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Russian Alphabet Table Russian Lesson 1

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Russian Lessons Getting Started 1 - Russian Alphabet 2 - Numbers 3 - Basic Phrases 4 - In a Bar/Cafe 5 - Verbs / Pronouns 6 - Nouns 7 - I Love... 8 - Places. (in/at/on) 9 - Family 10 - Genitive Case 11 - Plurals 12 - Language Review 13 - Dative Case 14 - Instrumental Case 15 - Past Tense 16 - Verbs of Motion 17 - Most Used Words 18 - Russian Apartments Advanced - Audio Articles Russian Grammar Spelling Rules Nouns : Gender Nouns : Nominative Case Nouns : Accusative Case Nouns : Dative Case Nouns : Genitive Case Nouns : Instrumental Case Nouns : Prepositional Case Pronouns Verbs : Present Tense Verbs : Past Tense Verbs : Verbs of Motion Verbs : Aspects Verbs : Reflexive Conjugated Verbs Adjectives Russian Vocabulary Conjugated Verbs Numbers Question Words Days and Months Family Food and Drink Animals Clothes Countries Verbs 2 Adjectives 1 Adjectives 2 Online Russian Tools Discussion Forums English-Russian Dictionary Russian Language Trainer Transliterate Tool Mini-Book Store Russian Keyboard Dual Language E-Books Crime & Punishment Miscellaneous Russian Quiz Russian Keyboard Setup Russia Guide How To Help Us

Main Lesson Alphabet Table Exercises In the table below is the full Russian alphabet in presented in dictionary order. It would also be useful to learn how to say the Russian letters. The Russian Alphabet Russian Character Аа Бб Вв Гг Дд Ее Ёё Жж Зз Ии Йй Кк Лл Мм Нн Оо Пп Рр Сс Тт Уу Фф Хх Цц Чч Шш Щщ Ъъ Ыы Ьь Ээ Юю Яя Аа Bb Vv Gg Dd YE ye YO yo Zh zh Zz EE ee I i or Y y Kk Ll Mm Nn Stressed: O o Unstressed: A a Pp Rr Ss Tt Uu Ff H h, KH kh TS ts CH ch SH sh (hard) SH sh (soft) Hard Sign Ii Soft Sign Ee YU yu YA ya English Equivalent Like "a" in car Like "b" in bat Like "v" in van Like "g" in go Like "d" in dog Like "ye" in yet Like "yo" in yonder Like "s" in measure or pleasure or like "g" in beige (the colour) Like "z" in zoo Like "ee" in see like "y" in boy or toy Like "k" in kitten, "c" in cat. Like "l" in light Like "m" in mat Like "n" in no Like "o" in bore Like "a" in car Like "p" in pot Like "r" in run (rolled) Like "s" in sam Like "t" in tap Like "oo" in boot Like "f" in fat Like "h" in hello or like the "ch" in Scottish 'loch' or German 'Bach' Like "ts" in bits Like "ch" in chip Like "sh" in shut Like "sh" in sheep Letter before is hard Like "i" in ill Letter before is soft Like "e" in pet Like "u" in use or university Like "ya" in yard. Sound Letter Name in Russian "ah" "beh" "veh" "geh" "deh" "yeh" "yo" "zheh" "zeh" "ee" "ee kratkoyeh" "kah" "ehl" "ehm" "ehn" "oh" "peh" "ehr" "ehs" "teh" "oo" "ehf" "khah" "tseh" "cheh" "shah" "schyah" "tvyordiy znahk" "i" "myagkeey znahk" "eh" "yoo" "yah"


and the cursive (italic) version of the character.Net Alphabet Table .Russian Lesson 1 Page 2 of 2 The table below gives you the normal printed version of the russian characters.Com/TamilMarriage 11 Million தமி Brides.UtilityChest. It is worth learning these.35Cr in return guaranteed.Grooms For தி மண .Perfect For Students Best Investment Plans PolicyBazaar.php 27-04-2013 . А а А а Б б Б б В в В в Г г Г г Д д Д д Е е Е е Ё ё Ё ё Ж ж Ж ж З з З з И и И и Й й Й й К к К к Л л Л л М м М м Н н Н н О о О о П п П п Р р Р р С У Тт с у С Т У с т у Ф ф Ф ф Х х Х х Ц ц Ц ц Ч ч Ч ч Ш ш Ш ш Щ щ Щ щ Ъ ъ Ъ ъ Ы ы Ы ы Ь ь Ь ь Э э Э э Ю ю Ю ю Я я Я я தமி வர க Get This Must-Have Language Tool Free Toolbar .Compare quotes (c)Copyright RussianLessons. The cursive characters are often used in signs and they also are similar to the hand-written form of Russian. The letters which are significantly different are noted in Invest Rs 8300 pm and get Rs1. Join Free! Dictionary Free Download Language.russianlessons.

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