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Volume 13 Issue 1

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Denver and Stacey Urlaub of Loving the Majesty Ministries, our new friends from Alaska, and House of Friends can attest to Gods goodness and extravagance as an avalanche of miracles began to cascade from Alaska to Entebbe, Uganda. As the Urlaubs began preparations to journey to visit their sponsored child in a South Sudan orphanage, they decided to take some needed supplies to the orphanage, but learned the plane trip from Entebbe, Uganda to South Sudan only allowed 33 pounds of luggage per person. The airlines going out of Minneapolis to Entebbe allowed 150 pounds of luggage each. The pastor of their church suggested that maybe they could take something into Uganda. Stacey had a dream that indicated they should take a suitcase of shoes. Stacey commented We didnt know where we were taking them, who they were for or what sizes. So they began a search for an orphanage in Entebbe, Uganda. The first contact she had for an orphanage did not respond and when she went on the internet, House of Friends kept coming up first but it was a newsletter from 2011 and they figured it could be closed by now. Because of the short time they had, they almost gave it up but God kept putting the House of Friends on their heart. So she decided to email and offer two suitcases of supplies for our orphanage concluding the email with Would this be something that would be helpful to the orphanage there? A response to the Urlaubs generous offer went back with a list of possible needs which included shoes, 40 sheet sets, an engraver, 12 scientific calculators, art pencils, and pencil sharpeners. That started an avalanche of miracles for Abba House. But God also had His own list to add.

God does more than we could ever ask or think and He does it in a spectacular way. The first request was for tennis shoes, as all the children have are black school shoes and flip flopsnot the best for playing kick ball or football in, and shoes wear out quickly when you wear the same pair for school and play. That meant 40 pairs, plus they wanted to include the missionary and three home staff. The home administrator decided it would be best for school shoes as many were in bad shape. When Denver and Stacey were told of the change and sent a picture of the school shoes, Denver said, Lets do both. Stacey shares, My faith began to waiver. I didnt know how I was buying the shoes. For us it was steps of faith. God gently guided us through one step at a time. I then realized God had to do this because it is His project. When all this began they were six weeks from leaving for Sudan. But Denver said, It happened step by step and so easily. Denver shared that not long ago he had a heart attack. As he recovered he and Stacey decided to make studying the Word and having devotions a priority in their life. He was a sales person and did not push his sales as he had the past 19 years, trying to reach a higher sales record. When the end of 2012 came his boss congratulated him for trending. He had, unaware, reached that level (cont. page 3)

God gives his bestthe dress shoes at original retail price ranged between $40 and $70 a pair. The tennis shoes were some of WalMarts best..

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Shoes would have been enough, but God wanted to fill all the need. Denver and Stacey Urlaub, were on a mission they didnt know they would be on when they planned their trip. It expanded when they had two suitcases they could fill to take supplies to an orphanage. Soon they would find God planned on10 suitcases and He would make all the arrangements to get them there. Next on the list was 44 twin sheet sets. The Urlaubs didnt want to mention any more needs to the church, In His Shadows Ministries, because they had already raised $7,500 to go towards the Urlaubs trip. Silence did not last very long when their pastor, Binky Graham, started asking questions as well as church members. Soon the list of needs was laid before them. The small church decided to donate $400 toward the purchase of the sheets. Remember the sale at the Sheets Fred Meyer Department Store? That day the sheets were on sale at 50% off with an additional 10% coupon and another 10% discount above all sales and coupons. Are you seeing the pattern here? God was in charge. God continued to show Himself as an abundant supplier and His heart was full of generosity toward the children at Abba House. He began to pull out his own list...Bibles and balls. That was what had been laid upon Denvers heart. Members from Morning Star Baptist Church and In His Shadows Ministries donated the Bibles and they were able to purchase the balls. Stacey shares, We had gotten shoes and everything but had not gotten the 2B art pencils. She thought in her heart just to let the pencils go and God said, You are going to skip this child? She went to a store where they had pencils, but again in Alaska it is hard to find a lot of things. They had six 2B pencils and she purchased all they had. Every item had a purposesomebody needed it and it was important to God that no one got left out. Now, all was ready.

The Urlaubs small but mighty church family in Healy, Alaska wave hello to their new House of Friends and Uganda friends.

Ten suitcases were filled to the brim. Where was the money coming from to pay extra luggage fees? Denver called Alaska Air the day before departure to ask if they would waive the fees for the baggage filled with items to be given away to an orphanage. She told them that was not something that was done, but the person he needed to talk to was not in. Denver hung up and said, God, you gave us all of this, you are going to get it there. Later a call came from the airline saying they would wave the fees for the 10 suitcases. The miracles kept coming. As planes were changed all along the trip there would be baggage fees, so Denver and Stacey sat down and figured up how much money they would need to get all the baggage to Uganda. They were $220 short. Not to worryGod had not failed them. They went to church where their church family prayed for them and bid them farewell. A lady came to Stacey and put some money in her hand. Without looking she handed it to Denver, who tucked it away. Later they looked at it and it was exactly $220. Gods people hear his voice. Thanks to Denver, Stacey, their church family and the wonderful community of Healy, Alaska; and Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer Department Store of Fairbanks, Alaska. for being the vessels of provision used by God to say to the kids of Abba House and Pastor Richard Kaayas family YOU ARE LOVED. We deeply appreciate the outpouring of love shown through the generosity of all. Denver and Stacey shared with the children at their church about the orphanage in Uganda and what they were doing. They asked the children to write letters to the children at Abba House. Later a mother came to them and said her 10-year-old daughter, Miranda, felt like she wanted to give everything she had saved to go to the children at Abba House. The next Sunday Miranda came to them and gave her savings of almost $50 to them.

