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r 5001: ChaouatD. Belapae G, Danan S. De Vemejoul MC. FauresQuenet R&ted A&-&a, t
B. ChaouatY.

s cl

[A one-year prospective studyof disodiumetidronate versus17 beta estradiolin the,preventi,on postmenopausal of osteoporosis]
Rev Rhum Ed Fr. 1993May;60(5):353-8.French. PMTD: 8167642 DbMed - indexedfor MEDLINEJ yakai S. Ishikawa Y. NaaaokaM, OkabeM, &finami R, gTavakawa Related Articles, 1

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Centralnervoussysteminvolvementandgeneralized muscularatrophyil occipitalhorn syndrome: Phlers-Danlos Lx. A first Japanese type case.
JNeurol Sci. 1993 May;1 16(l): 1-5. PMID: 8099605 [PubMed - indexedforMEDLINE] Abreo K. Adlakha A Kiloatrick S. FlanaganR. Webb R Shakamuri R&ted ArQclea,I S

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r5003: z ItI

&e milk-alkali syndrome. reversibleform of acuterenalfailure. A
ArchInternMed. 1993Apr26;153(8):1005-10. PMID: 8481062 lpublMed- indexedfor MEDLlNE] Related Articles, I

c-5004: SzatbmariM. SteczekK, SzucsJ. Ho110I. = I!3

[Zinc excretionin osteoporotic women]
Orv Hetil. 1993Apr25;134(17):911-4. Hungarian. PMID: 8479735 fPubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
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r 5005: Chapuv MC. Meunier PJ.

[Calciumandvitamin D3, a preventionof femoralneck fracturesin elder women]
PresseMed. 1993Apr 10;22(13):615-6.French. No abstractavailable. PMID: 8390053 [PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
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I- 5006: Hentona H, SatohR, Muraoka H, KoxnatsuzakiA.

/J3one mineraldensityof the internalauditorymeatusby quantitative computed tomography]
Nippon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho. 1993Apr,%(4):609-16. Japanese. PMID: 8509933 lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE] r 5007: Douglas AS. Scott Med J. 1993 Apr;38(2):37-40, PMID: 8502975 BbMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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Seasonal&y hip fractureandhaemorrhagic of disease the newborn. of
r 5008: Twinpennlv NhO PD,
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=: El

Fractured clavicleo;fthe newbm in a populationwith a high prevalence grand-muhiparity: analysisof 38 consecutive cases.
Br J Obstet Gynaecol. 1993 Apr;100(4):338-41. PAID: 8494834[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
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r 5009: Aii AA. Varghese MoorheadJF. Baillod RA. SwenyP. 2.

Calciumsetpoint progressively worsensinhcmodialysispatientsdespitt conventional 1-alphahydroxycholecalciferol oral supplementation.
Qin Nephrol. 1993 Apr;39(4)205-9. PMID: 8491050lpubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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I 0
r 0 5011:

[Clinical applications expected the future--osteoporosis] in
Nippon Rinsho. 1993 Apr;51(4);1004-10. Review. Japanese. PMID: 8483255[PubMed - indexed for MFIDLINE]
‘ &uIc P. ChapuyMC. MeunierPJ.DebnasPD. Related Articles, i


Serumundercarboxylated osteo&cin is a markerof the risk of hip f?act~ in elderlywomen.
J Clin Invest. 1993 Apr;91(4): 1769-74.
PMID: 8473517fPubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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r 5012: GrimstonSK, Tatguay KE. GundbergCM. Ha&v DA.


The calciotropichormoneresponse changes serumcalciumduring to in exercise femalelong distancerunners. in
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1993 Apr;76(4):867-72. PAID: 8473398CpublMed indexed for MEDLINE] Related Articles, t

r 5013: SurrevES. Four-net Voigt B, JuddHL. N,

z 0

Effectsof sodiumetidronate combinationwith low-dosenorethindron in patientsadministered long-actingCnRH agonist:a prelii a report.
ObstetGynecol. 1993 Apr;81(4):581-6.

