Sienna Lucine Hackshaw 2008

My year in pictures

About this book
This book is dedicated to my grandparents. Love, Sienna

There's no vocabulary For love within a family, Love that's lived in But not looked at, Love within the light of which All else is seen, The love within which All other love finds speech. This love is silent. - T S Eliot

Where my last book left off, I had just met Santa. Here I am opening presents on my first Christmas!

Throughout my book are excerpts from my Mommy's journal. She writes about all my adventures! January 3, 2008 Dear Sienna, You are just starting to pull up on everything!! You have been trying to use your little push-walker (although it is a little fast) but you are starting to move it along for a few steps.! You are also still dancing to just about everything.! Any music, whether it is Mommy’s cell phone ringing or a commercial on the TV, you start waving your little arms and dancing back and forth.! Oh, you just got your 3rd bottom tooth!! January 10, 2008 Dear Sienna, You just stood up for a couple seconds by yourself!! Your balance is getting better and better!! You just started doing the cutest thing….you pick up Diesel’s yellow chicken toy and throw it for him….although you usually throw it straight up in the air and it comes right down in your lap. January 18, 2008 Dear Sienna, You took 2-3 steps today on your own!! Mommy and Daddy are so proud!! It was the most amazing sight.! January 23, 2008 Dear Sienna, Today you stood up in the middle of the room by yourself without pulling up on anything…and then took 1-2 steps! It was so fast we almost missed it! February 8, 2008 Dear Sienna, We had a big party for your 1st birthday! You are really learning to walk on your own now. You got a play shopping cart as a present and you love to try and push it around the living room of the condo. By the way, you weigh 24 lbs 11 oz and are 31 inches tall now!

My first birthday! Cake isn't my favorite food, but I put on a good show for everyone!

I am so curious. I could sift through Daddy's shoes all day and oh how I love bubbles.

Playing at my secret park. Gravity is so "kooool!" I can't help but giggle every time the swing comes down.

Just like my mommy, I am a little melodramatic at times......

......I just can't help myself!

I love "wa-wa" and bathtime....but I really love when I get out and Daddy wraps me up like a burrito.

I finally got a big girl car seat and I can face forward now! It is so much more fun to see where I'm going!

March 8, 2008 Dear Sienna, You have so many new little words! You say “uh-oh,” “dodo” for Diesel, "ba-ba” for bottle. You love to hear yourself screech and laugh. Your favorite things to play with are paper, pamphlets, and magazines. Daddy always does the “claw” to tickle you and you have the most amazing giggle. Your diet consists mostly of crackers and goldfish (just like Mommy). Your favorite thing to annoy Mommy is to pull ALL of the wipes out of the holder when you get ahold of them. You are getting a little better at throwing toys for Diesel. You can throw them a few feet now. We have been taking you to the park and you love to practice walking around the path. You are starting to try and open door knobs now because you see us opening them. March 16, 2008 Dear Sienna, You said “DEEDLE” today! Diesel is so excited! You have acquired the most melodramatic laugh of any little girl your age. You still love goldfish and pretzels…although pretzels produce the yuckiest diapers ever. You love listening to Mommy’s music and recognize your favorite song by Hannah Montana and “Apologize” by Timbaland. You have started calling everything either “Da-da” or “Do-do.” You love to play in Diesel’s water and food, which drives Mommy and Daddy crazy. No matter how many times we pull you away or say “no” you still head right towards it and make a mess. If I look mad you just smile, nod your head, point and say "wa-wa." You also love pulling on Diesel’s leash to drag him around the room....but he is getting pretty good at avoiding you. March 21, 2008 Dear Sienna, Today Mommy and Daddy took you to see the Easter Bunny at the mall. You did not like him one bit! The instant we sat you down you started crying and didn't even want to touch him!

I had so much fun running around in my pretty Easter dress.

Springtime and barefoot! I love running around in the grass and picking all the pretty flowers.

