I clenched my right hand around Renesmee’s hand and my left hand found Edward’s. I took a deep breath and suddenly I felt thirty different stabs in my shield. I felt it weaken, uh oh. Another set of stabs hit my shield this time stronger than before. I closed my eyes and concentrated hard using all the strength I had, but my shield did not get any stronger. They were trying to break my shield, and it was working. “Edward, my shield is getting weaker.” I said, panicking, and I knew they heard me because thirty more stabs struck my shield this time even stronger. It got weaker. Edward clenched his teeth. I looked around, memorizing every face I saw, because I knew that someone I loved would not live to see tomorrow. My breathing accelerated as I realized this. I looked at Renesmee. “I love you,” I said. “Always remember that.” “I love you too, mom.” she said. Tears were racing down her red cheeks. “I always will.”

I took a shaky deep breath and looked at Edward. “Edward, I love you,” I said. “No matter what happens…” “No,” Edward said. “Please Bella don’t say anymore goodbyes. Please.” I nodded and looked forward. The stabs continued, and every single stab made my shield weaker. Then suddenly… my shield broke.


1. Long Night

“Hey! Stop messing around!” Renesmee yelled playfully but indignantly at the same time. Jacob laughed at the expression on Nessie’s face. Nessie punched Jacob in the nose. “Ouch,” he shrieked. Jacob straightened his nose before it could grow back crooked. “What the heck did you do that for?” Renesmee smiled with consummation before answering his question. “Because you pushed me in the river you jerk!” They both laughed and then Renesmee was pushed in the water again. Though Nessie has only been living for about four and a half years, she looks about fifteen years old and has almost as much strength as Edward. She grows and gets stronger everyday but not as fast as she used to grow. Renesmee is now in the teenage stage of her life, and in about three more years, she will hit full maturity. Everyday she grows less and less actually; she grows slower than a normal human would. As for her personality, there is where my mother Ren ée comes in. Renesmee is like a normal, fun, happy, joking teenager — exactly like Renée. Renesmee is still as pretty as she was when she was little. Her cheeks always red, her

beautiful chocolate brown eyes always humorous and her long, bronze, curly hair — which was soaked and sticking to her back when she rose out of the water — is my favorite feature on her. When Charlie saw her growing so fast, he nearly had a heart attack. He was pushing to take her to a hospital and see what was wrong with her. It was quite a growth spurt she hit — but Charlie trusted me when I told him that nothing was wrong with her. He knew something is wrong with this family, he just does not know what is wrong with the family. Charlie knows that he can’t know what is wrong with this odd family, for his own good. I guess Charlie did not notice that I am not aging yet. It has only been four years. One day he would notice though, but he hopefully won’t demand an explanation. I still did not quite prepare myself to answer that question yet. Nevertheless, Edward and I would have to leave soon anyway. I think it is time for me to start college. Especially since I have gotten use to the smell of human blood completely. Edward says that I will love college, and I cannot wait to see for myself. Renesmee rose out of the water once again, now really angry. Jacob was rolling on the ground, holding his stomach from the pain he was in from laughing so hard. He made an attempt to get up when Renesmee nearly picked him up and threw him into the river. Now she was the one laughing. Edward and I finally arrived — from hunting — to the scene, coming from the woods. Holding each other’s hands, Edward and I jumped across the river. Edward chuckled at Jacob rising out of the water. Nessie smiled. “What goes around comes around.” However, her smile faded when she saw that he was not upset. I decided to join the party. I let go of Edward’s hand and rammed Jacob into the water. Surely, he was not expecting it. In a matter seconds

Nessie was rolling on the ground in laughter. I completed my goal. Finally, when the laughter stopped from both Edward and Renesmee, all at once we realized that Jacob wasn’t back up from the water. Quickly — with no hesitation — Edward jumped in the large river, worry struck on Nessie’s face. I saw a couple of small bubbles in the water and in a second and a half; Edward rose out of the water, Jacob in his arms. Then, unexpectedly, Edward threw Jacob on the ground roughly. Renesmee and I glared at Edward. Why would he do that? He rolled his eyes the same time Jacob burst into laughter. Now that I think about it, I guess it is somewhat silly to think that Jacob was drowning in the first place. He wouldn’t have to go through the same things a human would — he is impossibly strong. If his shirt is caught on a log, rock, or something under the water all he would have had to do is yank it. He could save himself out of any situation when it comes to strength. Renesmee’s eyes widened and she turned to face Jacob. “That is not funny!” “What goes around comes around,” Jacob quoted. I rolled my eyes. Edward and I walked back to the house. There was a light breeze in the air and it felt good against my cold skin. The rain had just stopped but the air was still damp and the humidity felt good too. When we arrived Esme was on the phone, Carlisle was reading (he decided to study animals so he could take care of the ware wolves when they got hurt.) Rosalie and Emmet were hugged up on the couch and Alice and Jasper came to approach us. The room was quiet, the light coming into the window from the sunset was almost blinding. “Um… do I want to know?” Alice pointed to Edward who was

dripping wet. Her eyes were suspicious. “I’m sure you wouldn’t care,” Edward said. Alice accepted the fact that she probably wouldn’t care and moved on with what she was going to say originally. “Well, anyway guess who’s coming to visit?” Edward faked as if he did not already know. He rolled his eyes to the side as if he were looking for an answer. “Um,” he took in a sharp breath, “You got me.” Alice rolled her eyes. “Nahuel,” she shouted his name. I have not seen Nahuel since he helped us out with the Volturi a little over three years ago. I thought he wanted to stay longer than three weeks but I guess he had to get back home. Everyone was sad to see him go, well, everyone except Jacob. Hulien (Nahuel’s aunt) had left the second day she was here. I have no idea why. Only Edward really knows, but he did not say anything. Edward is always being the perfect gentleman. Like Renesmee, Nahuel is half-vampire half-human. Renesmee is the only half-vampire halfhuman girl that is not his sister. Edward told me that Nahuel was surprised that I was alive. Nahuel had killed his mother when she gave birth to him; as Renesmee did to me but fortunately, Edward changed me just before I completely slipped away. It did not even seem three days had passed while the venom was spreading throughout my body. When I did become full vampire, I had skipped the whole new born, bloodthirsty stage. I had even encountered the smell of blood on my fist night being a vampire and did not ever lose control. Edward said it was as if I had been a vampire for decades instead of hours so they let me see Nessie

on my first night. The same night I lost control and attacked Jacob for imprinting in Nessie and nicknaming her after the Lochness Monster. I got used to the name in time though. Edwards beautiful, velvet voice interrupted my memories of my first night being vampire. “When is he coming?” His voice was cautious; it made me look at his flawless face. Now that I completely mastered my shield, it hardly took any concentration or strain to release it from myself and pull it away from me. What’s wrong, I thought. Edward smiled; he loved reading my mind. “Nothing,” he said. Alice glanced at us skeptically but answered his question. “Two days from now,” she cocked her head to the side, as if she realized something. “Is there something wrong?” Just then, Renesmee and Jacob arrived, holding hands. My mind traveled back to my dim human memories. I remembered the time when Edward was gone and Jacob and I were in his garage, working on the motorcycles. We thought we were almost caught by Charlie. We ran from garage when we heard his voice calling us. When we were standing before Charlie, his eyes were locked on Jacob’s hand wrapped around my hand. My memory was interrupted by a growl. I realized the growl came from Edward the same time I realized that my shield was not protecting my thoughts. I let it snap back in place, now protecting me again, but I didn’t know if Edward was growling at my thoughts or Jacob and Renesmee holding hands. Maybe he was growling at both.

Jacob and Renesmee were too busy laughing to notice Edward’s warning so I cleared my throat loudly. Renesmee released Jacob’s hand. “I wonder why everyone is wet,” Alice noted. When no one gave her a reason, she moved on with the subject, trying to cure the awkward atmosphere. “Nahuel is visiting,” her voice was not as exited as last time. “Really, I haven’t seen him in years!” Renesmee’s light voice was surprised. “Yeah, too bad he couldn’t stay longer than he did,” Jacob said sarcastically. Unlike Renesmee, Jacob does not like Nahuel. Renesmee always asked about him and wondered when he could visit but Jacob did not like him from the beginning. Yeah, Jacob was grateful and did thank him for saving Renesmee from the Volturi but he still did not like him. Even though Nahuel showed no signs of emotions toward Nessie, Jacob still believed that Nahuel wants Renesmee to be more than just his friend. “Stop being such a butt-head,” Nessie encountered. Jacob sighed. Esme hung up the phone. “Hulien won’t be able to come.” I wondered if she has something against us. She is always so distant. “Why,” Edward wondered. “Nahuel didn’t say,” Esme, answered, her voice was soft and comforting as always. “Hmm.” Renesmee yawned and stretched blearily. “I’m going to get in some dry clothes.”

“That reminds me,” Edward said. He looked at me. “I’ll be back in fifteen seconds.” Edward let go of my hand and sped out of the door. Jacob yawned. “What time is it?” “Time for you to leave,” Rosalie said. Jacob rolled his eyes. “Goodnight everyone,” he said. “Goodnight,” everyone besides Rosalie responded. Jacob ran into the woods to change into wolf form. Nessie’s room is now Edward’s old room. Edward still has all his music and books but we made room for Nessie. She likes having his music in her room. Edward and I still have our little cottage but now it is just for us. Now it is private. Edward came into sight with dry clothes on. I grabbed his hand and we started up the trial, slowly walking in human pace. What is the rush for anyway? We had all the time in the world. “So you and Jacob became close huh?” His voice was soft, but it sounded slightly hurt. I did not answer his question. “Seems like someone still gets jealous,” I said in a teasing voice. He smiled my favorite crooked smile. “What can I say? Anyone else would.” I looked at his beautiful face, he looked happy; he looked like he is in love. “I love you Edward Cullen.” “I love you more, Bella Cullen,” he answered, and his voice was sweet velvet. I did not bother to argue with him; of course, I would love him more than he would love me. We looked in each other’s golden eyes for a while. I remembered the night when Edward had the bachelor party with
~ 10 ~

Jasper and Emmet and we were in my room. I looked in his eyes and I felt like I could see his soul, like now. There just are not any words in any language to describe Edward’s soul. His soul is so beautiful, so pure. It is amazing, and his soul belongs to me, as well as my soul belongs to him. He is mine and I am his, we are two halves and if you put us together, — we’re a whole. It was as if he was thinking the same thing I, and in that moment, our lips crushed together. I suddenly felt tingles on my fingertips — which were tangled up in his hair. The tingles started to slowly spread over my whole body. I never felt anything like it. After our sweet kiss was over — which I did not want to end — we stood there for a while, looking into each others eyes again. I let him go and sprinted to the nearest tree and climbed up to the lowest branch. Edward laughed. “Want to join me?” Edward jumped up a tree across from me and settled on the lowest branch also. I jumped to the same tree he was on — hardly using any force — the wind blew my hair out of my face. Edward climbed to where I was and together we jumped from tree to tree, then it became a race. He was in the lead but I caught up, I pulled his leg before he got a chance to jump to the next tree. To keep his balance he had to clutch onto the tree. He looked back to scowl playfully at me. I flashed a bright smile and jumped ahead of him, taking my only advantage to beat him. “Hey!” He yelled playfully. “No cheating!” I laughed and climbed up the tree I was on. Already we were on a tall tree above the cottage. We said nothing to each other. We just sat there
~ 11 ~

motionlessly for an immeasurable amount of time staring into each others eyes. Everything feels perfectly right. I am the happiest vampire in the world right now. Nothing can ruin this moment. All of a sudden Edward’s cell phone started to ring. He got it out of his pocket to see who was calling. “Hello?” I could hear Alice’s panicked voice on the reciever. “Am I interrupting anything?” Edward looked at me. I shook my head. Still smiling and looking at me, he answered her question. “No, what’s wrong?” His voice was calm and relaxed unlike Alice’s. “I just had a vision, it wasn’t too good…” I heard Rosalie’s voice in the background. “Renesmee is gone!” she yelled. Edwards’s liquid eyes froze with his body. “I need you and Bella to come, now,” Alice said. “Hello?” she asked after a few silent seconds. “Hello?” I grabbed Edward’s cell from his still hands after recovering from freezing myself. “Hello?” This time I was the one asking the question. “Bella,” Alice’s voice was relieved, “what happened to Edward?” “He’s here but he isn’t moving,” I answered. My voice was uneven and panicked. “We need you to be here now,” Alice said. “We’re on our way.” I hung up the phone. I sat there for a couple of seconds, trying to make sense of what just happened. It took me a while to remember the real reason of all this panic I felt.
~ 12 ~

Then I remembered. I shook Edward forcefully, when he didn’t unfreeze I squeezed his arms as tight as I could and he refocused. “Edward come on! Something is wrong!” We hurried down the tree and were at the house in a matter of seconds. Everyone was standing and pacing around the floor except Carlisle and Esme, they stood very still, patiently. I was sure it was the Volturi. They were destined to come back, stronger than before. They don’t want the Cullen’s to live; they want to destroy all of us. We are all intimidating to them — and our family just bigger and bigger. The Volturi probably even trained more vampires… if they wanted us to be gone… if they wanted to scoop to that low of a level. They had to take Renesmee, who else would? I couldn’t think of anyone. “What do they want with Renesmee,” Edward’s vehement voice made me flinch. “I don’t know,” Alice answered aloud. Wait. This was absolutely stupid. I thought of why the Volturi couldn’t have taken her. “Wait, why would they do this? Really, do you think that they could get away with it?” Everyone looked at me, confused by my unauthorized questions. “Unless they made the decision seconds before they left to take Renesmee — and even then, Alice would have had a vision. Even though she didn’t see this coming, don’t you think the Volturi would have guessed that Alice would see them taking Nessie?”
~ 13 ~

“Oh, it is definitely was not the Volturi. I don’t see her with them,” Alice corrected, “I am trying to find out who took her… but I cannot see her.” I looked around at the faces in the room. Everyone showed signs of emotion. Alice’s expression was deep in thought; Jasper — eyes on Alice mainly looked concerned. Rosalie’s face was pure panic and Emmet’s expression was shockingly very serious. My eyes traveled to Esme, her face was worried and Carlisle looked deep in thought, like Alice. Finally my eyes landed on Edward. He had all the expressions put together. In his eyes I saw fear — like Rosalie, his eyebrows were pushed together showing his concerns and worries. But his face expression altogether was thoughtful, trying to figure out who took her. Edward didn’t look at a particular thing, he was staring in space. Who would do this? Why? It has to be someone who does not know about Alice’s visions, unless… that someone thought they were going to get caught. This is crazy. I totally jinxed us. Just moments ago, Edward and I were playing on treetops laughing and having a great time, but I had to screw everything up. I’m the happiest vampire in the world, I thought. Nothing can ruin this moment, and in a matter of seconds here we are, trying to figure out who Renesmee’s kidnapper is. This has to be a curse. Every time I’m perfectly happy and nothing in my life — or shall I say existence — could get any better, something bad happens. Who cursed me with this fate? Can my life be perfectly happy without anything ever
~ 14 ~

going wrong? Well, I guess not because here I am. “What was your vision?” I asked the question that everyone knew but me. “The Volturi is coming back. We have a couple of weeks to prepare whatever is coming for us but that have nothing to do with Renesmee’s disappearance.” Edwards — still distant — eyes focused on me. “Call Jacob,” he was speaking to someone else but his eyes remained on me. “You said that you couldn’t see her at all,” he looked at Alice, “Well I have a good guess where she might be.” Esme picked up the house phone and dialed Billy’s number. Of course Jacob took Renesmee. I’m surprised we didn’t guess that sooner. If Alice couldn’t see her at all that only meant one thing — she is with the ware wolves. What I don’t get is why she snuck out to be with Jacob. I don’t care how old she looks; she is only four years old. This is absolutely inexcusable. Inexcusable and unacceptable and everything in between. Anger flowed down my spine and I immediately wanted to hit something. I clenched my teeth and took a deep breath to calm myself. “Hello?” Billy sounded sleep. “Sorry to be calling so late,” Esme’s voice was worried. I peeked at Edwards watch. 12:42, wow time flies. Just a second ago it was twilight. “But I have to talk to Jacob.” “What’s wrong?” Billy asked. “Renesmee…” Esme changed her answer, “nothing, I just have to ask him something important.” Billy’s voice calmed. “Oh, ok well just hold on for a second.” Edward went to the phone once he heard Jacob’s voice in the
~ 15 ~

receiver. “Jacob, Renesmee is missing…” Jacob’s voice interrupted Edward speaking, “Um…” he hesitated, “Yeah, I know… she’s here.” A low furious snarl ripped between Edward’s clenched teeth. “I know that,” he said between his teeth, “Bring her home now!” I heard Jacob immediately hang up the phone. Suddenly, a river of serenity washed over my body. I looked at Edward and his face began to relax and look peaceful, must be Jasper. I didn’t know Edward was that angry for Jasper to be calming everyone down. Edward was probably on the edge. I went over to Edward and gave him a hug and we stood there — in the same hugging position until Jacob and Renesmee arrived. Once I saw them together, I was the one to get really upset. They actually had the nerve to come into sight holding hands. They didn’t even look upset that they were in big trouble. They were just smiling away. I let go of Edward so I wouldn’t crush him in two. Anger flowed through my every vein. I feel inexcusably disrespected. “What the hell were you two thinking!?” It was more of a statement than a question. “Renesmee get over here!” I yelled the words so loudly it would have hurt human ears. Renesmee let go of Jacob’s hand and ran straight to the comforting arms of Esme. It was almost impossible to stay mad at her — this was the very first time she made me so angry — but I fought against my will. Jacob grimaced. “It’s not even that big a deal,” he said “stop over exaggerating. This is nothing like what you and Edward used to do behind Charlie’s back.” That topped it.
~ 16 ~

