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Entrez‘PubMed r 5001: ChaouatD. Belapae G, Danan S. De Vemejoul MC. FauresQuenet R&ted A&-&a, t
Overview B. ChaouatY.
Help 1 FAQ [A one-yearprospectivestudyof disodiumetidronateversus17 beta
Tutorial s
New/Noteworthy cl estradiolin the,preventi,on
of postmenopausal
E-Utilities Rev Rhum Ed Fr. 1993May;60(5):353-8.French.
PMTD: 8167642 DbMed - indexedfor MEDLINEJ
PubMed Services yakai S. Ishikawa Y. NaaaokaM, OkabeM, &finami R, gTavakawa Related Articles, 1
Journals Database r5002:
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f Centralnervoussysteminvolvementandgeneralizedmuscularatrophyil
Batch Citation Matcher III
occipitalhorn syndrome:Phlers-Danlostype Lx. A first Japanesecase.
JNeurol Sci. 1993 May;1 16(l): 1-5.
Cubby PMID: 8099605 [PubMed - indexedforMEDLINE]

r5003: Abreo K. Adlakha A Kiloatrick S. FlanaganR. Webb R Shakamuri R&ted ArQclea,I

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NLM Gateway z &e milk-alkali syndrome.A reversibleform of acuterenalfailure.
TOXNET ItI ArchInternMed. 1993Apr26;153(8):1005-10.
Consumer Health PMID: 8481062 lpublMed- indexedfor MEDLlNE]
Clinical Alerts c-5004: SzatbmariM. SteczekK, SzucsJ. Ho110I. Related Articles, I
PubMed Central
= [Zinc excretionin osteoporoticwomen]
Privacy Policy I!3 Orv Hetil. 1993Apr25;134(17):911-4. Hungarian.
PMID: 8479735 fPubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5005: Chapuv MC. Meunier PJ. Related Articles, 1
[Calciumandvitamin D3, a preventionof femoralneck fracturesin elder
El women]
PresseMed. 1993Apr 10;22(13):615-6.French. No abstractavailable.
PMID: 8390053 [PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
I- 5006: Hentona H, SatohR, Muraoka H, KoxnatsuzakiA. Related Articles, I
/J3onemineraldensityof the internalauditorymeatusby quantitative
Nippon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho. 1993Apr,%(4):609-16. Japanese.
PMID: 8509933 lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5007: Douglas AS. Related Articles, 1
of hip fractureandhaemorrhagicdiseaseof the newborn.
Scott Med J. 1993 Apr;38(2):37-40,
PMID: 8502975 BbMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
r 5008: TwinpennlvPD, NhO A. Reiated Articles, L
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Fracturedclavicleo;fthe newbm in a populationwith a high prevalence

0 3
grand-muhiparity:analysisof 38 consecutivecases.
Br J Obstet Gynaecol. 1993 Apr;100(4):338-41.
PAID: 8494834[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5009: Aii AA. Varghese2. MoorheadJF. Baillod RA. SwenyP. Related Articles, I

=: Calciumsetpoint progressivelyworsensinhcmodialysispatientsdespitt
El conventionaloral 1-alphahydroxycholecalciferolsupplementation.
Qin Nephrol. 1993 Apr;39(4)205-9.
PMID: 8491050lpubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Related Articles, 1

[Clinical applicationsexpectedin the future--osteoporosis]

0I Nippon Rinsho. 1993 Apr;51(4);1004-10. Review. Japanese.
PMID: 8483255[PubMed - indexed for MFIDLINE]
r 5011: ‘&uIc P. ChapuyMC. MeunierPJ.DebnasPD. Related Articles, i

s Serumundercarboxylated
osteo&cin is a markerof the risk of hip f?act~
0 in elderlywomen.
J Clin Invest. 1993 Apr;91(4): 1769-74.
PMID: 8473517fPubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
r 5012: GrimstonSK, Tatguay KE. GundbergCM. Ha&v DA. Related Articles, 1

e The calciotropichormoneresponseto changesin serumcalciumduring

0 exercisein femalelong distancerunners.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1993 Apr;76(4):867-72.
PAID: 8473398CpublMed- indexed for MEDLINE]
r 5013: SurrevES. Four-netN, Voigt B, JuddHL. Related Articles, t