March 26, 2008 Dear Sienna, Today you gave me a kiss! You are such a loving little girl. May 1, 2008 Dear Sienna, You have started to try to brush your hair by yourself. It is so cute when you pat your head with the brush. You like to mimic Mommy’s cough and you even put your hand in front of you mouth. You have several new words: this, those, shoes, juice. You are starting to open doors and you even close them behind you. Your favorite foods right now are mandarin oranges, PB&J, goldfish and applejacks. You absolutely love your baby pool and could spend hours in it pouring water from cup to cup. You love to dance around in circles to make yourself dizzy. You can climb into your little chair at your table and into the big wicker chair in the den all by yourself. You have started to take a showers instead of a bath sometimes, which is so helpful! You don’t like standing in the water yet, but you have such a great time playing with toys and cups on the shower seat. May 20, 2008 Dear Sienna, You have learned to point to your nose and ears when asked. You are so loving and love to hug (although you haven’t realized that you have to put your arms around the other person, not just lean into them) and kiss. You are learning to use crayons. You just started to eat at your big girl table. When I am working around the house you come up and hug my legs to let me know that you are there. May 23, 2008 Dear Sienna, You weigh 26 lbs and are 32.75 inches tall! You are getting so big! We still haven't transitioned you from a bottle to juice cup yet. There has just been too much going on moving into our new house. You love your big new room and your new baby pool.

I love playing with the hose and in the sprinklers.

I am so independent! I don't want help with anything.....just want to try it myself.

I love to draw with my crayons and markers. I am very serious and end up breaking a lot of crayons.

"Mooooooo Tornado" by Sienna Hackshaw, May 2008, Medium: markers and stamps, 9" x 12"

I love to golf and ride my 4-wheeler around the yard. I haven't figured out how to turn yet though.

June 8, 2008 Dear Sienna, Today I eavesdropped as you tried to feed your stuffed bear pretend food. You even made a smacking sound. You love pointing out the birds outside and making the sound “wawawawa” which is your idea of quacking. You have learned to wipe your mouth (and Mommy and Daddy’s) while eating. You have started to point at books and identify pictures: bananas and other fruits are all “na-na,” “shoes,” any cup is “juice,” all dogs and bunnies are “Diesel,” and birds are “ba-ba.” June 20, 2008 Dear Sienna, You are learning to hold on to a raft by yourself in the pool. It is a little scary for you but you are really good at closing your mouth to keep water out. When you have friends over to play in your little pool you insist on pouring water over their heads with your bucket….but at least you do it to yourself too! July 7, 2008 Dear Sienna, Your favorite foods right now for dinner are chicken nuggets and apples. Mommy can never make them fast enough though and you cry while they are in the microwave! You love wiping things off to “clean” around the house….the floors, tables and windows. We bought you your first puzzle and you are SO good at it! You tend to get really frustrated though when you can’t get the pieces to go right in. You are calling Daddy “Mommy” which is so silly. You are such a little artist and love playing with your markers and stamps. The other day I caught you drawing all over the walls and windows though and you had stamped a cow your forehead! You have just started to sleep with a blankie. Your favorite movie is Barnyard. July 28, 2008 Dear Sienna, Today Mommy couldn’t find you anywhere! I found you hiding in one of the hall cabinets! How on earth did you get in there?

I am very mischievous at times....Mommy and Daddy have to keep a close eye on me!

I love reading the newspaper with Daddy, napping with Daddy....I love doing everything with Daddy!

Summertime is hot in the I spend most of my time in the pool!

In Tahoe, I spent most of my time digging in the sand or finding rocks in the water.

Just another beautiful day at the park in Tahoe. I just learned how to go down the slide!

I'm 18 months old! I flew on a plane for the first time to North Carolina!

August 24, 2008 Dear Sienna, Today you learned to turn the hot and cold valves in the tub to “regulate” the temperature of the water! Your favorite thing to say is “Where did it go?” (but it sounds like “Wheredo”) with your hands out wide. You have learned to use a big girl fork but we can't tell if you are left or right handed. You love Elmo and watch Sesame Street every morning. You weigh 28 lbs, 9 oz and are 34 inches tall! August 31, 2008 Dear Sienna, You are such a sweet and sentimental little girl. We were watching Mary Poppins today ("Pop") and at the end where Mary Poppins flies away your lip started trembling and you started tearing up and waving goodbye to her. You LOVE dancing to the “Step in Time” part of the movie and try to mimic the chimney sweep dancers. You are so organized with your markers and crayons. You like to keep them in their little box and you put the lids back on every marker when you are finished. You have started to “reprimand” me and shake your finger “no” when you don’t want me to do something or are imitating my reaction when you are misbehaving. It is so adorable to watch you “pretend” to read (especially newspapers with Daddy in the morning). When Daddy goes to work you run to the kitchen sliding door and say “bye-bye Da-da.” September 30, 2008 Dear Sienna, You started saying “foh (pause) fluuur” for flower. It is very dramatic and oh so cute. You also said “cool” today when touching cold water. Today you said “pee-pee” and pointed to your diaper and then went pee-pee in your potty! You are such a big help to Mommy and love doing little chores such as throwing things in the trash-can or putting things away in your room when asked. Sometimes you will misbehave and then go straight to time-out by yourself....because the "crime" is worth the "time!"