I growled and got into my defensive stance, the anger started to take control. “Let’s not get all defensive. I was just telling the truth,” Jacob said, holding his huge hand out. I growled again and I could feel a heavy snarl ripping through my chest, fighting to release itself. I saw with my peripheral vision Rosalie crouch down too — this surprised me. I was too angry to take my eyes off Jacob. I feel that I move the slightest bit, I’ll lose control. I realized something. Why wasn’t Jasper making me calm? Did he want Rosalie and me to kill Jacob? I saw two large wolves outside the house. It was Leah and Quil. Leah growled and that furious snarl that was trying to get out fought it’s was free. It was the most evil sound I’ve ever heard. “Bella,” Renesmee called. Her voice was sharp with fear but it couldn’t change the way I felt. “What,” I snapped, my voice sounded… silver? “It was my idea,” Renesmee quickly answered. “I knew Alice couldn’t see Jacob — or anyone around him — so I thought that we wouldn’t get caught. Jacob didn’t want to sneak out but I insisted.” I froze. The words that came out of her mouth only wanted to make me hurt Jacob even more. But I couldn’t let my automatic reaction take control. I looked over at Rosalie but she wasn’t in the spot she was just in. She was on top of Jacob. Emmet started to cheer and yell out fight moves. “Head lock, head lock! Aw… Jacob how can you let a girl beat you!” Renesmee screamed. I could not feel anger anymore, now all I felt was panic.
~ 17 ~

Leah growled and jumped in to join the fight. Acting on my reflexes, I pushed my shield, now covering Jacob so Rosalie would not hurt him. I childishly didn’t really want to, but I also wrapped my shield around Leah. Rosalie could take them both. “Rose, stop!” Renesmee looked panicked and afraid. I think Rosalie would have kept fighting if it wasn’t for the sound of her voice, but she stopped immediately. I wrapped my shield around her too, just in case. Jacob did not even form into a wolf. He practically let Rose hurt him. They both hate each other so I thought that he would have definitely fought back. I guess he didn’t fight back because he knew that Renesmee wouldn’t like it. Leah growled and barked, snapping her huge wolf teeth. “EVERYONE STOP!” I looked over to Nessie. Tears were running down her red cheeks. She ran up the stairs and everyone became quiet, even Emmet who was the loudest of us all. Edward started toward the stairs. “Leave her,” Carlisle said in a calm voice. Leah left with Quil. Jacob picked himself up off the ground. I didn’t know what to do. I felt stupid. Edward broke the silence. “Jacob I think it’s time for you to go.” He hesitated, it irritated me. “Just leave!” I shouted the words unnecessarily loud. Jacob left, he looked embarrassed and ashamed as he ran to the woods to change into his wolf form. I felt really awkward, everyone was staring at
~ 18 ~

me. “I’m… just going to check on Nessie.” I ran toward the stairs. Carlisle opened his mouth to protest. “I won’t disturb her; she won’t even know I’m there.” Carlisle probably knew I was lying but he let me go. The door was closed, I lightly knocked on it. “Leave me alone,” I heard Renesmee call. I ignored her and opened the unlocked door. For the first time in a long time I actually felt like a mom. “Can we talk?” She answered my question with a question. “What is there to talk about?” I sat on the bed, the same bed Edward got for me in my human days, when he did not want me to see Jacob and the other ware wolves. I remember I was furious and I refused to sleep on the ridiculous bed when Alice held me hostage. And when I woke up, I was on the bed and Edward was lying next to me. I remembered more details about that night… I shook my head and let my pleasant memories go. “What happened was unacceptable.” Renesmee sniffed her runny nose. I pushed her long, bronze curly hair behind her ear to expose her beautiful face. She looks so much like her father, with my chocolate brown eyes, Charlie’s curls, and Ren ée’s personality. Renesmee has a little bit of all of us in her. I took a deep breath. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t want things to turn out the way they did.” She finally lifted her bobbed head up and looked at me. “Me too,” she said. I gave her a hug; I released her when she shuddered under my cold
~ 19 ~

body. “I love you,” I said. “I love you too mom.” It was the first time she called me mom in two years. I smiled. I got up to leave but remembered something once I got to the door. “Oh yea…” I looked at her and smiled. “Jacob is not allowed to visit you for two weeks.” That was punishment enough right? It would be nearly impossible for Nessie to not see Jacob, he did imprint in her anyway. Was the time too short? Was it too long? How do you punish kids anyway besides not letting them do whatever they got in trouble for in the first place? I never really got in trouble much — besides that one time when I left for three days to save Edward from committing suicide, and when Jacob told Charlie that I was riding motorcycles behind his back but that’s pretty much it. All Charlie did was not let me leave the house. That wasn’t even hard to do either; I’m not really into social events. I had gotten so caught up in my thoughts that I barely heard Renesmee’s reaction. “Fair enough,” she said. That was much easier than I thought. I thought for sure it was going to start an argument. Being a mother isn’t so hard. “Goodnight… or should I say good morning,” I said remembering how late it was. Renesmee yawned, “good morning.” I turned around and opened the door. Edward was standing there, waiting with a smile on his face. I closed the door quietly behind me, leaving the dark room.
~ 20 ~

“I’m guessing that went well,” Edward’s voice was beautiful velvet. “Better than I thought it would be.” I wrapped my arms around Edward for a second then I picked up his right arm  which was wrapped around my waist securely. I looked at Edwards watch. “Wow, only 1:17. This is the longest night ever.” Edward laughed. “Let’s go home,” I said. “Your wish my command.” Edward lifted me off my feet, I felt like a princess. He walked toward the trail to our cottage, I chuckled and it sounded like wind chimes. “What’s funny?” “I feel like a princess,” I admitted. “You are my princess.” I smiled to myself. “And you’re my prince,” I told him, imitating the best English accent I could possibly come up with. Edward laughed. I sighed. “What do you think will happen when the Volturi comes,” I wondered. I felt Edwards arms stiffen under my body. “I don’t want to talk about them tonight,” Edward said in a hard voice. “Oh, right,” I said, immediately regretting ever saying anything about them in the fist place. Leave it up to me to ruin a perfect moment. Trying to restore our moment, I scooted my body closer to his chest and rested my head against his shoulder and neck. His arms loosened under my body. We remained silent until we reached our cottage. Edward moved his left arm from under me to open the door. When we walked in the whole
~ 21 ~

atmosphere changed. “Ah,” I said, feeling free of worry. “It feels so good to be home.” “And alone,” Edward added. He walked to our room and laid me gently on the bed, then when he began to walk to the other side I pulled his arm with so much force that he fell with a loud thump. “Oops!” Edward laughed. I got out of the bed, smiled and joined him in the floor. Edward looked confused as he turned on his side to face me. “Why are you on the floor Mrs. Cullen?” That was an easy question to answer. “Because you are on the floor Mr. Cullen,” I answered. Edward’s golden topaz eyes were bright in this dark room — my eyes are now golden too, but Edwards are prettier — they were full of enjoyment. He looked the way I felt — perfectly happy, and in love, but the corners of his mouth pulled down just the slightest bit and I knew something was wrong. My eyebrows pulled together in concern. “What’s wrong?” Edward’s mouth shifted to one side in deep thought. He was looking for the right words to say. “What if this doesn’t last forever?” Great, we have only been married for four and a half years and he was already getting tired of me. I knew it. Of course once he knew everything about me and about my life he would get bored with me. I just didn’t think it would be so soon. I frowned. boring.”
~ 22 ~

“I knew sooner or later you would find me

Edward shook his head quickly. “No!” He frowned. I just stared at him unconvinced. Immediately his expression was frustrated. Edward loudly sighed and shook his head, a small, frustrated smile on his face. “After four years you’re still not convinced that I love you more than anything in this world and that I could never, ever leave you — no matter what?” He raised my left my left hand and pointed to my ring finger. “Doesn’t this prove it?” I looked at my ring; the diamonds were bright in the night. I rolled on top of him and wrapped my arms around his neck, then hid my face in his shoulder, afraid to see his face expression when I ask the question that has been haunting me. I took a deep breath and bit my lip. “What about when you get tired of the same old thing? What about when we know everything about each other and there’s nothing left for you to find out? Isn’t that the reason you spoke to me in the first place, instead of killing me — because I was a mystery?” When Edward didn’t respond, I picked up my head to see what I his from in the first place. First he looked thoughtful, and then he was… smiling? I’m definitely confused. If anything I thought Edward would be either upset by my questions or he would realize that I was too boring for him. He chuckled. I never would’ve thought he would be amused. Really, Edward is the mystery in the relationship. Obviously seeing my confused expression, he finally gave me an explanation as to why he was laughing. “You know what’s funny?” I waited.
~ 23 ~

“I was going to ask you the same question.” I thought about that for a second. “How long can two people be in love?” I asked. I didn’t feel any different about Edward than how I felt when I walked down the aisle in my wedding dress, but I don’t remember anyone that stayed in love with each other for more than twenty years when I was human. Feelings do change. I looked at Edward, he was thoughtful. “Look how long Esme and Carlisle stayed in love.” He looked at me. “We aren’t humans. Eventually humans get attracted to younger people once they’ve been in a relationship for a while, or they have issues with money or just get tired and want to experience something new and fresh, but we aren’t humans…its hard to explain.” “Do you know what’s funny?” I asked. “What?” “You just answered your question.” Edward thought about that and laughed. “I guess I did.” I was still on top of him and I laid my head on his chest, listening to his silent heart beat. I raised my head and pecked him on the lips, but when I tried to release my lips from his, Edward wasn’t having that. He held his hand gently on the back of my neck to keep me there. A giggle escaped from my very busy lips. His tongue found mine, tracing the roof of his mouth, and together they danced. It was the most passionate kiss of all kisses. The tingles came again. This time they started on the tip of my toes, and slowly traveled its way up to my finger tips and then it lit the tip of my tongue. It felt like a switch was turned on and all of a sudden there were fire works. I was… amazing. I couldn’t find any other word.
~ 24 ~

Edward and I must have had a million nights like this, but every night is new and amazing. Every night was something new. * * *

I laughed as we lay there in silence, the sun was rising. “What’s funny, love?” I looked at Edward’s pale, perfect face. His eyes were liquid bright, full of enjoyment. We’re still on the floor,” I noted. Edward laughed. “I didn’t notice with you laying there. For all I know we could have been in the middle of World War II.” I laughed, but the feeling only lasted for a second because I remembered something. “We better go talk to Alice,” I said. Edward’s eyes turned into solid. “Yeah,” he agreed half-heartedly. I slowly go up — hanging on to Edwards arm — and went to the large closet to get on some clothes. I sniffed around for denim jeans and Edward did the same. When we were both dressed we walked out into the warm drizzle, preparing ourselves for the bad news coming ahead — our happiness slowly but surely dwindling away.

~ 25 ~

2. Visitor

“They have twelve new vampires — all trained a very physically strong — they definitely want a battle.” Everyone besides Jacob was scattered around the living room listening to what Alice saw in her visions. “Do any of them have a special ability?” Rosalie asked. “Yes, Vamir has the ability to freeze people, right in their tracks. His mate Katrina can manipulate thoughts and feelings, kind of like Jasper except that if she wanted you to hate the person next to you, she could make you hate them. Zahamitt is what they call their watcher. He cannot see into the future but he can see the present, anywhere. He’s probably watching me tell you this right now.” I was absolutely astonished. I was still stuck on Katrina’s ability. Just the thought of hating anyone in my family sounded impossible. I couldn’t even imagine hating Edward, especially since I’m so madly in love with him. “Wait,” Alice said. Her face became blank and she was perfectly still. “They changed their mind,” Edward said staring at Alice. “What?” I asked. “What do you mean they changed their mind?” “They’re not coming at all.” Alice said — her face concentrated on
~ 26 ~

what she saw in her mind. “Why,” Jasper asked. “I don’t know,” Alice said. My mood immediately changed. I hopped up enthusiastically and clapped my hands together once, changing the subject. “So… who’s up for a visit to Charlie’s?” I looked around the room. “I do,” Renesmee said. “I have to do something to keep Jacob off my mind,” I heard her mumble. “I do too, I haven’t seen him in a while,” Alice said. “Anyone else,” I asked looking around the room. “Us too,” I heard Seth say. “Maybe my mom is there,” Leah said. “I’ll just stay here and try to figure this out,” Edward said smiling at me. “Ok,” I said. I ducked down and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “We’ll be back,” I said as I nearly ran out the door. Leah and Renesmee got in Alice’s yellow car and Seth rode with me in the Volvo. Alice started up the driveway, I was behind her. When we got on the rode Alice sped up to what it looked like a hundred and fifty miles an hour. “Holy crow!” I looked around to make sure there were no other cars on the road. “Speed up, you losing her!” I looked at Seth like he was senseless. “Are you crazy? I’m not nearly as good a driver as Alice… and I didn’t know this was a race.” “Oh, come on,” Seth pleaded, “You and me both know we won’t get hurt.”
~ 27 ~

I looked at him disapprovingly. “Fine,” he said, and then he mumbled something that sounded like “party pooper,” under his breath. I ignored him and pulled out my cell phone — that Edward bought for me two Christmases ago. It just came out — and called Charlie. “Hello?” “Hey dad I’m about fifteen minutes away.” “That’s great! I have some good news.” “Can’t wait to hear it,” I said. I slid the phone shut. “What can’t you wait to hear?” “Charlie has some good news. He sounded exited.” “I bet I know what it is,” Seth said. I smiled; I know what it is too. When we arrived Charlie was already at the door. Seth and I stepped in. Alice, Nessie and Leah were already there, sitting on the couch. Sue was standing behind Charlie, both of her hands casually behind her back. “Did you get contacts?” Stupid, stupid, stupid! I forgot to put in my brown contacts before I came. I was in a rush to get out of the house, I guess. Relief just took control and made me forget. “Oh, yeah,” I stuttered, “I, I don’t need them to uh, help my vision though.” I need lying lessons from Edward. “Oh, okay well take a seat.” I was relieved he didn’t question me any further. Charlie waved his hand to the last available seats. I sat down next to Seth. “We were waiting for you to get here so we can share the news,” Charlie said. “We?” I repeated.
~ 28 ~

Sue pulled her hands from behind her back, exposing fragile hands. There flashed a beautiful diamond ring on her left hand — third finger. “We’re getting married!” They both announced happily. Charlie looked like a new man. His eyes were brighter, his voice lighter and it seemed like he had more energy. He didn’t look like the Charlie I used to live with, he looked twenty years younger. “That’s great!” Seth said with false surprise, he flashed me a dexterous grin notifying that this is what he was thinking the announcement was in the car. I winked. Unintentionally I looked over to Leah, she looked honestly happy for them. I don’t know why I thought different. Just because she doesn’t like me doesn’t mean she automatically dislikes Charlie. Leah looked at me and her smile faded. She was probably wondering why I was staring at her. Leah flashed a fake smile and turned to Renesmee. “Soon I’m going to be your aunt-in-law,” she said. Nessie laughed. Renesmee and Leah became best friends. They were practically inseparable. They’re bonded like superglue. There has a heavy knock on the door and Charlie went to see who it was. When he opened the door in came Billy — and pushing him was Jacob. I looked at Nessie and her eyes lit up. I pursed my lips and growled involuntarily. “Hey,” Charlie greeted merrily. “Come to join the party?” “Yeah, I heard the announcement outside,” Billy said. “Congratulations,” Jacob said. He looked at Nessie from the side of his eye and his grin widened. My eyes narrowed into thin slits. “Jacob — kitchen, NOW!” Jacob pursed his lips and let go of Billy, he dragged himself into the
~ 29 ~

kitchen where I waited. When he got in front of me he folded his arms. He didn’t say anything clever so I started. “I’m sure you’ve heard Renesmee’s punishment.” “Yeah,” he said bluntly. I waited. “Your point,” Jacob asked. “Then why are you here?” I demanded. “You said I couldn’t visit Nessie, you didn’t say anything about not visiting Charlie. Just like you, we came to celebrate the good news.” “I’m sure you got the point, Jacob,” I snapped. “But I didn’t, next time you should say all the details. You can’t just expect that everyone knows what you mean.” I could almost smell the anger radiating throughout my body. Jacob smiled a mocking smile. I almost snapped but I decided to take a deep breath and calm myself. We stood there, staring each other down for about five seconds when Jacob turned around to join the party. I clenched teeth but pulled myself together before I went back out to the celebration — I didn’t want to ruin the mood because mine was sour. “Where’s my son-in-law,” Charlie asked me when I stepped into the room. “At home,” I answered. “Why didn’t he join us,” Charlie wondered — Edward did usually come see Charlie whenever I came. “He um…” “He’s helping Carlisle with a project,” Alice answered for me. I quickly shot her a thankful glance. “Oh,” Charlie said. “Too bad he couldn’t share the good news with
~ 30 ~

us.” “I’ll make sure he’s informed,” I said, and just then, there was a quick rap at the door. Charlie went to the door and opened it. “Speaking of Edward,” Charlie said as Edward walked through the door frame. Edward’s eyes flashed to Sue’s hands and back to Charlie. “Congratulations!” Edward said. We stayed a while. Everyone was talking about the wedding. Alice was exited. “Please Charlie can I plan the wedding,” she pleaded. Sue had no problem with Alice planning the whole thing. “Oh come on,” Sue said, “Just look at how great Edward and Bella’s wedding were.” Charlie sighed. “Okay, Alice. It’s all yours.” Alice was nearly jumping up and down with excitement. “Okay,” she squealed. “All I need from you is to tell me where you want to get married, I’ll handle the rest.” That’s when I decided to leave. Edward and Seth joined me but the rest stayed. Edward drove. “You see how Jacob found himself a way to see Renesmee,” I said. Edward chuckled. “You can’t keep those two apart. You might as well forget the whole thing.” I pursed my lips, Edward was probably right. “So what, did you come up with an explanation?” “No,” Edward said exasperatingly. “This is so weird,” I murmured. Seth snorted. The rest of the drive was silent. Edward started to turn into the driveway. “Hey can I get out here,” Seth said. “I’m going to head home and…” he tailed off.
~ 31 ~

