EVENTS & DATES TO REMEMBER Shavuot Mishmar Shavuot begins Tuesday night, May 14. Please join us at Mishmar, which begins at Midnight - Women's Mishmar from midnight-2 am: 12-2 Faith Harris will lead an interactive learning session on the Seven Prophetesses, and Dr. Steve Steinberg will speak on "Brit Torah." Men's Mishmar (open to all) - Rabbi Louis Lazovsky - "Book of Ruth"; Rabbi Eli - TBA; Rabbi Benzie - "Celebrating King David's Birthday". On Wednesday the first minyan will begin at 4:50 am. There will also be a Shacharit minyan at the regular 8:45 am time. Shavuot Yizkor On Thursday, May 16, the second day of Shavuot, we will recite Yizkor at about 10:30 am. For information about ordering Yahrzeit plaques, please call the office at (847) 679-9800. Early Shabbat Starting May 17th, we will have "Early Shabbat." We will daven mincha every Friday at 7:00 pm throughout the summer. If you will be starting Shabbat early with us, you should light candles at about 7:20 pm, and repeat Kriat Sh'ma after nightfall. Graduation Kiddush If you have a child or grandchild graduating, honor them by sponsoring the graduation kiddush, which will be held on Shabbat, June 15th. Please call Saretta at (847) 676-0556 or the office (847) 679-9800 or to sponsor. Sanctity of Shabbos Shiur New Day & Time - Wednesday before Mincha - Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky's Sanctity of Shabbos Shiur is about to begin discussing each of the 39 Melachot (categories of forbidden activities). On May 8 we will meet at 7:00 (before Mincha). Misheberach List If you have names for a misheberach, please send them to the shul office or e-mail to Weekday Minyanim Please join us for daily minyanim. Shacharit is at 6:00 am Monday through Friday, and 8:00 am on Sunday. MinchaMaariv on Sunday through Thursday is 10 minutes before sunset. E-mail List If you would like to be added to our email list, please send an email to Rent the Shul for Your Simcha áñØã

For information regarding renting the Social Hall for your event, please call Ben Zion Lazovsky at the Shul office at (847) 679-9800. Also, book you child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah in the Shul calendar! Please call Judy Whisler at (847) 677-2281. Rabbi Juzint Books Rabbi Meyer Juzint’s “The Chain of Miracles” should be at the publisher next week and G-d willing will be available in early July. “Nechamas Meyer on Breishis and Shemos” is now in layout and we hope it will be available in late summer. Past Events Oneg Shabbat - Bonnie and Rick Hernandez discussed "Our first experience with AIPAC Policy Conference and why we decided to get involved." JUF Brunch - Defense Correspondent Yaakov Katz spoke about Israel's external security concerns. Pesach - we were excited to have some many of our Kesser Maariv family members in Skokie from out of town for Pesach. Before Pesach we were again privileged to host Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik's Hagaddah Shiur. Many of these shiurim along with other hundreds of shiurim are available from our Tape Library – some on audio tape, and some digitally Adele Goldblum Women's Council Upcoming Events The AGWC is sponsoring a Shavuot Plant Sale. Sponsor a plant, which will be delivered to a resident of the Robineau or Lieberman Geriatric Center. For more information contact Brenda Kahn at (847) 677-2388 or Help serve dinner at Cafe Ark on Wed. May 29th. Please call Cookie Goldrich at 847-673-8149 to book your spot. The next AGWC Women's shalashudos will be held on Shabbat June 1st. Guest speaker will be Shira Roth. Attention all women: Please send your email addresses to Saretta at Sometimes we have last minute exciting programs. With your email address, we can notify you quickly. If you don't have an email address, please call Saretta to let her know you would like a phone call instead. Past Events Women's Seudat Shlisheet - We learned about "The

