3rd Grade Diagnostic Test Name________________________________________________Date:____________ ___________________ Institución___________________________Grupo: _________________ LISTENING. LISTEN AND COMPLETE.

(25 marks, 5 each)


Snakeboard boy This week we meet Javier Cardozo from Montevideo (Uruguay. Javier is ……… 16/60……(and he is a student at high school Nº 56 in . Snakeboarding is his favourite ____________ ...... At the moment he is training for the next tournament on J uly 15th , in Austral ia.

READING COMPREHENSION. READ THE INTERVIEW WITH JAVIER. • What is a snakeboard? A snakeboard is a skateboard cut in half and joined in the middle with a strap. You move like a snake. You twist your feet in and out and swing your arms from side to side. Snakeboarding´s a bit like skateboarding but it´s more fun! • Where and how often do you go snakeboarding? I usually go to a skate park in Kibon, near Pocitos Beach. I go almost every day in the summer but only about twice a week in the winter. • How good are you? I´m pretty good now. My dad videos me and then I watch myself. I can do tricks now. I can jump off a ramp and I can do 180 degree turns. • Is it an expensive sport? It certainly isn´t cheap. An average board costs about U$S 150, but I want a new board which costs about U$S 200. And then you need a knee-guards and a helmet, so it´s quite expensive in the end. • What other sports do you like? I like snowboarding and waterskiing. I like anything outdoors. • What´s your ambition? Of course my dream is to be the Uruguayan snakeboard champion , but apart from that, I really want to go to the USA because they have the best snakeboarders in the world there.

NOW, DECIDE IF THESE SENTENCES ARE TRUE (T) OR FALSE (F) AND GIVE THE EVIDENCE. (20 marks, 4 each) 1-Snakeboarding is similar to skateboarding.______________________________________________ 2-You can move like a snake.__________________________________________________________

3-Javier practices every day in the winter.________________________________________________ 4-Snakeboarding isn´t an expensive sport.________________________________________________ 5-His dream is to go to Canada._________________________________________________________

Name: _________________________________ VOCABULARY. SPOT THE ODD ONE OUT. (15 marks, 3 each) a. b. c. d. e. Waterskiing - Snowboarding - Football - Snakeboarding Summer - spring - winter - cloudy Argentinean - Uruguay - Chilean - American short - head - feet - arm Sixteen - fifty four - milk - one hundred


LANGUAGE AWARENESS. READ ABOUT SNAKEBOARDING. FILL IN WITH THE WORDS IN THE BOX. (15 marks, 3 each) Snakeboard is the name of the company that created boards of this kind, an d was the only company at that moment. The sport rapidly became known as SNAKEBOARDING. A snakeboard evolved from the original skateboard. Th e main difference with it is that a snakeboard has two footplates joined with a bar called strap. One of the advantages with snakeboard before others is that you don require a big space to learn I t. ´t

Even though it seems to be easier, you have to wear protection to practice it (helmet, knee and elbow guards) WRITING. WRITE A PARAGRAPH ABOUT TONY HAWK, JAVIER´S FAVOURITE SKATER. (20 marks) • • • • •

Name: Anthony Frank Hawk Age: 41 years old. Born in: California, USA; On: 12th May, 1968 Occupation: Skateboarder Physical Appearance: short, blond hair and green eyes. Favourite Film: The new guy

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