“Ok, see ya Seth,” I said and he got out with barely a good-bye. I shrugged my shoulders and turned my head to the window. At least everything was back to normal — I guess. Everyone was still kind of paranoid. No one knew what to expect and I can only imagine how Alice must feel. She’s under a lot of pressure. Everyone is relying on her. * * *

I lay there with a smile on my face — my mind only on one thing, Edward of course. We were wrapped up in the sheets — not like we needed them — tightly. Although my eyes were shut I could feel his eyes on me, he was humming my lullaby — every note perfectly in tune. I giggled to myself. “May I ask the joke, love?” Edward murmured. Outside it was still dark. I’m guessing it was only around two or three a.m. “Have you ever thought about the future?” “Many times. I’m still thinking that we were supposed to leave to college soon. But since Alice had the vision with the…” He had a hard time saying the name. I took his pause to may advantage. “No, not that future. I’m talking about the future, future. Like technology and all that jazz.” “Oh.” Edward said. “I guess not.” “Really?” I asked — overly surprised. “You never thought about flying cars or a huge natural disaster that would cause all the earth to live underwater?” Edward chuckled. I rose into a sitting position and faced Edward.
~ 32 ~

“I’m serious!” I said. “I seriously think that one day everything is going to be like The Jetsons.” I turned to Edward who was still lying on the bed looking very relaxed, serene even. I could feel my eyelids stretch. “What if in the year 3000 the earth was destroyed and everything on it. Like a huge flood came and wiped every human being off of the face of the earth and we were the only ones left?” My breathing accelerated and I turned back to Edward who looked amused by my panic. When he saw my expression he rose and held me tightly in his arms to comfort me. His scent almost made me forget why I was panicking in the first place. He loosened his grip and pulled back to look me in the eyes. When he looked at me I stopped breathing and my mind went blank. I can’t remember where we are, I can’t remember the date, and I can not even remember my name. To think all this time passed and Edward Cullen still dazzles me. I’d never tell him but I think he knows anyway. I guess I’ll just never get used to it. I realized my mouth was hanging wide open. I snapped it shut the same time he spoke. “Calm down, love. I promise that everything is going to be fine.” And even though I knew he was lying — because how could you possibly promise something like that — I believed him. Edward then kissed me softly. His hands were gently moving slowly down my neck and to my shoulders, down my arms and to my waist where he a good grip and threw me on top of him. Our lips were still locked when he began ripping off my short, purple satin gown — my favorite of hundreds — when he froze. Following my instincts — I listened carefully. Suddenly I froze. Outside — very far East — I could hear fast footsteps. They were rhythmic
~ 33 ~

— like a steady drumbeat. These footsteps could be no other than a vampire, but I didn’t recognize them. Everyone has their own sound. Edward’s foot steps are steady and fast, Emmet’s are louder and he takes longer bounds, Alice’s are very rhythmic — kind of like she’s playing a song. The footsteps got closer — each footstep slightly louder than the other. It was coming towards us. About a whole second past from when Edward froze when we jumped quickly out of the bed and ran to our closet. I threw on a long off-white satin gown — that complemented my body well — and Edward — who was only missing a shirt — found a blue cotton t-shirt to put on. I took one look at Edward and my body shifted in his direction involuntarily. I felt a sharp pang of physical need, but I pushed the feeling aside because those footsteps I was hearing stopped. There was a swift knock on the door. I went to the door and opened it hesitantly — Edward stood behind me. “Hello.” There stood a tall man who looked in his early twenties. The first thing I noticed about him was his skin, a beautiful dark caramel color. His hair was midnight black and stopped at his broad shoulders. His eyes were a bright golden color and I can tell that he just hunted. He wore a white button-up shirt and a black un-zipped hooded sweater with dark pants. His well rounded lips were perfectly shaped and he pursed them. He reminded me of Nahuel somehow, I don’t know how though. The man looked at me swiftly then looked at Edward standing behind me and grimaced. Edward growled quietly. The man cleared his throat — not that he needed to. “My name is Joham; I am the father of Nahuel.” That explains why he reminded me of Nahuel, but they look nothing alike, except for the dark skin
~ 34 ~

— which Nahuel’s skin is darker — and the hair — Nahuel’s hair is longer. Joham stared into Edward’s eyes. “You are Bella and Edward Cullen.” Edward took my hand and stepped out of our house, closing the door behind him. Without saying a word, we broke into a sprint, leading Joham to the house with the others. We were outside of the house in seconds, and standing on the steps were Alice and Jasper. Behind the glass were everyone else and when we came into sight everyone quickly filed out of the house and stood on the grass. Edward and I stopped directly in front of them but Joham kept his distance. “You knew he was coming, why didn’t you call?” Edward asked Alice. Alice suddenly looked embarrassed. “Um… I didn’t want to interrupt you,” she said. I looked over at Emmet who broke out into unnecessarily loud laugher. I clenched my teeth to keep control of my mouth. “This is Joham, Nahuel’s father. He’s looking for Nahuel. He knows about the Volturi.” Joham looked confused for a second — because Edward and Joham never really spoke to each other about the Volturi — then let it go and took a faltered step forward. “Hello, Carlisle. I talked to Hulien and she told me where to find Nahuel. I know it’s much to ask but can I stay until Nahuel comes?” “Of course, Nahuel will arrive tomorrow morning.” “Thank you, so much.” Carlisle led Joham into the house. Joham looked around, eyes wide and expression astonished. “Wow,” he said. “This is even better than I imagined. Hulien wasn’t exaggerating. May I ask…” “How do we do it?” Carlisle said. Joham’s head snapped up and he flipped his beautiful hair out of his face.
~ 35 ~

“We get that question a lot,” Carlisle said. “After they finish high school, they go to college and after college we start over in a new place. The younger we pretend to be in a place the longer we get to stay there…” Carlisle chuckled. “Sometimes I myself go to college too.” “Amazing, and you resist human blood completely?” “Well, we try,” Jasper said. Alice grabbed Jasper’s hand and rubbed the back of it compassionately with her thumb. “May I ask — pardon my curiosity — but how you became vampire,” Carlisle asked. I could tell the curiosity nearly ate him alive. Joham smiled. “I was born in Juneau, Alaska in 1690. My mother died when she gave birth,” that’s a coincidence, “and my father died on my ninth birthday. I lived with various families. I remember I was fourteen years old — and with my seventh family I might add — and some friends and I were out late celebrating a holiday — I can’t remember which one though.” I realized that Joham had a slight accent, he sounded French and Canadian mixed. “We were in the woods hiking — what an idiot thing to do in Alaska — when randomly from nowhere a woman appeared; she looked in her early twenties. She was alone and boy was she drop dead gorgeous. She had long beautiful blonde hair that flowed down her back, and she had such elegance that it was almost inhuman. I remember her eyes — so black, her skin, so pale.” Joham shook his head and paused for two seconds, and then he started again. “I believed we were all stunned, but I was the only one afraid by this woman and her inhuman beauty. My friends were foolish — tempting the woman. ‘Hey there beautiful,’ one said. ‘Want to join the party,’ said the other. The woman said nothing, she merely smiled and leaned into a crouch — like she was about to do cong fu. My idiot friends then laughed at her —
~ 36 ~

and that was the last time I heard their voices. I remember how she sprang forward — it was like watching a snake spring into a defense attack. She trapped them both in her iron grip. My friends were screaming so loud.” he chuckled. “She cracked one of their necks and bit into the others. When I saw that, there was only one thing to do, run. I wasn’t going to sit there and watch her suck my friends dry. “It was a worthless effort though because I was only running for about five seconds when she appeared in front of me. She smiled — this smile was wider than the other — and blood dripped from the corners of her mouth. She licked it off. I closed my eyes and prayed. I prayed that I would be forgiven for my sins and I prayed that she would hurry and get it over with. But I realized I had too much time to pray. Five seconds past, ten, fifteen, then twenty, and when I opened my eyes she was only staring at me. ‘Kill me already,’ I said. I closed my eyes tightly shut and held out my arm so she could bite. I wanted nothing more than to get it over with. But she only laughed — I remember the sound of her laughter- wind chimes. ‘I’m not going to kill you,’ she said. She told me she saw something special about me and that I was nothing like my worthless friends. “She took care of me then. Feeding me, treating me like I was her child. She said that she was lonely; she said I kept her company. Then in 1714 she made me immortal. Now here I am, and that’s my story.” “Why twenty-four? Why not earlier?” I asked. Joham looked at me and his eyes looked… evil. “Let’s just say that at age twenty-four, you can… do more stuff.” I thought about that for a second, what does he mean? “Is she still alive?” Carlisle asked. “Yes, Janett is still live and well. We still keep in touch. I visit her
~ 37 ~

from time to time, like you she keeps a permanent residence, though it’s not as amazing as this.” “Is she still alone,” I asked. “No. Last time I visited her she told me that she made a really good friend named Rebecca. Though I didn’t get to see her Janett told me that they’re really close. They call each other sisters even. I’m glad she had a close friend. She’s not what you would call a people person — in human terms. I was the closest thing she had.” For the rest of the night we talked to Joham about his life. Mostly Carlisle asked all the questions. He wanted to know why he lived how he did and what made him decide to have children, and somehow Carlisle never ran out of a question to ask. It wasn’t boring at all. I found Joham’s perspective on life was interesting. I understood why he made choices the way he did and I only wanted to know more. “I decided to make my own “super race” because I believe this is why I’m here. What are the odds? Why didn’t Janett kill me when she killed my friends? I believe the only reason I am still alive is to make vampire/humans.” Joham explained to us about how he sees things too, and although I don’t agree with him, I can see why he looks at things the way he does. He believes that humans were only put on this earth for nothing more than food — for us vampires of course — and material things like clothes. And although I don’t agree with him I can understand where he comes from. Why would vampires exist anyway? Why would such a thing be created? If vampires weren’t put on this earth to kill humans then what’s the point of being here? But then I’m pretty sure that mice weren’t put on this earth to be
~ 38 ~

eaten by cats. I’m pretty sure that worms weren’t put on this earth to be eaten by birds. Joham thinks that humans were made to be like tissue — use it then throw it away, but he does believe that some humans are worthy. He believes he was one of those humans and that is why he is here now. He believes that being a vampire is a curse but a blessing. He believes that we are all vampire for a reason… and he has a point. I didn’t even really notice it was morning — which is extremely bizarre — until I heard Renesmee’s apathetic footsteps when she got out of bed. I think everyone was waiting for her to come downstairs. I heard the toilet flush, the sink run, the bathroom door open, and fourteen steps until she actually came into sight. Nessie stretched and yawned before she started down the stairs lackadaisically. “Good morning everyone. Who’s the stranger?” “This is Joham,” Edward said. His voice was a bit edgy when he said his name. I wondered why. “He’s Nahuel father.” Renesmee’s eyebrows raised but she did not look the least bit surprised. She went over to greet him. “Hello, Joham,” she said as she took his hand. “I’m Renesmee. It’s very nice to meet you.” Joham didn’t respond, he only stared at Renesmee’s face — I could tell what body part though. Was he staring at her eyes? Her nose? Her mouth? — in mere shock. Renesmee’s cheeks were bright pink when she released his hand. “Sorry about that,” she said. “I think I saw…” “Eggs.” Edward said. “Coming right up.” Edward quickly started to
~ 39 ~

the kitchen. “Oh,” Carlisle said, “you’ve just experienced Renesmee’s talent.” I looked at Renesmee — who cheeks were still bright pink — and she followed Edward to the kitchen. “Oh,” Joham said. “Does everyone here have a talent?” He looked around the room as if trying to tell who all had them. “No, not everyone,” Carlisle said. “Only Alice, Jasper, Edward and Bella — as well as Renesmee.” “But Esme brought with her love and compassion, Carlisle brought wisdom, patience and understanding, Rosalie brought her drop dead beauty, and Emmet brought with him his physical strength.,” I added. Joham looked at me and nodded, hen curiosity and eagerness lit up on his face. “You want to know what they are,” Jasper said obviously feeling his eagerness as much as I see it on his face. “If you don’t mind,” Joham said. “Of course we don’t mind,” Esme said. “I’ll start off.” Alice said. “I can see the future.” “I can change anyone’s mood that is around me,” Jasper said and the room suddenly grew very calm — a demonstration. “Ah, I see,” Joham said. “I am a shield,” I said. “I can protect everyone around me. Just as long as you’re in three-fourths of a mile. Oh, Edward can read thoughts. He knows what everyone is thinking right now — except for me. I only let him read my mind when I want to.” I smiled to myself feeling a bit smug. “Why is that?” “My shield. It automatically protects me — unless I push it away from
~ 40 ~

myself,” I answered. Joham smiled at me. I gave a friendly smile back. “Bella,” Edward called. I walked to the kitchen, realizing I was in the same standing position I was when we first entered the house — the only thing different was that me and Edward’s hands weren’t tangled up together. When I got to the kitchen Edward was adding cheese to an omelet that was frying. Renesmee was watching him closely. “Yes darling?” I asked when I reached his side. I’m sorry, love. I couldn’t take it any longer.” “Take what?” “I had to get you out of that room. I’m starting to lose my patience with that Joham,” the name sounded like acid on Edward’s tongue. “His thoughts about you are irreverent — especially since you’re married — and they became even more impertinent once he found out I could read minds. I think he’s trying to upset me.” Edward flipped the omelet. “Sounds like you have some competition dad.” Edward’s head snapped up. He stared at Renesmee intensely, probably because she used the word dad. “Don’t worry,” I said pushing Edward’s face toward mine. “His thoughts are irrelevant, and I only have eyes for you.” I kissed him vehemently so that Renesmee cleared her throat. Edward turned and slid the omelet on her plate. “Thank you,” Renesmee said as he handed it to her. He turned back to me. “Oh I’m not worried about you. He’s just very irritating; it’s like Jacob all over again.”
~ 41 ~

Renesmee growled. Edward turned to Renesmee. “You know I find it merely astonishing that you can be so uptight over a dog.” Renesmee ignored Edward and continued eating her omelet. “Edward, don’t let him provoke you. Why should it mater what he thinks about me when all I can think about is you.” I think what I said struck a nerve because Edward grabbed the small of my back and forced me up against his body. We locked lips with great intensity. No combination of words could describe the moment. Renesmee made a gagging sound. I turned to my exasperating daughter. She was chewing on the last bite of omelet. “Maybe you should go get ready to go to Charlie’s house. You and Alice are still meeting Leah to make wedding plans with Sue right?” “Thanks for reminding me.” Renesmee hopped up enthusiastically and left the kitchen. “Now where were we?” I wrapped my arms around Edward’s neck and stretched on my toes so my lips could reach his. We kissed each other passionately and I wanted nothing more than to be alone. Edward picked me up and put me on the counter. His hands moved slowly up from my waist to my hair and his fingers twisted in my hair. Uncontrollably, my legs wrapped firmly around his waist, drawing him closer to me. Edward pulled back. “Bella, I think…” “I know. We’re not alone,” I said. “As much as I want us to be,” Edward added. I grabbed Edward’s hand trying to fight the urge to rip his clothes off. Carlisle just finished telling his story when Edward and I walked in.
~ 42 ~

Joham looked at me, Edward clenched his teeth and I squeezed his hand. “What about you,” Joham asked. “I’ve heard everyone’s story but yours.” I was caught off guard. No one ever asked me what my story was before. “Oh… um…” I stuttered. “Well, I used to live in Phoenix, Arizona with my mom, but she married a baseball player and um… he used to travel a lot and my mom would stay with me, but I knew it wouldn’t make her happy so I moved with my dad here in Forks. On my first day at school is when I saw Edward. His reaction to me was… horrible. It was like he didn’t even want me there. He um… missed a week of school and when he came back he uh… changed. He acted like a perfect gentlemen. So um… the next day I was out by my car in the parking lot when a van skidded on some ice and almost smashed me, but Edward stopped the van… and no one noticed it really but me. So uh… we ended up being friends, I guess. Everyone at school thought it was weird because the Cullen’s usually never talked to anyone and when Edward talked to me it was… different. “One day I went to go shopping with some friends — or I should say I helped them shop — and I left to go find a book store when a group of guys tried to… I don’t know what they tried to do but it wasn’t good. I was about to fight them when out of nowhere Edward came and rescued me. That was the second time he saved my life. Well, he uh, ended up taking me to dinner and telling me that he could read minds. And when he drove me home is when I officially found out that he is a vampire.” I paused and thought about what to say next. It was hard telling the story since my memory was fuzzy. “We went hiking and um… that was when we had our first kiss.” I felt tingles and shuddered. “So, we ended up falling in love and we got
~ 43 ~

married and… um on our honeymoon I got… pregnant.” I found that I was looking for my cheeks to get hot from a blush. I’m still not used to not blushing, ha. “When I uh, gave birth to Renesmee, I think I almost died but Edward saved me, again. But this time he saved me with his own venom. And here I am, with this beautiful family. I think it was all luck.” “Luck,” Edward snorted, “You almost died — five times!” “But I didn’t, and that’s why I’m lucky.” The phone rang. Esme went to get it. “Hello Esme,” said the voice in the phone receiver. “My plane is going to land in two hours and forty-five minutes.” “Ok darling. We’ll be looking forward for your arrival.” Renesmee appeared at the stairs wearing plain light blue denim jeans and a green t-shirt that said Forks — the word surrounded by trees. Her jeans tucked into the tongue of her black Converse shoes. Alice grimaced. “Ugh,” she groaned. “I wish you didn’t get your fashion disfavor from your mother. Couldn’t you be a bit more girly?” “I just throw on whatever’s in my closet. Take it or leave it.” Renesmee said. I didn’t have to read minds to tell that Alice was planning to rearrange her whole closet. I saw a bit of hope in her eccentric eyes. “I heard that Nahuel’s suppose to be here in a couple of hours,” Renesmee said. “Yeah, so you’ll want to hurry and get to Charlie’s house so you can see him when he first gets here.” Alice ran up the stairs and nearly dragged Renesmee out of the house. “Bye mom, bye dad!” Renesmee called and they were gone.
~ 44 ~

I pulled my shield away from myself. Why is Renesmee calling us mom and dad again? I thought. “She’s trying to get on our good side so she can see Jacob again,” Edward whispered. Of course, I should have thought of that. I let my shield snap back in place. Once Jacob told me that he didn’t think of Renesmee as his… lover, but he cared about her more than anything in the world. I wondered if that started to change.

