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Cutting It as a Barbershop Owner

Divorced Mother of Three Discovers Talent and Lifelong Career. Houston, TX (USA), May 06, 2013 -- After a career of listening to customer stori es as a licensed barber, Elizabeth Manuel is telling her own story of a successf ul shop owner in the male dominated grooming industry. Published through Halo P ublishing International ( ), Manuel s book, Beautifu l, Beautiful, the Haircut s Not Bad Either, will inspire readers to follow their h earts and be strong, capable leaders in their own chosen field. The book details the obstacles and rewards of making it in a traditionally male pr ofession. My courage in battling stereotypes and gender biases has led to a joyou s career and a great deal of stories, the author said. It is a testament to both s elf-reliance and resilience in a highly volatile and character filled workplace. At age 32, with three children, Manuel said she ended a 16-year marriage to a co ntrolling husband. While married, she wasn t allowed to work, but once divorced, she needed income to support her family. She tried various jobs including factory a nd office work, but she finally found her calling as a barber, a job that direct ly deals with people one on one. Manuel said her first big break in the business was 34 years ago at a shop in Independence, Ohio, a suburb that borders Clevela nd, where she worked for eight years. And while she s happy to have mastered the talent of barbering, she s even prouder b e the successful owner of Elizabeth s Barber Shop on Broadview Road in Parma. Manu el said the 28 years as a shop owner proved to her that if you have faith and wo rk hard, you can have anything you want. You can fulfill your dream if you keep a positive attitude when faced with disapp ointment, she said. Halo Publisher Lisa Umina ( ) said Beautiful, Beau tiful, the Haircut s Not Bad Either is the story of a life accomplished through ch allenge. People will be inspired to follow their dreams, she said. Manuel said her daughter, Josette, has worked with her the past 25 years and a g randson learned the trade and has joined the family business. The author continu es to barber a couple of days a week. To order Beautiful, Beautiful, the Haircut s Not Bad Either, visit http://www.halo To contact author Elizabeth Manuel, e-mail her at embarber5@gmai Press & Media Contact: Lisa M. Umina, Publisher Halo Publishing International AP #726 / P.O. Box 60326 Houston, TX 77205-0326 - USA 877-705-9647 inspirational tale, grooming industry, elizabeth manuel, battling stereotypes, c utting it, barbershop owner

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