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KOMAL KAMRA SUBMITTED BY: APARNA G. (53404) ROHIT K. (53411) AARTI K. (53419) MUKESH P. (53420) ROHIT V. (53426) T.Y.B.M.S. SEM VI

We pay a vote of thanks to our torchbearer faculty Ms. Komal Kamra for guiding us by giving such an in enthusiastic and project which endorsed our knowledge about the top players in the field of marketing research at the international level. We are grateful towards our Komal mam who always gave opportunities to increase our

knowledge by giving such informative projects.

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Research means a detailed, systematic and comprehensive study of a problem. Here, the details, information and data of the problem are collected and studied, conclusions are drawn and suggestions or recommendations are made to solve the problem quickly, correctively and systematically. In marketing research, specific marketing problem is studied in depth by collecting and analyzing all relevant information and solutions are suggested to solve the problem which may be related to consumers, product, market competition, sales promotion and so on. Marketing research is a special branch of marketing management. It acts as an investigative arm of a marketing manager. It suggests possible solutions on marketing problems

for the consideration and selection by marketing manager. Marketing research also acts as an important tool to study buyer behavior, changes in consumer life-styles and consumption patterns, brand loyalty and forecast market changes. Marketing research facilities accurate marketing decisions for consumer satisfaction on the one hand and sales promotion on the other hand. It is rightly treated as the SOUL of modern marketing management. It definitely will not be controversial if marketing research is called as the beginning and the end of marketing management.

Definitions:The most widely accepted definition of marketing research is as follows:1. The systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services. By American Marketing Association (AMA)

2. Marketing research is systematic problem analysis, model building and fact-finding for the purpose of improved decision-making and control in the marketing of goods and services. By Philip Kotler 3. The application of scientific method to the solution of marketing problems. By Luck, Wales and Taylor


Synovate is a market research firm owned by the Aegis Group. It was formed from the acquisition of a number of smaller market research firms. It has a number of different divisions, such as Synovate Healthcare, Synovate loyalty, Synovate Censydiam and Motoresearch. They claimed themselves as the most "curious" people in the world. Market Facts began to globalize in the 1990s by purchasing several market research companies around the worldfrom Canada to Latin America. It also attempted to globalize by establishing informal relationships with selected overseas research companies. This proved ineffective. Indeed it became clear that the only way to be a global research organisation was to acquire or be acquired. Thus when Aegis Group PLC, headquartered in London, U.K., came knocking with an offer to make Market Facts the first acquisition in their plan to create a new global research group, the Market Facts directors were ready to recommend the takeover to shareholders. The deal was closed in 2001.The Aegis Group was a holding a company that owned many media planning companies. Its interest in expanding and acquiring research companies was born from its need for market research to measure the success of media. Over the next three years, Aegis Group acquired numerous companies and soon had seventy-two offices that operated in forty-three countries

including Market Facts, Asia Market Intelligence, Research Fact, BAIGlobal, IMR, MarkTrend, Motoresearch, MS&P, Sample Surveys, Strategy Research Corporation, Tandem Research Associates, INNER, MEMRB, Demoscopie, Market&More, and Pegram Walters. On January 6, 2003, the new brand name SYNOVATE was officially launched. Type Founded Headquarters Key people Industry Services Business practice 1994 as a AMI Consulting Singapore Robert Philpott, CEO. Market research Management consulting, business intelligence, market analysis Projects across the globe 22,611 Revenue US $ 720 Million(2007) Employees 5925(2007) Techniques:Tools that allow to pre-test advertising concepts and track how well communications are working Synovate AdCheck:-

AdCheck identifies the overall effectiveness of an execution determines whether the communication strategy has been achieved, evaluates consumer attitudes and relevance and provides input to the creative. AdCheck is flexible and can be applied to almost all forms of advertising including print, TV, radio, animatics, storyboards and concepts. The methodology is rapid and reliable, with initial results 48 hours after fieldwork and a complete report within 10 days. Simply the most comprehensive advertising pretesting system available today. Synovate Brand Vision:Brand managers need a way of tracking the effectiveness of their marketing investments. Brand Vision lets them do this through ongoing daily interviews and easy-tounderstand analysis. Each Brand Vision programme is customized for the client's specific needs. Clients get precise recommendations on advertising efficiency, business growth segments and communications strategies. Brand Vision equips clients to create more enduring, profitable brands.

A brand and advertising system that provides feedback about how marketing and advertising influence consumers. Company Values the 3Is THE 3Is International Being international is not the same as being global. Synovate is a company built on borderless cooperation. Their structure fits wherever their people are based and fits the needs of clients wherever they are based. Integration Integration means the geographies, practices, industry verticals and teams at Synovate work as one to power Synovates growth. The strength lies in involving and learning from each other. Innovation Innovation is about challenging the norm and stretching boundaries in order to create a more efficient and better quality business. It's not just about research techniques and big initiatives; innovation can come from anyone and anywhere within the business of the organization.

