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r 5501: Boivin 0, GroussonB, Meunier PJ.


X-ray microanalysis fluoride distributionin microfkacture of calluses in cancellous bonefrom osteoporotic iliad patientstreatedwith fluoride am untreated.
J Bone Miner Res, 1991Nov;6(11):1183-90. PMID: 1805542lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE J RelatedArticles, 1

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r 5502: Audran M, Basle Ml?.

[Cortisone-induced osteoporosis: physiopathology treatment] from to
Rev Ned Inteme. 1991Nov-Dec;12(6):458-9,461-4,Review. French. PMID: 1792440[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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r 5503: Tovq FE.Hall ML. El1 PJ, Hobslev M.

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Postgastrectomy osteoporosis.
Br J Surg, 1991 Nov;78(11): 1335.7. PMID: 1662103[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
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r 5504: ClementsD. Harding K.

Strategies preventingosteoporosis. for

BMJ. 1991 Ott 26,303(6809):1060. abstractavailable. No PAID: 1845372 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] M. Dick IM, Price RI. Webb PG, HendersonNK, RelatedArticles, I

r 5505: EkSmith



Preventionof postmenopausal osteoporosis. comparative A study of exercise, calciumsupplementation, hormone-replacement and therapy.
NEngiJMed. 1991@24;325(17):1189-95. PMID: 1922205(PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE] HansenMA. OvemaardR. Riis BJ. ChristiansenC.
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r 5506:

Role of peakbonemassandboneloss in postmenopausal osteoporosis: 1 year study.
BMJ. 1991 Ott 19;303(6808):961-4. PMID: 1954420lpubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] r 5507: Wells SA Jr.
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Surgicaltherapyof patients with primary hyperparathyroidism: long-terr benefits.
J Bone Miner Res.. 1991 Oct;6 Suppl2:S143-9; discussion SlSl-2. Review. PMID: 1763666 FubMed - indexedfor MEDLY] Related Articles, I

r 5508: Mitlak BH, Dalv M. Potts JT Jr. SchoenfeldD. Neer RM.

rage L or 34

Asymptomatic primary hyperparathyroidism.
J BoneMiner Res, 1991Oct;6 Suppi2:5103-10; discussion SlZl-4. PMID: 1763660 [PubMed indexed MEDLTNE] for I-- 5509: Muller M. Jews H. Related Articles, I

=, 5

[Osteoporosisin Crohn disease]
DtschMed Wochenschr. Ott 11;116(41):1574. 1991 German. abstract available. No PMID: 1655378 tpublMed indexed MEDLINE] for
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M. GO. AJ. r-5510: Wheadon GouldingA. Barbezat Camubell

Lactosemalabsorptionand calcium intake as risk factors for osteoporosi: elderly New Zealand women.
N Z Med J. 1991Ckt9;IO4(921):417-9. PMID: 1923091 PubMed - indexed MEDLLNE] for ChenJT, Hirai Y. SeimivaY, HasumiK, Masubuchi ShirakiM. Related Articles, I K,

r5511: s 5

[Changesin spinal and femoral bone mineral density due to pelvic irradiation following oophorectomy]
NipponSanka FujinkaGakkaiZasshi.1991Oct;43(f0):1348-54. Japanese. PMID: 1955788 CpubMedindexed MEDLINE] for

K, I- 5512: ChenJT. Hirai Y, SeimivaY. HasumiK, Masubuchi Aoki C, ShirskiM. E 5

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[Changesin bone mineral density and bone turnover within 12 months a oophorectomy:a prospective study comparedwith hysterectomized controls]
NipponSanka FujinkaGakkaiZasshi.1991Oct;43(10):1310-6. Japanese. PMID: 1955782 [PubMed- indexed MEDLJNE] for

A. r-5513: Peretz Rev Med Brux. 1991Oct;12(8):321-8. Review.French. PMID: 1947526 mbMed - indexed MEDLINE] for HK. JC. r-5514: HarrisST, Genaut Baylink DJ. Gallagher &I-P SK, McConnellMA. GreenEM, Stall RW.

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[Cortisone-inducedosteoporosis:loom physiopathogenesis treatment] to

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The effects of estrone(Ogen) on spinal bone density of postmenopausal women.
Amh InternMed. 19910ct;151(10):1980-4. PMID: 1929686 [pubkled- indexed MEDLJNEJ for r 5515: Cho SH. Cho SH. Lee JA. Moon H, Kim DS.
rz= B. Related Articles, I

Reducedspinal bone mass in patients with uterine cervical cancer.
ObstetGynecol.1991Oct;78(4):689-92. PMID: 1923 CpubMedindexed MEDLINE] 174 for
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r 5516: ReedA. Hauga M. Pa&manLM, LangnanCB.

2%Hydroxyvitamin D therapy in children with active juvenile rheumatoi arthritis: short-term effects on serum osteocalcinlevels and bone mineral density.
J Pediatr.199lOct;f 19(4):657&O, abstract No available. PMID: 1919903 [PubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for

r 5517: Toogood Jennings Hodsman BaskervilleJ, FraberLJ. JH, E3. AB.

Retated Articles, I

Effects of dose and dosing scheduleof inhaled budesonideon bone 12/12/2003


rage 5 0134

J Allergy Cliu Immunol. 1991Oct$8(4):572-80. PMID: 1918724[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINEJ r 5518: jkfsrie PJ. de Vemejoul MC. CannesD, Hott M.
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DecreasedDNA synthesisby cultured osteoblasticcells in eugonadal osteoporotiemen with defective bone formation.
J Clin Invest. 1991Oct;88(4):1167-72. PMID: 1918371 PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE] r

5519: Dawson-&&es B, DalIal GE. KraU EA. Han-isS, Sokgll LJ,

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Effect of vitamin D supplementationon wintertime and overall bone 10s~ healthy postmenopausal women.
Ann Intern Med. 1991Ott 1;115(7):505-12.

PMID: 1883 CpubMed indexedfor MEDLME] 119 r 5520: Osler M, SchroJ~ M.
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A dietary study of the elderly in the City of Roskilde 19884989 (II). A nutritional risk’ assessment.
Dan Med Bull. 1991Oct;38(5):410-3. PMID: 1802628 BbMed - indexed for MEDLINE] I- 5521: Yendt ER, CohanimM. Jaylo S. JonesG. Rosenberg G.
E rl Related Articles, I

Bone mass is related to creatinine clearancein normal elderly women.
J Bone Miner Res. 1991Oct;6(10):1043-50. PMID: 1796752 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLJNE]


Related Artidas, 5522: TurnerCH. Toward a cure for osteoporosis: reversal of excessivebone fragility. =


Osteoporos 1991Oct;2(1):12-g.Review. Int. PMJD: 1790415CpubMed indexedfor MEDLINE] P. Actpaviva PC. Roux H.
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r 5523: ToussirotE. SchianoA. Lafforp

[Stressf&ctures during fluoride therapy, Physiopathologicalvalue of histomorphomeby]
Rev Rhum Ma1Osteoartic.1991Oct;58(9):S71-5. French. PMID: 1775903[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLTNE] r 5524: Cafznacci Melis GB, SoldaniR PaolettiAM. Gambacciani A, M, Spinetti A, Fioretti P. ir.Il
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Neuroendocrineand clinical effects of transdermal17 beta-estradiolin postmenopausal women.
Mat&as. 1991oCt;13{4):283-96. PMJD: 1775082 LpubMed indexedfor MEDLINE] -

r 5525: ThiebaudD, Burcl+rdt P.

