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Ifamind cannot achieve peace Ah > and quiet it is unlikely to achieve anything else. Dedicated to the best friend anyone ever had. The man who taught me the truth —dear Lester. "No one can be taught truth, each must realize truth by himself or herself. A teacher can give direction, the way, and the pupil may take it. All truth is rovable, Accept nothing on hearsay. ach must t prove everything for himself or herself: "Prove it yourself. Only when proven for oneself does one have it and can one use it. One knows only that which he can do." "You should not believe anything we say, but prove it out for your- self by having iF being wealth, hap ines, well bein; health in your ly ie. a "1 only know what I can do not say. — Prove it." Lester Levenst Table of Contents Guidelines — Getting the Most Out of the Course... 4 Introduction 2 Unique Features of the Release Technique .. 23 Intention for the Course ........ i. How People Use The Release Technique. 5a Make a List of Wants anda List of Tings You Have 8 Wanting = Lack 7 The Unstuck Chart Road Map. . Your Ticket to Bliss and Abundance. 9 The Chart of Emations....nron een . need AGFLAP CaP Results in: Feeling. Trinking -Aetingenn sed Scale of Action feo 24 Four Ways of Handling a Feeling. 22 Steps to Releasing. a a 23 Knowing One's Emotions oo —- 24 Emotional Inteligence a cone vee S Releasing Questions... 26 Goals. = 28-31 ‘Wording a Goal Statement. car ee) ‘Sample Goal Statements. — , nnn 89 Goals | Would Like to Achieve. : : 20 Goal Chars. as 31 Goal "To De" List eee 32 Wants... — : : 33-38, Wants: Keys to Empowerment — 33 A Definition of Wants. “ i Ways in Which | Seek Approval aan 35 Ways in Which | Seek Control... : 36 ‘Ways in Which | Seek Secunity/Safety/Survival : : 37 ‘Ie Emotional Picture (How the Feling of Desve Works) 38 Attachment to MONEY. soe conn oo 39 ‘Aversion to Money. : 40 ‘Attachments and Aversions: no “ANAT Instructions, = —— 41 Attachment & Aversion Blank Sheets (2)... —— 42 Attachment & Aversion Bank Sheets (2)... 43 ‘Attachment to Oisapproving of Myself... : 44 ‘Aversion to Disapproving of Myself... = nS ‘Attachment to Figuring. 46 Aversion to Figuing i‘ : 47 Responsibiity.. . 48 Attachment to My Health... — : — 50 ‘Aversion to My Health . sot Welness.... ne 52 Wellness Worksheet nn an 53 Releasing Stuckness Instructions... oe 54 Releasing Stuckness Worksheet. 55 Ponder. 56 The Checks Exercise... a —— 87