Effectsof sodiumetidronatein combinationwith low-dosenorethindron

0z patientsadministereda long-actingCnRH agonist:a prelii
ObstetGynecol. 1993 Apr;81(4):581-6.
PMID: 8459971[IPubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5014: NotelovitzM. Related Articles, 1

= Osteoporosis:screening,prevention,andmanagement.
fzl Fertil Steril. 1993Apr;59(4):707-25. Review.
PMID: 8458485[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
r 5015: Dfl RelatedArticles, I

0Es Clinicalevaluationof a highly wear resistantcomposite.

Am J Dent. 1993 Apr;6(2):85-7.
PMID: 8397989 [PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINJZ]

l-5016: Kellv PJ. Eismsn JA. Related Articles, L

Osteoporosis:geneticeffectson boneturnoverand bonedensity.

0 Ann Med. 1993 Apr;25(2):99-101. No abstractavailable.
PMID: 8387798 lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]

r5017: Mehta S. Related Articles, I

E Boneloss9contraceptionand lactation.
0 Acta Obstet Gynecol Stand. 1993 Apr;72(3):148-56. Review.
PMID: 8385847[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLlNE]
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r 5018: Tzinnounis VA. &$rdtiAG,. Related Articles, I

E Subcutaneous
0 Eur J ObstetGynecolRepmdBiol. 1993Apr;49(l-2):64-6, Review.
PMID: 8365523 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINEj

r5oi9: van der M&I HR. Overvelde S. Related Articles, I

s [Osteoporosisin phlebology]
El Phiebologie.1993Apr-Jun;46(2):263-73.French.
PMIDz 8362009[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r5020: AvioliLV. Related Articles, L

E [Osteoporosisand fractures:a‘review of currenttherapies]

cl Ann Ital Med I&. 1993Apr-Jun;8(2):121-8.Review.Italian.
PMID: 8353020fpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINB]
r 5021; Allaway SL. Rob&on D, Bailey AR. Hale AC. Related Articles, I

55 Bone density,biochemistryandlife-style.
ItI MethodsInf Med. 1993Apr;32(3):233-6.
PMID: 8341157fpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5022: Dawson-Hu&es B. Harris S. Related Articles, I

E Thiazidesand seasonalbonechangein healthypostmenopausal

rl Bone Miner. 1993Apr;21(1):41-51.
PMID: 8324419@ubMed- indexedfor MBDLINE]
r 5023: Eulq F. BauduceauB. LechevalierD. Magin J. Flageat J, Gautier R&ted &tj&q I
E [Early spinalbonelossin KJinefeltersyndrome.X-ray computed
III tomographicevaluationin 16 cases]
Rev Rhum Ed Fr. 1993Apr;60(4>287-91.French.
PMID: 8167626lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5024: Lindsay R. Related Articles, L
Preventionandtreatmentof osteoporosis.
rl Lancet. 1993 Mar 27;341(8848):801-5.No abstractavailable.
Ph4ID:8096009lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r5025:Rin@D. Related Articles, I
~itarnin D 3 and calciumin the preventionof hip fracturesin elderly
$9 women]
DtschMed Wochenschr.1993Mar 26;118(12):442-3.German.No abstractavailable.
PMID: 8385598tpubMed - indexedfor MBDLINB]
r 5026: Ouchi Y. Akishita M. de SouzaAC. Nakamura T, Oximo H. Related Articles, I
Age-relatedloss of bonemassand aortic/aorticvalve oakification--
rl reevaluationof recommendeddietaryallowanceof calciumin the elderly
Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1993Mar 15;676:297-307.
No abstractavailable.
PMIIX 8489141[PubMed- indexedfor MBDLINB]
r 5027: F@a T. Related Articles, I
[Diagnosisandtherapyof osteoporosis]
ICI Nippon Naika Gakkai Zasshi.1993Mar 10;82(3):41O-3.Japanese.
No abstractavailabl
PlvIIDz8315337[PubMed- indexedfor MBDLINB]