~ 45 ~

3. Unexpected

I think Joham would have been hyperventilating if he were human. Ever since Emmet and Jasper left to get Joham, he had been slowly rocking back and forth, on his heels. I could tell he was uncomfortable. “Um… would you like to sit down for a minute, Joham?” I asked. “Uh, sure.” Joham sat on the couch. As soon as he sat, I heard a car on the street. I could tell by the engine that it was no other than Jasper and Emmet. Joham heard it too and he quickly rose. “I’ll just stand.” I heard the crunch of the gravel as the car turned onto the driveway. A couple of long, awkward minutes past and the engine turned off in front of the house. Three doors opened at different times and all closed at the same time. I heard three different set of footsteps walk slowly toward the door. It seemed like it took a really long time until they got to the door — like seconds were minutes. There’s no way I can tell, but I’m sure that if Joham was human, his heart would be beating faster that a snare drum playing eighty-fourth notes. When the door opened, in stepped Jasper, Nahuel, and Emmet. “Hi Nahuel!” I said excitedly.
~ 46 ~

“Hi Bella, how have you been?” He asked as I hugged him. “Good and you?” “I’ve been getting along alright.” We spent about five minutes greeting him and giving hugs and hand shakes when the last person yet to greet him was Joham. That’s when it got awkwardly intense. “Long time no see,” Joham said. “Yeah well I should be saying that to you, dad.” “You know we need to talk about this like adults would, Nahuel.” “No, I didn’t know, and I’m surprised you even know how an adult should act.” They stared at each other for an immeasurable amount of time when I heard another familiar car engine turn on our driveway. They continued to keep their pose, looking each other intensely in the eyes when in came Alice, Leah and Nessie. “Nahuel,” Nessie screamed when she saw him. Nahuel turned around and smiled. He gave her a hug. “Hi, Nessie. How’s it going?” Alice looked at Jasper; he nodded slightly, probably telling her that it went exactly like how she must have seen it. Alice took a deep breath. “Hi Nahuel, long time no… uh, so how have you been,” Alice asked. She gave him a hug. “Just fine.” Leah walked towards Nahuel and took his hand as she spoke. “Hi, my name is Leah, I don’t think I ever introduced myself…” she trailed off as she looked into his eyes. “Oh… hell.” Edward said. I looked at him confused by his words. He
~ 47 ~

looked at me and nodded his head towards Leah and Nahuel. His hand was still in hers but they weren’t shaking. They just stared into each others eyes. It took me a half a second to realize what was happening. My mouth fell open. “Oh… hell,” I said. I sure wasn’t expecting this to happen. I looked at Renesmee; her eyes grew wide as she realized what happened. “Oh my goodness.” Almost everyone had a comment. “Damn. This is unexpected,” Emmet said. “This is delightful! Oh how big will our family continue to get?” Esme said. “Huh,” is all Jasper had to say. “Wow…” Rosalie stuttered. “I didn’t see this coming,” Alice said. “I didn’t either… but I’m glad it did come,” Leah said, dazed. Nahuel took a deep breath. “I never noticed how beautiful you were.” Leah giggled and I could have sworn I saw her eye lashes flutter. “Weird…” I said. For the first time Leah stopped looking at Nahuel to scowl at me. I smiled. “You know Bella; I think you just hate to see me happy.” “No, I don’t,” I said defensively, “but I think you just hate me for no reason.” “Oh, I have a reason alright.” “Really, tell me what it is, please so I won’t have to deal with this anymore.” Leah clenched her jaw but said nothing. “Exactly, because you don’t have one,” I mumbled. This isn’t like me at all. I usually don’t argue with anyone like this except Jacob, but I had five years to put up with Leah and
~ 48 ~

I’m tired of it. She has no reason to hate me so much, she needs to respect me just like I respect her. They say you have to give respect to get it; well that’s a huge lie. “If it weren’t for you I never would have lost the love of my life,” she snapped. My mouth fell open. I had nothing to say to that. “Oh Bella, everyone loves Bella. I’m so sick of it. You get everything that you want. For once can it not be all about you?” Leah ran out the front door, she was shaking with anger. My mouth was still hanging wide open. I realized that she is absolutely right. I do get everything that I want, and even more. There might be a couple of road bumps here and there but my life is practically perfect. I can’t even imagine losing the love of my life and I’m the cause of her losing hers. “Bella,” Edward said, and I ran out the door. When I got outside I broke out into a full out sprint. Not running to a particular place but just running. I looked back and no one was behind me, that am good. I continued to run and I didn’t know I was running to a certain place until I got there. I found myself at me and Edward’s valley. I couldn’t really remember the last time I was here. I never noticed that we stopped coming here. It’s even more beautiful than I remembered. I sat down on the ground. Today is sunny so my skin reflected little lights all over the grass around me. I closed my eyes and laid back. For hours I thought about what happened. I need to apologize to Leah, that’s probably all she ever wanted — an apology. I can be so selfish sometimes. I never really thought about how she felt. She had to live for years, seeing the love of her life with another woman. I don’t think I would have survived. To even think about Edward
~ 49 ~

with another woman. My fists clenched into tight balls. I’m making myself mad for nothing, but what I just felt Leah probably felt ten times worse and she had to feel like this for years. Now I can see how she hates me so much. If I were her I would hate me too. “Alice told me you would be here.” I opened my eyes. Edward was starting to sit down. “I remember this place,” he said. “Edward, Leah was right. How could you fall in love with someone so selfish?” Edward lied down next to me and I laid my head on his chest, he cradled me with his arms. “Bella, you’re not selfish at all. Actually you are very selfless, and I look at it in a whole different way. If it weren’t for you, Renesmee wouldn’t be here would she? If it weren’t for you I would still be lonely. If it weren’t for you Alice never would hove found Nahuel and Leah would have never found a new love of her life. Obviously she and Paul weren’t meant to be.” “You’re saying this like all of this was the plan all along,” I said. “Like I knew that when I came to Forks I was going to meet you and marry you and get pregnant with Nessie. Like I knew the Volturi was going to try to kill us which caused Alice to go get Nahuel and Leah was going to imprint in him. I‘m no physic.” I said. He laughed. “I can’t argue with that.” We didn’t say anything else. We just laid there with our eyes closed. I opened my eyes and realized it was sunset. Edward sighed. “What wrong?” I asked. “Sometimes I wish I could sleep. I wish I could let my thoughts go and just relax, but I always seem to be thinking about something. Worrying.” “What are you thinking about?”
~ 50 ~

“The Volturi. I wish they would make up their mind.” I rose up into a sitting position. “What did I miss? Did they decide to come?” “Yes and no.” Edward said. “What do you mean yes and no? Oh my goodness…” Edward got up too. He held me in his arms. “Calm down, love. They decided to come for about five seconds, and then they changed their mind again.” “Really? Did Alice get a glimpse at what would happen if they do decide to come?” Edward stiffened. “Yes.” “Tell me, I can handle it, I promise.” “No. There’s nothing for you to be worrying about.” “If you are worrying I want to be worrying with you, now tell me.” Edward didn’t say anything. “Edward,” I said. Still nothing. “There’s going to be a battle.” I said. Edward stiffened a little more. I’m right. “Does it get worse?” The only thing I got from Edward was rigid arms around me. So I continued to guess. “Someone gets hurt.” “Please stop guessing.” Edward pleaded. That only meant one thing, I’m right again. “The injury is really bad.” I said. Edward got even stiffer under my body. I couldn’t think of anything worse, but I knew that I had to guess the worst possible thing that could happen to get my full answer. But I was
~ 51 ~

scared, maybe I couldn’t handle it. I sat there for a while, preparing myself for the possible answer of my next guess. I took a deep breath and let it out. “Someone I love,” I gulped and took another deep breath, “dies.” Edward was already so stiff, but not as stiff as he could be, and when I made my last prediction, Edward’s arms stiffened into hard rocks. My breathing accelerated. “Who?” I finally asked. “Please Bella.” Edward’s voice broke. I realized what I was doing to him and I stopped. I wanted so badly to be able to cry, to let it all out, but I could only sit here in silence. I wanted so badly to sleep, to let all my worries go and relax, but I cant do that either. I lied back on the ground, still in Edward’s arms, and tried my hardest to sleep. It’s worth a try. We were there for hours, silent and still. Trying our hardest to relax and free our mind. It was unbelievably hard. “Are you ready to go home yet?” Edward asked. “No, not yet.” The sun was set, the horizon was now dark. “Remember, love, Alice’s vision are subjective. The future can always change, and they changed their mind, they decided not to come, again.” “Yeah Edward but what if they change their minds back? We can’t risk it. They are probably just trying to shake us up and get us confused. They’re probably playing The Boy Who Cried Wolf on purpose. Edward I’m honestly scared,” I said, “They know Alice is keeping a look out. There’re
~ 52 ~

playing a mind game. I refuse to fall for it, and who knows maybe that Zahamitt guy is watching us right now.” Edward held me tightly in his arms. “Please, love don’t be scared. I promise everything is going to be okay. I wont let anything happen to anyone. Trust me.” “I’m scared Edward. I really am, and I cant fake like I feel that everything is going to be okay when I know it’s not. You already know I‘m a bad liar and a horrible actress.” “Please Bella don’t worry, for me.” Edward sounded hurt. I hated to hurt him. “Ok,” I said. “I wont.” I took a shaky deep breath and buried my head in Edward’s collar bone. “Let’s go home.” “Are you sure? We can stay as long as you want,” Edward said. “No, I want to go.” We got up and dusted our selves off. I was still in my satin gown. Together we ran home, to feel peace and serenity. Something I couldn’t wait to feel again. * * *

I felt perfectly fine, but I didn’t want to get up. I wanted to stay in the peace, I wanted to stay in the serenity and as soon as I leave, I know that all that peace and serenity would be interrupted with fear and panic. But I have to figure out this mess. I have to stop being scared, I’ve been in situations that were worse, like the time Edward almost killed himself. Then I didn’t have any time, and now I have time to figure things out but I’m so scared, terrified even.
~ 53 ~

I got up and put on some clothes — my satin dress didn’t really last through the night. I looked around at my closet. I couldn’t smell anymore denim jeans so I looked around for some khakis. I realized how small my closet began to get. “Edward, my closet is getting smaller and smaller by the minute. Alice will get tired of buying me lingerie.” Edward laughed. “Alice will never get tired of buying clothes, no matter what type they are. Last night she went and bought the whole mall to restock Renesmee’s closet. But if you want us to then I’ll try,” Edward said. I laughed. “No, that’s okay. I have fun trying different things.” “There is really no point, all I see is you.” “One day I’m going to make you play a role. I can be like the police officer and you could be the burglar.” Edward laughed. “Yeah, but don’t you think it will be kind of awkward for Alice to go out and buy me that type of outfit?” “Yeah, your right,” I said, “Well maybe I’ll buy it myself.” When we were both dressed we walked to the house. Trying to keep our calm peace. When we got to the house Edward grimaced. “Uh oh,” he said. I was about to ask what but I heard it myself, a loud earsplitting scream escaped from Renesmee’s mouth. Edward and I walked into the already open front door. Nessie came down the stairs in her pajamas, her arms full with nothing but pink clothes. “What is this?” she screamed, she glared at Alice. “It’s clothes, what else would it be silly,” Alice asked innocently. “It looks like a princess vomited all over my closet.”
~ 54 ~

“Nessie you cannot be mad, you said that you throw on whatever is in your closet so I rearranged a few things. Now you can actually look like a girl,” Alice said calmly. “I didn’t mean for you to go out and buy this Barbie, pretty, pretty princess glitter crap and put it in my closet! I want my old clothes back, please,” Nessie said. “Sorry, but your old clothes are gone,” Alice said. Renesmee’s face got red with anger and she looked like she was about to explode. “Oh calm down,” Alice waved her hand. “You are actually going to like it. It just takes time. Trust me.” “I don’t know if I can after this,” Renesmee said and she stormed back up the stairs. Alice sighed and became very still. I guess she was looking at the future consequences of two things. One, what would happen if she went upstairs and talked to Renesmee. Two, what would happen if she didn’t talk to Renesmee. Alice sighed again and went upstairs to talk to Renesmee. I heard Leah’s footsteps and got up. Joham stood up nervously. I looked at him and shook my head no, Joham sat back down. I went outside to go confront her. When she saw me her cheeks became slightly pink. She looked… embarrassed? “Hi Bella,” she said apologetically. “I wanted to say sorry about snapping like that. You don’t deserve it and honestly I… I’m um sorry.” Leah looked down at her feet, her cheeks were now bright red. I stood there awkwardly. There is only one word to describe how I feel right now. Shocked. Did Leah just apologize? Wait, did Leah just blush? I stood there with my mouth hanging wide open until she looked back at me. “Uh…” I felt so stupid. “I wanted to say that I’m sorry too. You had
~ 55 ~

every right to go off how you did, and I do get everything I want. I’m sorry.” Leah smiled and reached her right hand out for me to shake. “Let’s call it even.” I shook her hand awkwardly. I don’t know, maybe imprinting brings out the best in ware wolves. I never thought there would be a day where Leah would actually apologize, to me. Wait, scratch that, I never thought it would be a day where Leah would blush. I shuddered at the memory. Leah had already started back to the house and disliking each other to awkwardness. When I got into the house Nessie was being pushed down the staircase by Alice. “Ugh Alice,” she whined. “Oh you look beautiful, just suck it up.” Renesmee had pink skirt on with a white shirt that says ‘Princess’ in light pink letters — a crown over the word. She had seven silver bangles on her right wrist and an oversized ruby ring on her left hand. She wore white flats with pink sparkles on them and her hair was pulled back in a casual curly ponytail — Nessie never had her hair in a ponytail. “Really, what did you do with my Converse?” Alice rolled her eyes. “Are you guys leaving again to discuss wedding plans,” I asked. “Yeah,” Alice said. “I think I’ll go too.” Edward got up to come with me but I declined. “Oh Edward, you just stay here.” Edward sat back down confused. “I’ll be back,” I promised. Did Edward honestly forget the date? Today is June 18th. His birthday is in two days!
~ 56 ~

I followed —

allowing some distance in between us. Our relationship just moved from

I called Alice when I got far on the road, so no one could hear me talking. “Alice is Edward planning on coming to Charlie’s later?” I asked. “No, but he is debating.” “Well call me if he decides to come. Did he really forget?” “Yes,” Alice laughed. “He always forgets his birthday.” “Thanks so much Alice. I know Edward will love this.” “Don’t thank me, thank Esme.” “I will.” I hung up the phone. It would be a long drive to Port Angeles Airport, especially in a car. I thought about ditching the car here and running the rest of the way. I was bouncing in the car seat. To help lower me anxiety I turned put in a CD and listened to my lullaby but that only made me more exited. I quickly turned off the CD played and listened to the radio. A rock song flowed in the car, I recognized the song was from Renesmee’s favorite band — Paramore. I listened to the lyrics. “How did we get here? I used to know you so well,” is what I heard the lead singer sing. I realized I really liked the song. After a while I began to sing along. I got to the airport before I knew it and I nearly ran at an inhuman speed to get into the place, but when I got there the line was unbelievably long. Ugh. The rate that it was going now I could have went on a mini hunting trip. I had to wait for forty long minutes until I finally got to the person behind the counter. “Hello, welcome to Port Angeles Airport how may I help you.” The man in his twenties looked up at me from writing something on a note. When he looked up he froze. He had short mahogany hair and a shaved beard. His eyes were a beautiful light green. He smiled at me. I smiled back
~ 57 ~

impatiently. “Hi, I would like two one way tickets to Houston, Texas for tomorrow morning at nine, please.” “ID please,” he said. I gave it to him and waited for him to put the information into the computer, it seemed like it took forever. I began to tap my foot impatiently. “I need you to sign here, here and here.” He gave me some paper work. I scribbled my name quickly but not too fast and pushed it to him. “So do you like to travel, because I love to travel.” I sighed impatiently and put both my hands on the counter — flashing my wedding ring. The man grimaced. “Look,” I glanced at his name tag, “Cory, I’m flattered, really but I’m sure all those people behind me won’t like that you are trying to make small talk with me when they have been waiting a long time. Now, I suggest that you hurry up and give me my tickets.” I flashed my bright, venom coated teeth. “And I mean now.” The man looked scared for a second and his eyes widened, but he handed me my tickets. “Thank you.” I said as I took it from his unsteady hands. I pulled out my phone as I walked back to my car and called Esme. “Hello,” she said. “Hi Esme I wanted to thank you for inviting us back to Isle Esme. I know Edward will love it,” I said. “Oh you are definitely welcome,” she said. “If anything happens with the Volturi just call us and we‘ll be back on the plane,” I said “Ok darling. Have fun.”
~ 58 ~

“Thanks again,” I said. I got into the car and took a deep breath. “I hope they don’t come,” I said to myself, then I started the car and drove to Charlie’s.

