4 Actual and Constructive Notice | Uniform Commercial Code | Federal Reserve System

Board of Governors Federal Reserve Window Washington D.C.

Non-Negotiable Instrument Non-Negotiable Charge Back InvoiceNumber: ACN-070519537904-DMCEB

Attention: Respective Board of Governors Respondent, 1). Please find enclosed this document constituting actual and constructive notice of collateral

attachments for the undersigned Dianne-Michele: Carter El-Bey™©, TTEE and/or Ex Rel [DIANNE MICHELE CARTER, DIANNE MICHELE BENTLEY™©] Ex Relatione and any and all derivatives such as legal names /in street names/ Abbreviation / Capitalization / INITIALISM / Idem Sonas ; And, I, me, myself, Dianne-Michele family of El-Bey d.b.a. Dianne-Michele: Carter El-Bey™©, TTEE, and/or Ex Rel [DIANNE MICHELE CARTER, DIANNE MICHELE BENTLEY™©] Ex Relatione, and any and all derivatives thereof, herewith accepts for value all enclosed collateral attached articles and accounting sheets established by decree upon foregoing security instruments by endorsements front and back in accordance with Uniform Commercial Code “UCC 3-419” and House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5th 1933 and UCC 1-104. Charge my public treasury account identification # 123-45-7904 for appropriate registration fees commanding memory of account # 123457904 charging same to debtor’s order or respondent’s order. The total amount of this NON-NEGOTIBLE ACCEPTANCE FOR VALUE as enclosed filing is One Hundred Trillion Dollars ($100,000,000,000,000.00). 2). Please adjust by “Legal Tender” the undersigned private trust account. Should the undersigned

not receive the Department of Treasury United States Code respondent within fifteen (15) days upon receipt; then recipients security instrument in hand is agreement under but not limited to; Title 28 U.S.C.A. Rule 8 (d) of this ACTUAL AND CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE by decree that my private depository account # 123457904 is adjusted by Federal Reserve Ledgers and balanced by Federal Reserve (Bank) Window Accountant as authorized by the Board of Governors. In event your accountant requires further information or assistance from the undersigned, please write the undersigned at mailing location provided herein and herewith posted: Registered Mail Account Number # RE 117 267 527 US on document[s] rendered from location below. Sincerely,

________________________________________ LS: Dianne-Michele: Carter El-Bey™©, Non-Resident / Non-Domestic First Class, U.S. Delivery Care of 1201 Gifford Drive Matthews, North Carolina state [28105] void where prohibited by law

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