12/l l/2003
Entrez-PubMed rage 4. or 34

r 5028: Sharts-HoukoNC. Related Articles. i

El Depo-Provera.
MCN Am J Matern Child Nurs. 1993 Mar-Apr;18(2):128.
PMTD: 8492647[PubMed - indexed for MRDLINEJ
r 5029: Shiraki M. Ito H. ok0 H. Related Articles, 1

s The ultra long-termtreatmentof senileosteoporosiswith 1 alpha-

rl hydroxyviraminD3.
Bone Miner. 1993 Mw;20(3):223-34.
PMJD: 8490326[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
j- 5030: Schmidt R, Kulbe KD. Related Articles,

E Long-termcultivationof humanosteoblasts.
III Bone Miner. 1993 Mw;20(3):2 1l-21.
PMID: 8490325CpubMed- indexed for MEDLINE]
r 5031: Sugimoto H. Rimura T, OhsawaT. Related Articies, I
= Susceptibilityeffectsof bonetrabeculae.Quantificationin vivo using an
El asymmetricspin-echotechnique.
Invest Radio]. 1993 Maq28(3):208-13.
PMDD: 8486485 PbMed - indexed for MEDUNE]
r 5032: VerbrugeenLA. Bruvlaud M. ShshabnourM. Related Articles, I

E Osteomalaciain a patientwith anorexianervosa.

lrl J Rheumatol. 1993 Mary20(3):512-7.
PMJD: 8478861 [PubMed - indexed for EVIEDLINE]
r 5033: ClemensMR. FesseleK, Heim ME. Related Articles, I

E Multiple myelomazeffect of daily dichloromethylenebisphosphonate

El skeletalcomplications.
Ann Hematol. 1993 Mar;66(3):141-6.
PMID: 8471660BbMed - indexed for MEDLJNE]
r 5034: Bile&an JP. Related Articles, 1
Osteoporosis:on the vergeof rationaleffectivetherapy?
Mt Sinai J Med. 1993 Mar;60(2):87-94.No abstractavailable.
PMID: 8469249 BbMed - iudexed for MEDLJNE]
r 5035: Federico A, Dotti MT, Lore F. Nuti R. Related Articles, I

s Cerebrotendinous
xanthomatosis:pathophysiologicalstudyon bone
IEI metabolism.
JNeurol Sci. 1993 Mar;115(1):67-70.
PMJD: 8468594[PubMed - indexed for MEDLJNE]
r 5036;: Antich PP. Pak CY. GonzalesJ. Anderson J. SakhaeeK. Rubin C. Related Articles, I

E Measurementof intrinsic bonequa&y in vivo by reflectionultrasound:

lL.l correctionof impairedquality with slow-releasesodiumfluoride and
J Bone Miner Res. 1993Mar;8(3):301-11.
PMID: 8456586 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
r 5037: Evam RA, SomersNM. Dunstan CR. Royle H. Kos S. Related Articles, I

El The effect of low-dosecyclical etidronateand calciumon bonemassin
12/l l/2003
Entrez-PubMed Yage 9 or 34

early poatm~nk@WaI Won&n,

osteoporosInt. 1993Mar;3(2):71-5.
PMID:8453193@‘ubMed - indexedfor MEDLJNE]
r-5038: Boos S. SipmundG. Huhle P, NurbakhschI. Related Articles, I