~ 59 ~

4. Jane

I found myself bored as I sat there watching Alice, Nessie and Leah talk over wedding plans with Sue. We were in the kitchen while Charlie and Billy watched a baseball game in the living room. There was hardly any room in the small kitchen. “Okay, since we have that covered, we might as well choose the colors,” Alice said. Sue thought about that for a second. “I never really thought of the colors. I guess any color is fine with me, I don’t really have a favorite color.” Sue said. “That just makes it more fun for me!” Alice said clapping her hands together. “Oh lets do green and black,” Renesmee said. I looked over to Jacob as he began to shake from laughter. Alice shook her head and looked at Nessie. “Green and black are not wedding colors Nessie,” she said. “They could be,” Nessie mumbled. I rolled my eyes. “How about pink and white,” Leah said. “Perfect,” Nahuel said staring at Leah dreamily. I just don’t understand how you could fall in love with someone so
~ 60 ~

quickly. You don’t know anything about that person, you never talked to that person, you just looked him or her in the eyes and suddenly fall in love. They have it so easy. I had to fall in love the hard way, though I don’t regret falling in love that way. I got to actually know Edward, and the process was hard but beautiful. I’m so lucky. What if I wanted to be selfish and stayed with my mother? What if I never moved to Forks? One small decision directed my fate into something so undeserving and amazing. I wonder what I would be doing right now if I never met Edward. A life without Edward. Chills slithered down my spine. I couldn’t even allow myself to imagine that for one second. I would probably living a normal life without him but if I had him and he was taken away from me forever, I would probably die. I wouldn’t live, just like I wasn’t living when he left. I was lifeless. Me without an Edward is like a TV without a screen — completely useless. “Pink and white!” “No, green and white!” Leah and Nessie were arguing back and forth about which colors should be at the wedding. “Fine, lets take a vote,” Nessie said. “For those of you who would like the colors to be pink and white raise your hand.” Leah said. Alice and Nahuel raised their hands. “For those of you would want green and white raise your hand.” Nessie said. Only Jacob raised his hand. “Sue?” Nessie asked. “I’m not voting,” she said. “But it’s your wedding.” Sue didn’t say anything and Nessie looked at
~ 61 ~

me. “Mom?” “I think I’ll get going,” I sighed. “I’ll see you soon Sue,” I said as I walked out the kitchen. I waved Charlie and Billy goodbye but they probably didn’t notice because they were really into the game. I closed my eyes as I shut the door behind me. “Love,” a sweet velvety voice said. My eyes flashed open. “Gosh Edward, you scared me.” I said. He smiled my favorite crooked smile. “How was the visit?” He asked. I sighed. “Uh, I don’t know…” I said. I sighed again. Edward laughed. “Did they decide the date yet or are they still arguing about that too?” “Well, they decided it should be on a Friday.” We laughed together and started towards the car. Surprisingly Edward drove slowly. I turned on the radio and searched through the stations for a song. I stopped when I heard Paramore’s Decode song. Edward looked at me and raised his left eyebrow. I shrugged my shoulders, leaned back and closed my eyes as I listened to the lyrics. When we were almost home and about to pull onto the driveway Edward eyes grew big and his mouth dropped. “What…” I was about to ask when his shushed me. I listened hard but heard nothing important, he must be hearing someone’s thoughts. Then suddenly he opened the door and pulled me out with him. Before I could comprehend what was happening we were running. The car not anywhere in sight. “What the hell?” I asked. Edward threw me on his back and ran in full speed. We shot like
~ 62 ~

bullet through the wet, green forest. “EDWARD!” I yelled, only to be shushed again. In thirty seconds we stopped suddenly, Edward put me down lightly and turned around slowly. I turned around to see nothing. Then suddenly Edward was on the floor squirming in pain. The gestures he was making looked so familiar. I remembered back in my dim human memories when we were in Italy and… Jane! I wrapped my shield around Edward quickly. The squirming stopped but he curled up into a tight ball and continued to breathe heavily. My eyes grew wide when I saw Jane appear behind a large blossomed rose berry bush. She wore no robe, but a small leather skirt and a brown long sleeved sweater. Her black leather boots reached to her knees. A large evil smile spread across her face as she walked toward Edward who was still lying on the ground wound tight up into a ball. “Hello Bella, long time no see.” Her high voice left a high pitch ring in my ears and my name sounded like acid on her tongue. She stopped directly in front of him. I clenched my jaw tightly. “What do you want Jane. What are you doing here?” Jane started slowly towards me. I crouched into my hunting pose. She stopped and leaned her head to the left. Her long blonde hair hung straight and flowingly over her shoulders. “Oh Bella, you are so weak, and you aren’t going to win.” A rough snarl slithered through my throat. “What. Do. You. Want,” I said. The words came out slow and divided — like each word was a new sentence.
~ 63 ~

Edward got up, his breathing still heavy. “You’re stronger,” he said. “Yes, aren’t I?” Jane said smugly. She looked away from Edward and back to me. “Much stronger,” she said. “But… it couldn’t be possible,” Edward said. I looked at him, confused by his words. “Oh, its possible.” “What’s possible?” I asked, I started to get impatient. “You see Bella, there is something that your precious little Alice missed.” Jane stepped toward Edward and ran her fingers across his back. It seemed like Edward couldn’t move. I could think of only one reason for his stillness — Vamir. The name that came up when Alice was talking to us about the new trained vampires that is now apart of the Volturi. Vamir has the ability to freeze people in their tracks. I looked around but I sensed no one. I couldn’t see, smell, or hear him. How odd. She smiled showing her sharp teeth — an evil smile. “Well, we have Michael. He has the ability to weaken and strengthen powers. Your weak little shield won’t be able to save you this time Bella.” How dare she! I crouched in my hunting pose, getting ready to spring at any time. Jane looked at me for a second, then unexpectedly loud laughter burst though her small, pink lips. She threw back her head in the guffaw she was in, as if she had seen something so hilarious. Was she laughing at me? My eyes widened and my nostrils flared. That was the last straw, I jumped towards her like a large black anaconda. I knocked her to the ground effortlessly in my tackle. But she had an advantage. I felt my shield weaken, and then disappear completely. Suddenly a rush of pain sprang throughout my whole body. It felt like millions of small needles were forced deeply into my marble skin. I
~ 64 ~

squirmed at grimaced at the pain. “Stop,” I heard Edward yell. Then it stopped. I had experienced this for less than a second, yet I lay there, gasping and breathing deeply. So this is what Edward experienced. He went through this pain many times before. Jane bent down to look me closely in the eyes and pushed her flat hair behind her ear. “Oh, Bella, it was nice seeing you again. I just had so much fun. Oh, and don’t worry, you’ll see me again. Next time, I hope your prepared, that way it will be a little more fun destroying you.” In a flash she was gone with no trail left behind. I got up slowly, trying to keep my balance — clearly still experiencing the shock of all the pain I just felt. I grabbed Edwards hand and he held me. “Bella, I’m so sorry, I couldn’t move. Oh, Bella…” he whispered into my hair. “It’s okay, Edward. We just have to get to everyone as soon as possible.” A complete, impossible surprise. I can’t believe what just happened. Jane showed up — and the fact that she showed up isn’t what surprises me but the fact that she showed up without any warning, the fact she showed up without us knowing is what surprised me. It’s — just like Edward said — impossible. We ran quickly towards Charlie’s, not worrying about the Volvo. The run was quick and silent. Surely we were both thinking about what happened just moments ago. I got chills thinking about Jane’s unexpected attack. Hate suddenly overflowed my body. I want to crush her, into a million pieces — I’ll make sure I do that before I leave this earth. That’s a promise to myself. When we got in front of Charlie’s house everyone was standing outside. The whole wolf pack, all the Cullen’s, Nahuel and Joham. I’m
~ 65 ~

guessing Charlie was still watching the game. Sue was probably in the house too. When we stopped in front of the big crowd Alice ran towards me and gave me a hug. “Bella,” she breathed, “What happened?” I pulled away and looked her in the eyes confused by her question. If she didn’t know what happened then why was everyone here? “You honestly don’t know?” My tone came out sour — something not intended. “I just had a vision of you and Edward on your way back. I could sense something bad happened. I could sense something was wrong. I just don’t know what.” I could only stare at her — my eyebrows creased in concern. What was happening with her visions? I’m sure she would have saw me and Edward in trouble, but she didn’t, how? “I think we should discuss this more privately,” Edward said. Alice looked at him — her expression plain scared — and nodded. When we got to the house I held the door open while everyone shuffled in. I closed the door and followed everyone into the living room. I was still angry, but before, I wasn’t as angry as I should have been and some of that anger took over my calmness now. I clenched me teeth and swallowed. “You all should know that on our way home, Edward and I were attacked by…,” my mouth wouldn’t allow her name to come out. “Jane,” Edward finished for me. I studied the faces looking at me and Edward. Alice and Renesmee looked afraid, the rest of the expressions were astonishment and disbelief. “There is something that you missed, Alice, when you were looking
~ 66 ~

into our future,” Edward started. “What?” Alice said. She shook her head. “There’s someone else. His name is Michael, and he benefits them well.” “That’s impossible,” Jasper said clutching Alice’s hand in his. “No, it’s quite possible,” Edward said, “He has the ability to weaken and strengthen other’s powers. Jane was quite strong when she attacked me.” “No,” Alice said shaking her head, “I would have seen this coming.” She started to breath heavily. She was about to blow. “Alice it’s okay. Michael weakened my shield, actually he made is disappear completely. For all we know Michael could have weakened your visions,” I said. “NO!” Alice yelled. “This can’t be happening, it just can’t. I thought my visions were stronger. I thought I could see easily around Jacob and Renesmee.” “Well, he can only weaken or strengthen powers when he’s in range, and he can only weaken or strengthen powers one at a time.” I looked at Edward and my brows creased in concern. “So when Jane attacked me, she wasn’t as strong as she was when she attacked you?” I asked. Edward shook his head. All that pain I felt, all that agony and needles weren’t nearly as bad as it was when Edward was attacked. I shook my head. I couldn’t even dare to imagine how that must have felt for Edward. I shook my head again. “So when I was looking into the future before, I just completely missed a person?” Alice asked. Her voice had a hard edge to it that I never heard before. Edward sighed, but didn’t answer. Alice nodded and looked at her feet. I could only imagine how she must feel. Weak, we relied on her
~ 67 ~

visions so much and now she must feel like they aren’t even compatible. I rubbed her arm sympathetically. “It’s okay Alice. Everything will be just fine.” But then I flinched at my own words. How could I say something like that? How do I know if everything is going to be fine. For all I know, Jane could come back tomorrow with an army of vampires that has abilities and attack us all. For all I know the Volturi can have a surprise visit with only one reason to visit at all — to destroy us. To destroy the Cullen’s, to destroy everything that I worked so hard to get, to destroy my family. To destroy my happily ever after. The thing I just can’t seem to understand is why. Why? Why would they do this? Why would they even try to destroy us? Do they hate that badly to see us happy? Are they intimidated by our big — and still growing — family? Or are they jealous? Do they wish that everyone in their family was part of their family not because of fear but because of love? There are so many questions, but I don’t think any of them is the answer. I think they are just evil souls with heavy hearts and when they see a too-large amount of happiness — it is their duty to crush it. They don’t care about anyone. The only three people that cares a donkey’s tale about anyone is the three brothers — Aro, Caius and Marcus, and they care about no one but each other. They probably don’t even care for each other. They don’t know what love is, and they will forever be locked up in their cold little world. Their world of not respect, but fear. My hand fell from Alice’s arm flatly at my side. I sighed. So much for Edward’s birthday. We can’t leave at a time like this. I clenched my teeth and my nostrils flared open from true disappointment. I was really looking forward to that trip to Isle Esme. I guess it’ll just have to wait.
~ 68 ~

My mind traveled back to my human memories of us on that island. I remembered random things that flowed in my mind like snorkeling, feathers, and fried chicken. Then I remembered our first night. Me sitting there on the bathroom floor wrapped in a towel, confused about what to do next. I remember walking into the night to see Edward staring at the moon — the water stopping at his waist. I remember joining him, leaving my towel behind on the sand. I remember how his skin looked in the moonlight, and although my memories were blurry he still looked unbelievingly beautiful. I sighed. Oh how I miss that island. “The bad thing is, Jane is coming back. We wont know when, or how many people she is going to bring. She could come back tomorrow, or in a month. So we can only do one thing — prepare.” “No. I think you and Bella have a plane to catch,” Alice said. I looked at her and shook my head. What is she thinking? We can’t leave now, now when the family needs us most. “Don’t worry about it Bella. Let us handle it. You and Edward need a break. Edward’s birthday would be horrible if we had to sit up and worry about Jane or the Volturi.” I looked at Edward and he looked just as perplexed as me. I bit my bottom lip and shook my head. “I can’t, I can’t leave in your time of need.” “No Bella. You’re going, whether you like it or not.” “Want to bet,” I asked.




~ 69 ~

On the plane ride to Houston I thought about all the crazy things that happened this past week. Renesmee sneaking out, Joham coming, The Volturi, Jane coming, Alice’s visions. I shook my head. “Is there something wrong, love?” I looked at Edward — who sitting to my left — and reached around him to close the window. “I just know Alice would have saw Michael. I mean, how could she miss a whole person? It’s just not like her. I know she would have seen Michael, I can’t explain it but… I just have a feeling. Do you think there is something we don’t know?” Edward grabbed the back of my left hand and rubbed is sympathetically. “Yes, I do.” I sighed. “Edward, I promise to stop thinking about this. I want you to have a good birthday. I’m going to stop bugging you with my worries. I love you. I’m sorry.” “It’s okay, Bella. You have every reason to be worried.” I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes as if I were falling asleep. I let my imagination take over my worries. Before I knew it we were getting off the plane in Houston, and soon after that, I was standing in front of the beautifully missed beach house. I admired the house as Edward gathered our luggage off the boat. “It’s beautiful.” Edward said. “Oh…,” was all I managed to get out. The house looked just as I remembered. It was beautifully sitting there keeping all our memories perfectly. I stood there for a while staring at the
~ 70 ~

amazing place, lost in its perfection. Edward lifted me effortlessly off my feet — interrupting my admiration — and carried me to the bed where I once was when I was human. Edward started to kiss my neck quickly. “I love you,” he said in between hungry kisses. “This is the best birthday present ever.” I laughed as I looked around at the familiar room. I pulled away my shield and a million different memories of our honeymoon flowed in my head. Edward stopped kissing me and looked at me deeply in the eyes. I was remembering my first time with him, in this same room, on this same bed. He immediately kissed me and my shield snapped back unintentionally. I laughed as we started new memories.

~ 71 ~

5. Leah

I’m glad Edward and Bella left. Especially since I don’t have to worry about calling them mom or dad anymore, and I get to see Jacob. But it seems like Alice was reading my mind because as soon as I was about to step foot out of the house she said, “Just because your parents are gone doesn’t mean you can sneak out to see Jacob.” Ugh! I sighed as I stepped back into the house and closed the door behind me. I know I’ll never do anything as stupid as sneaking out in the middle of the night again, especially with Alice’s visions and Edward’s mind reading. The last thing I need is to be on punishment. It’s like prison. I went to the kitchen to grab a granola bar and sprinted to my room. I needed to catch up with my poetry anyway. I looked around the room filled with books and Paramore posters. I stumbled through all pink clothes thrown on the floor from this morning and made my way to my closet. As I reached for my poetry book — sitting on top of music CD’s and Edward’s journals — I saw a shirt hanging in the back of my closet. There was nothing special about it, though it caught my eye. It’s pink — like all the rest of the clothes Alice bought me — and glittered sparkled

~ 72 ~

all over it, but I found it pretty. I sat there for a while admiring the shirt. I thought of all the shoes and pretty skirts that could go with it… Wait, what the hell am I thinking? It’s me for heaven’s sake! I have the fashion sense of a monkey, and I’m okay with that! What was Alice doing… brainwashing me? I shook my head as if trying to let go of all my previous thoughts and continued to grab my poetry book. I blew the dust off the cover, wow, it must have been longer than I thought. As I stumbled my way back to my bed — nearly tripping three times over various pairs of shoes — I remembered a poem I was once inspired by. It’s from one of my favorite poets: Robert Frost. Nature’s first green is gold Her hardest hue to hold Her early leaf’s a flower But only so an hour Then leaf subsides to leaf So Eden sank to grief So dawn goes down to day Nothing gold can stay I remember I read that poem from one of my favorite books — The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton. It’s called Nothing Gold Can Stay. That poem is the reason I write today. It took me a while to understand it. It could mean so many different things… but I think it talks about youth. I think it says that you should enjoy your youth and beauty while you can because everyday you get older; everyday you get closer to death. Nothing gold can stay,

~ 73 ~

meaning soon you’re going to be old and wrinkly with arthritis and using one of those things that old people walk with to keep them from falling over. I chuckled to myself — Robert Frost has no idea. Some people are truly lucky and can keep their youth and beauty forever. I jumped on my bed — eager to write — and opened my poem book. I turned to the last poem I wrote and read it — something I always do before writing a new poem. You take her hand Without the slightest idea Of the electric shock she just experienced You hug her Without the slightest idea Of pain she know she’s going to feel When you pull away You whisper “I love you” Without the slightest idea Of her longing For you to say those same words With a different meaning You know nothing Of her true feelings for you You haven’t the slightest idea I read that and thought about Jacob. He is the inspiration behind this poem. I know he imprinted on me, but I still don’t feel like he feels the same

~ 74 ~

way for me as I feel for him. I think I really like Jacob, a lot. Maybe even love. But my parents would never want to hear it. Edward probably already heard me think about it now and then — he probably already told Bella — but I just don’t think they would want to hear me say it. Plus, if I ever told Bella she would just go on and on about how I’ve only been living for four years and how I may seem like a teenager but I’m not technically a teenager and all this crap. I opened my granola bar and started to nibble on the edge. I turned to a blank page, got my pen ready and waited for the words deep in my heart to flow on the white page. I waited. I waited some more… Nothing happened. Usually it didn’t take that much for me to write a decent poem. I never really had to think about what I had to write, it just came naturally. But here I am, stuck. Maybe a little music can get me started. I reached on my desk sitting to the right of my bed and got my iPod Touch — a birthday present from my favorite aunt: Rosalie. I chose to listen my favorite band (awesome Paramore) and picked a random song. The song Misery Business flowed through the headphones. I focused on the lyrics. I'm in the business of misery Lets take it from the top She’s got a body like an hour glass It’s ticking like a clock

~ 75 ~

It’s a matter of time before we all run out When I thought he was mine She cut him by the mouth I waited eight long months She finally set him free I told him I can’t lie He was the only one for me I thought about that for a moment. I told him I can’t lie, he was the only one for me. I paused the song and began to write. When you ask me, “What are you thinking?” I always stumble on my words Because I’m scared to tell you the truth I hesitate and stutter, a lie is what I mutter When really I’m thinking of you My desire to tell you the way that I feel Is bundled up deep inside And soon it’s going to overflow And the truth will no longer hide So beware the next time you ask that question For I may just jump up and shout, “I’m in love with you, Jacob Black You’re all I think about!”