Reiated Articles, I

[Current treatment of osteoporosis]

Rev Med SuisseRomaude.1991O&l 11(10):885-9. Review. French.No abstract availabb. Erratum in: Rev Med SuisseRomaude1991Dec;111(12):f078. PMID: 1772520 [QubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
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r 5526: Mohini R Dun&r F. Rao DS.

Skeletal surveys in renal osteodystrophy.
ASAJO Trans. 1991Ott-Dec;37(4):635-7.



PMID: 1768501 DbMed - indexedfor MEDLlNE]

5527: Parfitt AM, Rao DS. KleerekooerM. Related Articles, I Asymptomatic primary hyperparathyroidisrndiscovered by rnuhichanne1 biochemical screening:clinical course and considerationsbearing on the needfor surgical intervention.
J BoneMiner Res.1991Oct;6 Suppl2:S97-101; discssion S121-4. PMID: 1763676 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]

r 5528: WarnerJ. Clifton-Bligh P. Poscn S, McElduff A. D&ridge L, ReeveT. E %I3

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Longitudinal changesin forearm bone mineral content in primary hyperparathyroidism.
J BoneMiner Res.1991 Oct;6 Suppl2S9l-5; discussion 12l-4. S PMID: 1763675 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]

I-Y5529: MarcusR.

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Estrogensand progestins in the managementof primary hyperparathyr~idism.

J BoneMiner Res. 1991Ocg6 Suppl2:5125-9; discussion SlSl-2. Review. PMIDz 1763663 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
Related Articles, I r 5530: Morris HA. NeedAG. Horowitz M. O ’ LoughlinPD. Nordin BE. Cakium absorptionin normal and osteoporotic postmenopausal women. E El

Cal& TissueInt. 1991 Octg49(4):240-3. PMID: 1760766 [PubEvIedindexedfor MEDLINE] Z&&nura T. YamagamiS.

r 5531:

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phe effect of conservative and surgical managementfor secondary hyperparathyroidismand their problems]
Hiiyokilca Kiyo. 1991 Oct;37(10):1203-S. Japanese. PMID: 1755412 PbMed - indexedfor MJZDLINE]
r 5532: Adami S. Fossaluza V, Rossini M, Bertoldo F. Gatti D, Zamberlan RelatedArticles, 1 N, Lo Cascio V. 67


The prevention of coticosteroid-ied decanoate.

osteoporosiswith nandrolone

BoneMiner. 1991Oct;lS(1):73-81. PMID: 1747568 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE] r 5533: Caniggia A.
r.l Related Articles, I


The osteomalacias.
Ann Ital Med Int. 1991Ott-Dec;6(4& 2):476-82. PMID: 166864 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE] 1


5534: Bilezikian JT?.Silyerbery SJ. ShaneE, ParisienM, DemusterDW. Related Articles, Characterizationand evaluation of asyrnptomatieprimary E cl hyperparathyroidism.
J BoneMiner Res,1991Oct;6 Suppl2:S85-9; discussion S121-4. PMID: 1662460 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]


5535: BenetonMN. YatesAJ, RogersS. McClosky EV. Ranis JA. Related Article&, I Stanozolol stimulatesremodehing of trabecular bone and net formation c =z El bone at the endocortical surface.
Clin Sci (Land). 1991 Oct;81(4):543-9.


rage 3 or 34

PMID: 165’ DbMed - indexedfor MEDLINEf 7503 r 5536: Heidler T.
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[The diagnosisand therapy of osteoporosis]

Z AmI Fortbild (Jena).1991 Seq25;85(18):865-8. Review. German.No abstractavaih PMlD: 1950012 lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLlNE]

r 5537: Cormz J, Paccaud. ThiebaudD, BurckhardtP. F,
s 0

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[prevalenceof risk %ctors for osteoporosisand distribution of calciuria 2 hydroxyprolinuria in an elderly population of a generalpractice. Results a survey among 32 practitioners of the Vaud and Fribourg diitricts]
ScbweizMed Wocheqschr.1991Sep21;121(38):1372-8. French. PMIDz 1925467 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLlNE]



MonrealM, Olive A. Lafoz E. de1Rio L.

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Heparins,counyuin, and bone density.
Lancet. 1991Sep 14;338(8768):706. abstractavailable. No PMDD: 1679513 @+ubMedindexedfor MEDLlNE J FroomJ.
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Selections&om current literature: hormone therapy in postmenopausal women.
FarnPratt. 1991Sep;8(3)%U-92. PMID: 1959730 [PubMed - indexedfor MEDLDNE]

KK. r 5540: Steinberg M 4

Sonkovsky Caudill SP, BemhardtRK, Hawkins HL.

R&ted Aecj,ss, 1

Osteocalcinand bone alkaline phosphatase the serum of women with in liver disease.
AM Clin Lab Sci. 1991Sep-Oct;21(5):305-14. PMID: 1952779 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINEJ r 5541:
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Arm Cardiol Angeiol (Paris). 1991Sep;40(7):405-7. French. PMZD: 1952769 [PubMed - indexedfor ME$DLlNE] r 5542: BarkhordarRA.
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[Effects on the bone metab Kll

nt with antivitamin

E 0

Treatmentof vertical root fixture: a casereport.
Quintessence 1991Sep;22(9):707-9. Int. PAID: 1946946 rpUbMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
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f- 5543: Negoro, NakanishiM. s 0 Rinsho Byori. 1991Sep;39(9):934-9. Japanese. PMLD: 1942567 [PubMed- indexedfor 1vLEDLl[NE]

[Bone mass and biochemical parametersin metabolic bone diseases]

r 5544: Geusens Vanderschueren Verstraeten DequekerJ. Devos P, Related~mcles, [ P, D. A. Bouillon R. 5% 0

Short-term courseof 1,25(OH)2D3 stimulates osteoblastsbut not osteoclastsin osteoporosisand osteoarthritis.
Calcif TissueInt, 1991Sep;49(3):168-73.