5s [Magneticresonancetomographyof so-calledtransientosteoporosis.
Bzl Primarydiagnosisand follow-up af& treatment]
PMlD: 8453071[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLlNE]
r-5039: Hernandez-AvilaM. StampferMJ. RavnikarVA. Wilktt WC, Related Articles, 1
Schiff I. FrancisWI,Longcow C, McKinlav SM.LongseooeC
~correctedto Lonwoue C.
s Caffeineand other predictors of bonedensityamong pre- and
87 perimenopausaIwomen.
Epidemiology.1993Mar;4(2):128-34.Erratumin: Epidemiology1993May;4(3):279.
PMID:8452901[PubMod- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r5040: ShaneE. RivasMC. Silverber$r53:Kim TS, StaronRF%Bikkian Rotated&tjc&., I
35 Osteoporosisafter cardiactransplantations
IIII Am J Med.1993Mar;94(3):257-64.
PMID:8452149fpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5041: HodsmanAB. FraherLJ, OstbveT, Adachi JD, SteerE&l. Reiated Articles, I

3 An evaluationof severalbiochemicalmarkersfor boneformationand

El resorptionin a protocolutilizing cyclical parathyroidhormoneand
calcitonintherapyfor osteoporosis.
J Cliu Invest.1993Mat;91(3):1138-48.
PMlD: 8450043[PubMed- indexedfor MEDUNE]
r5042: LeichtE. KramannB, SeitzG. Trentz0. RembemerK. Related Articles, L

Z Oncogenicosteomalacia:imagingstudies.
I3 Bildgebung.1993Mat$O(1):13-7.
PMID:8387360[SubMod- indexedfor MEDLDJE]
r 5043: Lim SK. Lee NH, Lee JH Choi MS. ChungYS. Ahn KJ, Lee HC, R&too Articles,1
Peakbonemassand affectingfactorsin Koreanwomen.
YonseiMedJ. 1993Mar,34(1):57-62.
PMID:8379183[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r5044: Giannini S, D’An~eIoA. MaivasiL. CastrignanoR, Pati T, Tronca R&ted A&&, 1
R Liberto L, Nobile M. CreoaldiG.
Efffectsof one-yearcyclicaltreatmentwith clodronateon postmenopausr
PMJD:8334031 fpubMed- iudexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5045: Fen-anteB, Isa L, UderzoA. Related Articles, I

E [Observationson bonemineralmetabolismin naturaland surgical

uzl menopause.Role of syntheticsahnoncatcitoninandcalcium on bone
PAID 8332282fpubMed - indexedfor MIDLINE]

12/l l/2003
Bntrez-Pub&led rage 0 OE34

r 5046: ~~uilk~ JM, ~m~uititi~ F, Tibet c. Related Articles, l

[fs it possibleto identifl womenwith rapid vertebralbonelossduring
menopause? Resultof a longitudinalstudy of 92 womenat the onsetof
Rev Rhum Ed Fr. 1993 Mar;60(3):217-22.French.
PMID: 8293008 fpubMed- indexedfor MEDLINEJ
r 5047: Lopez JM, SauunarJ. CampusanoC. Arteaga E. Rodriguez JA, Related Articles, 1
Leon A. Clam-eR Zuniga J. Campino C.
=, [Changesin the clinicd presentationof primary hyperparathyroidism.
III Analysisof 84 cases]
Rev Med Chil. 1993 Maq121(3):265-72.Spanish.
PMID: 8248638 BbMed - indexedfor MEDUNE]
r 5048: GallacberSJ, FennerJA, Fisher BM C&k JD. Fraser WD. Logue Related Articles, 1
FC, Cowan RA. Boyle IT. MacCuish AC.
E An evaluationof bonedensityandturnoverin premenopausal
lIzI type I diabetesmeliitus.
Diabet Med. 1993 Mar,lO(2):129-33.
PMID: 8096168 [PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5049: WakasugiM. Wskao R. Tawata M. GanN. Koiauni K, Onava T. Related Articles, I

