Utah Symphony & Running head: UTAH SYMPHONY & UTAH OPERA: CASE STUDY


Utah Symphony & Utah Opera: Case Study Tanya James Western Governors University Organizational Management RJFT/Task 1 April 06, 2013

By addressing these areas Mr. 2010) How soon will the merge take place and when will the final touches will be in place. Mr. (Kreitner & Kinicki. This will ease the staff . and his colleagues define a goal as “what an individual is trying to accomplish. payroll. Mr. Bailey can view the merger as a challenge but he can convince the rest of the trustees of the outcome with the positives rather than the negatives of the merge.Utah Symphony & Utah Symphony & Utah Opera: Case Study A. Bailey will address if there would be any layoffs and salary changes. direct attention. regulate effort. (Kreitner & Kinicki. a leading authority on goal setting. With the concerns Mr. “Edwin Locke. it is the object or aim of an action”. might use one theory of motivation to oppose or support the merger. Persistence represents the effort expended on a task over an extended period of time. meaning do not terminate the employees unless they know for sure it will affect their finances. To regulate his efforts a lay out of the do’s and don’ts of the merge. Create an analysis document (suggested length of 3–5 pages) in which you do the following: 1. Their system showed they were financially stable and changes can be made last minute without affecting staff or finances. Goals direct one’s attention and effort toward goalrelevant activities and away from goal-irrelevant activities. Bailey can accomplish his goals with the merger and also adopt the same system that the Opera was using. areas that include staffing. (Kreitner & Kinicki. It is shown to have roots in behavioral. Illustrate how Bill Bailey. social and physiological areas. Bill Bailey might use the one theory of motivation goal setting in which it supports the merger. (2010). increase persistence and sustainability. Motivation is the psychological features that act towards one desired goals. Goal setting has four motivational mechanisms. controls and 2 sustain goal directed. Bailey can use the goal setting once all areas are considered with the merge. audience and concerns. Bailey has a very difficult decision to make in which the Utah Opera already has a system going. chairman of the board of the Utah Opera Organization. (2010) Mr. Goal setting.

assurance and recognition. Although Mrs. Abravanel of the Herzberg theory the outcomes is associated with the content of the task being performed and labeled motivators with strong effort and good performance. responsibility and advancement. Parker can use the theory of Frederick Herzberg’s motivator. With Herzberg’s theory motivator he compared job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction. He had a reputation of defending his musicians vociferously. By assuring Mrs. The recognition and the achievement that Mr. With Parkers years of experience in the health care industry and being new in this profession he still had years of experience in merges with different organizations. Abravanel to support the merger. recognition. Abravanel is concerned about the years her husband spent on organizing the shows and who has dedicated so much time and effort. the audience if their ticket prices will increase and the entire board trustees that the merging will be a great decision for the organization. Abravanel is against the merge Mr. Her husband’s legacy will continue to go on with the merge and it is not forgotten. might use one theory of motivation to convince Mrs. Mrs. 2. Parker can convince her with the assurance of Mrs. in which the new director Lockhart will follow in his footsteps and he will defend the musicians. With these two being distinguished job satisfaction is associated with achievement. Mrs. With such huge decision making and convincing boards of trustees with this merge Parker has to show confidence. characteristics. chairman of the board of the Utah Symphony Organization. Motivator is job 3 characteristics associated with satisfaction and Mr. Abravanel concerns these categories stands out due to the fact her husband already had a place of memorable recognition of a job well done. Abravanel has brought to the symphony was securing the musicians full time professional status. Mr. Parker’s role is to convince individuals of the merge. Illustrate how Scott Parker.Utah Symphony & concerns whether their positions are still secure. Ewers being present that they will continue to carry on her husband’s legacy with securing .

Her roles takes her into several different aspect of the organizations. Parker being 4 positive about the two entities coming together with feedbacks on how successful it will be. financial matters. Discuss how Anne could use her positional power to successfully lead the merger efforts. Anne is the General Director of the Utah Opera she was asked to take the role as CEO for the merge if the two organizations. staff and the operations of the organization on what shows are appropriate for performance. In her positional power this is power gained by years of professional positions. Anne’s focus with her positional power is to guide the organization in a path what would be successful. Anne can also influence others on coming aboard with the merges. she has the ability to control her powers by distinguishing the two. knowledge. confidence and enthusiasm will convince the rest of the committee of the merge. Personal power is by skills and tools given to the individual in order for them to be in the positional power. Although the merges is a huge project and challenge Anne’s years of experience. Anne is driven by success and the ability to be the leader that she is. a. If the board didn’t believe that Anne was capable and had the ability to successfully lead the merge they would not have asked her but because of Anne’s years of experience they did. employees being compliant. With the merger the symphony musicians will continue to keep their full time status and will be unionized to secure their positions. Anne’s positional and personal power is within. With this role Anne can make decisions that do not necessary need the approval of all the upper management.Utah Symphony & the musicians their full time professional status. She can use her positional power to lead a successful merge by planning and implementing a structured merge by both organizations. 3. both entities will follow her late husband’s work and continue to keep the public involved. Describe Anne’s positional power in relation to her personal power. funds are available . With the assurance from the CEO one can be convinced with information given with a plan.