PMID: 8459971[IPubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE] r 5014: NotelovitzM.
= fzl Related Articles, 1

Osteoporosis: screening, prevention,andmanagement.
Fertil Steril. 1993Apr;59(4):707-25. Review. PMID: 8458485[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

r 5015: Dfl

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Es 0
l-5016: 0 r5017: E 0

Clinicalevaluationof a highly wear resistant composite.
Am J Dent. 1993 Apr;6(2):85-7. PMID: 8397989 [PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINJZ] Kellv PJ. Eismsn JA. Ann Med. 1993 Apr;25(2):99-101. No abstractavailable. PMID: 8387798 lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
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Osteoporosis: geneticeffectson boneturnoverand bonedensity.
Mehta S.
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Boneloss9 contraception lactation. and
Acta Obstet Gynecol Stand. 1993 Apr;72(3):148-56. Review. PMID: 8385847[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLlNE]


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E 0

5018: Tzinnounis VA. &$rdtiAG,. Eur J ObstetGynecolRepmdBiol. 1993Apr;49(l-2):64-6, Review. PMID: 8365523 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINEj

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Subcutaneous hormonereplacement therapy.

r5oi9: van der M&I HR. Overvelde S. [Osteoporosis phlebology] in s Phiebologie.1993Apr-Jun;46(2):263-73. French. El
E cl

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PMIDz 8362009[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
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Ann Ital Med I&. 1993Apr-Jun;8(2):121-8. Review.Italian. PMID: 8353020fpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINB]

[Osteoporosis fractures:a‘ and review of currenttherapies]
Related Articles, I

r 5021; Allaway SL. Rob&on D, Bailey AR. Hale AC.
55 ItI

Bone density,biochemistryandlife-style.
MethodsInf Med. 1993Apr;32(3):233-6. PMID: 8341157fpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
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r 5022: Dawson-Hu&es B. Harris S.


Thiazidesand seasonal bonechangein healthypostmenopausal women.
Bone Miner. 1993Apr;21(1):41-51. PMID: 8324419@ubMed- indexedfor MBDLINE]
J. Flageat J, Gautier R&ted &tj&q I

r 5023: Eulq F. BauduceauB. LechevalierD. Magin EL E III

[Early spinalbonelossin KJinefeltersyndrome. X-ray computed tomographic evaluationin 16 cases]
Rev Rhum Ed Fr. 1993Apr;60(4>287-91. French. PMID: 8167626lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
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r 5024: Lindsay R.

Preventionandtreatmentof osteoporosis.
rl Lancet. 1993 Mar 27;341(8848):801-5.No abstractavailable.

Ph4ID:8096009lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
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~itarnin D 3 and calciumin the preventionof hip fracturesin elderly women]
DtschMed Wochenschr. 1993Mar 26;118(12):442-3. German.No abstractavailable. PMID: 8385598tpubMed - indexedfor MBDLINB]
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r 5026: Ouchi Y. Akishita M. de SouzaAC. Nakamura T, Oximo H.

Age-related of bonemassand aortic/aorticvalve oakification-loss reevaluation recommended of dietaryallowanceof calciumin the elderly
Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1993Mar 15;676:297-307. abstractavailable. No PMIIX 8489141[PubMed- indexedfor MBDLINB]
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r 5027: F@a T.


Nippon Naika Gakkai Zasshi.1993Mar 10;82(3):4 O-3.Japanese. abstract 1 No availabl PlvIIDz8315337[PubMed- indexedfor MBDLINB]

[Diagnosisandtherapyof osteoporosis]

12/l l/2003


rage 4. or


r 5028: Sharts-HoukoNC.

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= El

MCN Am J Matern Child Nurs. 1993 Mar-Apr;18(2):128. PMTD: 8492647[PubMed - indexed for MRDLINEJ H.
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r 5029: Shiraki M. Ito H. ok0


The ultra long-termtreatmentof senileosteoporosis 1 alphawith hydroxyviraminD3.
Bone Miner. 1993 Mw;20(3):223-34. PMJD: 8490326[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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j- 5030: Schmidt R, Kulbe KD.