Pageb 0134

PMID: 1933581lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]

r5545: 87 r5546: = m

jNo authorslisted1

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Nutrition and osteoporosis.
CMAJ. 1991Sep 1;145(5):389-91. abstractavailable. No PMJD: 1878821 @ubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE] EldersPJ. Neteknbos JC, Lips P. van Ginkel FC. Khoe E, Leeuwenkamp HackennWH, van der Stelt PF. OR,
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Calcium supplementationreducesvertebral bone loss in perimenopausal women: a controlled trial in 248 women between 46 and 55 yearsof age.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1991Sep;73(3):533-40. PMID: 187493 CpubMed indexedfor MEDLINE] 1 -

r 5547: Kathol MH, el-Kbourv GY. Moore TE. Marsh JL.
Radiology. 1991 Sep;180(3):725-9. PMID: 1871285 [PubMed- indexedfor mDLlNE] r 5548: Louez JM. GonzalezG.

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Cakaneal insuffkiency avulsion fk@ures in patients with diabetesmelli

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piphoton bone densitometry in hyperthyroidism causedby Basedow’ s disease] Rev Med Cixil.1991Sep;l19(9):1033-7. Spanish.
PMID: 1845096 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE] r 5549: @co H. Merono E. Del Olmo J. Revilla M. Clin Rheymatol.1991 Sep;10(3):298-301. PMID: 1790640 fhrbMed - indexedfor MEDLINE J r 5550: Velimirovic D. Radmilovic V. Diordjevic M. Kocovic D. Kostic D, RelatedArticles, I Pavlovic S. ICI
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The value of bone scintigraphy in the follow-up of vertebral osteoporosi:


Epidural lead fracture causedby material processingfault.
PacingClin Electrophysiol. 1991Sep;14(9):1425-31. PMID: 1720536 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
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r 5551: KosbibaraY, H.&no M. KawamuraM. Oda H. Himki S.


Mineralization ability of cultured human osteoblast-likeperiostealcells does not decline with aging.
J Gerontol. 1991 Sep;46(5):B201-6. PMJD: 1653790 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]

r 5552: Law MR. Wald NJ. MeadeTW.

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Strategiesfor prevention of osteoporosisand hip fkcture.

BMJ. 1991Aug 24;303(6800):453-9. Review. No abstractavailable. PAID: 1912840lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE] OuarlesLD. N Engl J Med. 1991Aug 22;325(8):544-50. PhIID: 1857390 PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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r 5553: Julian BA. Laskow DA. Dubovskv J, Dubovskv EV. Curtis JJ,

Rapid loss of vertebral mineral density after renal transplantation.
r 5554: Van Linthoudt D. Ott H.
Related Articles, L

[Osteoporosisin Turner’ syndrome] s


rage I 0134

SchweizRundschNed Prax. 1991Aug 2;80(31-32):805-7. French. PMID: 1871482@~bMed- indexedfor MESDLINE] KA. I- 5555: LanpfordHG. Curb JD. PresselS. Schneider
Related Articles, L

E 0

Effect of W&de-based therapy on serumalkaline phosphatase. HypertensionDetection an& Follow-up Group.
3 Hum Hypertens,1991Aug;5(4):333-8. PAID: 1956030fpubMed - indexed, MEDLlNFi] for

I- 5556: EvansRA.

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Osteoporosisand calcium.
Au&N Z J Med. 1991Aug;21(4):488-9. abstractavailable. No PMID: 1953544[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE] Ylhich I.
Related Articles, I

r5557: e 0

WV Med J. 1991Aug;87(8):347-50. Review. PMID: 1949754[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]

Related Articles, r5558: Lee JR. Is natural progesteronethe missing link in osteoporosisprevention and E



Med Hypotheses. ~1991 Aug;35(4):316-8. Erratum in: Med Hypotheses1991Ckt;36 (2):178. PMID: 1943883DbMed - indexedfor MEDLINE] Perloff JJ. McDermott MT. Perloff KG, Blue PW. Enzeuhauer R, Sieck E. ChanteloisAE. Dolbow A. Kidd GS. Orthop Rev. 1991Aug;20(8):690-8. PAID: 1923583[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINECJ RelatedArticles, 1

r5559: E 0

Reducedbone-mineralcontent is a risk factor for hip fractures.

r 5560: ZarrabeitiaMT. Riancho JA, Amado JA. Naual J, Gonzalez-Ma&as Related&tides, 1 3 -I s 0

Cytokine production by peripheralblood cells in postmenopausal osteoporosis.
Bone Miner. 1991Aug;14(2):161-7. PMID: 1912764[FubMed - indexedfor MEDLINJZJ

r 5561: Drinkwater BL, ChesnutCH 3rd.

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Bone density changesduring pregnancyand lactation iu active women: E longitudinal study.
Bone Miner. 1991Aug;14(2):153-60. PAID: 1912763FubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]

r 5562: Sakhaee Pak CY. K,

Related Articles, L

Fluoride bioavailability from immediate-release sodium fluoride with calcium carbonatecomparedwith slow-releasesodium fluoride with calcium citrate,
Bone Miner, 1991Aug;14(2):131-6. PMID: 1912761[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]

r 5563: Forbes/#.

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Fuller Albright. His concept of postmenopausal osteoporosisand what cl of it. hffp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/queryd 12/12/2003

Cl& Orthop.1991Aug;(269):128-41. PMID: 1864030 tpubMed- indexed MEDLINEJ for r 5564: BickerstaffDR. I+& JA.
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The use of nasal calcitonin in tie treatient of past-tramatic Br J Rbeumatol. 1991Aug;30(4):291-4. PMlD: 1863827 [pub&&d- indexed MEDLINE] for r 5565: Sent&alJM. WardlawGM, MahanJ, Matkovic V.


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Infhznce of calcium intake and growth indexes on vertebral bone miner-~

density in young females.
Am J Clin Nutr. 1991Aug;54(2):425-8. PMI[): 1858707 @ubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for

r 5566: SbirakiM. Ito H. FujimakiH. H@uchiT,

Related Articles, I


Relation between body size and bone mineral density with special refere: to sex hormonesand calcium reguiating hormonesin elderly females.
EndocrinolJpn. 1991Aug;38(4):343-9. PMIIX 1802674 lpubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for

r 5567: Reasner Mundv GR. CA.

