PHASE 1: What is “KTMA”? ST 21 APRIL 2013 (i)


Historia na Ukuaji wa KTMA tangu zilipoanza

(ii) Kuongelea tofauti za KTMA zikifananishwa na Tuzo zingine Duniani (kwamba Tuzo za KTMA zinafanyika kikwetu kwetu)

PHASE 2: APRIL 2013 (i)




Academy ya KTMA inaundwa na watu wa aina gani (wana academy) na kazi yao kubwa ni nini kwenye KTMA.

(ii) Usimamizi na mchakato mzima wa Academy (iii) Upigaji Kura (iv) Judges kazi yao kubwa ndani ya KTMA (v) Mfumo wa kazi ya Judges

(vi) Usimamizi wa kazi ya Judges

PHASE 3: 2013




Muziki wetu umetoka wapi, Uko wapi na Unaelekea wapi? - Muziki unaowakilisha Tanzania unaitwaje? - Ukifananisha muziki wetu na wa nchi zingine, unaona tofauti zipi zinazofanya muziki wetu uwe wa “kikwetu kwetu” - KTMA ina mchango upi kwenye muziki wetu?

PHASE 4: KURA & USIKU WA TUZO (AWARD NIGHT) TH 6 MAY – 1ST JUNE 2013 (I) Mchakato mzima wa upigaji vipeperushi, sms, electronic media) kura (kupitia

(II) Usimamizi wa Kura (ufafanuzi wa asilimia za upigaji kura kwenye kila kipengele (Print media, SMS, Electronic Media) (III) Nominees interviews and promotions to push the voting process (IV) The Award Night - Venue - Entrance fee - Décor - Entertainment

1. Academy Process:

a. Members Selection: Members that make up the Academy are all stakeholders from the Music Industry. They include presenters from Radio and TV, social media owners/coordinators and direct stakeholders i.e. music distributers, etc.

b. Process: Each Academy member provided two entries for each category to create a master list. This master list is songs/entries for each category. The list was then scrutinized and validated to remove songs that were: • • Older than 2012 in release. December released songs as they were too new and did not get enough air play to meet category requirements (criteria) • • • • Remove songs that had controversy Ensure names were spelt correct. Remove artists that were under 18, alcohol is not to be associated with minors. Agree that all songs that met category were part of the list.

c. Voting: • • • Each category member casts 5 votes from each category from the master list. INNOVEX would then sort out the votes and return to the Academy top 10 from the votes. Academy would vote for round II best five from the top 10 and the results are retained by INNOVEX to be announced on the Nominees announcement day.

2. Categories: KTMA 2013 has 23 categories of which 22 are voted in by the Academy and 1 category “Hall of Fame” is selected by BASATA & TBL. Categories are attached for review. Please try and explain each category and its criteria for entry.

3. Voting Process. We have various ways of voting as follows: • SMS through number xxx. Website – Email – Print through newspaper cuttings.

• •

70% of the votes will be from the public and judges will have 30% of the votes.

4. Award Night. The final night for awarding the best out of the nominees will be on the 8 th June 2013 at the Mlimani City Hall from 7pm.

Tickets will be sold prior to events’; details will be unveiled in due course.