Long-termcultivationof humanosteoblasts.
Bone Miner. 1993 Mw;20(3):2 1l-21. PMID: 8490325CpubMed- indexed for MEDLINE]
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r 5031: Sugimoto H. Rimura T, OhsawaT.


= El

Susceptibilityeffectsof bonetrabeculae. Quantificationin vivo using an asymmetricspin-echo technique.
Invest Radio]. 1993 Maq28(3):208-13. PMDD: 8486485 PbMed - indexed for MEDUNE]
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r 5032: VerbrugeenLA. Bruvlaud M. Shshabnour M. lrl


Osteomalacia a patientwith anorexianervosa. in
J Rheumatol. 1993 Mary20(3):512-7. PMJD: 8478861 [PubMed - indexed for EVIEDLINE]


5033: ClemensMR. FesseleK, Heim ME.

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Multiple myelomaz effect of daily dichloromethylene bisphosphonate on skeletalcomplications.
Ann Hematol. 1993 Mar;66(3):141-6. PMID: 8471660BbMed - indexed for MEDLJNE]


5034: Bile&an JP.

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Osteoporosis: the vergeof rationaleffectivetherapy? on
Mt Sinai J Med. 1993 Mar;60(2):87-94.No abstractavailable. PMID: 8469249 BbMed - iudexed for MEDLJNE] r 5035: Federico A, Dotti MT, Lore F. Nuti R.
IEI Related Articles, I


Cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis: pathophysiological studyon bone metabolism.
JNeurol Sci. 1993 Mar;115(1):67-70. PMJD: 8468594[PubMed - indexed for MEDLJNE]
Related Articles, I

r 5036;: Antich PP. Pak CY. GonzalesJ. Anderson J. SakhaeeK. Rubin C.
E lL.l

Measurement intrinsic bonequa&y in vivo by reflectionultrasound: of correctionof impairedquality with slow-release sodiumfluoride and cak5umcitrate.
J Bone Miner Res. 1993Mar;8(3):301-11. PMID: 8456586 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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r 5037: Evam RA, SomersNM. Dunstan CR. Royle H. Kos S.
e El

The effect of low-dosecyclical etidronate calciumon bonemassin and
12/l l/2003


Yage 9 or 34

early poatm~nk@WaI Won&n, osteoporos 1993Mar;3(2):71-5. Int. PMID:8453 @‘ 193 ubMedindexed MEDLJNE] for
r-5038: 5s Bzl Boos S. SipmundG. Huhle P, Nurbakhsch I.
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[Magneticresonance tomographyof so-called transientosteoporosis. Primarydiagnosisand follow-up af& treatment]
PMlD: 8453071[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLlNE] Hernandez-Avila StampferMJ. RavnikarVA. Wilktt WC, M. Schiff I. FrancisWI,Longcow C, McKinlav SM.Longseooe C ~corrected Lonwoue C. to

RofoFortsohr Rontgenstr Geb Neuen Bildgeb Verfafu.1993 Mar;1 58(3):201-6. Germa
Related Articles, 1

r-5039: s 87

Caffeineand other predictors of bonedensityamong pre- and perimenopausaIwomen.
Epidemiology.1993Mar;4(2):128-34. Erratumin: Epidemiology1993May;4(3):279. Epidemiology1993Nov;4(6):563.

PMID:8452901 [PubMod indexed MEDLINE] for

r5040: 35 IIII

Shane RivasMC. Silverber$r Kim TS, StaronRF% E. 53: Bikkian JP 2

Rotated&tjc&., I

Osteoporosis cardiactransplantations after
Am J Med.1993Mar;94(3):257-64. PMID:8452149fpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
Reiated Articles, I

r 5041: HodsmanAB. FraherLJ, OstbveT, Adachi JD, SteerE&l.