I love bugs and animals. Mommy takes me to the Living Desert to inspect the butterflies and feed the giraffes.

October 25, 2008 Dear Sienna, You are such a big girl! Your newest words are “tree,” “moon,” “school.” You’ve started to yell and then shush yourself almost like you have an alternate personality which is hilarious! You love to feed your “baby” doll and put her shoes on. You’ve started wearing your hair in a ponytail with bows. You know how to mess with the DVD player in your room and take the DVD out. When Mommy is working out in front of the TV you like to copy the moves and pretend you are lifting weights. You pretend to talk on the phone….lots of gibberish followed by hilarious laughter like you are reacting to the person on the other end. Your new thing is saying “up” and holding out your arms for me to hold you. Usually you do this so that you can see what is up on the kitchen counter. I let you eat popsicles in the bathtub during your bath so you won’t make a mess. We have discovered your favorite food….ketchup on anything, including pickles. November 24, 2008 Dear Sienna, You love to say everything twice “Car Car” and “Truck Truck.” You are enjoying lots of new movies such as A Bugs Life (which you call “Butz”), Cars, and Madagascar. You love getting a Happy Meal and sifting through all the goodies inside. You are learning to drink from a cup, but you still tilt the cup and straw upward to drink like a bottle getting the drink all over the place. It is so cute to watch you sit on your window seat and point at the cars and trucks as they go by. You are starting to get VERY sassy and tell Mommy “no” a lot! Sometimes you even get mad when I look at you….but it is in a cute little bratty way. You are such an independent child. Daddy and I love to watch you play by yourself and talk to your dolls. The other day when we were playing you tried to wipe and diaper your doll which was so precious. You are such a good little mommy. You love going to school at Mrs. Patty's and are learning lots of fun things. You even had your first "school" picture!

I love caring for my babies.........

......and Diesel the way my Mommy and Daddy take care of me.

Halloween with Dillan and Jordan.

Here I am drawing again......and I recently learned to say "cheese!"

"Alligators and Chipmunks" by Sienna Hackshaw, November 2008, Medium: crayons and stamps, 9" x 12"

December 2, 2008 Dear Sienna, We put up your first Christmas tree today! You tried to blow out the lights thinking they were candles. After Mommy decorated the tree you loved taking all the “balls” off the bottom of the tree but couldn’t figure out how to hang them back up. Your new favorite movie is WallE….you start mentioning it the second we pull into the driveway. You have started drawing on paper instead of the walls and floor now, which is such a relief to Mommy. Thank goodness for washable crayons! I gave you a stencil the other day and you figured out how to use it. You love to ask “what is that?” to almost everything and then try to repeat the answer to us while nodding like you approve. We can see the little wheels turning in that little head of yours. Mommy put together a box of fabrics scraps and ribbons and you can sit there for hours laying each piece out and smoothing them down. I'll teach you to sew as soon as you are old enough. I love when you point to the seat next to you and say "sit" so that Daddy or I will join you in whatever activity you are doing. You have started to make up different word sounds: “All-nigh” means you are all done, “ah-dog” means hotdog, “dah-wee” means draw. It is impossible to get you out of the shower now. If I turn off the water you go to the other side of the shower and stand against the wall and hide your face. When I am finally able to get you out I spend 15 minutes chasing you down to get your PJs on. You love running out to the den then running back and hiding behind the curtains in the bedroom. Usually Daddy will come back and help Mommy get you dressed! You are still so good at putting yourself to bed at night. You grab both of your blankets and take off down the hall after saying goodnight to Diesel. You call the new inflated Christmas penguin the “cah-cah" and it is the first thing you address in the morning after waking up. You recognize Santa and Frosty now. This Christmas is going to be so amazing because of how much you enjoy the little activities I have always taken for granted.

Decorating the Christmas tree with Daddy.

Till next year!

Sienna Lucine Hackshaw 2008

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