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Diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.
ComprTher. 1991Aug;17(8):14-9. Review.No abstract available. PMID: 1742973 lpubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for r 5568: EbeliugPR, Butler PC. East&lR RizzaRA. Riggs BL.
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The nocturnal increasein growth hormone is not the causeof the nocturr increasein serum 0steocaEn.
J Clin EndocrinolMetab. 1991Aug;73(2):368-72. PMID: 1677363 @%bMedindexed MEDLIN?YJ fm

r 5569: Vanderscbueren &%ers G, Dequeker Geusens Nijs J, Devos Related I?, J, P, Aeic[eq 1 P, De Roo M. BouilIon R. rl


Seasonalvariation in bone metabohsmin young healthy subjects.
Calcif Tissueht. 1991Aug;49(2):84-9. PMID: 1655177 DbMed - indexed MEDLINE] for RelatedArticles,1

r 5570: Szuonar WvsockaB. Kierzkowska L. E. E %Il

[Calcium in the diet of selectedgroups of people]
Pal Tyg Lek. X991 Jul22-28;46(30-31):575-8. Polish. PMID: 1669 @%bMedindexed MEDLINE] 114 for Related Articles,1

r 5571: NeefB, Horing E, Maier KE. von Gaisber? U. E 87

[Severeosteoporosisin a young female patient with Crohn’ disease] s DtschMed Wocbenscbr. JuI5;116(27):1055-60. 1991 German. PMID: 1648471 [PubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for
Related Articles,I

r 5572: ChinesA. Petersen Schranck WbyteMP. DJ. FW. = El I- 5573: 811 JPediatr.1991J&119(1 (Pt 1)):51-7. PMID: 2066859 mbMed - indexed MEDLINE] for

Hypercalciuria in children severely affected with osteogenesis imper5ect;
authors listed] Related Articles,1

Bone density in premenopausal women.
Am J C&I Nutr. 1991JuI;54(1):169-71. abstract No available.



PMID: 2058580mbMed - indexedfor MEDLINE] r 5574: Dawson-Huties B.
87 Related Articles, I


Calcium supplementationand bone loss: a review of controlled clinical
tliiik Am J Clin Nutr. 1991Ju1;54( Suppl):274S-280s. 1 Review. PMID: 2053573@rbMed - indexedfor MBDLJNE]
Related Articles, I

r 5575: PeacockM.

Calcium absorptionefficiency and calcium requirementsin children and adolescents. Am J Clin NW. 1991Ju1;54(1 SuppI): S-265s.Review. PMID: 205357 [hibMed- indexed MBDLJNE] 1 for
r 5576: Heanelr RP.
Related Articles, I

Calcium intake in the osteoporotic fracture context: introduction.
Am J ChinNutr. 1991Ju1;54( Suppl):242S-244s. 1 Review. No abstractavailable. PMID: 2053569[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLLNB]

r 5577: Barrett-ConnorE.

Related Articles, I


Nutrition epidemiology: how do we know what they ate?
Am J ClmNutr. 1991Ju1;54(1 Suppl):l82S-187s.Review. PMJD: 2053559ZpubMed indexedfor MEDLINB] Related~m~lea, [

r 5578: Lindholm J, SteinicheT. Rasmussen ThamsboraG, Nielsen 10, E, Brockstedt-Rasmussen Storm T. Hvldstrun L, SchouC. H. J Clin Endocrinol‘ Metab.1991Ju1;73(1): 118-24. PMJD: 2045462fpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE] r 5579: Mawer BB. Haves MB, Still PE, Davies M. Lumb GA. Palit J, Hoit
PJ. rl

Bone disorderin men with chronic alcoholism: a reversible disease?
Related Articles, 1


Evidence for nomenal synthesisof 1,254hydroxyvitamin D in patients with inflammatory arthritis. J Bone MinerRes.1991Ju1;6(7):733-9.
PMID: 1950677 EpubMed indexedfor MEDLINE] Related Articles, I

r 5580: Orimo H.

@rvolutional osteoporosis]
’ Nippon RonenIgakkai Zasshi. 1991JuI;28(4):455-64. Japanese. abstractavailable. No PMID: 1942623 FubMed - indexedfor MBDLINE] r 5581: NeedAG. Horowitz M, Monis HA, Nodin BE.
Ic9 Related Articles, 1


Effects of three different calcium preparationson urinary calcium and hydroxyproline excretion in postmenopausal osteoporotic women.
Em J Clin Nutr. 1991Ju1;45(7):357-61. PMID: 1935862 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLJNB]

I- 5582: Gqnpas MD. Alp-t B. Katz I. LiebermanI. Pritzker KP.

Related Articles, I


Subchondralbone in osteoarthritis.
Calcif TissueJnt.‘ 1991Ju1,49(1):20-6. PMID: 1893292 fpubh/ied- indexedfor MEDLINE} Related&tj&s, I

r 5583: LiunrrhallS, GardsellP. Johnell 0, Lamon K. Lindh E. ObrantK, SemboI.





Synthetic human ca$citoninin postmenopausal osteoporosis:a placebocontrolled, double-blind study.
Calcif TissueInt. 1991Ju1;49(1):17-9. PMEX 1893291@?ubMedindexedfor MEDLINE] Related Articles, 1

I- 5584: Marcus R. Understandingosteoporosis. E

West J~Med.1991Ju1;155(1):53-60. Review. PAID: 187723 @ubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE] 1
Related Articles, 1

5585: Pacifici R, Brown C. PuscheckE. Friedrich E. SlatopolskyE,
Mavgio D. McCrackenR. Avioli LV.

Effect of surgical menopauseand estrogenreplacementon cytokine relel from human blood mononuclearcells.
Proc Nat1Acad Sci U S A. 1991Jun 15;88(12):5134-8. PAID: 2052592NbMed - indexedfor mDLINE] fZ 8

5586: f:menda CW. Christian JC, Williams CJ, Norton JA. JohnstonCC RelatedArticles, 1

Genetic determinantsof bone mass in adult women: a reeval~tion of the twin model and the potential importance of gene interaction on heritabili estimates.
J Bone Miner Res. 1991Jun;6(6):561-7. PMl[D: 1887818 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINEJ 1

r 5587: 2$-s~~c1~sz~~~~~tos P. VarghaP. Tadan G. K01li.nE- Horvath Related&t&a, E cl

Serum bone Gla protein in streak gouad syndrome.
Calcif TissueJut. 1991Jun;48(6):387-91. PMID: 2070273EpubMed indexedfor MEDLINE] Related Articles, 1

r 5588: JNo authorslisted]

Calcium supplementationand bone loss in postmenopausal women.
NW Rev. 1991Juu;49(6):184-7. Review. No abstractavailable. PMID: 2046980lpubMed - indekd for MIDLINE]
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5%9: Salisbuq JJ. Mitchell JE. Bone mineral density and anorexianervosain women. s
Am J Psychiatry. 1991Jun;148(6):768-74. Review. PMJD: 2035719lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLJNE]


Am J Dis Child. 1’ Jun;145(6):631-4. 991 PMID: 2035492[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]

Related Articles, 1


Dietary calcium and bone mineral status of children and adolescents.