3 El

An evaluationof severalbiochemical markersfor boneformationand resorption a protocolutilizing cyclical parathyroidhormoneand in calcitonintherapyfor osteoporosis.
J Cliu Invest.1993Mat;91(3):1138-48.
PMlD: 8450043[PubMed- indexedfor MEDUNE] LeichtE. KramannB, SeitzG. Trentz0. Rembemer K.
Related Articles, L

r5042: Z I3

Bildgebung. Mat$O(1):13-7. 1993 PMID:8387360 [SubMod indexed MEDLDJE] for
R&too Articles,1

Oncogenic osteomalacia: imagingstudies.

r 5043: Lim SK. Lee NH, Lee JH Choi MS. ChungYS. Ahn KJ, Lee HC, HUhKB.

Peakbonemassand affectingfactorsin Koreanwomen.
Yonsei J. 1993Mar,34(1):57-62. Med PMID:8379 [PubMed indexed MEDLINE] 183 for
r5044: Giannini S, D’ An~eIoA. MaivasiL. Castrignano Pati T, Tronca R&ted A&&, R, R Liberto L, Nobile M. CreoaldiG. 1

Efffects one-yearcyclicaltreatmentwith clodronate postmenopausr of on boneioss.
Bone.1993 Mar-Apr;14(2):137-41. PMJD: 833403 fpubMed iudexed MEDLINE] 1 for
r 5045: Fen-ante Isa L, UderzoA. B,
E uzl Related Articles, I

[Observations bonemineralmetabolism naturaland surgical on in menopause. of syntheticsahnoncatcitoninandcalcium on bone Role turnover)
Minorva Ginocol. Mar;45(3):87-93. 1993 Italian. for PAID 8332282fpubMed - indexed MIDLINE]

12/l l/2003


rage 0 OE 34

r 5046: ~~uilk~ JM, ~m~uititi~ F, Tibet c.

Related Articles, l

[fs it possibleto identifl womenwith rapid vertebralbonelossduring menopause? Resultof a longitudinalstudy of 92 womenat the onsetof menopause]
Rev Rhum Ed Fr. 1993 Mar;60(3):217-22.French. PMID: 8293008 fpubMed- indexedfor MEDLINEJ

r 5047: Lopez JM, SauunarJ. CampusanoC. Arteaga E. Rodriguez JA,
Leon A. Clam-eR Zuniga J. Campino C. =, III

Related Articles, 1

[Changes the clinicd presentation primary hyperparathyroidism. in of Analysisof 84 cases]
Rev Med Chil. 1993 Maq121(3):265-72.Spanish. PMID: 8248638 BbMed - indexedfor MEDUNE]
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r 5048: GallacberSJ, FennerJA, Fisher BM C&k JD. Fraser WD. Logue FC, Cowan RA. Boyle IT. MacCuish AC. lIzI


An evaluationof bonedensityandturnoverin premenopausal womenwi type I diabetes meliitus.
Diabet Med. 1993 Mar,lO(2):129-33. PMID: 8096168 [PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
Related Articles, I

r 5049: WakasugiM. Wskao R. Tawata M. GanN. Koiauni K, Onava T.


Bonemineraldensityin patientswith hyperthyroidism measured dual by energyX-ray absorptiometry.
Clin Endocrinoi (Ox@ 1993Mar$8(3)283-6. PMIDz 8096166 [PubMed - hrdexed,forMEDLINE]
Related Articles, I

r 5050: Delmas PD.
s n

miological markersof bonemetabolism]
PresseMed. 1993Feb 20$22(6):263-S. Review. French. PMED: 8511145lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLJNE]
Related Articles, 1

r 5051: HeaneyRP.

Thinking straightaboutcalcium.

N Engi J Med. 1993 Feb 18;328(7):503-5No abstract available. PMID: 8421480[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
Related Articles, 1

r 5052: Reid lR. Ames RW, Evans MC, Gamble GD. Shank SJ.

Effect of calciumsupplementation boneloss in postmenopausal on worn
N Engl J Med. 1993 Feb 18;328(‘ 7):460-4. Erratum in: N F%rgl Med 1993 Ott 21;329 J (17):1281. PMID: 8421475lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]

r 5053: StoneM.

