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ANCR 1: Good afternoon Rider, I’m Ryan Hanratty. ANCR 2: And I’m Lily Lin. ANCR 1: You’re watching the Rider News.

(Opening Graphic)

MUZ: ELECTION ANALYSIS ANCR 1: The Student Entertainment Council’s 2nd Annual R-Factor competition is once again a huge success. The event allows students to

Picture of R-Factor Logo

showcase their musical talents in front of the whole student body has announced its winners for the 2013 Spring semester. Juniors Jalyssa James and Toni WalkerStanley, took the stage as a duet, singing classic songs by vocal artists like Natalie

Picture of James and Stanley- Walker Singing

Cole, Donna Summer and The Weather Girls. Both students used their beautiful voices and showmanship to help provide a strong enough performance to impress returning S-E-C judges, Nick Barbati, Karin

Picture of S-E-C Judges

Torchia, Jamiyl Mosely, and Donte Carty. The winners of the competition are awarded both 500 dollars and a schoolfunded concert on campus. James and Stanley say they will be donating the prize money to their ministry’s choir and call this event “one of their most beautiful experiences.”

Picture of James and Stanley-Walker

Dual shot of two anchors

ANCR 2: Oh that’s fantastic to hear! But here’s reporter Daisy Rivadeneira on the field.

Transition Graphic ‘In the field’


Reporter 1 (Daisy R.): Rider’s own 1-0-7-

B-Roll of Banner, the Radio Station, and some workers

7-the-bronc is holding contests to keep your mind off the stressful weeks that lie ahead. The team at The Bronc’s station has set up two contests that strongly encourage student participation. Matthew Hillman: So one of the things… we have a great event.

Interviews with poster signs over their video and screenshots of instagram and facebook sites where contest is held with lower thirds with their names

Glen Lane: The Bronc does… tell us why you deserve it. So it’s really cool. Reporter 1: After speaking to W-R-R-C’s representatives, I spoke with contestants to

B-roll of campus mall

find out why they feel they should win. Kyle Boris: I think I deserve… I really pushed myself. Jeremy Keitt: I deserve the

Student interviews with lower thirds with their names

prizes… I help out a lot in this school. Reporter 1 (Daisy R.): Remember to listen to 1-0-7-7-the-bronc everyday to see if you

Stand up by lake wit lower third graphic turn out to be a lucky winner. There is nothing better than ending the year with a bang and looking forward to a welldeserved summer break-- along with these prizes by your side. For The Rider News, I am Daisy Rivadeneira. Back to studio with dual shot of anchors ANCR 1: Thanks Daisy. Now it’s time to

Dual shot of anchors

throw it to Nick Weiss with sports. (MUZ: ELECTION ANALYSIS)

Transition Graphic ‘Sports’

ANCR 3: Good afternoon, Rider. This is Nick Weiss reporting with your weekly

Visual of Nick

news. The Rider University’s Track and Field season is well under way, and the Broncs have high hopes of finishing in first

Still of an athlete mid race

place at the conference championships hosted here at Rider on May 4th and 5th. The team’s first championship came in 2011, when they outscored Manhattan College by over 100 points. While coaches

Still of team victory photo on both sides have gone through long recruiting processes, both feel that their teams are fit to win once again. After some grueling training, the athletes and coaches Picture of athlete of Rider University believe that the team will come out on top this year, making it their second victory ever. Second picture of athlete (MUZ: ELECTION ANALYSIS) Transition graphic ‘Sports’ ANCR 3: Registration is now open for the 7th annual 5-k run/walk for Women’s Athletics will be held at Rider University on Still of walk from last year Saturday, June 8th of this year. More pictures of run from previous year All proceeds from the event will be put directly toward the 10 N-C-A-A Division One women’s varsity athletic programs,

and the cheerleading team. As a registered participant you could make a donation on someone’s behalf, or become a corporate sponsor. The link including more information can be found on the Rider Athletics website. Making a difference is only a click away. This has been Nick Weiss with your sports, back to Lily and Ryan at the desk. Visual of Nick

ANCR 2: Thanks Nick. With graduation season just a few weeks away, here we have Michael Martello over at the Cavalla Dual shot of anchors Room.


Transition graphic ‘In the field’

Reporter 2 (Mike M.): Thanks guys, students are here today taking their final steps towards graduation. Students are filling out all the necessary paperwork and

Medium Shot of Mike next to the Rider Bronc with lower third with name

receiving their caps and gowns and signing up for their class rings as a final token towards graduation. Jess Cardia: Honestly I loved it here…it feels like yesterday. Reporter 2 (Mike M.): The remaining seniors have the opportunity to pick up

Medium shot of a sound bite with Jess Cardia with lower third graphic Medium shot of Mike

graduate school applications, internship forms, and sign up for alumni donations. Student workers are busy trying to prepare seniors for graduation. We spoke with student worker, Laura Albright, to get an idea about how the ceremony will turn out. Laura Albright: I work in the president’s office…need for the

Medium close up to Laura and her sound bite with lower third graphic

commencement ceremony. Reporter 2 (Mike M.) Tensions are rising as graduation gets closer and closer, for the seniors of class of 2013.

Stand up in the cavalla room

I’m Mike Martello with the Rider News, back to you guys in the studio. MUZ: ELECTION ANALYSIS)

ANCR 2: 22-year-old Paige Aiello from Transition graphic ‘Special Report’ The College of New Jersey has been missing since Tuesday. She was last seen

Picture of Paige Aiello on screen.

with her family in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Some of her belongings were found near the George Washington Bridge. Aiello was spotted on the surveillance tapes at Penn Station, getting off a train and walking towards the bridge. Police don’t suspect foul play and are continuing their investigation. If you have any tips, please don’t hesitate to contact the Hillsborough Police Department at 908369-4323.

Phone number on screen

ANCR 1: Once again Rider, I’m Ryan Hanratty.

Dual shot of anchors

ANCR 2: And I’m Lily Lin. Thank you for watching the Rider News.

ANCR 1: We’ll see you next time. MUZ: Election Analysis


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