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SSC/PG/Gum/01l10-11 Sri K.Chandra Vice President Poddar Global Limited Mumbai Dear Sir, Phone:~"211A88'1. Tel' Fa: 28111388

14, October 2011.

MInor, No.1, GopaIUrfalma Road, T. N8gar. CbennaI GOO 011.

Sub: Proposed construction of warehouse at Poddar Global Ltd Infotech Site Gummidipoondi We introduce ourself as one of the premier engineering and construction company engaged in the field of construction and promotion of warehouses and residential flats in South India. On 1st Oct 2011 and 14th instant we visited your proposed site for construction of warehouse at Infotech, B-29, SIPCOT- Gummidipondi along with our technical team, CEO & Executive Director. Weare' in receipt of the preliminary site survey map showing the existing ground levels for the th land of about 2 acres area and structures in the proposed site. After discussion with you on 8 of October 2011 and your staffs at Kanchi Mould, SIPCOT - Gummidipoondi we understand your requirements as follows: 1. All the existing building at the said site to be demolished. 2. The proposed warehouse site is to be filled up to 2ft above road level. 3. Construct a warehouse of maximum plinth area that can be built as per CMDA rules in the available land, along with a security cabin, workers rest/accommodation facility, one office cum officers residence building with approximately 800sft office at Ground floor and re~idence of same 800sft at the 1st floor. 4. You will require an infrastructure facility comprising of fire & raw water sump and fire and safety hydrant lines, plumbing network and septic tank, Electrical facilities including streetlights, DO backup with suitable foundation well built road and drainage network, rainwater harvesting facility, etc 5. Rebuilding of the compound walls and gates (the present compound wall will be rendered useless once the land gets filled up above existing road levels). While visiting your existing warehouse by our technical experts, your staff on duty had given us some inputs regarding the requirement in your proposed warehouse which are listed briefly as below. Please acknowledge and elaborate on your full requirements a. The warehouse floor level and pedestal level for PEB structure to be maintained at 4ft 7inch above the filled up ground level.

b. The warehouse should have an eve height of 9m (of which 3m of brick work and the rest PEB structure with galvalume cladding) and a Galvalume covered roof with slope of 1 in 10m. c. The warehouse should have three loading bays and one ramp for trucks to go inside the warehouse, and another one for forklift. d. The warehouse should have daylight panels in roof as well as side claddings to give enough ventilation. e. There should be at least 2 turbovents per bay of PEB, to vent out the heat. Kindly let us know whether an architect will be appointed from your end, in which case the proposal with drawing and tender schedule may be issued to us. In case the Mis. Poddar Global requires we can suggest an architect, and we are also prepared to co-ordinate with the architect for all requirements such as other ground works, liaison etc.,. We suggest the following architect for your reference 1. Mis. Jayem Consultants, Chennai Mr. Padmanabhan, 9790983145. 2. Mr.Mehar Anthony, Annanagar Chennai- 994108019119840163720 3. Mr. Hariharan, Housing board complex, Venkatanarayana road, Nandanam, Chennai 35 Thanking you