The peacocks were behind wire the sun warm cloudless sky and Monica had ridden beside you on her bike knowing her brothers were out with the older brother you not knowing had gone to the farm house to meet them o they’re out their mother said didn’t they tell you? no they‘d not you walked to your bike and got on where you going? Monica asked don’t know now you replied I can ride with you wherever you decide she said her mother hands on hips said don’t go bothering Benedict he doesn’t want no girl

hanging on his tails he don’t mind Monica said looking at you her big eyes pleading don’t mind if she comes you said giving the mother a smile if you’re sure she said and walked back toward the farmhouse her backside moving side to side in her flowery dress and you watched until she had gone sure you don’t mind me coming? no I don’t mind you said where we going then? the peacocks again o I like them she said climbing her bike foot on the pedal

ready for the push off her sandals open toed bare feet the off white skirt contrasted with the mauve top her hair dragged into a bow at the back ready? sure am and you rode off along the track from the farmhouse into the lane between trees and hedgerows she followed at your side keeping up her eyes seeming on fire her hands gripping the handlebar white and pink and the small fingers holding on for dear life her legs up and down pedalling

you felt the wind in your hair through the open neck of your white shirt pushing down the jean covered legs up and down the lane narrowed then widened there they are she called the peacocks she dismounted and laid her bike against a tree and ran to the wire fence and peered through you put your bike by the hedge and walked over to where she stood peering her eyes bright and fiery how comes the cocks are bright and colourful but the hens are so dull? she asked that’s how it is

in the bird world you said hens are just dull I’m not dull she said holding the wire with her fingers making noises at the birds am I? she said looking at you beside her no you’re not you said nothing dull about you at all I’m like a peacock she said bright and beautiful aren’t I? sure you are you said you peered at the strutting peacock nearest the wire out of the corner of your eye

you saw Monica nose inches from the wire call to the bird her lips pursed and opening and closing her arms soft and reaching up I’m a peacock bird she said her arms in motion like wings her hands flopping above her head her feet in dance stepping and dancing in turn you watched her dance and twirl Jim and Pete’s sister the peacock girl.

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