~ 76 ~

Another Jacob inspired poem. Most of the poems in here are about Jacob, yet this if the first time I actually wrote his name. Suddenly I heard three quick knocks on the door. “Nessie, we’re about to leave to Charlie’s.” “Okay,” I yelled, and I got up quickly and ran to my closet to put up my poem book because I was excited to see Jacob. I closed the door behind me quietly and began down the stairs. When I got outside Alice was waiting on me to get inside her fast yellow car — I forget the name of it. I climbed in the back of the car behind Jasper in the drivers sear. “Where’s Leah and Nahuel,” I asked curiously. “Leah is already there and Nahuel is saying goodbye to Joham,” Alice answered. “Really, why is he leaving?” “He feels like he needs to confront the… Volturi,” everyone has a hard time saying their name, “about his situation.” “Oh,” was all I said. ‘Oh,’ was all I had to say. Him and Nahuel are saying their last goodbye’s because there is no telling if he’s coming back. There’s no telling if Nahuel is ever going to see his father again. Joham wanted by the Volturi, and that definitely is not a good thing. I feel sorry for him. Maybe I’m wrong though. Maybe Nahuel doesn’t care. I remember when I was little he told the Volturi to do whatever it is they wanted to his father. I saw the way he acted towards Joham when he met him again. Maybe he wants the Volturi to take care of him. I don’t want the Volturi to do anything. The Volturi thinks they are boss just because they have a lot of vampires and was around for a long

~ 77 ~

time. Those evil bastards tried to kill me. Screw the Volturi. That’s how I feel about them. I hope one day they get what they deserve. I can’t wait for them to come so I can smash their faces in. I hate the Volturi with a passion. They are trying to destroy my family. I’m not going to let it happen. When Jasper pulled into Charlie's driveway I could sense something. As soon as the car stopped I got out and ran to the door. Once I got into the house, I took a deep breath. Where is the smell of ware wolves? “Where's Jacob,” I asked. “We still have to follow your mother's rules. She doesn't want you seeing him at all when she's not here,” Jasper said as he got out of the car. “UGH! Why is she being such a... a... BITCH!? She used to sneak a freaking vampire into her bedroom at night without Charlie's permission! I can't even see someone that imprinted in me? Is she freaking serious?” I slammed the car door and stomped to the house. I was never the type of girl that would throw a fit, but I guess I just cracked. I can't believe she's treating me like such a baby. I'm not going to go off and have sex and have little vampire babies! Gah! I sat there for a while watching boring baseball on the TV, no one bothered to ask me what was wrong. No one noticed. No one ever notices. Every time I think something is important everyone just shugs and turn their head. Like I'm some kid, like what I have to say isn't important. Leah entered the living room through the front door. Tears in her

~ 78 ~

human eyes. Her hair was windblown. She must have just gotten here. “What's wrong,” I asked. Suddenly she collapsed on the floor, now in full sob-mode. “Leah,” she's scaring me. Suddenly Alice came in from the kitchen. Her eyes wide, she looked like she just saw something absolutely horrible. Then she looked at Leah. “I'm guessing... you... already... know,” she cried out between loud sobs. Her face was red and her stomach might has well have been vibrating as fast as a cell phone would. Alice bent down to help Leah up. “Whats wrong,” I asked again. Did no one hear me? “Where's Nahuel?” “Renesmee, please just be quiet for a second can you? Please, trust me... you'll find out.” Alice said. I decided to do what I was told, the last thing I want to be is a bratty teenager. Although, I have kinda been acting just like one lately. I don't know what the heck is wrong with me. I never act like this. But, as Carlisle said, I will go through the fazes of life quicker than natural. Much quicker. I guess I hit the point of a teenager. Soon, before anyone knows it, I'll hit full maturity and be grown. Whoa. Charlie came into the living room from where he Alice, and Sue were going over wedding plans. Jasper never really added input on anything, he just sat there next to Alice, listening, observing. “What's wrong?” he asked. “Is everything okay in here?” I decided to help Alice (although I'm sure she didn't need any) put Leah on the couch. After about five minutes Leah's crying softened, and

~ 79 ~

soon hit an abrupt stop. Although everyone was gathered in the living room watching her ― Jasper, Alice, Seth (I have no idea when he got here) Charlie, Sue, and me of course ― no one moved or said a word. Finally she spit it out. She said the one thing that I never would have guessed in my wildest dreams could happen in a gazillion years. She said the impossible. “I'm pregnant.”

~ 80 ~

6. The Truth

The words came out fumbled and had a vehement sound to it. “I'm pregnant,” she said. No one moved. Everyone just stared into blankness, like they heard nothing. It's like time just froze, and along with the frozen time was everyone else. After an immeasurable amount of time I heard a car pull up to the driveway, two car doors opening, two set of feet hitting the ground, the car doors slamming shut, the clack of heels, and barely able to hear, the sound of gym shoes hitting the ground with every step. But I could make out the exact movements. BOOM... BOOM... BOOM... BOOM. It almost seemed like it was in slow motion. The footsteps, became louder and louder as they got closer to the door. Then suddenly the front door swung open. “What sup everyone?” Emmett said in his loud obnoxious voice. Time started back up again. All at the same time, Leah started crying again, Alice tried to sooth her with her high wind-chime voice, “It's okay,” she said repeatedly, rubbing

~ 81 ~

her arm. Sue started pacing the floor, mumbling to herself. “It's impossible.” And Charlie just stayed where he was, but now shaking his head slightly. Seth had completely disappeared, like him being here in the first place was an illusion. Maybe it was. Rosalie looked around the room, studying all of our faces. I think she might have guessed the news because her golden eyes suddenly grew wide and she shook her head. Emmett on the other hand didn't notice a thing. It's like he's completely immune to feeling tenseness in the air. His eyebrows pulled together for a second and he looked at Rosalie, she didn't notice him, she just continued to shake her head, staring straight at Leah, who was bawling on the couch. I have only one word to describe this scene: chaos. About an hour later after everything cooled down. Leah began to get questioned, by everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. I'm surprised we could all fit into this small living room, but we managed. “How is this possible,” Charlie asked. “You met him only days ago!” Sue yelled furiously. “When did you find out,” asked Quil. “I cant believe this,” Rosalie commented. “Does Nahuel know?” Emily ― who I'm surprised even showed up ― asked caringly. “MAYBE WE SHOULD TAKE THIS SOMEWHERE ELSE WHERE WE AREN'T ALL SQUISHED!” Emmett yelled over all the chaos.

~ 82 ~

The tiny living room was packed. Alice helped Leah get outside, I can't even count how many bodies we had to push through. When we got to an actual room where we could fit, Leah sat down and explained everything. She said how they talked about getting married, and how they used protection and only did it once, not thinking anything about any severe consequences. “I'm sorry,” she whispered weakly, slouching over and looking at her lap. I watched as a tear slid slowly down her cheek and fell into her lap, staining a dark spot on her jeans. She sniffed and looked at Sue, who wasn't looking back. “I'm sorry mom. I really didn't mean to...” “Leah, I don't want to hear it. I can't believe you,” she said, interrupting her apology. Leah looked back down at her suddenly fragile hands in her lap. She sniffed. “This child,” Carlisle began pacing on the floor slowly, “Is going to be half human, a quarter vampire and a quarter wolf.” Carlisle stopped and looked down at Leah sitting there so vulnerably. “It's impossible, it just cant be.” Billy and Charlie decided to stay home, a football game was on but I don't think that is the only reason, I bet they just wanted to avoid this awkward situation. But here was everyone I've ever known, besides Bella and Edward. I suddenly realized that everyone knew the truth, except Charlie. I'm surprised he didn't figure it out yet. “How long was Bella pregnant before she had Nessie?” Alice asked. “One month,” Carlisle answered. “Wait,” Emily said, “Ware-wolves aren't ware-wolves until they reach

~ 83 ~

a certain maturity. Leah's baby can't be born wolf, only human.” “Your right,” Carlisle said. “Exactly, so this may be just like the case with Bella.” “What about shape shifting?” Seth said. “Will she be able to change while she's pregnant?” “But I did today,” Leah said. “Yeah but it's so early in the pregnancy. I'm talkin' in two weeks.” “Lets hope not.” Carlisle said. “We should not try, something could happen to the baby.” I sighed and sat down. I wondered why everyone decided to join us in this Vampire house, Leah must mean more to everyone then what they make it seem. I can understand why, despite her being nag-like all the time, she's my best friend and really pretty too. I just wonder why her and Nahuel had to... give it up so quickly. They just met each other, it doesn't make sense. Maybe this was meant to happen. “This is just another reason to provoke the Volturi into coming here and bothering us,” I muttered. “Your right,” Jacob agreed. I looked at Rosalie who crossed her arms impatiently, “Who are you people?” She asked. “I barely know half of you.” “I agree,” Emily said. “But if they are family then so am I.” Rosalie snorted. “When Bella came she dragged the whole Washington state with her,” she said. “Rosalie,” Esme said in disapproval. “She's absolutely right,” Emily agreed. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

~ 84 ~

“It's Charlie,” Alice said, she sighed and began to look stressed. Emmett answered the door to see Charlie, who stepped inside pushing Billy. Once he got inside Charlie looked at me, but his features didn't brighten, he looked determined. “Okay he said as he walked into the living room, I know there is something that you all are keeping from me, and I am tired of pretending I'm not suspicious. I want to know the truth.” Rosalie crossed her arms over her chest. “Another reason to provoke the Volturi,” I said. “They just keep coming.” Charlie looked at me. “The Volturi?” he asked. “Look,” Emmett said, “There's really nothing for you to worry about―” “Then explain to me how Nessie is four years old but looks like she's fifteen. Explain to me why she's looking more and more like her mother everyday, but she's supposed to be adopted. Explain to me how none of you Cullen's seem to age. Explain to me how Edward is suppose to be twentythree years old but still looks seventeen. Explain to me―” “Okay!” I said. Alice looked at me, her eyes widened. “Don't,” Rosalie said. I looked at both of my aunts and shook my head. “It's time for him to know. It's not fair that he is the only one that is left out.” “It doesn't matter if he's left out!” Rosalie yelled. “If you tell him the Volturi will try to kill us all!” Emmett rubbed Rosalie's arms sympathetically. She was breathing

~ 85 ~

heavily. “I don't have to tell him.” I said. “It's against the rules to tell a human to truth about us, right? They never said anything about letting them guess.” I turned around and looked at my confused grandfather. “Human?” he asked. “Renesmee,” Rosalie said. “Isn't this just how Bella found out? The only difference is she did her research.” I said. “She's right,” Carlisle said. I looked at Carlisle, grateful for him to agree with me. “Okay.” I said a I looked at Charlie. “Have you ever read about mythical creatures?” I asked. Charlie just looked at me. “And you know how Jacob is a wolf?” Charlie nodded his head, waiting. “Well, what are ware-wolves worse enemy?” I asked. “Think about it.” Charlie squinted his eyes in deep thought. “I don't know,” he finally said. I shook my head and sighed, already frustrated with his ignorance. Rosalie shook her head. “Renesmee the Volturi will never let us get away with this. You giving him hints to guess is practically telling him.” I ignored this, although I knew it was true. “Okay you know that scary movie that just came out called Night Break? You've had to have saw trailers, as much as you watch TV.” At this Charlie nodded his head. “What are the things that are going around at night killing everyone?” “Vampires.” Charlie said. I smiled. “Okay. What about 'em?” he

~ 86 ~

asked. When I didn't say anything Charlie's eyes grew wide and his mouth dropped. “Are you telling me that you all are... vampires?” “I didn't tell you anything.” I said. “Well, truthfully, I'm not surprised. If Jake can be a wolf then you all can be vampires. This sure does answer a lot of questions, but I have one more. Who the hell is the Volturi?” I was surprised that he didn't freak out, or show any sign of fear. I guess it doesn't matter. We've never hurt him before so why would we hurt him now? “The Volturi are a cult of Vampires who are very... ancient,” Carlisle explained. “They are the closest things to royalty we have, and they set rules for everyone to follow, they are already not happy with the Cullen's and you, another human finding out about us definitely will infuriate them.” “You say that like we're scared of those bastards,” Emmett said. “I want to help,” added Charlie. I looked at him and he glanced at me. “What are we waiting for? Let's get started, we gotta make a plan. I refuse to sit by and do nothing any longer while everyone is worrying their hair gray.” Emmett smiled. We may actually have a chance against that Volturi.

~ 87 ~

7. Talk

We were careful when making our plan ― which was in full swing. We knew that Zahamitt could be watching us at any second. Alice was on full vision duty. She could tell when Zahamitt would be watching us as soon as he made the decision. It was rather easy, making a plan. We just have to do one thing though, we can not tell Edward, and we have to be sure to control our thoughts when they decide to come back. But until then everything was cool! Charlie had a lot of questions to ask. “So you're telling me you're vampires that don't drink human blood.” “Exactly,” Carlisle answered. “Thank God, I wouldn't want to have to have you all to jail.” Everyone was quiet for a second. Charlie cleared his throat awkwardly. “Um... it was a joke.” Everyone laughed but I think Emmett was the only person who actually found it funny. “We hunt animals, their blood isn't as satisfying as human blood but we refuse to hurt them.” This came from Alice. Charlie looked at her like he was astonished, like he was surprised little Alice could be such a thing, that

~ 88 ~

she could hurt anything. “So, Edward and Bella are out at that same place their honeymoon was, right?” Charlie asked. “Yup,” I answered, happy about their leaving. Those two can sometimes be such party poopers. “And you all have immortality, so you never age?” “Yes,” Carlisle said. “If you don't mind me asking, how old is Edward?” “His birthday just passed, that makes him a hundred and fourteen years old,” I answered. Charlie's eyes widened. “What!” he yelled. To my surprise he began to laugh hysterically. He held his stomach and was laughing for about a straight minute before he could catch his breath, “I could accept forty or fifty years old but 114?” Charlie started to shake his head in a rant, his laughing subsided. “It's impossible, he looks so young. He's way older than me. My daughter married someone way older than me. Please tell me this isn't true.” “Well he was turned by Carlisle when he was seventeen, so that's the age he remained,” Alice said. Charlie looked at all the forever young faces staring back at him. “You all must be old too then.” “Well, Edward was the first to join Carlisle. Second came Esme, then Rosalie, Emmett, Me and Jasper and lastly Renesmee,” Alice answered. “But yes, overall we are old.” Charlie just sat there and shook his head. He said my name. I snapped my head up and looked at my grandfather, “Yes,” I said.

~ 89 ~

“Are you really Bella's daughter? Because that story Edward told me four years ago wouldn't make any sense now that I know everything.” “Yes.” I said. “That would explain the resemblance, and the scary aging. But she had you so fast, in a month or so, right?” “Yes, my mother was weak, frail and human. They had no idea she could get pregnant, you know with Edward being a vampire and all. I grew so fast in her stomach it was amazing she didn't die before she was in labor.” Charlie's eyebrows pulled together. “Die?” he asked. “Yes,” I answered, “Luckily Edward saved her with his own venom, just before she completely slipped away.” It's amazing when I think about what my mother did for me. She wanted me to live, despite how badly I hurt her. I killed her, and she still loves me; and this is how I repay her. I act like a rebellious, teenage brat all the time and don't even call her by what she truly is, my mother. She cares for me and do her best to protect me, the least I can do is be a bit more mature.” “So my Bells is a vampire too?” “Yes,” Carlisle said. The room was quiet as Charlie let this marinate. It's a lot to take in in one day. “And... Renesmee,” I looked at him, “you're my real granddaughter.” All I could do was shake my head. Everything was very awkward, but Charlie didn't have any comment about my mom being a vampire. I'm surprised he took all this in so coolly. I know if I found out that my daughter was a creature I didn’t even know existed and that her husband was older than me, by more than fifty years; I

~ 90 ~

would freak. So I’m proud of my grandfather. * * *

It was dark outside, and I was walking by the river when I heard something. “Pssst.” I turned my head quickly. Jacob was in the bushes. “What are you doing?” I asked. He motioned with his index finger for me to come over there. I turned around to the house, the lights were still on and I could see through the windows that Charlie and Carlisle were talking. I went over to Jacob. “Hey,” he said. I felt really stupid crouching down in a bush. “I feel really stupid,” he said, we were thinking the same thing. “Yeah well, I feel the same way, what’s up?” Jacob looked at his hands vulnerably. I couldn’t help but to notice how young he seemed. Yeah, everyone knows Jacob is a grown man, but crouching down in the bushes hiding from people, it didn’t make him seem that way. I couldn’t help but to chuckle at this. “What?” he said. “Nothing,” I said, trying to keep a straight face. Jacob only looked at me, his eyebrows pulled together. “It’s just that I feel really childish, and I know that I technically am still a child, since I’ve only been breathing technically for almost five years but, I still find crouching down in bushes a little funny.” Jacob laughed, it sounded to wonderfully care free. He licked his lips.

~ 91 ~

I couldn’t help but to stare at him, he is just so great. I cant believe I’m admitting this to myself but… I want to kiss him. Badly. “Yeah, lets get out of the bushes, just wait here a sec though.” he said. With that, he got up and started toward the house. “Jacob,” I called but he just turned around and shook his head no. I have no idea what that was suppose to mean but I just remained where I was, and waited. A couple of minutes later Jacob came back. “I talked to Esme,” he said. “She agreed with me that it’s best to let us talk, alone.” I tried to play innocent, although I already knew what he wanted to talk about. “About what?” I asked. “This,” he said. I just nodded my head. “Okay, lets talk.” Jacob sat down next to me. I stared at the rushing water, my feet were hanging on the edge of the river. Only a short while ago we were pushing each other into this river, joking around. It only took a short while for our whole relationship to change. I hope Jacob is going to say what I want him to say. “I talked to Edward and Bella.” I looked at him, studying his features. His sharp, tense jaw line and tan skin, his eyes were boring into mine; searching for something. For what? I don’t know.