I-” 5591: Aloia JF, McGowan DM, VaswaniAN. Ross P. Cohn SH.
= El

Related Articles, I

Relationship of menopauseto skeletal and muscle mass. Am J Clin Nutr. 1’ Jun;53(6):1378-83. 991
PAID: 2035465[PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
Related Articles, I

r 5592: SowersM. Crutchfield M. Jamxausch Updike S. Carton G. M. Obstet Gynecol. 1991Jun;77(6):841-5. PMIDz 2030854mbMed - indexed MEDLlNE’ for J

A prospective evaluation of bone mineral changein pregnancy.




j- 5593: CIZIlyJL. Warner T. MeunierPJ. Hulme P. H&p R, Watts RW,
s II

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p Es 83

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E 83

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Page 12 or: 34

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= El

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12/l 2/2003

rage 15 or 34

= 5

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rage 14 ox 34

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5 El

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rage 1 I or 34


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SE 0

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= El

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s Ll

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12/l 2/2003


Page lYo%S4

3s 83
r = cl

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cl Related Articles, I


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rage zw or 34

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hnp:llwww.ncbi~.n.gov/entreu’ query.

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Reiated Articles, L

SE 0

[Experiencein treating metabolic osteopathieswith 1 alpha-hydmxyvitw D3 (oksidevit)] 12/l 2/2003



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Ter A&h. 1991;63(11):113-6.Russian. PMID: 1810042LpubMed- indexedfor MEDLINB]

r 5781: Ckm.ci D. Dell’ Orbo C, Salvi M, Battolozzi P, Misasi M.

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Ultrastructural aspectsof human nonunion.
Histol Histopathol. 1991fan;6(1):87-93. PMID: 1806059[I?ubMed- indexedfor MBDLINE] Lunsu GR. Milos A. Zosin I. Vasiu F. Ciupapea A.
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r57tl3: E 0

[Bone mineralization in adult spasmophilia]
Endocrinologie.1991;29(1-2):61-6. French.No abstractavailable. PMID: 1803492mbMed - indexedfor MEDLINE] Hemandez Revilla M. Rico H. ER.
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Total body bone mineral and pelvis bone mineral content as parameters( bone mass in men. A dual-energyX-ray absorptiometrystudy.
Acta Anat (Basel). 1991;142(3):227-30. PMID: 1796737[PubMed- indexedfor MBDLINE] Pietschmann ResehH. KrexnerE. Woloszczuk W. Willvonseder RelatedArt&s, 1 P. R A

r5784: E 0

Decreasedserum osteocalcinlevels in patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis.
Acta Med Austriaea 1991;18(5):114-6. PMID: 1796722[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE] Jennmps BH. AnderssonI@. Johansson SA.
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r5785: s 0

The assessment the systemic effects of inhaled glwocorticosteroids. T of effects of inhaled budesonidevs oral prednisoloneon calcium metabolism
Eur JClinPharmacoL 1991;41(1):11-6. PMID: 178297 [PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINB] 1 Sakamoto Kishimoto T, Take&i Y; Suaimoto‘ Wada S, W. I. YamamotoK, MaekawaM. Ochi H.
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Stonefragility-measurement of stonemineral content by dual photon absorptiometry.
Eur Uroi. 1991;20(2):150-3. PMID: 1752274 IpubMed - indexedfor MEDLm] r 5787: Paterson AH. Ernst DS, Powles T3. Ashley S, McCloskev EV, Kar~isJA. Bone. 1991;12Suppl 1:525-30,Review. PMID: 1720012rpUbMed- indexedfor MEDLINE] I- 5788: GasinskaT. Harbut-GrvlkaA, Beldzik A.
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Treatmentof skeletal diseasein breastcancerwith clodronate.

[Callcitonin test in patients with bone changesduring the course of myeloma]
EndokrynolPol. 1991;42(4):585-93. Polish. PMID: 13645 lpubMed - indexedfor MBDLINE] 10 r 5789: Broil H.

P. Wilfert H.

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Effect of sodium monofluorophosphateand calcium on bone density and f?a&urerate in osteoporosis.
Lancet. 1990Dee 8;336(8728):1446-7. abstractavailable. No



PMID: 1978901 fpubkzred - indexed for MJXDLINE]


BeresteiinEC, van ‘ Haf MA. Schaafsma de Waard H, t G, ;ymmaSA

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Habitual dietary calcium intake and cortical bane loss in perimenopausal women: a longitudinal study.
Calcif Tissue Int. 1990 Dec;47(6):338-44. PMID: 2292079 (PubMed - indexed for MEDLlNE ] Related Articles, I

r 5791: Hartwell D. Riis BJ. ChristiansenC.


Comparisonof vitamin D metabolism in early healthy and late osteoporc postmenopausal women.
Calcif Tissue Int. 1990 Dec;47(6):332-7. PMID: 2292078 PubMed - indexed for MIDLINE] McHenry CR. RosenIB. Rotstein LE. ForbathN. Walfish PG.



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Lithiumogeniicdisordersof the thyroid and pamthyroid glands as surgica disease.
Surgery. 1990 Dec;lQ8(6):1001-5. PMID: 2247824 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

r 5793: ScbnitzlerCM. Wing JR. GearKG Rubson HJ.

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Bone fragility of the peripheral skeleton during fluoride therapy for osteoporosis.
Clin Orthop. 1990 Dec;(261):268-75. PMIOD:2245557 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

r a


Reid IR, Heap SW.

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Determinantsof vertebral mineral density in patients receiving long-tern glucocorticoid therapy.
Arch Intern Med. 1990 Dee; 1.50(12):2545-8. PAID: 2244770 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLlNE]



Ylikorkga 0, Nilsson CG, Hirvonen E, Viinikka L.

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Evidence of similar increasesin bone turnover during nafarehn and dana use in women with endometriosis..
Gynecol Endocrinol. 1990 Deq4(4):25 l-60. PMID: 2150580 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


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LDeterminationof total bone mineral content]
lI.l An Med htema. 1990 Dec;7(12):607-9. Spanish. No abstract available. PMID: 2135570 EpubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Related Articles, I

r 5797: ChristiattsenC, RiisBJ.

Five years with continuous combined oestrogen/progestogen therapy. Effects on calcium metabolism, lipoproteins, and bleeding pattern.
Br 3 Obstet Gynaecol. 1990 Dec;97( 12): 1087-92. PAID: 2126198 1pubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

r 5798: CapaioF, Colombo MD. CauutoR.

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pse of sahnon calcitonin nasal spray in the prevention of corticosteroidinduced osteoporosisin bullous diseases]
G Ital Denaatol Veuereol. 1990 Dec;l25(12):LXhLXIV. Italian.