Meaning Behind Hatikva: Understanding the Hope for Medinat Yisrael" Presented by Ariela Haymberg, Recipient of the Educator of the Year Award by the Associated Talmud Torahs. Thanks to Beth Gottesman for sponsoring it on the yahrzeit of her mother, Shirley Goldberg. GOOD & WELFARE Mazal Tov to: Arkady & Ellen Kats on the birth of a grandson, Liam Toviah....Schiller Family on Rivka's upcoming marriage to Dr. Nisan Hershkowitz....Jeff & Judy Whisler on the engagement of their son Jordy to Rena Weisen of Teaneck, NJ....Joe & Dr. Gail Scher on the birth of a grandson, Shlomo....Drs. Steve and Teri Steinberg on the birth of a granddaughter. Celebrate your simcha on the Etty Rubinow Tree of Life! Leaves are $100, Acorns are $500 and Foundation Stones are $1,000. Call Ben Zion at (847) 679-9800 to order, or print the order form off of our website. Condolences to Dr. Marlyn Fensterheim on the loss of her father, Jerome Goldberg. Thanks to our recent Kiddush and Seudat Shlisheet sponsors. To sponsor a Kiddush or Seudat Shlisheet, please call Judy Whisler at (847) 677-2281 or, or contact the Shul office. Do you have a new neighbor who might enjoy davening at Kesser Maariv? Please call the office or Anne Elovic, Chesed Chair, at (847) 673-2904, so we can welcome them. DVAR TORAH Shavuot Shavuot is a unique holiday on the Jewish calendar: it has no symbol such as the Lulav, Shofar or Matza, nor does it have a set day on the calendar- it begins 50 days after Pesach begins. It commemorates the Jewish people's coming face-t-face with G-d's Divine Presence at Mt. Sinai and receiving the Torah, including both the Written Law and Oral Law. On Shavuot we read the book of Ruth. There are several reasons given for this custom. One is that it tells of Ruth converting to Judaism, and the Jewish people as a whole had some sort of a conversion at Mt. Sinai. The second reason is that Shavuot is the birthday of King David, who was the great-grandson of Ruth. Another reason is because the events of Ruth happened in the "time of the wheat harvest" which in Israel begins around Shavuot time. There are two other well-known customs related to Shavuot. The first is the custom to eat dairy foods. The reason is that when the Jewish people received the Torah, the laws included the laws of slaughtering animals, soaking and salting. Because the Jewish people did not want to

inadvertently eat something which was not prepared properly - because of their lack of experience with these new laws - they ate dairy products until they fully understood the details of slaughtering and kashering meat. (This is only a custom; it is permissible to eat meat on Shavuot.) The second custom is to stay awake the first night of Shavuot studying Torah subjects. The Midrash teaches that G-d made the weather at Mt. Sinai perfect, but that resulted in the Jewish people oversleeping and being late to accept the Torah. To show that in our generation we are excited to receive the Torah, we stay up all night with eager anticipation. Congregation B.H.H. Kesser Maariv A.L. 4341 W. Golf Skokie, IL 60076 (847) 679-9800 fax (847) 679-5041 e-mail: Rabbi Louis A. Lazovsky Steven D. Goldrich, President Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky, Associate Rabbi & Executive Director Nasrin Kheradyar & Saretta Lazovsky, Co-Presidents, Adele Goldblum Women’s Council Committee Contact Information: Bricks Saretta Lazovsky (847) 676-0556 or (847) 673-2904

Chesed Fund Anne Elovic

Donate Books & Siddurim Office (847) 679-9800 or Endowment Michael Hartz (708) 366-7662

Happy Day Cards Wendy Hartz (708) 205-5109 Kiddush & Seudat Shlisheet Judy Whisler (847) 677-2281 or Membership Bob Greenstein (847) 967-7408 Judy Whisler (847) 677-2281 Office (847) 679-9800

Social Hall Rental Tree of Life Yahrzeit Plaques

Please Note: Beginning May 17, we will be welcoming Shabbat early and will begin davening Mincha on Friday nights at 7:00 pm. Therefore, for the next few months, it is important that you remember to: 1) light Shabbat candles early, at about 7:20 pm, and 2) repeat Kriat Sh'ma of Maariv after nightfall. Date Bamidbar 1st Day Shavuot 2nd Day Shavuot Naso Beha’alotcha Shelach Korach 5/10-5/11 5/14-5/15 5/15-5/16 5/17-5/18 5/24-5/25 5/31-6/1 6/7-6/8 Candle Lighting 7:40 pm 7:44 pm 8:47 pm 7:47 pm 7:54 pm 8:00 pm 8:04 pm ‘Erev’ Mincha 7:40 pm 7:50 pm 7:50 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm Shacharit 8:45 am 4:50 am & 8:45 am 8:45 am Yizkor 10:30 8:45 am 8:45 am 8:45 am 8:45 am Pirkei Avot Shiur 6:30 pm no shiur no shiur 6:40 pm 6:45 pm 6:50 pm 6:55 pm Mincha 7:30 pm 7:50 pm 7:50 pm 7:40 pm 7:45 pm 7:50 pm 7:55 pm

If you have a chiyuv (to daven or for an aliya), please inform Rabbi Lazovsky in person or at (847) 676-0556 before Shabbat. To sponsor a kiddush or shalashudos, please call Judy Whisler at (847) 677-2281. WEEKDAY SCHEDULE Minyan Times Minyanim meet in the Kaufman Bais Midrash Shacharit Sunday: 8:00 am Monday-Friday: 6:00 am Mincha-Maariv Sunday-Thursday: 10 minutes before sundown Classes Sunday Morning at 9:45 am: Parsha Class in the Weekly Sedra. Given by Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik Sanctity of Shabbat - Wednesday evenings before Mincha Given by Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky

Malamud Reference Library Come and Learn from any of the hundreds of titles in our library, located in the Kaufman Bais Midrash. Lending Library Members may borrow books from our Lending Library, located on the south side of the Social Hall. For hours of operation, more details or to donate books, please call the office. Tape Lending Library We have tapes and digital audio files on many topics including Chumash, Talmud and Mussar.

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