~ 92 ~

“What did they say?” “To stay away from you.” I bit my lip and grimaced. “Really.” I said. “It’s not like they have trust issues or anything. They know I’d never let you get in harms way; but… in a way, that is why they want me to stay away from you. I mean, don’t get me wrong I could never let anything happen to you, Nessie.” My heart ached at the sound of my nickname he gave me. “I want to talk to you about me imprinting in you.” I don’t know what I was thinking, but something in me ached and my heart began to beat erratically. Before I knew it, I said something that I regretted as soon as it left my mouth. “Jacob I’m in love with you.” What happened next was a little blurry. I think I kissed him, but I’m sure it didn’t last long because he shoved me off of him. “Renesmee.” he said sternly, my breath caught. He hasn’t called me by my full name in such a long time. “You’re only a child.” he said. He opened his mouth to say something else but I couldn’t hear him, I was already gone. I didn’t bother going through the door, instead I got into my room by jumping through my wide opened window. I went straight to my closet and reached for my poetry book. When I was finished, my room floor was covered with ripped out papers, all the Jacob-inspired poetry now unable to be pieced back together

~ 93 ~

to read. I was sitting on my bed. I wiped my tears and looked at the one sheet that I couldn’t bring myself to rip up or throw away. I sat there and read it out loud. “When you ask me, ‘What are you thinking?’ I always stumble on my words Because I’m scared to tell you the truth I hesitate and stutter, a lie is what I mutter When really I’m thinking of you My desire to tell you the way that I feel Is bundled up deep inside And soon it’s going to overflow And the truth will no longer hide So beware the next time you ask that question For I may just jump up and shout, ‘I’m in love with you, Jacob Black You’re all I think about!’” I just sat there on my bed and cried my heart out. “You’re only a child.” he had said. Even thinking it over made my stomach ache. I wiped my tears, balled up the paper in my hand and pushed it under my pillow. There’s only one thing I can do: prove him wrong.

~ 94 ~

8. Taken

I woke up with a cranky attitude, since Alice didn’t give me my normal clothes back I just decided to throw on something I already had. I forgot what happened last night for a second but when I got out of bed and saw all those papers on the floor I remembered. Jacob doesn’t like me. He thinks I’m a child. I came home and ripped out all of my poetry. I cried. I cried. I cried some more. I fell asleep. How pathetic is that? I’m such a teenage brat. Why do I act this way? I hate this, I hate that I act like this and I hate the fact that I’m going to be at this stage for another year. I wish I was an adult. I wish I was an adult so people can pay more attention to me and I wish I was an adult so Jacob can love me. I got out of bed and took a shower. When I got out I walked into the kitchen so I could make myself something to eat but it was impossible because everyone was staring at me. “Is there something wrong? Why is everyone looking at me like that?”

~ 95 ~

Rosalie came over to me and handed me my poem, the last poem left about Jacob. I bit my lip in embarrassment and regretted not ripping it up like I did the rest. “I was worried about you,” Rosalie said. “So I finally went up to your room to check on you, you were sleep with this in your hands.” I snatched it from her. “You don’t have to worry about me!” I yelled. Rosalie didn’t change the expression on her face. “You telling me that doesn’t stop the fact that I am.” She said. I rolled my eyes. “Nessie—” she began. “Don’t call me that! That isn't my name.” “Okay,” she said, “Renesmee, Jacob told me about your talk last night.” How humiliating is this? Ugh. Tell the whole wide world Jacob. “You have to understand how he feels. You’ve only been in this world for four years,” Rosalie continued. “It’s closer to five than it is four.” I corrected. “We all care about you, we only ask for you to understand,” she said. I looked at my favorite aunt, and saw how her forehead was wrinkled in concern, her blonde hair pulled in a ponytail. I know she really cares about me and I realized how petty I was acting. Here I go again. When will this madness stop! Renesmee, you aren't going to prove to Jacob that you’re grown if you don’t act like it. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, “Rosalie, you are completely right. It has only been four years and I have to understand how Jacob must

~ 96 ~

feel.” Rosalie’s eyes grew wide. “I mean, its only fair. Just five years ago Jacob was all on my mom, right? It just wouldn’t be right for him to be all over me — her daughter — and five years haven't even past. I completely understand, and I will no longer expect anything than what is necessary.” To prove it, I ripped the poem in my hands into little shreds. No one knows that I have it memorized though. Rosalie stood there for a second, letting this marinate. “So,” I said. “Alice, do you mind going shopping with me today?” “Of course!” I thought about the electric shock I got when Jacob's lips touched mine for that brief second. I would kill to feel that again. I sighed as Alice jumped up and grabbed me by my arm. “I knew you would come around,” she said. Yea, I thought, you don't know why I came around though, do you? I will do whatever it takes to be the grown woman that Jake wants, and if that means being tortured to wear girly clothes and not throw a fit about it then I will do that. I'll do whatever it takes, because I think I really do love him. When the shopping trip was over I came home with five new outfits, some accessories and Jacob sitting on my bed in my bedroom. When I entered the room I was confused at first, doing a double take to make sure he was not a figment of my imagination and I wasn't going crazy because I think about him too much; but he was there, waiting for me to come back

~ 97 ~

home. I knew that when we saw each other it would be awkward. “What are you doing here?” I asked as I set my bags inside my closet; those clothes that I don't even want can wait for later. “Nessie, we need to talk.” I got a thrill when I heard that he went back to calling me my usual name. “Okay,” I said as I sat down next to him, “Shoot.” He got distracted by my horrible mess of a room. “What is all this?” he asked, gesturing to the ripped papers I have yet to clean up on the floor. “I don't think you came up here to talk about my room, Jake,” I said. He began to pick with his nails, he looked down vulnerably, it was then that I realized he was stalling. I sighed and stood up, “Look, since you are obviously to scared to bring it up then I will.” Jacob looked up at me standing in front of him. His hair was shorter than the last time I saw him, he looked so hot in his plain t-shirt — which showed off his beautiful built body — and khaki's. I took a deep breath, “Jake, I'm sorry I kissed you the other day, I just, ah... I just like you okay? I know its really weird and stuff but I promise I will respect your space.” I began pacing the floor slowly. A minute went by. “I talked to Bella and Edward.” Jacob finally said. I stopped moving and looked at Jacob. “Oh yeah, what did they say,” I asked. “They yelled at me. They told me that I should have just stayed away from you like they suggested. They told me that I broke your heart and a

~ 98 ~

whole bunch of other stuff.” The way Jake looked in the light, the way he stared at the ground as if he was not confident enough to look at me, it all seemed a little... off. I stood there for a while, thinking about how Jake suddenly seemed like a teenager. “Oh my goodness,” I whispered. Jacob looked at me. “You felt something when I kissed you, didn't you,” I said. Jacob nodded his head slightly. “But that doesn't make it right, you're still too young.” “I wish I wasn't,” I said. “Me too.” I slumped down sloppily next to him on my bed. “So what do we do?” I asked. “We wait.” Jacob answered easily, as if he thought about the question before. He glanced at my sparkly shirt, skinny-leg jeans, red flats and chuckled. “Wow, you look like the total opposite of your mom.” he said. I cringed at that, I didn't take it as a compliment. Jacob was in love with her less than five years ago. “Not that is doesn't look good,” he added, as if he knew what I was thinking. “Just as long as you don't turn into one of those girls who's whole life is resolved around the mall.” I laughed, “That'll happen when horses start to bark.” Jacob laughed. “Hey,” he said, “If you're locked inside a car and have nothing but a hammer, how will you escape?” “Easy,” I said, “unlock the door and get out.”

~ 99 ~

Jacob's smile wiped off of his face. “You were suppose to say 'Bust out the window and crawl through it' so I could laugh at you and tell you to just simply unlock the door and get out.” I threw my head back and laughed. “Too late, Emmett already got me with that one.” Jacob smiled and lightly elbowed me in my ribs. I'm glad — after me kissing him and him shoving me away — we're still friends, because if I can't be more than that to Jacob then our friendship is really important to me. As long as I have him as a friend, that should be enough. For now. All of a sudden Alice came barging in the room. “Family meeting, now!” she said. I jumped off of my bed, and ran down to the living room, Jacob right behind me. Everyone was already there, Alice was sitting down; speaking in hush tones. “They’re here?” Rosalie asked. “No, not all of them. I just saw him step off the plane; he’s on his way here now.” Alice answered. “Who?” “Zahamitt, the one who can see the present anywhere he wants too. Oh wait, he’s with someone. I can see them driving into our driveway.” “Who? Who’s with him?” Rosalie asked. “There’s four altogether; Zahamitt, Michael, Jane and Demetri.” “What the hell are they doing here?” Emmett said. “I don’t know, but they’re close.” Alice said.

~ 100 ~

“Renesmee, you and Esme stand back there,” Carlisle said, pointing to a wall. “Emmett and Jasper shall be in the front with me, everyone else take your stand; I don’t know what they want, but we should be ready for all possibilities.” I listened closely and heard a car slowly turn into our driveway. It took a while for it to climb deeper into the forest, picking up speed as it zipped through turns. Suddenly the phone rang and despite of what was happening, Carlisle asked me to go pick it up. I ran to the kitchen and answered it. “Hello,” Bella’s voice was panicked and uneven. “Mom,” I found myself saying, “What’s wrong?” But I didn’t get an answer; I was taken away before I could. First, I felt a blow to the head and then everything went black.

~ 101 ~

9. Figuration

When we reached Isle Esme I immediately felt a sudden peace. Edward and I were there for a couple of peaceful days, finally having time for just us. I worried about nothing when I was there, I didn’t worry about Jacob or Renesmee when I finished talking on the phone with Jacob. I remembered when he called me. “Bella,” he said when I answered the phone. “What?” I asked. I put the phone on speaker so Edward could hear more easily. We were hugged up in the living room on the couch; we decided to watch The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Though it was midday I still had on my very short pink, silk dress; it was what I had on the night before, I was surprised it even survived. “I need to talk to Nessie.” I sighed, “Why Jacob? You two aren’t allowed to see each other, you know that.” I grabbed the remote and pressed the pause button. We were at the balcony scene; it froze mid-line when Romeo was chanting about how he wanted to touch Juliet’s cheek. “I know but I think that she is starting to fall for me. I need to tell her
~ 102 ~

how I feel.” “And how do you feel?” This came from Edward. “Well I’m not in love with her if that’s what you’re asking; that’s what I need to tell her.” “Okay, I guess you are only trying to keep her from getting hurt in the long run.” I said. “So does that mean yes?” Jacob asked. “No,” I said. “Stay away from her,” Edward added. “Come on guys…” “Bye, bye Jacob. We’ll see you when we come back.” Then I hung up the phone. Jacob ended up getting permission to talk to Nessie from Esme, and since I trust Esme very well I didn’t object. I also didn’t worry about the Volturi; which is probably why I was so surprised when they came. We were only there for a couple of days. Edward and I were hunting and we were about a mile or so from the house — on our way back — when Edward stopped. “What?” I asked. “They’re here, waiting for us.” Edward said. That was all he needed to say, because as soon as those words left his mouth we ran away as fast as we could. We were on a plane in a matter of minutes. On the plane Edward held my hand tightly. “What do you know?” He looked at me.

~ 103 ~

“Five of them are already on their way to Forks. The rest plan to come as soon as they talk with us, I wonder when they will find out we aren’t coming.” “Wait, are they there? Does Carlisle know about this?” I asked frantically, I can’t let them take my family. “No, not yet, they just got on the plane. If we’re lucky we can make it there before them. And I don’t know, hopefully Alice saw it coming.” “Edward —” I began. He looked at me, his bronze hair windblown and his topaz eyes intense. “If something happens to me, I want you to take Renesmee and run,” he said. I shook my head, “No. I can’t leave you, I can’t leave my family.” “Bella, I need you to do this. Don’t worry about the others, they can handle this. I just… I couldn’t live if something happened to you.” “I feel the same way, which is why I’m not going to do it.” His eyes softened. “I really need you to do this Bella. Please.” I know I can’t say no, I know that I have to do this for Edward, the love of my life; so I nodded. “Promise me.” He said. “I promise.” “I love you, Bella; so much.” Edward said. “I love you too,” I whispered. Edward took my face in his hands and kissed me vehemently. I never wanted his lips to leave mine, but he pulled away and I tucked my head into his shoulder, staying like that for the rest of the plane ride. I want to enjoy the little alone time I have left with him.

~ 104 ~




When we got to the airport I immediately ran to a payphone and called the house. “Hello,” it was Renesmee’s voice. “Hello,” I said, feeling a lot of emotions all at once. I’m happy she’s okay, but I know members of the Volturi should be there any moment. Renesmee heard the panic in my voice. “Mom, what’s wrong?” she asked. Then suddenly she was gone. I heard a crash in the background and a couple of seconds later the line went dead. Oh no. I ran to Edward and jumped on his back. “What happened?” he asked, starting to run, not worrying about anyone seeing us. He knew why I jumped on his back, we have to get there as fast as possible and I’d only be holding us back, Edward runs much faster than I. Instead of telling him aloud, I simply pulled away my shield and let him read my mind. Edward immediately picked up pace, I think this is the fastest I’ve ever saw him run. “Shit,” he whispered. We reached the house in five odd minutes. When we pulled open the front door, I wasn't surprised to see a huge scene. The house was a wreck, there were holes in the walls and every piece of furniture was vandalized. I quickly absorbed everything that was happening.

~ 105 ~

Jane was being pushed up against a wall by Emmett, whose face showed a great amount of pain. She must be using her little stabbing power, but Emmett is so strong he’s enduring it. Jasper and Alice were ripping Demetri apart, limb by limb. Nahuel, Leah and Jacob were trying to fight off a man with long brown hair and a pale, angry face. He was strong and very well skilled; he’s most likely a new vampire. I didn’t see Carlisle, Rosalie, Renesmee, Esme or Volturi members number four and five. First Jane noticed Demetri being ripped apart — she screamed as if it was her own arm being torn from her shoulder violently — then she noticed Edward and me standing in the doorway. Her expression changed from pained to shock to pure hatred. I wrapped my shield around Emmett and he took the advantage against Jane, but she managed to escape his grasp. She tried to push Edward out of the way in her pursuit to get out of the door but he grabbed her arm, she turned around and called Zahamitt’s name and at the same time Edward let her go, beginning to squirm. The man with the brown hair ran out of the door as I wrapped my shield around Edward. He stopped squirming. Jane and Zahamitt were gone, leaving no trail behind them. This all happened in less then ten seconds. Esme entered the room by herself. “Volturi members took Renesmee. Before the rest of them arrived Micheal dimmed everyone’s senses without warning, taking her,” she said as soon as she saw Edward and I.

~ 106 ~

“That doesn’t make any sense. Why would they take her?” I asked. “That’s what we're all contemplating. Please help me burn him. We’ll have to catch up with Renesmee and Carlisle soon, they're currently in pursuit of Micheal, but he wouldn't run off alone. I think there might be someone with him.” After burning the body we were all ready, but we stopped; confusion lining everyone’s face when we saw Carlisle and Rosalie stalking back to the house looking in what I'm sure, less fortunate conditions than they left. “What happened?” asked Emmett, observing their ripped clothes and tousled hair. “I should have seen this coming,” said Alice. I looked at Rosalie who, for reasons I cannot fathom, spit on the ground. “We were right on their tale,” Rosalie began, “but before I knew it, I was knocked back thirty feet. And they were gone.” “What?” I asked. “You two seriously got in a fight?” Edward asked, appalled. “Really? Who won?” Emmett asked. “Those are the least of our worries,” Carlisle said. “All I know is that, a strong hate of Rosalie settled in my mind, and before I knew it I hit her.” “It had to be the works of Katrina.” I said, remembering how she could manipulate thoughts, casting hate into a potential victim's mind. “There has to be a reason why the Volturi suddenly found interest in us.” Alice said, “I just can't think of any logical one.” “Orders have had to been given, right?” Emmett asked. Carlisle nodded.

~ 107 ~

“But why?” I asked. Jasper paced around slowly, we hadn't gone inside the house. I don’t think Esme wanted to either, due to everything being ram-shackled. “When I was first reborn into a vampire's body, I remember the nights before I had to fight in war.” Jasper began. “The sisters were fond of throwing great parties the night before a large battle, and a very old vampire came to one of them by the name of Ebdodius. Maria had a serious discussion with the old soul, he had warned her not to let the army get too large. Not to let the Volturi know. Ebdodius explained how knew them when they were younger vampires, and how he knew that they've always been quite...” I studied Jasper's concentrated face as he searched for the right word to say, “jealous... of large covens. Maybe it had something to do with personal issues, perhaps some things that has happened to them before they were turned into vampires. Since I've known about the Volturi, I've known that Aro, Caius and Marcus never separated. Usually, vampires stick with small amounts, traveling about wherever they please on foot. If the Volturi felt threatened or perhaps outnumbered, they were sure to kill, or take. They aren't fond of any coven of vampires being stronger, or larger in any case. “Fortunately, I left shortly after that, but I didn't see whether or not the army was killed off.” he finished. “So you're saying that the Volturi is digging in our hair because they're jealous of how large a family we are?” Emmett said. “To them we aren't a family. We're merely a coven. And yes.” Jasper answered. “There are too many of them though, to possibly be jealous.” Alice said.

~ 108 ~

“How could they be such douches?” I had almost forgotten Leah was standing here with us, along with Jacob and Nahuel. “Knowing Renesmee, she'll definitely give them a hard time.” Jacob said, a proud smile spread across his determined face. “Which is what I'm afraid of.” Edward said, worry set deep in his golden eyes.