3 Bonemineraldensityin patientswith hyperthyroidismmeasuredby dual

10 energyX-ray absorptiometry.
Clin Endocrinoi (Ox@ 1993Mar$8(3)283-6.
PMIDz 8096166 [PubMed - hrdexed,forMEDLINE]
r 5050: Delmas PD. Related Articles, I

s miological markersof bonemetabolism]

n PresseMed. 1993Feb 20$22(6):263-S.Review. French.
PMED: 8511145lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLJNE]
r 5051: HeaneyRP. Related Articles, 1
Thinking straightaboutcalcium.
ICI N Engi J Med. 1993 Feb 18;328(7):503-5No abstract available.
PMID: 8421480[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5052: Reid lR. Ames RW, Evans MC, Gamble GD. Shank SJ. Related Articles, 1
Effect of calciumsupplementation
on boneloss in postmenopausal
N Engl J Med. 1993 Feb 18;328(‘7):460-4.Erratum in: N F%rglJ Med 1993 Ott 21;329
PMID: 8421475lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5053: StoneM. Related Articles, I
Br J Hasp Med. 1993 Feb 17-Mar 2;49(4):275-7.Review.
PhUD: 8443628 [PubMed - indexedfor MEDLJNE]

r5054: hard Related Articies, !

Inhaledcorticosteroids-effecton bone?
Respir Med. 1993 Feb,87 Suppl A:33-5; discussion 356.
PMTD: 8497714 @ubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]

r 5055: Smith R. Related Articles, 1

12/l l/2003
Bntrez-PubMed .- rage I 0134

Bonephysiolo&yaridthe osteoporoticprocess.
0E Respi I&d. 1993Fe&87 SupplA:3-7.
PMID: 8497713lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLIsllE]
r 5056: Hosking DJ. Related Articies, L
Effectsof corticosteroidson boneturnover.
RespirMed. 1993Fe&87 SupplA:15-20; discussion20-l. Review.
PMID: 8497710[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINEJ
r 5057: Aoshima R. Katoh T. Teranishi H. Moriguchi H. Rasuya M. Related Articles, I
[Abnormalities of calcium,phosphorous and vitamin D metabolismwith
0 E
proximal renaltubulardysfunctionin subjectsenvironmentallyexposed
Nippon EiseigakuZasshi.1993Feb;47@): 1009-20.Japanese.
PMID: 8492479PubMed - indexedfor MEDLlNE]
r 5058: Minisola S, Ross0 R. Romannoli E. Pa&i MT, ScarnecchiaL, Related Articles, I
CamevaleV. Mazmoli G.
= Trabecularbonemineraldensityin primary hyperpamthyroidism:
E!l relationshipto chnicalpresentationand biomarkersof skeletalturnover.
Bone Miner. 1993Feb;20(2):113-23.
PMID: 8453327CpubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5059:B&e sJ. Related Articles, 1
Osteoporosisandhip fracture.
0s Clin GeriatrMed. 1993Feb;9(1):69-86.Review.
PMIDz 8443741DbMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5060: f2i C..S;giv P, Amdur B. GeosteinR. %-em&i 1. Hallel T, Related Articles, 1
tem c
= Decreasein boneIevelsof 1,2kIihydroxyvitamin D in womenwith
B subcapitalfkcture of the femur.
Calcif TissueInt. 1993Peb;52(2):146-8.
PMID: 8443691[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5061: Bikle DD. Halloran B. Font L, SteinbachL, Shell&oJ. Related Articles, 1
Elevated1,25-dihydroxyvitam.inD levelsin patientswith chronic
0EE obstructivepulmonarydiseasetreatedwith prednisone.
J Clin EndocrinolMetab. 1993Feb;76(2):456-61.
PMlD: 8432789[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLIHE]
r 5062: Nsmgung R. TsangRC. Stxcker BL, SierraRI. HO ML. Related At-ticks, I
Reducedserumosteocalcinand 1,254hydroxyvitamin D concentratiorn
and low bonemineralcontentin smahfor gestationalageinfmts: eviden
of decreasedboneformationrates.
J Pediatr.1993Feb;122(2):269-75.
PMIDz 8429446@%bMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r 5063: Kotia P, Hillman L, CervantesC, Levine C, Malonev C. Dowlass Related ~,-tjcl~~,1
B. JohnsonL, All& S.
Bonemetabolismin childrenwith asthmatreatedwith inhaled
0s beclomethasone
J Pediatr.1993Feb;122(2):219-26.
PMID: 8429434[PubMed- indexedfor h@tDLINE]‘?CMD=Pager&DB==PubMed 12/l l/2003