Related Articles, I

Br J Hasp Med. 1993 Feb 17-Mar 2;49(4):275-7.Review. PhUD: 8443628 [PubMed - indexedfor MEDLJNE]



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Inhaledcorticosteroids-effect bone? on
Respir Med. 1993 Feb,87 Suppl A:33-5; discussion 356. PMTD: 8497714 @ubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]

r 5055: Smith R.

Related Articles, 1

12/l l/2003


.E 0
Respi I&d. 1993 Fe&87 Suppl A:3-7. PMID: 8497713lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLIsllE]

rage I 0134

Bonephysiolo&yaridthe osteoporotic process.
Related Articies, L

r 5056: Hosking DJ. Effectsof corticosteroids boneturnover. on z

0 0

RespirMed. 1993Fe&87 SupplA:15-20; discussion 20-l. Review. PMID: 8497710[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINEJ


5057: Aoshima R. Katoh T. Teranishi H. Moriguchi H. Rasuya M. Related Articles, I [Abnormalities of calcium,phosphorous vitamin D metabolismwith and E proximal renaltubulardysfunctionin subjects environmentally exposed cadmium]
Nippon EiseigakuZasshi.1993Feb;47@): 1009-20.Japanese. PMID: 8492479PubMed - indexedfor MEDLlNE]


5058: Minisola S, Ross0 R. Romannoli E. Pa&i
Camevale Mazmoli G. V.

MT, ScarnecchiaL,

Related Articles, I

= E!l

Bone Miner. 1993Feb;20(2):113-23. PMID: 8453327CpubMed indexedfor MEDLINE] -

Trabecular bonemineraldensityin primary hyperpamthyroidism: relationship chnicalpresentation biomarkersof skeletalturnover. to and

r 5059: B&e
s 0
= B


Related Articles, 1

Clin GeriatrMed. 1993Feb;9(1):69-86. Review. PMIDz 8443741DbMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
C..S;giv P, Amdur B. GeosteinR. %-em&i 1. Hallel T,
tem Related Articles, 1

Osteoporosis hip fracture. and

5060: f2i

Decrease boneIevelsof 1,2kIihydroxyvitamin D in womenwith in subcapital fkcture of the femur.
Calcif TissueInt. 1993Peb;52(2): 146-8. PMID: 8443691[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
Related Articles, 1

r 5061: Bikle DD. Halloran B. Font L, SteinbachL, Shell&oJ.

EE 0

Elevated1,25-dihydroxyvitam.in levelsin patientswith chronic D obstructive pulmonarydisease treatedwith prednisone.
J Clin EndocrinolMetab. 1993Feb;76(2):456-61. PMlD: 8432789[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLIHE]

Related At-ticks, I r 5062: Nsmgung R. TsangRC. Stxcker BL, SierraRI. HO ML. Reduced serumosteocalcin 1,254hydroxyvitamin D concentratiorn and and low bonemineralcontentin smahfor gestational infmts: eviden age of decreased formationrates. bone

J Pediatr.1993Feb;122(2):269-75. PMIDz 8429446@%bMed indexedfor MEDLINE] -


5063: Kotia

P, Hillman L, CervantesC, Levine C, Malonev C. Dowlass B. JohnsonL, All& S.

Related ~,-tjcl~~,1

s 0

Bonemetabolismin childrenwith asthma treatedwith inhaled beclomethasone dipropionate.
J Pediatr.1993Feb;122(2):219-26. PMID: 8429434[PubMed- indexedfor h@tDLINE]

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi‘ ?CMD=Pager&DB==PubMed

12/l l/2003


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r 5 r


Sowers M.

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EpidemiologY c&iu.tn mid vitamin D in bone loss. iif
J Nutr. 1993 Feb;123(2 Suppl):413-7. Review. PMLD: 8429396 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

5065: Rico H. Revilla M. Amanz F. Villa LF. Perera S. Arribas I.