The children at Abba House had no idea they were to be recipients of such wonderful gifts and love. They only knew Denver and Stacey Urlaub were coming from Alaska to the home. What was coming with them was a total surprise. When they arrived, the Urlaubs saw the kids didnt expect anything. They were so appreciative. Stacey said, We were so excited about all God was blessing the kids with, but nothing could compare to the love. They were so full of loveat Abba House and the school. The children were genuinely excited we were there. They loved us because they knew we cared about them and they were excited to get the letters. The Urlaubs shared that there were (cont. page 3)

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SHOES (cont. from page 1) which

gave him more commissions, a bonus, and an award. Unknown to Denver at the time, God had a plan up His sleeve. While Denver was out working on the log home he is building for his family, he was asking the Lord where he was going to get the money for the shoes. The Lord impressed upon him to not ask people for money but for him to take care of it. Purchasing 88 shoes would be impossible with the amount of money they had to spend. A church friend suggested Denver contact Wal-Mart because they give donations to nonprofit organizations for their projects. He did so, as well as another department store, called Fred Meyers, but their answer would be delayed for four or five days because the manWhat agers were not in. happened What happened next was next was only the only from hand of God. the hand of They drove the 100 mile trip to a loving Fairbanks, the God. closest place to their home to shop. Because of the amount of money they had, they were led to go to Wal-Mart first to see what they were able to do. They were met with, We will donate all the tennis shoes and also socks to go with each pair. On to the Fred Meyer store they went. Previously they were told they could donate a little money but there was a long process involved; however. they offered an additional 10% discount above any other discounts and sales in the store. The day the Urlaubs went to Fairbanks, Fred Meyer was having a 40% off sale on shoes plus there was an additional 10% off coupon in the paper, plus the managers 10% off above all sales and coupons. God had opened the pathway for the purchase. The Lord had said to him You give them something to eat. He took, broke, blessed, and multiplied. Each dress shoe before the sale and discounts were valued from $65 to $70 at regular price. They were able to

purchase them at an average of under $20 each. When buying the shoes, the Urlaubs were interested in buying a different style of shoe for each child they didnt even know, because each had their own personality. Stacey shared, It created a bond between them and the children. Normally it would be an impossibility to find 44 different styles in Fairbanks, but it happened another miracle from God. During another day at the building site, the Lord spoke to Denver again and said, Dont forget the pastors family. When he realized the Lord was talking about giving shoes to them as well, he called our missionary, Barbara Decker, who was ...another in Uganda at the miracle had time, and asked for the number in taken place... the pastors family and their shoe sizes. The reply came that 17 family members were living in his home. Later he learned another miracle had taken place, as at the moment Barbara Decker called Deborah, the pastors wife, on the cell phone and told her a missionary half way across the world wanted to buy shoes for her family and she needed their sizes, Deborah was standing in a department store in Kampala looking at a list of her family members needing shoes trying to decide which ones to buy for because she only had a limited amount of money she could spend. The Urlaubs called Wal-Mart to The Lord see if they would took the donate 17 more little we pair of shoes to which they rehad and ceived a positive made it response. So they sufficient. made another trip to Fairbanks and picked up the tennis shoes and bought more dress shoes from funds that people in the churches were giving to them here and there. Denver tells, The Lord took the little we had and made it sufficient. God was doing things for House of Friends but also

for Denver and Stacey. There was no strife, no stresswhenever there was an objective there was a solution that followed. Before we had time to think about it there would be an answer. While separating the shoes and putting names on them, size 4 shoes were found in a size 1 box. To exchange them would require another trip to Fairbanks and there was no time. An email came in from Barbara and she saw the shoe size put down for Shakira and questioned it being right. She went and measured her foot and discovered instead of a size 1 she needed a size 4. God knew all along.

SURPRISE (cont. from page 2)

times when they were giving out the shoes and things that they would call out a name and the child would not be there. It was learned they had run back to their room to begin writing a letter back to the child they had received their letter from. They were first excited about the letters and then about getting Bibles.

(L) Vanessa reads the inscription in her Bible. which included their name and who presented it to them. (R) Jessica receives her Bible from Stacey..

As the shoes were given out, Denver would wash the childs feet. Here, Mariam received shoes, gifts and foot wash. The children did not get up and run off once they had their gifts, they would kneel before them to say thank you.

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AboveJason (L) and Ken (R) join the children for a meal. Jasons children Jessica, and Joshua (not pictured), enjoyed playing with the children.. RightKen with Faith & David .