12/l 212003


PMID: 2091976@ubMed indexedfor MEDLINE] r 5799: SuricoN. Taw&oli K.
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MinervaGinecol.1990Dec;42( 12):529-37. Review.Italian. PMDD: 2089296 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLlNE] I-5800:FBtjUL

[Comparative analysis of therapeuticeffects of wrbocalcitonin and and conjugatedestrogensin post-menopausal osteoporosis]
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NipponRinsho.1990Dec;48( 12):2936-41. Japanese. abstract No available. PMlD: 2086858 PubMed - indexedfor h4EDLlNEJ
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prevention of osteoporosis]

r 5801:EmwaI.

@Writion and dietetic treatment of osteoporosis’ J

NipponRinsho.1990Dec;48(12):2922-5. Japanese. abstract No available. PMlD: 2086856 CpubMed indexedfor MEDLINEJ Related Articles, 1

r 5802: Ysmazaki InoueT. K,


NipponRinsho.1990Dec;48(12):2916-21. Japanese. abstract No available. PMID: 2086855[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
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[Treatment of osteoporosis]

r 5803: SuzukiY. MizushimaY.

NipponR.&ho. 1990Dec;48(12):2904-9. Japanese. abstract No available. PMiD: 2086853[PubMed- indexed MEDLINEJ for
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[Osteoporosisin rheumatoid arthritis and related disorders]

r 5804: MitsumaT.

[Osteoporosisin thyroid disease ]
NipponR&ho. 1990Dec;48(12):2898-903. Japanese. abstract No available. PMID: 2086852@rbMed- indexed MEDLINEZ] for r 5805: &agwhi

H. Gopi I.

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[Osteoporosisafter oophorectomy]
NipponRinsho.1990Dec;48(12)22893-7. Japanese. abstract No available. PMID: 208685 lpubMed- indexedfor MEDLlNE] 1
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r 5806: InoueY. Kmeko T.


NipponR&ho. 1990Dec,48(12):2882-6. Japanese. abstract No available. PMID: 2086849 [PubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for
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[Osteoporosisin diabetesmelhtus]

r 5807: TomitaA. Takatsuki K.


NipponRinsho.1990Dec;48(12):2877-81. Japanese. abstract No available. PMID: 2086848[PubNed- indexed MEDLINE] for
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[Osteoporosisin Cushing’ syndrome] s

r 5808: TomitaA.

[Biochemical tidings in serum of osteoporosis]

NipponRinaho.1990Dec;48(12):2838-44. Japanese. abstract No available. PMID: 2086842[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE)
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[Osteoporosis--concepts classifications] and
NipponRiisho. 1990Dec;48(12):2833-7. Japanese. abstract No available.
PMID: 2086841mbh&i r 5810: NorimatsuH. NakanoM. - indexedfor MEDLINE]
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pone matrix and mineralization process]

NipponRinsho.1990Dec;48(12):2749-53. Japanese. abstractavailable. No PMJD:2086830 EpubMed indexed MEDLFNE] for
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Nutr Rev. 1990Dec;48(12):435-8. Review. PMID: 2082223 [PubMed indexed MEDLINE] for r 5812:
zx B
It0 M,

Seasonalfluctuations in parathyroid hormone in relation to vitamin D in1 of postmenopausal women.
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Sakoda Y. Okamra H.

Calcium metaboiism in premenopausal women treatedby a Gn-RH agon for uterine myoma,
Fndocrinof‘ 1990Dec;37(6):907-13. Jpn. PMLD:1966283 [PubMed indexed NEDLINE] for
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r 5813: Yoshikawa S.

[Idiopathic juvenile osteoporosis]

NipponRhrsho.1990Dec;48(12):2867-71. Japanese. abstract No available. PAID: 1964972 CpubMedindexed MEDLINE] for

r 5814: Mazzuoli G. Minisola S, Biancbi G, Pacitti MT. Ross0R, Related Articles, I Romagnoli Camevale Scatnecchia Celi FS, Ortore V. et al. E. V. L. Bf


The effects of oophorectomyon skeletal metabolism.
J SteroidfliochemMol Biol. 1990Nov 20;37(3):457-9. Review. PMID: 2257250 WbMed - indexed h4EDLJNEl for
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Calcitonin, estrogensand the bone.
J SteroidBiochemMol Biol. 1990Nov 20;37(3):45 1-5. PMJD:2257249 [PubMed indexed MEDLINE] for
r 5816: Mvburgh KH. Hutchins J, FataarAEI. Hough SF, NoakesTD.
= 0 Retated Articles, 1

Low bone density is an etiologic factor for stressfractures in athletes.
Am internMed. 1990 Nov 15;113(10):754-9. PMID: 1978620 I[pubMed indexed MEDLINEJ for
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r 5817: Chabert-OrsiniV, Conte-DevoIxB, Tbiers-Bautrant,D, AtlanGewer C. Denizot A. Audiffret J. Hemy JF, Codacc5oni . JL 2 lizi

pane density after iatrogenic subchnical long-term thyrotoxicosis. Measurementby dual photon absorptiometry]
Presse Med. 1990 Nov 10;19(37): 1709-I1. French. PMlD: 2147486 fpubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for
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r 5818: Walker AR. Walker BF, Labadarios D.

Calcium supplementationin black Africa.
r 5819: ZieglerR.

Ned J Aust. 1990 Nov 5;153(9):572. abstract No available. PMID: 2288598[PubMed indexed MEDLINEJ for
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rage 33 0134

[what is reliable in therapy of osteoporosis?J
Internist(Berl). 1990%Iov;3 1(11):680-8. Review.German. abstract No available. PMID: 2289853 BbMed - indexed MEDLINB] for

r 5820: Kelly PJ. TwomeyL. Sambrook l&man JA. PN. Sex differences in peak adult bone mineral density. =
IF3 J BoneMiner Res. 1990Nov;5(11):1169-75. PMIDz2270779 [PubMed- indexed MEDLJNEJ for r 5821: HordonLD. Peacock M. rl

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Osteomalaciaand osteoporosisin femoral neck f%ure.
BoneMiner. 1990Nov;l1(2):247-59. PMID: 2268750 [PubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for Scarponi AM. Ve:pasiaui G. Related Articles, I

r 5822: Filippoui P, Greg rio F. Cristsllini S. MsunarelliC. BlessA,

Partial gastrectomyand mineral metabolism: effects on gas&in-calcitonir release. ’
BoneMiner. 1990Nov; 1l(2): 199-208. PMID: 2268747 IpubMed- indexed,for MIDLINE]

r 5823: ;?a$e;
E lrl

SK Dqbur& FJ. LoFe FC. Allsm BF,

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Immobilization-related hypercalcaemia--a possible novel mechanism ant responseto pamidronate.
Pos@adMed J. 1990Nov;66(781):918-22. PMID: 2267202 [PubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for

r 5824: weaver CM. Assessingcalcium statusand metabolism. E

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J Nutr. 1990Nov;l20 Suppl11:1470-3. Review. PMID: 2243290 EpubMed indexed MEDLiNB] for
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r 5825: MatkovioV, Fontaua TominacC. GaelP. Chesnut 3rd. D. CH
= 117

Factorsthat influence peak bone mass formation: a study of caG.un balanceand the inheritance of bone massin adolescentfemales.
Am J Cliu Nutr. 1990Nov;52(5):878-88. PMID: 2239765 lpubMed- indexed,for MEDLINE]

r 5826: Lutz J. Tesar R.