Synovate 24 gives rapid customer service issues

response to

Synovate 24 is a customer loyalty tool. It empowers manufacturers and dealers by putting them in immediate touch with buyers and enables them to receive customer feedback and respond to it fast. Within 24 hours of a customer visit, manufacturers can: Listen to the voice of the buyer detailing their positive and negative experiences recorded and emailed to you. Respond to customer problems immediately thanks to an electronic message alert that's also sent to the dealer. Accelerate customer loyalty by addressing customer concerns quickly before they lead to permanent dissatisfaction. By using comparative data for tracking and benchmarking, Synovate 24 helps to anticipate customer service issues rather than just reacting to them.

Change Agent
The marketing research magazine that chronicles change in global business. You can't avoid change so you might as well learn how to embrace it. Change Agent is a magazine for the global marketing community. Their mission is to showcase how market research is driving change in enterprise, the marketplace and society.

An immense library of market intelligence As the world's most curious company, they have built a vast and constantly expanding body of knowledge about consumer behavior, global markets and the research process. They conduct many ongoing in-house research initiatives of broad interest to marketers. These have a variety of objectives, including: *0 Identifying emerging cultural trends *1 Understanding changing consumer attitudes *2 Adding to our quantitative knowledge of various market sectors *3 Determining how research can be practically applied to initiate change

ODonnell & Associates (OD&A) is a comprehensive publishing services firm with clients in the education and information industries, with a focus on higher education. The firm is located in Stamford, CT and was founded in 1990 by Carrie ODonnell. OD&A develops educational products. The company specializes in market development, product development, and production. ODonnell & Associates is one of the few firms that offers a full array of publishing services, including project management, editorial development, market development, and market research, end-to-end product development, and consulting. OD&A is structured as a virtual company, including project managers, experts in editorial and product development, market research and marketing, and technology. This team works alongside onshore and offshore providers for production. OD&A brings subject matter experts into projects as needed, and uses recruiters to locate and recruit experts.

ODonnell Services
Market Development & Project Management
O'Donnell & Associates' market development technique revolves around cultivating a relationship with a target panel of potential customers. OD&A works with this panel to simultaneously shape the product (or strategy) and cultivate loyal adopters. OD&A conducts focus groups, surveys, conjoint analysis, in-depth interviews, usability labs, developmental workshops, and virtual focus groups on behalf of their clients. The company has experience conducting market development activities with both faculty and students, as well as other key industry stakeholders. OD&A also provides competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, needs assessments, and market intelligence for its clients. OD&A also helps clients launch products into the market, conducting research to develop and test messages, orchestrating pilot tests, monitoring customer satisfaction, and initiating market seeding activities. Type Private

Founded Headquarters Key people



1990 Stamford, CT Carrie ODonnell, President & Founder; Joana Jebsen, VP of business development &marketing; Bill Walter, VP of Operations; Claire Brennan, Director of market development Market research, Consulting, eLearning, Publishing, Product Development 51-100

Content & Product Development

OD&A specializes in helping to create products that are responsive to dynamic market conditions. These products incorporate a real world environment into the learning process, while providing immediate feedback and quality assessment. Some of ODonnells product development services include: *0 Packaging/Educational Product Development: Called the End-to-End

Publishing Solution, OD&A will shepherd a product or group of products throughout its lifecycle. From concept development to marketready delivery. OD&A manages the process from author acquisition, to prototyping and product design, to content development and production, and into the product launch and revision. *1 Instructional Design: Design that aids in the learning process. *2 Content Acquisition: The process of locating and securing content for publication. *3 Content Reviewing and Peer Reviews: OD&A will recruit reviews and then manage the review process. *4 Author or SME (subject matter expert) acquisition and management: OD&A recruits and manages authors, writers, and content experts.

Production:Production is the third phase in the End-to-End publishing process. It is where the ideas from market and product development materialize into a final, polished product. OD&A oversees all phases of production, including manuscript preparation, pre-press print production, copyediting and proofreading, website development, supplement development, media and video supplements, text permissions, photo research and art permissions.

Consulting:O'Donnell & Associates offers consulting services for strategic management and process development. Some consulting services include creating a market development process, business planning and market planning, building a customer pipeline, and list management.

Publicity:ODonnell & Associates was one of the Friend sponsors of the 2009 Association of American University Presses conference. Clients ODonnell & Associates clients are education information content providers, mostly in higher education. Some of their clients include: Association of MathSoft Stockton American Publishers Engineering & Press Blackboard Inc. Education Thinkwell Cengage Learning McDougal Littell UOL ESI International McGraw-Hill, Inc Publishing/VC Expanded Learning Microsoft Press ampus Voyage Oxford University Von Flat World Press Holtzprinck Knowledge Pearson Education Vista Higher Harcourt Brace PricewaterhouseCo Learning Publishers opers, LLC HarperCollins Primedia, Inc. Wolters Harvard Business The Princeton Kluwer

School Publishing Hewlett Packard Company Impact Planning Group

Review ProQuest Simba Information, Inc. Yale University Press