May, 2013 Dear Administrator, I am writing you on behalf of my son, Johnny Smith.

I understand that my child’s grade has been selected to participate in a stand-alone field test this June. Field tests have no educational relevance for my child. They also have no financial or evaluative consequences for teachers and schools; their only purpose is to assist for-profit test publishers such as Pearson in future test construction. My child is not a Pearson or NYS employee. Nor is he a research subject. As Johnny’s parent and legal guardian, I object to his participation in unnecessary, exploitive, and experimental testing. This spring, my child was forced to submit to 9 or more hours of state mandated testing. Requiring my child to participate in further testing that serves no pedagogical purpose and takes away from valuable instructional time is simply unacceptable. Therefore, I am writing to inform you that my child will NOT participate in the 4th grade ELA field test. NYSED has asserted that field tests are a required part of the state’s testing program but in fact, there is no mandate requiring students to take field tests. I also expect that my child will be provided with alternative activities during the testing period. Furthermore, It is my understanding that the state has left parent notification regarding field tests up to building level principals and administrators. Therefore, I hereby request written notification as to the date and time of the field test administration no later than May 28th, 2013. I would like to thank you in advance for your support and continued efforts to meet my child’s educational needs. Sincerely, Mrs. Smith

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