Entrez-PubMed Page8 of54

r 50@: Sowers M. Related Articles, I

z EpidemiologYiif c& mid vitamin D in bone loss.

5 J Nutr. 1993 Feb;123(2 Suppl):413-7. Review.
PMLD: 8429396 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

r 5065: Rico H. Revilla M. Amanz F. Villa LF. Perera S. Arribas I. Related Articles, 1
Total andregionalbonemassvahtesand biochemicalmarkersof bone
remodelingin endometriosis.
Obstet Gynecol. 1993 Feb;81(2):272-5.
PMLD: 8423962 mbMed - indexed for MEDLINEj

r 50&j: Evres KS, Brown J. Douglas DL . Related Articles, I

= Osteotomyand intramedullarynailing for the correctionof progressive

r7 deformityin vitamin D-resistanthypophosphataemic rickets.
JR Coil Surg Edinb. 1993 Feb;38(1):50-4.
PMID: 8382289 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

I- 5067: Soda M. Mizmmma H. Honjo 5. Okano H, Ibuki Y. Related Articles, 1

z [Thepreventiveeffect of estrogenand vitamin D on postmenopausal

5 loss}
Nippon Sanka Fuji&a Gakkai Zasshi. 1993 Feb;45(2):106-12. Japanese.
PAID: 8381451 DbMed - indexed for MEIDLRVE]

r 5068: Goidrav D. Weisman Y. Jaccard N. Merdler C, Chen J, Makkin H. Related Articles, 1

z Decreasedbonedensityin elderly men treatedwith the gonadotropin-

5 releasinghormoneagonistdecapeptyl(D-Trp6-a).
J CIin Endocriuol Metab. 1993 Feb;76(2):288-90.
PMID: 7679397 tpubMed - indexed for MEDLJNE]

r 5069: Vidailhet M. Related Articles, I

[Towardspreventivedieteticsin childrenf
Rev Prat. 1993 Jan 15;43(2):171-6. Review. French.
PMID: 8502935 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

j- 5070: Cownot ME’. Hercberg S. Related Articles, 1

lpreventionof mineraldeficiencies(iron, calcium andmagnesium)]
5E Rev Pmt. 1993 Jan 15;43(2):141-5. French.
PMID: 8502929 lpubMed - indexed for MIDLINE]

r 5071: Edelstein S. Related Articlss,

[Calcium:recommendeddaily allowance,bonemassand preparations]
5 Harem. 1993 Jan 15;124(2):107-8. Webrew. No abstract avtvaiiabb.
PMID: 8436322 lpubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

r 5072: RaiszLG. Related Articles,

Local and systemicfactorsin the pathogenesisof osteoporosis.
5 World Rev Nutr Diet. 1993;72:92-101, Review. No abstract available.
PMID: 8506714 ipublwed - indexed for MEDLINE]

r 5073: Nilas L. Related Articles, I

Nutrition and fitnessin the prophylaxisfor age-relatedbonelossin worn
5 World Rev Nutr Diet 1993;72:102-13. Review. No abstract available.
PMIDz 8506698 lpubMed - indexed for MJZDLINE] 12/l 112003

r5074: Solomop BL. Wartofslcv Lo.Burman KD. Related Articles, 1

z Prevdende of f&ct&es m postmenopausal women with thyroid disease.

