Li Xiaolong personal training methods

Lee's personal training methods

Class 1 A basic cart (prepared by location) (1) moving forward and come back : to advance the practice footwork and shift the footwork. As Slide, sprint and posterior step further, and so on. (2) to move around and come back : to the lateral footwork exercises, such as flash side further progress with ramps and so on. 2, side kicks (leg relaxed nature of the action) 3, warm-up : warm-up is the body of the organizations doing strenuous exercise, designed to cause the body adapt to the situation, have a sharp physiological changes necessary for the process, but this process is usually not pay sufficient attention to This car just start with directly added five stalls general, and for your car will be an extremely damaging. 4, kicking : You focus on the development of the special kick. 5, mobile kicks : practice footwork and legs coordinated law, such as forward kicks, side kicks and the flash shift after kicking and so on. 6, refers to prick attacks : which refers to standard, which is Budokan the most vicious campaign. (1) issued the "hiss" sound while accurate attack. (2) advancement of the attack and response-readiness. (3) shift after the attack and the intercalation for connecting to other means of fighting back. Equipment needed : An air foot target : to exercise legs blow momentum, and it will not hurt holders of the target people. 2, disk : punched or kicked disk to practice attacking the accuracy and control capabilities. 3, Making target : to temper their attacks on the intensity, speed and accuracy and continuous attack capability. ! Quiz : 1, agility. Two legs of the law to attack the multidimensional nature : test kicks, hook kicks, before kicking and Radian larger Roundhouse Kick.

2. practicing "sliding attack" : If Dianbu access side kicks or after asynchronous access side kicks. 2. defensive counterattack at the same time. left practice martial : As far left distance to the target. and the use of side kicks to counterattack). (3) Institute in Mobile and China struck. back at the same time moving to counter each other's side kicks. using interpolation refers to counter opponents. the focus of practice side kicks : Because it is both safe and effective stretching. reliving the second class of hook kick. it can hit targets in the lead up to combat the increasing momentum : (A) leverage to give full play to the inherent potential of the body. (1) advancement of the hook kick. . and so on. (3) the lateral hook kick. 6. Class 2 A basic health : physical health and self-confidence can play its due combat effectiveness. 5. the right to practice hard : (1) to learn how to use sneaking counterforce to the punch. (2) In support of the hands of Zuoquan unexpected heavy blow to opponents. Class 3 A basic health. (3) by moving to display hook kick. 3. reliving the second class of "You Quan thump. Footwork meanings : whether as a potent weapon to use. punched : the straight box usage. but had to counterattack weapons is hook kick. hook kicks : (1) a lifting of the disk to practice. (2) shift the hook kick.3." 4. the hook punches usage. "You Quan Wallop" (or use hook kick to counterattack. Defensive explained : relax. after shifting defensive counterattack at the same time. 3. 6. (2) alert issued directly hook-kick. 4. the warm-up. (2) to learn how to use a strong body provides great to thump. 5.

. Classroom 6 general review of the first class 1. 3. (2) a side kick to pursue opponent after the rapid shift. a practice stop combat : to deal with the opponent's high kick. (3) after blocking the legs (right opponent left). side kicks (1) right to left. (2) deal with side kicks (as a means of counter). 4. reliving the "Roundhouse Kick. 3. after punch attack : (1) for the match against opponents attack. (3) from the left sealed the opponent. 4. (2) sealed the right opponent. (2) left to right." (1) as a means of attack. reliving "the left hand martial" (with footwork mobile). Classroom 5 A basic health. "to stop kick (attack) : (1) hook kick. (2) at the action on heavy blow to lure opponents (which can flash to go against the right opponent). 2. (3) a spin kick. introduced and practice Roundhouse Kick : (1) alert-started a basic move. after punch attack (1) low kick then punches after attack. which intercept sexual legs law. low side kicks (1) attack (the opponents right and left sides) direct kick as obstacles can be straight break right Hand Rhythm "(2) defense (opponents from both sides) as to prevent kicked hampered as a kick 2. 2. (3) deal with opponents "to stop the leg" (as countermeasures). Attack : If lashes with general strike to hit opponents. 3. 5. (3) rotation and stride attacks. (2) with practice deceptive move so Roundhouse Kick. Class 4 A basic health.(3) practice in Mobile Zuoquan used to relentless attack opponents. practicing low kick : to deal with the onslaught of the adversary (available blockhead pile protraction of the legs or to practice kicking in a specific location on the small sandbag).

(3) confronting side kicks. front kick (legs) batter. [Close] . 3. which can greatly improve your fights at close range on power. (2) kicked toward confrontation. 5. sit-ups and lying to the former Split (abdominal exercises). (5) stop the opponent's left boxing. side-kick is kicked. the back legs launched continuous attacks. 8. block opponents side kicks. Classroom seven general second class content review 1. 5. the front leg side kick. (2) stop the opponent right hook punches. (2) as a means of counter : Low defensive side kicks Classroom eight legs portfolio Act A former kick attacks approaches. the low side kicks diversion. (2) resistance spin kick. 2. stop the opponent hook kick. the high side kicks real blow. front leg hook legs batter. Zuoquan Out (1) to stop rival Live right (kicking). 2. 6. Roundhouse Kick (1) as a means of attack. hook kicks (1) attack. 7. (1) lateral side kicks stride. Classroom 10 millet hand exercises. basic weapons training. (4) prevent cross-left opponents punches. (2) the right to attack the left. the front leg hook kick. before kicking attacks.4. (3) the right to stop opponents after Boxer (C opponent this time left before). 4. running exercises to practice the legs adaptability. 3. Basic weapons training : under the circumstances to practice Bi-stick or truncheon. Zhi (former) kicking (1) the right to the right attack. left stabbed to stop (direct) kick 9. Classroom 9 wheat hands with somebody Jiequandao This is the core technology. (3) Defense (or engaged). (4) confronting low interception.

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