Related Articles, 1

Total andregionalbonemassvahtesand biochemicalmarkersof bone remodelingin endometriosis.
Obstet Gynecol. 1993 Feb;81(2):272-5. PMLD: 8423962 mbMed - indexed for MEDLINEj r r7

50&j: Evres KS, Brown J. Douglas DL .

Related Articles, I


Osteotomy intramedullary and nailing for the correctionof progressive deformityin vitamin D-resistant hypophosphataemic rickets.
JR Coil Surg Edinb. 1993 Feb;38(1):50-4. PMID: 8382289 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Soda M. Mizmmma H. Honjo 5. Okano H, Ibuki Y. Related Articles, 1

I- 5067: z 5

[Thepreventiveeffect of estrogen vitamin D on postmenopausal and box loss}
Nippon Sanka Fuji&a Gakkai Zasshi. 1993 Feb;45(2):106-12. Japanese. PAID: 8381451 DbMed - indexed for MEIDLRVE] 5068: Goidrav D. Weisman Y. Jaccard N. Merdler C, Chen J, Makkin H. Related Articles, 1

r 5


Decreased bonedensityin elderly men treatedwith the gonadotropinreleasing hormoneagonistdecapeptyl (D-Trp6-a).
J CIin Endocriuol Metab. 1993 Feb;76(2):288-90. PMID: 7679397 tpubMed - indexed for MEDLJNE] 5069: Vidailhet M. Related Articles, I


[Towardspreventivedieteticsin childrenf
Rev Prat. 1993 Jan 15;43(2):171-6. Review. French. PMID: 8502935 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] . j- 5070: Cownot ME’ Hercberg S. Related Articles, 1

E 5
r 5 r 5

lpreventionof mineraldeficiencies (iron, calcium andmagnesium)]
Rev Pmt. 1993 Jan 15;43(2):141-5. French. PMID: 8502929 lpubMed - indexed for MIDLINE] Related Articlss,

5071: Edelstein S.
Harem. 1993 Jan 15;124(2):107-8. Webrew. No abstract avtvaiiabb. PMID: 8436322 lpubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

[Calcium:recommended allowance, daily bonemassand preparations]
5072: RaiszLG.
World Rev Nutr Diet. 1993;72:92-101, Review. No abstract available. PMID: 8506714 ipublwed - indexed for MEDLINE] Related Articles,

Local and systemicfactorsin the pathogenesis osteoporosis. of


5073: Nilas L.
World Rev Nutr Diet 1993;72:102-13. Review. No abstract available. PMIDz 8506698 lpubMed - indexed for MJZDLINE]

Related Articles, I

Nutrition and fitnessin the prophylaxisfor age-related bonelossin worn


12/l 112003

r5074: z lrl r5075: s cl

Solomop BL. Wartofslcv Lo.Burman KD. Thyroid. 1993 Spring;3(1):17-23. PMlD: 8499760 [PubMed - inaexed for MEDLDNE]

Related Articles, 1

Prevdende of f&ct&es m postmenopausal women with thyroid disease.
Eisman JA. Kelly PJ. Morrison NA. Pocock NA. Yeoman R, J. Ssmbrook PN.

Related Articles, L

Peak bone mass and osteoporosis prevention.
Osteoporoslnt. 1993;3 SuppI 156-60. PMID: 8499027 CpubMed- indexed for MEDLINE]

Related Articles, f- 5076: Weiss LG. Danielson BG, Jwpner H. Ljunghall S. Wide L. Pamthyroid hormone and osteocalcin levels in plasma and uhrafiltrate s 0 during hemofiltration.

Stand J Ural Nepbrol. 1993;27(1): 109-14. PMD): 8493457 [PubMed - Indexed for MEDLINl?] r


5077: Fleisch H. New bisphosphonatesin osteoporosis. E

Related Articles, I

OsteoporosInt. 1993;3 SuppI2:S15-22. Review. PMlD: 8481594 IpubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Chiara G, l?izzari C. Menyo A, Related Articles, I

r 507% D’ Angelo P, Canter V. Di
Bariaozzi P.

