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Italian towns ravaged: Ravenne, Bresse, Turin, Verceilli.
Muslims (Lybia) captures Malta and other islands.
Southern France ruined: Tours, Orleans, Blois, Angiers, Reims, Nantes.
French fleet completely destroyed in Mediterranean Sea ( MedSea.)
France endures 30 years of war.
Armaggedon, the final battle with no apparent victor.
2025 AD, China conquers Russia.
France and Italy suffer most.
Feast of the eagle (US),the invasion on Italy begins.
Christians incinerated alive.
Famine and starvation.
2026AD, large asteroid causes floods, sink many countries.
Muslims capture Gibraltar, Pisa, Avignon, Turin.
One million French killed or captured in Southern France.
Ruined are Bazaz, Lestore, Condom, Auch, Agen, Carcasone, Bordeaux, Toulose, Bayonne.
Ransack in Rome And Tuscan.
Spain attacks France.
NATO in disarray.
Eastern Alliance: Russia, Muslims (Iran), China.
French children in Southern France suffer much.
Muslims destroy all Med Sea coastlands.
Eastern submarines attack Italian coasts.
European prisoners starved to death on barren islands.
Korean war take place in 2006AD.
Devastations in Loire, Saone, Rhone region, Garrone.
Tessin, Ticino destroyed.
Weapon of mass destruction (WOMD) in South France.
WOMD fired from Dalmatia.
Central Europe suffer.
Flood in Italy, Genoa.
Half English island will submerge under ocean.
Venice destroyed, their women raped.
Most part of mankind will perish ( two-thirds.)
Mass extermination by Muslims.
French navy is surrounded, sunk to sea bottom.
Geneva suffers starvation.
Russia attacks London.
French troop suffer great loss in Italy.
War foretold for Geneva.
Drought in Balkan and Italy.
WOMD over the Mediterranean Sea .
Full-scale terrorist attacks on US soil.
Crazy mob burn down Vatican.
250,000 French will die in Southern France.
Israel and Palestine will fight.
Iran occupies South France.
China become terror in Asia.
Droughts, man-made earthquakes around Med Sea.
Floods from Hebrus, Po, Tagus, Rhone rivers.
WOMD in South France.
WOMD on Italian soil.
Russia attacks Germany.
US take Milan with heavy casualties.
Paris destroyed, French capital moved.
France suffer great losses in Rome.
Military defeats for US.
Majority of Muslim populations will die at the end.
Spain becomes Iranian allies.
Great Britain suffers floods.
Naval blockage around England, causes starvation.
Marseilled attacked.
St. Quitin, northern France, overrun by Russia.
True believers burnt alive.
US-China conflicts in the 21st century.
Torture, sex slaves taken by Muslims in Italy.
Nuclear explosion in Geneva.
Russia over the Alps to France.
Italian wells poisoned with germs and chemical, new staph disease.
Rhine citizens incinerated in Malta.
Italian concentration camps contaminated with WOMD.
Mass exodus, widespread starvation in South France.
China dams destroyed, flooding.
Chemical weapons used, biological warfare, drought in Italy.
Iran drives deep into France and Western Europe.
Russia & Iran plan to conquer the world. Russia & Iran carve Europe into two halves.
Incineration, mass graves in Pharos and Rhodes islands.
Parma taken.
Iran controls Med Sea.
Muslim conquer Spain and Italy.
US will not help Europe at first. Russia occupy Hungary and Czech.
Central Europe, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria will be leveled. Major battles there.
Muslims betray, destroy Greece.
Russian navy attack North Europe, nuclear bombs inducing earthquakes and floods.
Russia and China suffer mutual destruction at the end of WW III.
Muslim occupiers force Islam conversion, transport prisoners overseas, install antipope.
Italy covered with blood.
No winning side, war dragged on.
Only few Russian and Muslim soldiers come home at the end.
Paris, London, Rome are the modern Tyre, completely destroyed, uninhabitable.
Artificial weather, nuclear explosions over Med Sea, sinking many ships.
Russia, Iran navies set sail form Black Sea to Italy.
Muslim/Russia in the West; China/Korea in the East.
Iran-Muslims defeated around 2025AD.
Savonna, Albenga slaughtered.
Pavia, Milan, Geno taken by Muslims easily.
Same fate for Ticino, Loire, Garonne, Saone, Seine, Tain, Gironde.
China, Russia, Iran, Muslims, Europe all chase death, one-thirds left.
Brutal and merciless Russians and Muslims occupy Geneva, Britain, Genoa.
Slaughter of clergy.
Russia occupy and brutal in Belgium.
South & East France stained with blood.
Entire Italy will be ravaged.
Missile with WOMD in Nicene.
Muslims loot Vatican treasures.
Russia Iran created September 11th to trap US.
Chemical biological attacks in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Mass grave in Jerusalem.
WW III , more than 20 years. (2006 -2026?)
Spain invades France.
Cardinals slaughtered, Rome, Rimini, Prato, Colonna being attacked and suffer.
The False Crusade. US help comes too late.
Major battles in Rochelle, France.
Muslims overrun Avignon.
Nuclear explosion in Geneva.
WW III is the expiation for sins.
WOMD dropped on Muslim homelands.
Narbonne, Bayonne, Foix devastated.
Christians, Jews put to death.
European children transported overseas, mass extermination.
Eastern Alliance: Russia, Iran, Muslims, Spain, Greece, Central/Eastern European countries.
Manhattan sink to ocean due to terrorist attack.
Clergy and civilians sent to concentration camps.
Hungary and Central Europe forced to convert to Islam or die.
WOMD on Hungary and Central Europe.
Being attacked: Rome, Venice, Milan, Lucca, Florence.