It was evident this was a month of Gods extravagant love shown to Abba House children. A second team of four arrived at Abba House from a Colorado church to do a little work and bring some supplies and games for the children. Amazingly their visit, too, was an add on to their original mission. Thanks Colorado team!

Denver Urlaub likes to preach and he loves to share with all ages. Not only were he and Stacey the carriers

Barbara Decker, Agricultural Missionary, took three of the older Abba House childrenGrace, Emmanuel, and Jessica to the Eddy Reber Memorial Home in Katogwe, Uganda on a mission trip. This area is a more depressed area and these children do not have the same opportunities as Abba House children do.

(L) Katogwe children with big smiles show the joy of having the team visit. Below Emmanuel and Jessica enjoying a meal.

All of the girls at Abba House wanted to send along some blessings to the children so they looked around at what they had that they could pass on as a gift. So different things (i.e. devotion books from camp and some crocheted things from donated yarn) were gathered up and wrapped up as presents. It was so gratifying to see someone with little, to give up something to bring joy to another child with less. The children who went helped around the home and played with the children. It was a time of giving out of self and making new friends.

All God needs is a willing vessel so He can bless His people The reward is great blessing in the doing. Denver Urlaub said, of himself and Stacey, We are regular believers who started studying the word and the Lord helped us fall in love with Jesus. We wanted to know what is Gods word really saying? As a result, God changed his prejudices toward people and placed in his heart a great love for people. He goes on to share that God has called us to go to Africa. I never had a desire to go to Africa. After this trip he realized, We have so much in America but we are really a poor people. In Africa they have so little but are a rich people. Treasure is not in wealth. The Lord made the Urlaubs trip triple-purposedgoing to Sudan to meet their sponsored child and preach there, preaching engagements in Kampala as well as walking in the villages sharing the Gospel (the Spirit moved and many were healed), and taking loads of blessings and a message of the Fathers love to His children at Abba House. The entire trip began with a letter from Duku, their 10-year-old Sudanese sponsored child, that touched their heart. Gods purpose was beyond their imagination. House of Friends is filled with gratitude that they listened to the Spirit within them each step on this journey of faith and love.

Teacher, Judith, watches on as Denver speaks to her kindergarten class about the love of Father God.. He picks up one of the children and expresses a fathers love.

of Gods love through the numerous gifts, but they were carriers of a verbal message of the love of the Father. Both shared in classrooms and an allschool assembly. Each class received a ball and Abba House children were excited about receiving 14 balls (soccer, basket balls and dodge balls). Some have been stored for later. Balls seem to disappear from time to time.
Here the kindergarten class has put their ball to use.

At the end of the school assembly, Hope, from Abba House, prayed for Denver and Stacey. She was choked up as she could not believe these people would do these things for them.

House of Friends is sending out a mission team of four to Adilang in northern Uganda to conduct a survey trip in preparation of future ministry to Sudanese refugees, including children left orChildren of phaned by war. The team northern will be on the field from Uganda July 14 to July 31, 2013. The mission goals are to: Find a location for a mission base, to include an orphanage and restoration center. ...Develop relationships that will open opportunities to minister to war children and make a pathway to taking the Gospel into South Sudan. Village of ...See into Adilang in the hearts of northern individuals and Uganda children through their stories and begin their healing process, as well as begin the planning process for those to be served at the restoration center. This team will also spend time ministering to orphaned and destitute children now residing in House of Friends Abba House childrens homes in Entebbe and Katogwe, Uganda.

Sunday, May 26, 2013 10:00 A.M. Special Speakers Denver and Stacey Urlaub
Loving the Majesty Ministries Healy, Alaska

Following lunch, the Urlaubs will continue to share their experiences in Uganda and other things God has placed on their heart.

Carry-In Lunch Bring and share your favorite food(s)

Location: Kansas City Christian Fellowship (The Barn) 8000 Oldham Road Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Christian Fellowship and House of Friends have joined together in sponsoring a mission team of 12 going to Abba House, Entebbe, Uganda from July 10 to 22, 2013. This team will be providing supplies to complete and repair the girls homeinstalling four inside doors, painting, and adding on a veranda. They will also be conducting a Christian Womens Conference at our ministry partner church, Tabernacle of Christ Church, and evangelizing in the community and schools through the Arts.

Extending a hand of friendship with a special gift.

__ Enclosed is $_______ Dominican Republic Outreach __ Enclosed is $_______ Lakota Sioux projects __ Enclosed is $_______ Abba House Entebbe, Uganda __ Enclosed is $_______ Abba House Katogwe, Uganda __ Enclosed is $_______ Kitchen/Dining Hall Project Uganda __ Enclosed is $_______ Missionary Quarters Project Uganda __ Enclosed is $_______ Farm Project Uganda __ Enclosed is $_______ for Greatest Need

__Please send me information about sponsoring a child.

Please complete and return this response device if you would like to join with us in any of the above mentioned ways. All donations are tax deductible. Please write checks payable to: House of Friends and send to P O Box 228, Alma, MO 64001. Thank you for caring!