Relatad Articles, I


Mother-daughterpairs: spinal and femoral bone densities and dietary intakes.
Am J Clin Nutr. 1990Nov;S2(5):872-7. PAID: 2239764 [PubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for Related Articles, I

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Aging bone loss from the femur, spine, radius, and total skeleton.
5828: KhOkher MA. Dandoua P.

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Fluoride stimulates [3H Jthymidine incorporation and alkaline phosphata! production by human osteoblasts.
MetaboIism. 1990Nov;39(11):1118-21. PMID: 2233270 [PubMed- indexed MEDLlNE] for



Yage 36 of


S r 5829: &
E 03

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Deposits of crystalline material containing sibcon in surgically excised human valves.
J Lab Clin Med. 1990Nov; 116(5):71 l-6. PMID: 2230540tpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]
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Estrogenpreservesa normal inresponsiveness I ,25to dihydroxyvitamin D3 in oophorectomizedwomen.
J Clin EndocrinolMetab. 1990Nov;?l (5): 1288-93. PMID: 2229286jf)ubhrled indexedfor MEDLINEJ -

r 5831: f3upvab 32. Xeubi JE. SpeckerBL. GreggDJ, Yergev AL. Vieira R&ted Am&s, 1

I lf!fl

Calcium absorptionin bone diseaseassociatedwith chronic chofestasis during childhood.
HepatoIogy.1990Nov;12(5):1200-5. PMID: 2227818PubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE] JC, GoldearD.
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r 5832: Q&&er


Treatmentof postmenopausal osteoporosiswith high dosesof synthetic calcitriol. A randomizedcontrolled study.
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Gen Dent. 1990Nov-Dec;38(6):434-9. Review. No abstractavailable. PMID: 2151447[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]



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J Bone Joint SurgBr. 1990Nov;72(6):1053-6. PMID: 2123201@ubMed- indexe&for MEDLINE]



5835: Franck H. differential therapy of osteoporosis] E

Refated Articles, L

Z Rheumatol.1990Nov-Dec;49(6):329-37. Review. German. PMID: 2085055[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]


Related Articles, 583& Morris HA. Wishart JM. Horowitz M, Need AG, Nordin BE. The reproducibility of bone-relatedbiochemical variables in post=: El menopausalwomen.

Ann Gin Biochem. 1990Nov;27 ( Ft 6):562-S. PAID: 2080858tpubMed - indexedfor MEDLlNE] r 5837: ZeghoudF. JardelA. Garabedian SalvatoreR, MOU&S R. M.
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Es lL.I

pitamin D supplementationin institutionalized elderly. Effects of vitam D3 (100,000 TU) orally administeredevery 3 months on serum levels of : hydroxyvitamin D)
Rev Rhum Ma! Osteoartic.1990Nov;57(11):809-13. French. PAID: 1963239 LpubMed indexedfor MEDLJNE] SzantoD, BohatkaL. NemethJ. Baroch J. SkapinveczT. Somocrvi RetatedArticles, 1


12/l 2/2003


rage 3 I ox 34

f-5838: s El

L f&krly calcipemc osteopathy ih the panoramic x-ray image of the msxilh and mandibular alveolar process of young ad&t alcoholics]
Orv Hetil. 1990 Ott 21;131(42):2313-6. Review. Hurqpukn. PMID: 2234926 [Pub&fed - indexed for MEDLINE] Related Articks, I

= B

[Osteoporosisand estrogens]
Wien Med Wochenscbr.1990 Ott 15;140(18-19):485-6. Gexman. PMID: 225 1842 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Related Articles, 1

r 5840: ZiefderR.


[Clinical aspectsof osteoporosis]
Wien Med Wochenschr. 1990 Ott 15;140(18-19):474-z% 477-9. German. PMID: 2251840 [FubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Related Articles, L

r 5841:

Mime HW.

[Osteoporosisof the elderly: therapeutic possibilities]
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Caffeine and the risk of hip fracture: the Framingham Study.
r 5843: Rockwell JC. Sorensen AM. Baker S. Let&q D, Stock JL,
Michaels J, BaranDT.
Related Articles, 1

Weight trai&g decreases vertebral bone density in premenopausal worn a prospective study.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1990 Oct;71(4):988-93. PMID: 2401722 [PubMed - indexed for MIEDLIIQ?]

r 5844: Vandeursen Baert L. H.
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An intrarenal opacity resisting extracorporealshock wave lithotripsy.
Van Berkum EN, BeukersR. BixkenhamzJC. Kooii PP, Schahn SW. Pols HA.

t-5845: E ItI

Related Articles, 1

Bone mass in women with primary biliary oirrhosis: the relation with histological stageand use of glucocorticdids.
Gastroenterology. 1990 O&,99(4):1 134-9. PMID: 2394334 [PubMed - indexed. for MEDLINE] Related Articles, I

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Heanev RP.

Estrogen-calciuminteractions in the postmenopause: quantitative a description. I
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Tissue Int. 1990 Oct;47(4):209-14.

t= El

Effects of salmon calcitonin on the bone loss induced by ovariectomy.

12/l 212003


rage 3~)0134

PMlDz 2242492 [PubMed indexed MEDLINE] for
Related Articlss, r 5%4g:hoi E. SakuraiM. MizunashiK. Sato K. Kasama F. Long4erm observationsof vertebral fractures in spinal osteoporotics. I B I

Calcif TissueInt. 1990Oct;47(4):202-8. PMID: 224249 fpubMed- indexed MEDLINE] 1 for

Related Articles, r 5849: &unisonJR. Countemcting nutritional misinformation: a curricular proposal. =*: B


J Manipulative PhysiolTher. 1990Ott; 13(8):454-6X Review. PMID: 2230606 fpubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for

_r 5850: HomeyRIP. Osteoporosismade easy.

