Bruce Lee was an extremely dedicated martial artist, and performed many differen t workouts throughout his career

. We have already looked at his typical muscle b uilding workout, and also the Bruce Lee abs workouts, and reviewed his diet also. However, Bruce Lee was a martial artist first, and an athlete and bodybuilder second, so now is time to take a closer look at his actual combat training.Before performing his kicking routine, Bruce Lee would warm up w ith footwork drills and stretches. Good footwork is essential in all martial art s, and you can never train too hard on perfecting your footwork. Bruce would start out with some shadow boxing combi ned footwork drills, which would include these basic steps: Step and slide shuffles, forwards and backwards - the step and slide shuffle inv olves taking a very small step with your lead foot, immediately followed by slid ing your rear foot the same distance forward. This step is used as an adjustment during fighting. Also known as mouse steps in some styles. Backwards step and slide shuffles are as above but by lea ding with the rear leg, going backwards Slide shuffles, forwards and backwards - slide your rear foot until it meets your lead foot, as this happens, step forward with your lead foot so that you end up back in the same stance as started. For a Slide step backwards, slide your lead foot so that it meets yo ur rear, and then step with your rear foot. Once you have gone through these steps for a few minutes, you should then do som e stretches to limber up, including forward stretches, side stretches, groin str etches and hurdles and splits. Then, he would use a side pulley and a front pulley to give an extra stretch -if you are training with a partner then pulleys are not required, as you can push/ pull each other to aid with the stretching. Once stretched, you should be ready for the next stage of the leg workout, the k icks. Bruce Lee s Quick Kicking Routine: Bruce would simply go through the main kicks, and practice both as a shadow boxi ng exercise to develop speed and accuracy, and then on the heavy bag to develop power. (Number of sets and reps are approximate). Shadow Kicking Routine: Forward straight heel kick - 3 sets of 12 Forward shovel kick - 3 sets of 12 Side kick - 3 sets of 12 Low side kick - 3 sets of 12 Low toe kick - 3 sets of 12 Groin toe kick - 3 sets of 12 Hook kick (medium & high) - 3 sets of 12 Spinning back hook kicks - 3 sets of 12 Pad/Bag Kicking Routine: Side Kick (left) Side kick (right) Hook Kick (left) Hook Kick (right) Spinning kick - heavy bag Heel Kick on a pad Rear front thrust - heavy bag

so use strike pads as well as heavy bags.These are the basic kicking routines.e. Once you are proficient with the kicks. Happy kicking . or on a heavy bag. Practice on pads with a partner. st art to add the footwork. Without accuracy. to improve timing. Aim to improve your technique each time your train. i. really helps to improve your kicking tech niques. while at the same time incre asing power and accuracy. or in a club. the slide shuffle into a quick front kick or to po sition for a side kick. try to time the kicks to make maximum impact. power is wasted. When the heavy bag is moving. as does sparring and ring work. Training with a partner.