Severe osteoporosis and multiple vertebral collapses in a child during treatment for B-ALL.
Acta Haematol. 1993;89(1):38-42. PMID: 8480485 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] r 5079: CronenbergA Minkus A, Bremer G. Keck E.
Related Articles, 1

Fracture incidence in 803 women with postmenopad drug IxeatmentJ
2 Orthop Ihre Grenzgeb. 1993 +n-Feb; 131(1):70-4. German. PMID: 8480444 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] r

osteoporosis uric

0 r

5080: Mitlak BH. NussbaumSR. Diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. s

Reiated Articlas, 1

Annu Rev Med. 1993;44:265-77.Review. PMID: 8476248 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLlNE]

Related Articles, I 5Ogl: Zorbas YG. F&renko YF. Naeq KA. Bone minerahzation and plasma concentrations of electrolytes in heahby subjects after exposure to hypokinesia and hyperhydration

Wien KIIn Wochenschr. 1993;lOS(6):167-71. PMID: 8475628 DbMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


Related Articks, I

Dietary L-lysine supplementation: a promising nutritional tool in the prophylaxis and treatment of osteoporosis.
Nutrition. 1993 Jan-Feb;9(1):71-2.No abstractavailable. PAID: 8467115 FubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Related Articies, 1


[Senile osteoporosis--prevention and therapy] h~://~.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?CMDEPag&DB=~b~ed 12/l l/2003

, _,,. I-,

s 5 r5084: z 5

2 Gerontol.1993Jan-Feb;26( 1):34-8.Review.German, PAID: 8465579BbMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
PrinceRI.,.Geelhoed Harris T, Hockey R. PriceR. SmithM. E.
Related Articles, I

Screeningfor osteoporosisby bone densitometry:a stratified intervention approach.
Osteoporos 1993;3Suppl 1:75-7. Iut. PMID: 8461584[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE] Ekqjour JP.The& G. Buchs3. Slosmau ClavienH. Rizzoii R. Related Articles, I D.

r:5085: 5

Variation in spinal and femoral bone mass gain, energy and calcium inti during adolescence.
Osteoporos 1993;3Suppl 1:67-S. abstract Lnt. No available. PMID: 8461580 fpubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for Kent GN. Prime Gutteridae Allen JR,ROF~ KJ. Smith M, RelatedArticles; 1 RI. DH.
BhagatCI. Wilson SG. Retallack RW.

r5086: 5

Effect of pregnancy and lactation on maternal bone mass and calcium metabolism.
Osteoporos 1993;3Suppl 1~44-7. abstract ht. No available. PMLD:8461575BbMed - indexed MEZDLINE] for

i-5087: 5 r5088: 3 5

Dawson-Hushes Krall EA, Harris S. B.

Related Altides, t

Risk factors for bone loss in healthy postmenopausal women.
Osteoporos 1993;3Suppt1:27-31.Review.No abstract ht. available. PMID: 846157I [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
Lau EM. CooperC.
Related Articles, 1

Epidemiology and prevention of osteoporosisin urbanized Asian populations,
Osteoporos 1993;3Suppl 123-6. Int. PAID: 8461569 [PubMad- indexed MEDLJNE] for

r5089: 5

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rage Pi 0134

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s q

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12/l l/2003


Yage 13 oi



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12/l 112003




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1211 l/2003


Page ZU 02 34

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rage ~10134

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12/l l/2003


PageZZ of S4

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tic. M&&i

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12/l 112003


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12/l l/2003



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12/l l/2003


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12/l l/2003

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12/l l/2003


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12/l l/2003


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12/l l/2003


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rage 33 or 34

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12/l l/2003

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rage 33 0134

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12/l l/2003


rage 3 I 0134

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12/l l/2003



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12/l l/2003


rage 42 of: 34

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rage 43 0134

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E ies
s Ic9

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12/l l/2003







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12/l l/2003



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