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J Am Geriatr Sot. 1990Oct;38(10):1159-60. abstract No available. PMlD: 2229871 [PubMed- indexed MEDLlNE] for
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J Am GeriatrSot. 1990Oct;38(10):1153-8. Review.No abstract available. PMID: 2229870 rpUbMed indexed MEDLINEJ for
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Prognostic factors in multiple myeloma in a population-basedtrial.

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Does alternate-daycloprednol therapy prevent bone loss? A longitudinal double-blind, controlled clinical study.
Clin Pharmacol Ther. 1990Oct;48(4):455-66. PMID: 2225706 (PubMed indexed MEDLlNEJ for I- 5$54: Lou&head Mu&l Z. Mimouni F. Tsana Oestreicb JL. RC. AE.
1[3 Related Articles, I


Spectrumand natural history of congenitalhyperparathyroidismseconda to maternal hypocaicemia.
Am J Perinatol.1990Oct;7(4):350-5. Review. PMIDz2222627 lpubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for L. BrsncosMA, PieraC, SWXUIO Related Ar&jes, 1

r 5855: GWISM~CXIS N. Pares hhdtlOS0 A. S, RiveraF. Rodes3. ICI


Factors influencing the developmentof metabolic bone diseasein primer biliary cirrhosis.
Am J Gastroenterol. Oct;85(10):1356-62. 1990 PMID: 2220729lpublMed indexed MEDLINB] for

f- 5856: Blanchard IX

Related Articles, 1

What women can do to protect againstosteoporosis.
RN. 1990Oct;53(10):60-5. abstract No available. PMID: 2218327 mbMed - indexed MEDLINE] for



Christiansen Riis BJ. C.

Related Articles, L

Fs D

17 Beta-estradioland continuous norethisterone:a unique treatment for establishedosteoporosisin elderly women. 12/l 2/2003




3~ 0134

J CXn Endocrin$ Metab. 199O,,Oct;71(4):836-41. PMLD: 2205624@tilhkd - hdexed for MEDLBEj r 589: pant e-2 HK, Baylink DJ. GallagherJC. Harris ST. SteirrerP. Herber R&ted A&j&a, [



Effect of estronesulf%e on postmenopausal bone loss.
Obstet Gynecol. 1990Oct;76(4):579-84. PMID: 2170884lpubNled- indexedfor MEDLINE]

r 5859: ~~thitiznm~~~

S. Johansen Hartwell D. Ditzel J. Rodbro R&ted Articles, 1 JS,



Long-term bone loss in insulin-dependentdiabetic patients with microvascular complications.
J Diabet Complications.1990Ott-Dec;4(4):145-9. PAID: 2151224EpubMed indexedfor MEDLINE] 1

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Calcif TissueInt. 1990W,47(4):194-201. PMID: 2146986J&bMed - indexedfor MEDLINI?]

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Related Articles, I


Interaction of genetic and environmental influences on peak bone densi
Osteoporos 1990O&,1(l):S6-60. Review. Int. PMID: 2133642BbMed - indexedfor h4EDLINEf
Related Articles, I

r 5862: Christiansen Riis BJ. Rodbro P. C,

E El

Screeningprocedurefor women at risk of developing postmenopausal osteoporosis.
Osteoporos 1990Oct;l(l):35-40. Int. PMID: 2133639@ubMed- indexedfor MEDLlNEJ

Related Articfas, I I- 5863: de la PiedraGordo C. TorresJimenezR. psefulaess of bone remodetig biochemical markers in the diagnosisa~ 3 III follow-up of Paget’bone disease,primary hyperparathyroidism,tumor s hypercalcemia,and postmenopausal osteoporosis.II. Bone resorption markers]

An Med Interna. 1990Oct;7(10):534-8. Review. Spanish. PMID: 2104101BbMed - indexedforMBDLINEJ B. r 5864: Dawson-Hughes Da&l GE. ml Tannenbaum S. EA.



At-titles, 1

A controlled trial of the effect of calcium supplementationon bone densi in postmenopausal women.
N Engl J Med. 1990Sep27;323(13):878-83. PMID: 2203964lpubMed - indexedfor MEDLINE]

I- 5865: Fuiita T. lparathyroid gland]

Related Artkks,


Nippon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. 1990Sep 10;79(9): 112533. Japanese. abstractavaila No PMID: 2258659[PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE] I- 5866: HaddockDA.
Related Artides, t

A simple way to managemenopause.
Postgrad Med. 1990Sep 1;88(3):131-5,138.



rage 4u or 34

PM113: 198 [PubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE] 2399 r 5867: SDl;y~;~J~hsye~~$ E BZJ Tl’ Siris ES, Gsrtenberp Seldin R&ted Aticleq I , F,

Nephrolithiasis and bone involvement in primary hyperparathyroidism.
Am J Med. 1990Sep;89(3):327-34. PMID: 2393037 IpubMed- indexedfor MEDLlNF]
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I’ 5868: KreineRE. ForbesGB. IiIl

Osteoporosis:a “new morbidity“ for dieting female adolescents?
Pediatrics. 1990$ep;86(3):478-80. abstract No available. PMID: 2388798 fPubMed- indexedfor MEDLINE]
Related Articles, I

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Decreasedbone density in adolescentgirls with anorexia nervosa.
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Related Articles, I

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Calcium metabolism in postmenopausal osteoporosis:the influence of dietary calcium and net absorbedcalcium.
3 BoneMiner Res. 1990Sep;5(9):939-46. PAID: 2281824(PubMed- indexed MEDLINE] for r 5871: Amnwdei Civitelli R Camporeale GennariC. D. A.
Related Articles, I

Calcitonin and estrogens.
J EndocrinolInvest.1990Sep;13(8):625-30. PMID: 2273204[htbMed - indexed MEDLINE] for r 5872: Hein G, Knopf B, Wollina U. Abendroth WesselG. K.
E Ii.3 Related Articlas, 1

Epsoriaticosteopathy-results of histomorphometric studies]
Z Hautkr. 1990Sep;65(9):820-2. German. PMID: 2264372 [PubMed - indexed MEDLINE] for
Rdated Articles, L

r 5873: Susihsra MatsuzakiM. Kato Y. N.
E 10

[Assessmentof the relation between bone mineral metabolism and mitral annuku calcification or aortic valve sclerosis--therelation between mitra annularcalcification and postmenopausalosteoporosisin elderly patientz
NipponRonenIgakkaiZasshi.1990Sep;27(5):605-15. Japanese. PMID: 2263019 WbMed - indexed MEDLINE] for

I- 5874: FrisbieJH, At&era EJ.

Related Articles, I


Chronic pain after spinal cord injury: an expedient diagnostic approach.
Paraplegia 1990Sep;28(7):460-5. PMID: 2250989 EpubMed indexed MEDLINE] for
Related Articles, I

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rage 4~0134

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rage 31 or 34

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rage 33 or


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12/12/2003 I


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