lrl Thyroid. 1993 Spring;3(1):17-23.
PMlD: 8499760 [PubMed - inaexed for MEDLDNE]

r5075: Eisman JA. Kelly PJ. Morrison NA. Pocock NA. Yeoman R, Related Articles, L
&min&am J. Ssmbrook PN.
s Peak bone mass and osteoporosis prevention.
cl Osteoporoslnt. 1993;3 SuppI 156-60.
PMID: 8499027 CpubMed- indexed for MEDLINE]

f- 5076: Weiss LG. Danielson BG, Jwpner H. Ljunghall S. Wide L. Related Articles, L

s Pamthyroid hormone and osteocalcin levels in plasma and uhrafiltrate

0 during hemofiltration.
Stand J Ural Nepbrol. 1993;27(1): 109-14.
PMD): 8493457 [PubMed - Indexed for MEDLINl?]
r 5077: Fleisch H. Related Articles, I

E New bisphosphonatesin osteoporosis.

0 OsteoporosInt. 1993;3 SuppI2:S15-22. Review.
PMlD: 8481594 IpubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
r 507% D’Angelo P, Canter V. Di Chiara G, l?izzari C. Menyo A, Related Articles, I
Bariaozzi P.
Severe osteoporosis and multiple vertebral collapses in a child during
treatment for B-ALL.
Acta Haematol. 1993;89(1):38-42.
PMID: 8480485 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
r 5079: CronenbergA Minkus A, Bremer G. Keck E. Related Articles, 1
Fracture incidence in 803 women with postmenopad osteoporosis uric
drug IxeatmentJ
2 Orthop Ihre Grenzgeb. 1993 +n-Feb; 131(1):70-4. German.
PMID: 8480444 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
r 5080: Mitlak BH. NussbaumSR. Reiated Articlas, 1

s Diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

0 Annu Rev Med. 1993;44:265-77.Review.
PMID: 8476248 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLlNE]
r 5Ogl: Zorbas YG. F&renko YF. Naeq KA. Related Articles, I
Bone minerahzation and plasma concentrations of electrolytes in heahby
subjects after exposure to hypokinesia and hyperhydration
Wien KIIn Wochenschr. 1993;lOS(6):167-71.
PMID: 8475628 DbMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

r508z:Furst Related Articks, I

Dietary L-lysine supplementation: a promising nutritional tool in the
87 prophylaxis and treatment of osteoporosis.
Nutrition. 1993 Jan-Feb;9(1):71-2.No abstractavailable.
PAID: 8467115 FubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

r5083:Rinae Related Articies, 1

[Senile osteoporosis--prevention and therapy]

h~:// 12/l l/2003
Entrez-PubMed _,,. I-,

s 2 Gerontol.1993Jan-Feb;26(
5 PAID: 8465579BbMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
r5084: PrinceRI.,.GeelhoedE. Harris T, Hockey R. PriceR. SmithM. Related Articles, I

z Screeningfor osteoporosisby bone densitometry:a stratified intervention

5 approach.
OsteoporosIut. 1993;3Suppl 1:75-7.
PMID: 8461584[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r:5085: Ekqjour JP.The& G. Buchs3. SlosmauD. ClavienH. Rizzoii R. Related Articles, I
Variation in spinal and femoral bone mass gain, energy and calcium inti
5 during adolescence.
OsteoporosLnt.1993;3Suppl 1:67-S.No abstractavailable.
PMID: 8461580fpubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
r5086: Kent GN. PrimeRI. GutteridaeDH. Allen JR,ROF~ KJ. Smith M, RelatedArticles; 1
BhagatCI. Wilson SG. Retallack RW.
Effect of pregnancy and lactation on maternal bone mass and calcium
5 metabolism.
Osteoporosht. 1993;3Suppl 1~44-7.No abstractavailable.
PMLD:8461575BbMed - indexedfor MEZDLINE]
i-5087: Dawson-HushesB. Krall EA, Harris S. Related Altides, t
Risk factors for bone loss in healthy postmenopausalwomen.
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h#p://,d 12/l l/2003

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12/l l/2003

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12/l l/2003

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