.

Wang has delighted as well in the resources and technologies available to him, exhibited in. For example, the material he used for the for the pants he paired with his furs : velvet bonded to foam and then laser- cut and reembroidered. Maybe we cannot talk about the laser cut technology in Balenciaga’s time but he also worked with his pattern cutting skills. That was not just an idea that Balenciaga pushed but a technic as well. ‘’As far as I am concerned the house of Balenciaga always stood for sculpted, architectural elegance, and that’s probably the connecting line between the three designers.
But whereby the original Cristobal embodied the ultimate refined elegance in his creations, Nicolas Guesquiere pursued and achieved the goal of adding modernity to the concept of “sculpted” and “architectural”.
I guess with Wang instead we will have an injection of “easiness” and wearability. His task and aim, I believe, it is to make the house of Balenciaga more accessible so to speak as with Guesquiere it had had a very elitist approach ‘’ says Daniela Paudice the Fashion Director of Vogue China. And they are in the same boat thinking about ‘wearabiliy’ with Anna Wintour. Just after the show she also mentioned that the collection has a wearability and she is proud of Wang…

Where Ghesquiere’s design processes became intricate

and multi- layered, Wang’s approach was to present the subtle, nuanced codes of Balenciaga in a new, simple way. As Wang commented after the show , Balenciaga himself ‘’took the avant- garde, and made it everyday’’

Research, research and research, all start with it...
Research of the concept, research of the silhoutte, research of the fabric, research of the detail, reseacrch of the color... Uncountable research domains. That is a creative investigation merely ! We have an idea to express and we should organize all the medias that the message will be given. Fabric, colour, shape, form... That is about creating a new personality. Maybe we would say that it is a birth... That is a whole process should have been thought by the designer he or she must seek all the fabric choice or also he or she should work with the pattern maker. The designer also should take place in the casting for the show because he or she created a story with his whole collection and models choosen must match designer’s ideas about the collection. Or the make up is very important too. Mood boards, sketches, colour basics, textiles, draping, cutting, stitching,fitting, finishing ! finishing ? Actually it is not finishing yet it just starts !

Paul Smith says :

‘’İnspiration is everywhere, you should know how to look, how to see’’ We can remember Helmut Lang who found muse in New York Guggenheim’s Picasso exhibition for Fall Spring 2013 Collection. Or Martin Margiela can be the another example, who found his inspiration in the mountain and volcano textures. As Smith says inspiration is everywhere and that personal choice belongs to the designer. He or she can go to the museum or look for inspiration in his or her bed’s sheet prints.

The role of fashion designers in major fashion houses are so

delicate. When there is a culture and heritage delivered from the family of the brand creative director’s mission is much more difficult. Ümit Benan last creative director of Trussardi says after his Trussardi show :’’ I cannot speak in here totally with my own voice I should be aware of the heritage belonging Trussardi and history of the house. However in my brand I am totally free’’ Also Wang himself says that he keeps lists and lists – just thoughts and kew words of things that separate the two worlds; Balenciaga and his own label. Alber Elbaz also mentions that he spent one month in the archives to understand the ethos of the brand.

Does Zeitgeist have a big role in fashion designer’s work ? Absolutely yes but this time it is a little bit complex issue with Wang...
When we try to see the zeitgeist of modern times, especially
of our time it becomes more and more difficult. Today’ s world main key word would be complexity I guess. The events the happening circumstances are not affecting us as much as they did before. There are too many sub stories in our life’s. ‘’Media age’’ could give an idea about the zeitgeist of the time. Messages from every channel and every time bombardment of information. I do not think that we can argue about the impact of the zeitgeist of the time for Wang’s collection. The process that he is in was so personal, he was preparing himself for the deep Homage to Balenciaga. He did not let the zeitgeist shape his collection. It was a time to marry a brand and know it. As Fashion designer Jayne Pierson says ‘’Wang’s collection is safe’’ because it is so close to Banceniaga’s himself line. Archive is so obvious in the collection.

Let’s do an art piece but who will buy it ?

That is one of the problems in the fashion industry because the designs made are totally for sale. Fashion has a different nature than fine arts. Even in fine arts business you are to sale to survive. But in Fashion there is a target

The egg itself, dyeing the egg and cracking; a whole processes completed now. As working on this project I did not do anything about this story which is already written by Balenciaga the architect. I just thought about it because there is a big structure behind. An egg and a birth, they are not easy things…

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