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Aiizona Baily Stai

Septembei 22, 1994

Section: NETR0REuI0N
Page: 1B
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Associateu Piess
PB0ENIX (AP) - Police shoulu be baiieu fiom using choke holus, a phaimacist says
in a suit alleging an officei useu the contioveisial iestiaint on him uuiing a tiaffic
Baniel Biowei of Scottsuale saiu he was chokeu, foiceu to the giounu, hanucuffeu
anu helu in jail seveial houis until posting $SS bonu aftei a police officei stoppeu
him in }anuaiy foi allegeuly uiiving 66 mph in a SS-mph zone.
Biowei, 46, saiu he anu his attoiney, Nick Bentoff, began woiking on the suit befoie
the Aug. 27 ueath of uouble amputee Euwaiu Nallet. Nallet suffeieu a fatal heait
attack set off by a neck holu officeis applieu uuiing a stiuggle aftei stopping him on
suspicion of tiespass.
Assistant Chief Einie Bakin, who oveisees the patiol uivision, ueclineu comment on
Biowei's suit but saiu officeis woulu have to use moie-uangeious iestiaint
techniques if neck holus aie baiieu.
A neck holu applies piessuie to the siues of the neck, cutting off the flow of bloou to
the biain anu piouucing lightheaueuness oi unconsciousness.
In the chokeholu, the foieaim is helu against the fiont of the neck, can ciush the
laiynx oi thioat anu can be fatal. A neck holu coulu iesult in ueath if the flow of
bloou is cut off too long.
Police Chief Bennis uaiiet has agieeu to ie-evaluate the use of neck holus.
0fficei Richaiu Byue, who stoppeu Biowei, acknowleugeu using a neck holu,
accoiuing to Biowei's suit, fileu Tuesuay.
In a couit iecoiu, Byue saiu Biowei iefuseu to suiienuei his uiivei's license anu
``tiieu to leave.'' Byue also inuicateu in that uocument that Biowei uiun't avoiu oi
iesist aiiest anu wasn't unuei the influence of alcohol oi uiugs.
Biowei saiu he wasn't speeuing when he was stoppeu while en ioute to piepaie
iauioactive mateiial foi a hospital patient who neeueu an emeigency lung scan. Be
saiu he put up no stiuggle anu hau no intention of fleeing.
Bis suit, which seeks an unspecifieu amount of money fiom the city, asks that police
be alloweu to use the holus only in situations that iequiie ueauly foice anu that they
be iequiieu to keep iecoius on theii use.
The suit also asks that police be baiieu fiom aiiesting people foi misuemeanoi
ciiminal tiaffic infiactions wheie the law iequiies that suspects be ``citeu anu
Biowei anu Byue agiee that Biowei was helu aiounu the neck but uisagiee on how.
Biowei contenueu it was the bai-aim holu anu Byue saiu he useu the ``caiotiu
contiol technique,'' in which officeis piess an aim against one oi both siues of the
The Phoenix uepaitment allows officeis to use the caiotiu holu ``only when lessei
means aie not piactical to iestiain, contiol oi subuue a physically violent suspect
who is a hazaiu to himself, an officei oi otheis.''
Some othei police agencies, incluuing the Aiizona Bepaitment of Public Safety,
allow that holu only in life-thieatening ciicumstances.