~ 109 ~

10. Questions

When I woke up, there was a pounding in my head and everything was dark. Suddenly a light flashed on, nearly blinding me. “Hello? Where am I?” I called, attempting to bring up my hand to shield my eyes but they where tied behind my back, my feet were tied too. I was sitting against a wall, a large, empty space displayed before me. If I could break these chains I would have some hope of getting out of here. Jane, with a dark cloak on and her hair tied up, stepped into view. “Don't worry about that. I'm sure your precious little family is searching for you. Blindly, of course.” She laughed, the sound sick and menacing. “Why are you so evil?” I asked. A question that wasn't really appropriate for my condition nonetheless something I cared about either way. When she kept quiet I decided to keep going. “I mean, how old are you? This is quite the most childish thing I've ever seen. Haven't you found something to do with your life?” “I'm not living, you disgusting little half-human.” “You call me disgusting, yet you're the one who eats us. You leach.” I
~ 110 ~

replied. Jane narrowed her eyes. “I'm going to ask you one more time, what am I doing here?” “Or what?” Jane said, stepping toward me. “Or, so help me God I'll—” “You wont be able to do anything. You're strong, but I'm much stronger. I can take you down easily.” She got in my face and took a deep breath. “The only vampire qualities about you is your strength and taste for blood. Your heart still beats. I will bite into you and suck your life out.” Jane whispered before slowly standing up again. I began to feel weak, and scared, but I couldn't let her know that. “Just tell me what you want and I'll get it to you, anything. Just let me go and we can work out some sort of agreement, perhaps.” “Shut up.” Jane said. Then suddenly a million tiny, acid-laced needles were stabbing into my skin. I could feel it everywhere, from my toes to the tip of my head. “Guuh!” I screamed loudly, arching my back into the air, trying to escape this horrible pain that somehow pulsated through my body. It stopped, leaving me lying on the floor breathing heavily. “Aro wants you to join us. He told me a while back that when you came of age, he could definitely use your gift to his advantages. He left it at that, leaving me to make the rest of the choices. He said that it doesn't matter how I get you, just as long as I do. You see, he trusts me, and it is my duty to make sure that his trust doesn't go to waste. “Aro is like a father to me. After he, himself found me in that terrible fire that killed everyone I ever loved, and decided to make use of my brother and I, I promised not only myself but him that for the rest of my existence I

~ 111 ~

would be in debt to him.” Jane stopped talking and looked at me, lying there on the floor, still catching my breath. “You really are half-human, aren't you? Anyone else I know would have recovered from my attack by now. This surely will be fun for me.” With Jane there—all power in her hands—studying me for a while, I knew she was going to do it again. Then the pain began. I squirmed, grunting and wiggling and trying to break free. But it was no use. Nothing was of any use, the only person that could help me right now is myself. “All you have to do is say the word. Say you'll join us, and the pain stops. Forever. You'll be just as happy with us. We'll keep you well fed. You'll still have a family, just a different one, that's all. Hey, we'll even change you into a full vampire if you wish. What do you say?” “Go to hell.” I said, still catching my breath from her last attack. Instead of using her little stabbing power, like I thought she would, she came down and slapped my hard in my face. This deeply angered me, I would rather have her use her power than to slap me like I'm a dirt child bothering her. I spat in her face. She wiped the glob from her eye, her lips set in a growl. The needles took over my body again. When it was over, which I felt as if it never would be, I could only lie on the floor catching my breath. “See Renesmee,” Jane said, “if this wasn't clear to you before, I think I should make it clear now. You don't have an option. Either you join us, or watch your family die and still end up joining us. The only thing is, if you

~ 112 ~

agree now, we'll leave the worthless Cullens alone.” “You... better not... touch.. my family.” I managed to get out. “Or what? You're weak. The only way you can gain strength to beat anyone is if you let us provide you that strength.” I noticed the chains tying my hands together were looser than before, I tried to wrench free of them again, but it was no use. Then it came to me. When Jane used her stabbing power, despite of the pain I had to endure, it made me stronger, and my struggling against the many needles actually was bending the chains. This was the only way I could have any hope of escaping Jane's grasp. I can do this, I thought to myself. For my family. I sucked in a deep breath before saying, “So tell me, why did you decide to do it this way, Jane? Is it because in truth and reality you are actually miserable with the way you... live, and you actually dream of having a real family? You despise the fact that the only thing close to a family is the Cullens. Your jealousy burns so deep within you, you decide to become the bitter bitch that you are by trying to destroy us.” This angers Jane, and so she uses her powers against me. I know she enjoys seeing me cry out in pain, it hurts like hell too, but she doesn't know that what she thinks is weakening me, is making me stronger. The pain seemed like it never ended. It seemed like even after she was finish frying my body from the inside I could still feel acid burning though my skin. I could feel Jane's menacing smile as she watched me gasping out for breath on the floor, curled up in a little ball. I felt weak, helpless, I almost forgot why she began doing this to me, all I could think about was my pain.

~ 113 ~

“Are you ready to join us, or should I put you through that again?” I could vaguely hear her acid-like voice through the pulsating in my ears. My whole body ached, from the deepest organs in my body still fighting to keep me alive to the upper-most layer of my skin. To my surprise I still looked the same on the surface, but I felt as my skin was melting off. I wanted to give in. I wanted to just say, “Yes. Please, just stop this pain.” Then I remembered my family, I remembered Jacob, and what he told me just a few hours before this. Only a few hours, it seems like he was sitting on my bed talking to me centuries ago. But I couldn't give up now. I couldn't let to Volturi win. “Face it, it's clear as day!” I screamed, still feeling the pain but pushing it aside. “You killed the only man you loved, and now you have no one but annoying ass Alec to love you, not that Demetri ever did love you to begin with.” I force a laugh, “Alice saw it before you guys even came, she just didn't know when you would come, but it doesn't matter, because no matter what pain you call yourself putting me through, I'll never join the Volturi! I'd rather be skinned alive than join such a heartless, lonely, sad excuse for a family coven. Don't you see that you're not happy? And it's even worse since you led the only man you had feelings for to his death.” For a split second I could see the pain instilled in Jane's hard eyes, then it disappeared just as quickly as it came. The fact that everything coming out of my mouth is in some way true, makes me feel sorry for her. That is, until she shoots the unbearable pain through me again. I don't know how long it lasts, minutes? Hours, maybe?

~ 114 ~

I do know, however, that that was the last straw. The chains that bound my wrists together became limp, all I had to do now was distract Jane long enough for me to regain my natural strength and break free of them. “Tell me Jane,” I said, regaining my breath, “Why do you despise us so much? What did we ever do?” Jane sighs like she has heard this question many times before. “Aro made it very clear to me how much... talent you Cullens are wasting. There are about forty-seven Volturi members now, and we have many powers we can use to our advantage, but if we had Alice, Edward, Bella, Jasper, and yourself, we could be invincible. He hates sitting by and watching the coven get larger and larger and more powerful, while your powers are going to no real use at all. It's quite frustrating to him. “All he wants is for you to join, and maybe if you join, the rest of the Cullens will join too.” I nodded in comprehension. “So Aro is trying to ruin us because of his own insecurities? It's the most selfish thing I've ever heard.” While saying this, I broke out of the chains. With my feet still bound together, I rose as lunged toward Jane before she knew what was happening and touched her. I sent an image to her of a bright light. With her sensitive vampire eyes, a light possibly brighter than the sun would definitely blind her for a short while. I used that time to break the chains on my feet and make for my escape. The sunlight hit me so hard I almost fell back. It was oddly sunny outside for it to be Forks. Though I knew that Jane wasn't stupid enough to be alone, I still had no plan. There was no one in sight, but I could hear her screaming orders, they must have been in the building too.

~ 115 ~

I didn't know where the hell I might be, but I didn't care. I began to run, and I didn't look back. This reminded me of the scary movies, like the ones they showed in television where the victim finally breaks free but somehow manages to fall, tripping over an invisible stick or something. Thinking of this made me take caution, and I made my strides larger and longer. By the time I got to a busy street I was out of breath, there was no sign of Jane or anyone else out to get me, but I knew she'd be somewhere hiding, forming some type of plan. I looked around, thinking of somewhere that might keep me safe, anywhere. When I spotted a busy gas station I ran toward it, but when I opened the door there she was, pissed but composed. I screamed out for anyone to help me, but none of the dumb humans even looked my way. “Silly, silly girl. Did you think any of these people could help you?” Before I could respond, Jane forced pain upon me. I wanted to give up, I'm no match for her, not on my own. She had broken me.

~ 116 ~

11. Plan Formation

“I can't see anything!” Alice shouted angrily, punching a hole into the coffee table, which was the only piece of furniture left that wasn't completely destroyed, until she hit it. We were all sitting in the living room, trying to figure out where they took my daughter. “Alice, it's okay, you have to stop now.” Carlisle said calmly. “It must be Michael, he must be somewhere near.” Emmett added. “This is so frustrating,” Alice said. She heaved a long, shaky sigh as Jasper gabbed her hand. He was calming her. Rosalie was pacing the floor impatiently. “They want her to be apart of their coven. They're taking her so we can go get her.” “They want us to be apart of their coven, and they figured that if they took Renesmee, the rest of us would just give in.” “No, they know we wouldn't give in,” Carlisle said. “Your right. That's why they spent so much time building up their coven. They know that we're not backing down without a fight.” Edward's eyes widened. “Bro, they're prepared for a battle.” Emmett said, cracking his
~ 117 ~

knuckles. “We have to give it to them.” “Yeah, but what are we going to do? We can't take on a larger Volturi by ourselves. Are we going to track everybody down like we did last time?” I said. “Not everyone was willing to help us then, and I doubt many of them will be willing to help us again.” Carlisle said. “We'd be asking for too much.” “They have my only niece!” Rosalie yelled. “If you're not going to ask them then I surely will.” “Nahuel here has an idea,” Jacob said as he walked into the door, bringing his wolf pack with him, including Leah. Nahuel stepped into the room and first looked around, shaking his head. “We have to wait. Give them a couple of months time. We know they won't hurt Renesmee, only try to convert her. They'd probably go on with their lives, like nothing happened. They wouldn't see us coming. We appear, and we destroy them. The Volturi probably wouldn't even bother practicing for battle. We could easily gain the upper hand.” “How would we do that?” Jasper asked. “I've been curious, about my family. And with a little research I found that I have ten sisters, and four brothers.” Emmett coughed, obviously covering up a laugh. “My sisters will be here soon, and they will all recruit people they know, vampires, who would be more than willing to help us fight off the Volturi. One of my sisters told me that being a woman half-human, halfvampire was an advantage. She had said that when she reached full adult hood, she became stronger than two full vampires put together. She said

~ 118 ~

that's how it was for every half-human, half-vampire woman.” “That could definitely give us an advantage,” Carlisle said. “Good. I'm going to make a few calls and see who else would be willing to help us.” Rosalie said, leaving the room. “Why?” I asked, “Why would they be willing to help you, so? If they don't even know you?” I asked, looking at Nahuel curiously. “Family is family, Bella. Plus, I don't think anyone really likes the Volturi.” “You're right,” Rosalie said, entering the room. “For some, the Volturi don't bother them, for others, they'd love to get rid of the ancient family. So far the couple of people I called for help is happy to join us. They'll be here in a couple of days.” “Who?” Carlisle asked. “Kachiri, Senna, and Zafrina from the Amazon coven are coming. I still have to make a few more calls.” “Ah, well I'm sure they'll be happy to fight on Renesmee's behalf.” Carlisle said in contempt. “When did they say they'll be here?” Esme asked Rosalie. “Just a matter of days, three perhaps.” She answered. “Oh my, the house! I have to remodel the entire front part of our house. We can't have guests in a place like this.” I looked around the room, she was right, the place had looked like a tornado came though, destroying everything in its path. “I'll help you!” Alice said, jumping up. “Since right now I am of no use, the least I could do is a bit of handy-work, and furniture shopping.” “Thank you Alice. Do you think we'll have this done in a couple of

~ 119 ~

days?” Esme said, looking around doubtingly. “With my help, we'll have this done in no time! It's not like we sleep anyway.” She said, happy to have another project to work on. “Of course we'll need this whole half of the house empty. At a time like this, where many people will be coming, we have to be sure that our home is presentable and in tip-top condition. No one needs to get in our way, understood?” Alice looked around at everyone. We all shook our heads. “'Um, two of my sisters will be here tomorrow.” Nahuel said. Esme's eyes widened. “Surely you have space?” “Not at all.” Emmett looked over at me and Edward, “Hey do you think they could use your little cabin until the house gets fixed up?” “Sure,” I said, “Why not?” I looked up at Edward and he smiled. “It's not like you two use that bed of yours anyway.” Emmett mumbled, chuckling to himself. I bit my lip and could almost feel my cheeks get hot, if I were human I'm sure I'd be blushing. Edward scowled Emmett. “You wanna go, bro?” Emmett said, challenging Edward. “This isn't the time.” Edward replied. “We have to practice sometime, man.” “Actually, Emmett's right,” Carlisle said. “We have to start practicing, the sooner the better. “Yes, and I need you all to get the hell out of the living room, so Esme and I can get some ideas down. So shoo.” Alice said. We all shuffled out of the living room. “You guys should start

~ 120 ~

practicing for the fight,” I told Edward. “I'll go...” I bit my lip and pulled my shield away so the others couldn't hear what I was about to tell Edward. I'll go fix up the cabin. Edward smiled and kissed me softly. When I got to the cabin I walked into my room, planning on slumping on the bed. I was physically and mentally exhausted, and I'm sure that laying on the bed and resting my mind for a bit could help me, even though sleeping wasn't an option. But when I got to my room someone was already there. “Hello Bella.” Joham said, a large smile on his face.

~ 121 ~

12. New Information

“Um, hi. What are you doing here?” I asked, observing how he looked so comfortable sitting on my messy bed. “Hi, Isabella. We have to talk, sit down.” He said, smoothing down a spot next to him. I sat down, wearily. “I know it seems odd, for me to pop up unexpectedly like this. In your home, sitting on this soft bed of yours.” He stopped, waiting for me to say something. “I expected the Volturi to end you.” I said. “Ah, but the Volturi has no right to. They had to take into consideration my argument that half-human half-vampire children aren't technically against any law. So had but not a single choice to set me free.” He then waited again, but this time I didn't say anything. “Listen, Isabella, I have very important information to tell you, something concerning your daughter.” I raised an eyebrow. “But of course, I'd like something in return.” he said as he gently placed his right hand on my knee. “Um...” I began. “Shh,” she said, placing his finger on my lips.

~ 122 ~

It was undeniable how attractive Joham was, but I could never even think about doing anything intimate with the guy. First off, he had several kids, who was all probably older than I. Second off, despite his good looks, I only had eyes for Edward. Loosing my dear husband over this douche was just not an option. I opened my mouth to turn down his absurd proposition when he hurriedly kissed me. My eyes widened and before I could completely respond by pushing away, Edward came into the room. He looked perfect, with his wind-blown hair and god-like face, but there was no doubt that he was not happy by the scene unfolding before him. Before I could tell what was happening, Joham was up against the wall, under Edward's tight grip. “What the hell is this about?” Edward growled. “Huh!?” Joham put his arms up, playing the innocent victim. “Uh..” he began. “Edward calm down, he was just about to tell me about Renesmee.” I said. Edward let Joham loose and turned on me. “That sure as hell wasn't what it looked like!” I got up. “Please, Edward. That was completely unexpected. He kissed me. I was about to object when you came in.” “Right.” Edward said before punching Joham in the nose, completely knocking him down. I gasped, “Edward!” “I'll leave you two to your discussion now,” he said before stalking out of our small house. “I'd never seen him so... unreasonably angry.” I mumbled to myself. I

~ 123 ~

looked down at Joham. “Well, you can't blame him. He already has to deal with the Volturi capturing his daughter, imagine how he'll feel when he finds out that they're going to turn her into a whole vampire. You know, the transition from a halfvampire to a full vampire is even worse from a human to a vampire. The blood-thirst is twice as much. She'll turn into a murderer. Killing anything with a pulse.” “What?” I asked. “Yeah, that's what I came to tell you.” Joham said. Of course, that wasn't all he came to do, though. “How is that even possible?” I asked. “Well, for a male half-human, half-vampire, he can turn someone by a bite. For a female half-human, half-vampire, all she has to do is suck the life out of a human. And she turns. It makes sense, since no half-vampire has an appetite that large, but if she can force it down, she'll be a monster. Like all of us.” “You're lying. Why are you really here? You just almost ruined my marriage!” I wanted to hit him like Edward did. “What would be my reason to come all the way here? Just to kiss you? My apologies, Isabella, you're beautiful, but you're definitely not my type nonetheless.” “Why the hell did you kiss me then?” “It was fun.” It was fun. I wanted to kick him in his crotch, remembering how painful it could be to a male. “You think I could make something like this up? After I've had so

~ 124 ~

many hybrid children. I'm assuring you now, if your clan doesn't make a move soon, they'll starve Renesmee and sit her in a room with a very tasty human being. Perhaps a child, since they're smaller and easier to handle than adults. She won't be able to resist.” I looked in his rough, aged eyes and couldn't help but believe him. The least I could do was bring it to Carlisle and the others' attention. I ran out of the door and to the house, where everyone seemed to have awaited me. Edward was sitting on the steps, he looked up at me warily as I stepped closer to him. I pulled away my shield to comfort him as I slowly made my way there. I showed him how the scene really unfolded, and I apologized. I love you. You're my everything. He stood and wrapped his strong arms around me gingerly, whispering apologies into my hair, then he embraced me with a soft, but hungry, kiss. I sighed as I let my lips part. This was all I needed, the most basic, and best, stress reliever. I could have let him kiss me forever, but I had to break the news. “Edward... it's Joham.” He stiffened at the sound of his name. “He told me what the Volturi's plans are.” He pulled away to get a better view of my face. “They're going to make her a full vampire. They're going to kill her.”

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~ 125 ~