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7.5.7 Guidelines for Industrial Attachment Programme [IAP]


A full set of sample documents have been compiled from a set of existing and where there were none, new documents have been prepared;

Firm Database sheet – [refer to annex 1]

Request for Industrial Attachment Placement letter [refer to annex 2]

letter of consent [refer to annex 3]

Introductory letter [refer to annex 4]

Joining Report [refer to annex 5]

Log Book [refer to annex 6]


Industrial training tutor visiting report form [refer to annex 8]

TRAINING CERTIFICATE [refer to annex 9]

Insurance cover [refer to annex 10]

Refer to the annexes of this report for samples of the document


2.1. The proposed skeletal structure for Industrial Attachment programme shall consist of the following personnel;


An overall Faculty Industrial Attachment Coordinator


Departmental Industrial Attachment Coordinator

2.2. The Departmental Industrial Attachment coordinator shall perform the duties of the Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) at departmental level.


3.1. Each faculty shall appoint Industrial Attachment liaison officer both at the departmental level and an overall coordinator at the Faculty level.

3.2. Departmental Coordinator for Industrial attachment shall be charged with the duty of identifying potential firms that are relevant in the area of study and prepare a database of these FIRMS indicating their names, addresses and contact details [see Annex 1]

3.3. Departmental coordinator shall prepare a list of students for Industrial Attachment placement to be forwarded to the Faculty’s Industrial Attachment Coordinator at the beginning of semester preceding the Industrial Attachment.

3.4. All Faculty Coordinators shall develop a master list of students eligible for Industrial Attachment programme and forward the same to the Vice Rector Academic and Finance (VRAF) for processing of Industrial Attachment allowances and Insurance cover for the students during attachment.


VRAF shall devise means of processing and remittance of Industrial Attachment allowance at such a time to allow for timely reporting of students at their place of attachment.




The Departmental Industrial Attachment Coordinator shall be required to circulate form for request of industrial attachment placement [refer to Annex 2] complete with an enclosed Consent letter [refer to Annex 3] to the potential FIRMS, requesting for Industrial Attachment placements.

4.2. The timeline for circulation of form for request of industrial attachment placement and consent letter shall be not less than four (4) months during the semester preceding the IA, follow up shall be carried out by the Faculty’s Coordinators in liaison with the Departmental Coordinators one month after the circulation of the form .

4.3. An audit of positive respondent firms confirmed through the letter of consent shall thereafter be carried out a month prior to Industrial Attachment placement, by the Faculty Coordinator to establish the number of positions available. Any gaps and deficit shall be reported and alternative placements sought.

4.4. Departmental Coordinators shall thereafter allocate students to these firms depending on the most logical criteria as to be determined later (e.g., area of specialization, individual skills, location students residence vs. firms etc)

4.5. Faculty Coordinator shall thereafter make available copies of all the documents necessary for the student during reporting for attachment, these documents are


Student introductory letter [see annex 4]


Joining report [see annex 5]


Log Book [see annex 6]


Training Certificate [see annex 9]


Insurance Cover [see annex 10]

4.6. Departmental Coordinators shall familiarize the students with the procedures on filling in the log book [Refer to Annex] on a daily basis and preparation of Industrial Attachment weekly and final reports.

4.7. Students shall be required to submit a Joining Report signed by the Training Officer and the Departmental coordinator within two weeks of commencement of Industrial attachment as a confirmation of the start of their Industrial Attachment.


5.1. Industrial Attachment shall be conducted at the faculty level guided by the KIST STUDENT ACADEMIC REGULATIONS APPROVED BY BOD IN JULY 2009, section N (252-258) as outlined below;

5.1.1. Item 252: For each Diploma/ degree program there shall be industrial attachment periods, spread over the academic year, as stipulated in the program specification

5.1.2. Item 253: industrial attachment shall be assessed and the grade obtained shall count towards the final diploma/ degree award

5.1.3. Item 254: Student will NOT be allowed to graduate until they complete their industrial attachment. A student who is not able to complete his/ her industrial attachment for any reason shall be required to complete his/ her industrial attachment at his/ her expense, within one academic year.

5.1.4. Item 255: A student must complete and return to the institute, an arrival note signed by the industrial supervisor and the KIST supervisor within two weeks of commencement of Industrial Attachment. A student must obtain permission to change his/ her allocated industrial attachment place before effecting the change. A student who does NOT go to the allocated place of industrial attachment will be deemed to have absconded and will be required to complete his/ her attachment at his/her own expense, within one academic year.

5.1.5. Item 256: Each student must submit an Industrial attachment report within three weeks of completing the attachment.

5.1.6. Item 257: Every submitted industrial attachment report shall be assessed in accordance with the existing departmental or faculty rules.

5.1.7. Item 258: Industrial attachment may only be repeated ONCE and the student who fails the industrial attachment TWICE shall be discontinued.

5.2. The Departmental Coordinator (ILO) shall prepare a schedule of staff allocated to visit the students for supervision within the second week of receipt of Joining Letter.

5.3. There shall be a minimum of two supervisory visits to the field/ firms by each staff as allocated to carry out assessment of student under Industrial Attachment placement.

5.3.1. The first supervisory visit shall be scheduled to begin during the 3 rd week and expected to be completed in the 4 th week after commencement of the IA.

5.3.2. The second supervisory visit shall be scheduled for the 7 th week and be completed in the 8 th week of the IA programme.

5.4. The ILO shall liaise with the industrial training officer to grade students using the TRAINING CERFIFCATE and the document is to be submitted together with the log book.

5.5. Students are required to submit FINAL Industrial Attachment Report within 3 weeks of completion of the Industrial Attachment programme.

5.6. Final assessment of the report shall be done within one month of completion of attachment, at the Faculty level by the ILO and the examination officer as per the INDUSTRIAL TRAINING AND REPORT ASSESSMENT REPORT FORM [see annex 7].

5.7. Review of final assessment for accreditation shall be done by an External Examiner who shall be sought from an expert with practical experience in related field of training.