Her positional and personal they both show Anne’s ability to communicate on a professional and personal level by getting them to do what she wants. Lockhart may be intimated by Anne because she is a female but Anne positional power is filled with years of experience and dedication. There will be a few adjustments for Mr. 5 Discuss how Anne could use her personal power to empower Keith Lockhart. if not resolved. Her positional power has more of a strong standing due to the role she is in. giving him that ability to make decisions on his own and her credibility with years of experience being picked to oversee such merge he can be convinced. making decisions that not only affect the organization but also the employees. She has to find ways of creating a comfortable and workable environment during the merge. Present a potential issue with the musicians that.Utah Symphony & for operation of the two and her authoritative position influences others by “doing as I say”. experience and the ability to oversee the merge and the success it will bring to the organizations revenue. 4. b. Anne’s personal and positional power correlates with how she manages the staff. this will mean creating teams of the managers overseeing the different groups. Mr. Lockhart but with an open door policy and communication Anne can use her personal power. Anne will continue to keep Lockhart in the position he is in. would jeopardize the continuing organizational performance. . Anne can use her personal power to empower Lockhart by having a one on one conversation. With Lockhart being optimistic about the merge this type of merge never happened in America before so this will be history and Anne’s personal power has a lot to convince the others on what a great opportunity it would be. In the manner in which she has knowledge. With her plans and visions to see this merge go through also sharing what she predicts with Lockhart this can be a unified team that will be able to convince the others to vote for the merge.

This would put a financial strain on the organization due to the type of business it is. The musicians are unionized so if there is any unresolved issues the union can encourage the musicians to strike which can ruin the organization reputation. they all will have equal opportunity. assuring them that there will be an agreement with the organization and the union to ensure there would not be any changes in the contract for the next two years and if there should be any changes the union will know. The musicians also fear the lack of support if the two entities are combined assuring them they will have the same support because it will be operated as a whole rather than separate entities. The potential issue would be the employees going on strike. Keeping the musicians aware of the changes and the merge this will help the musicians at ease.Utah Symphony & 6 a. Anne can also deal with these issues by allowing the union to include the Opera performers and the employees. in which she offers the union membership to . Anne’s role is to convince her staff that this merger will work and be beneficial to all. 5. Recommend how Anne could deal with the issue. Discuss influence tactics Anne could use to persuade the opera’s full-time staff and artists under contract to endorse the merger. The potential issue with the musicians if not resolved the merge can be a huge mistake. Rational persuasion defines by trying to convince someone with reason or logic. Anne can use influence tactic of rational persuasion with the staff and artist assuring them that with the merge it will be a success by adopting Utah Opera system. This organization depends on their musicians to generate revenue without the musicians there is no revenue. This will show unity with both entities and no favoritism if there should be any layoffs or cut backs. Anne could deal with the issue by addressing the concerns of the musicians.

Utah Symphony & all the staff. Managing conflict and negotiating. With her professional background and having other experienced executives this is another tactic that can influence the staff mainly because these individuals dealt with merges 7 before. Managing conflict will be a huge challenge for Anne due to the different personalities but addressing their concerns about the changes. because of the pressure the musicians may be feeling. Anne can manage these tactics by addressing the issues because of the changes. here is where Anne can get the employees involved in the planning and changes mainly because it will affect them during the merge. She can also use tactics of consultation and inspirational. . she can also negotiate their contracts and salary. Inspirational appeals trying to build enthusiasm. Anne is described as being a capable. This allows the employees to be part of the process and provide feedbacks. enthusiastic and energetic by this features one can be inspired on how upbeat that individual is and their belief. working in a team she will demonstrate effective conflict management with new developments and create solutions appropriate for new threats and opportunities. Consultation tactic is getting others to participate in which Anne was able to ask other managers to come aboard and encourage others with the merge. Getting the staff and artist involved would be on Anne’s side rather than keep them in the dark.

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