Marketing Data Form

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Marketing data for ISO Standards at DIS stage
Foreword This electronic form has been created in an effort to improve the visibility of ISO deliverables to the end-users, to clearly identify those potential best sellers and high-profile publications and to support good collaboration between the ISO Central Secretariat, responsible committee secretariat and ISO member bodies. The form is primarily concerned with the gathering and identification of deliverable-specific data, providing a better understanding of market expectations in order to perform targeted marketing actions. Explanatory endnotes are included at the end of the document. The committee secretariat is asked to complete the electronic form in parallel to the DIS ballot, seeking guidance from the responsible project leader, convenor and other relevant experts, and to return it to the responsible ISO TPM prior to the closure of the ballot. Note: Please feel free to attach any complementary information already available. Marketing information Applicable to all ISO deliverables (Standards and alternative publications):

ISO project Number and full title Target publication date Description (Abstract/Scope) 1 Language availability 2 Publication media 3

                  English only Bilingual (EN/FR) Paper Online database Other       Pure text (including Figures and Forms) Text with software packages Software suites Other       Future best seller High-profile document Industry-impacting document       French only Other       CD-ROM SGML, XML,      

Publication content

Market penetration 4

Market targets and expectations 5 (i.e.: Industrial (sub)sectors addressed by the document) Size of market estimate 6 (i.e. end-users, companies...) Targeted users 7

      Engineers Developers Specific additional users →→       Manufacturers Management      

Purpose and value 8 (i.e. document usefulness)

Marketing data form for ISO-deliverable

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suggestions and comments 14 Marketing data form for ISO-deliverable 2 of 3 .Related and competing standards and other documents 9 Contact(s) -.names and roles10 Planned implementation support material 11 Potential derivative(s) from this publication 12       select:             Original concept proposal →→→       Handbook or compendium Implementation guide Custom collection (grouping of complimentary Standards) Interactive/Online CD-ROM Web-based application and database             Other       Historical information 13 Remarks.

g. product samples). application manuals.e. and consumers? Why is this document useful for the community? Who will benefit from this document? 9 List detailed information about related and competing Standards. (e. 11 Consider explanatory guides. specify the user type (i. Refer to the original project's proposal justification when considering how the industry will view and respond to the publication. full contact details and role of key individuals having participated in the document's development (i. promotion material and sales and marketing support (could be existing Scope or Abstract).. list all professional.information partially available from the NWIP justification (see ISO-Form 4): What problem does the product solve? What value does this document bring to users. Press release). statistical data reports and the possibility of using multi-part numbering to facilitate access to users. other related standards. consortia. alone or in combination with other related standards. Propose solutions or opportunities that may address particular market needs. German translations for Vienna Agreement documents). photographs. List all possible variations to de-facto "printed paper" media (e.. including both vertical (same field and subject) and horizontal products. Engineer//Mechanical) and include any additional information relevant to identifying additional potential users. industry experts. ISO Focus article. having potential interest in the document. 14 Consider and propose various marketing solutions best suited to this publication (e. consumer organizations and any other groups or associations.e. commercial.g. 2 3 4 List envisaged translations. MoU agreements). Project Leader. (e. similar documents published by other workshops. 6 7 Consider all potential users as well as those affected by the document's use. National or SDO adoptions. 13 Include details about previous experience with former editions. end-users.g. . including success and failure stories if any.) and who can help in marketing the document. using colour. If possible. Include key contacts with their details.g. 8 Consider the following . etc. Convenor. 12 Consider products that could be derived from the publication. advertising. 10 Include names.1 Explanatory notes Include a general and concise non-technical description of the document's content that can be used for press releases. other ISO Standards. 5 In an attempt to facilitate and guide a potential marketing campaign. or any other potential products.

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