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Demantra Integration Overview
Demantra Demand Management Demand Management Real-Time Sales and Operations Planning Trade Promotion Management

Predictive Trade Planning

Advanced Forecasting Configure to Order

Deduction and Settlement Management

Promotion Optimization

Supply Chain Planning Strategic Network Optimization Inventory Optimization Adv. Supply Chain Planning Global Order Promising Collaborative Planning Production Scheduling

Siebel Siebel Sales

Oracle EBS Supply Chain Management and Financials

JDE E1 Supply Chain Management and Financials

Siebel CRM Trade Management Execution

3 Released Released in in 7.1.1 7.1.1 To be released in 7.2 In roadmap

Oracle Demantra Demand Management
Support planning the way your business works • Standard, pre-configured, extensible hierarchies, series and worksheets to model all planning data:
• • • • • • • Map to EBS and E1 hierarchies Products, product families and product categories Customer ship-to locations Sales channels and customer accounts Capture demand more frequently, closer to the point of consumption Capture demand and forecast at more granular level (store, shelf, attributes, product characteristics) Achieve consensus demand number more quickly by involving all constituents at the same time, including customers Quickly identify and react to demand changes and exceptions Leverage advanced statistics for more accurate demand number Use any combination of quantitative or qualitative data to establish your base line forecast High precision statistical forecasting, no statistical background required – Superior Bayesian-Markov forecast analytics Forecast based on attributes and characteristics Leverage Advanced Forecast Modeling for promotion lift decomposition and causal analysis Profitably balance supply, demand, and budgets Align strategic and tactical plans Role based process, proactively managed via workflow

• Sense demand real-time


• • • • • •

• Improve forecast accuracy

• Evolve to real-time S&OP
Final Approver
• • •


UOM. Price Lists Forecast Error Forecast Supply Chain Planning Inventory Optimization Strategic Network Optimization Adv. etc Calendars. Users Shipments. Bookings. Currency. etc Demantra Demand Management Shipments Supply Chain Planning Strategic Network Optimization Production and Distribution Planning Production Scheduling Supply Chain Management and Financials Demand Management Forecast Forecast (XML) SCBM Forecast (XML) 5 . Orgs.Demantra Integration – Demand Management Oracle EBS Demantra Supply Chain Management and Financials Demand Management Items. Orgs. Supply Chain Planning Demand Management Demand Priority JDE E1 Items. Conversion Rates.

and post-effect (pantry loading) 6 . Advanced Forecasting and Demand Modeling 3000 2500 2000 Cases 1500 1000 500 0 Week 1 Cases Actual Past Future 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 W eek 1 Past Future Gross lift Net lift Cannibalization Forward buying Pantry loading Competitive switching Category growth Baseline Actual Baseline Week 6 Week 11 W eek 6 W eek 11 DM Week AFDM W eek Basic causal forecasting • Shows the cumulative impact of multiple factors that impact demand Adds advanced statistical analysis • Breaks down the impact in to baseline (including trend. season.Demand Management vs. and causals). pre-effect (event anticipation). indirect lift (cannibalization and halo). direct lift.

SNO and ASCP for data commonly used in the process (production plan.) 7 . demand. resource capacity.Profitably balance supply. and budgets • Seeded templates for S&OP collaboration • • Seeded consensus planning worksheets Easily tailored to your business Evolve to Real-Time S&OP • Configurable and extensible • Collaborate at any level • Manage by exception instantly • • • Exceptions and visual cues easily point to important issues immediately Document all assumptions with a complete audit trail of decisions taken Leverage POS data to alert planners to exceptions real time (versus batch month by month) • Integrated • Seeded data streams integrated to EBS. on-hand. etc.

UOM. Orgs. Users Shipments. Bookings. Currency. Conversion Rates.Demantra Integration – Sales & Operations Planning Demantra Items. etc Calendars. Supply Plan members. Supply Chain Planning 8 . SNO publish data files Consensus Forecast Sales & Operation Planning Oracle EBS Supply Chain Management and Financials S&OP Supply Chain Planning SNO/ASCP collections Inventory Optimization Strategic Network Optimization Adv. Price Lists PLUS SCI data and unit cost ASCP data.

sales. Shipments Promotional Pricing integration to ensure correct order pricing and accurately track promotional spending and accruals Settlement integration with A/R and A/P to resolve deductions and process claims • Profitably optimize future promotions • Products Claims • Integration roadmap: E1 • • • • Integration roadmap: Siebel TPM Single Source of Truth 9 . Locations. and account planning Finance Marketing Sales Supply Chain • • • • Collaboration Customer Data Workbench • Promotions Sales forecasting by account/customer ship-to Predict and monitor trade fund spending Interactive promotion planning with what-if analysis of manufacturer and retailer impacts Lift decomposition identifies promotion effects such as cannibalization and halo Direct sales and external brokers and distributors Automatically selects best promotion strategy Leverage DM integration for Items.Demand Driven Predictive Trade Planning Stakeholders • Collaboratively manage all funds.

Demantra Integration – Predictive Trade Planning to E1 JDE JDE Order Mgmt Customer Hierarchy Product Hierarchy Sales Activity (Historical and Current) List Pricing and Standard Costing Promotional Pricing (Off-Invoice & Bill-Back Allowances) Actual Promotional Spending/Accruals Volume Forecast Addressed During Implementation Demantra PTP Predictive Trade Planning Promotion History Legacy Legacy Client Client TPM TPM System System JDE JDE A/R Demantra DSM Deductions Credit Memo / Write-Off / Chargeback JDE JDE A/P Payment Requests Confirmation Deductions and Settlement Management Claims Manual Manual Entry Entry Addressed by Demantra Demand Management Integration 10 .

Run forecasting engine in Demantra.Demantra Integration – Predictive Trade Planning to Siebel Account Planning Hierarchy (initial full load with nightly incremental loads) Product Planning Hierarchy (initial full load with nightly incremental loads) Time Period Definitions (manual) Promotional Tactics Master List (manual) Pricing and Cost (future 18 months) Siebel Siebel TPM TPM Sales Activity (initial historical shipments load with nightly updates) Plan Master (initial full load with nightly incremental loads) Fund Balances (current snapshot) Promotions (initial historical load with nightly updates) Volume Forecast (baseline shipments future 18 months) Promotions – Incremental Volume (current & planned) Promotional Lift Coefficients (future 18 months) Demantra Demantra PTP PTP Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Feed of master data. and lift coefficients from Demantra to Siebel 11 . promotional incremental volume. Feed of baseline forecast. and promotional details from Siebel to Demantra. sales activity.

not just S&OP • Best-in-class statistical forecasting improves baseline for Operations Plan and Sales Plan • Best-in-class financial planning. budgeting and forecasting provides visibility to revenue and cost targets • Aggregate and detailed planning and consumption analysis enable companies to pinpoint problems and opportunities at actionable level • Demantra “aligns” financial plan from Hyperion to supply plan in EBS/ERP • Current statistical forecast compared to financial budget on continuous basis and exception generated with actionable detail • Integrated Siebel sales and promotions modeling provides instant impact of demand shaping applied to close gaps • Potential revenue or profit short falls identified when something can be done about it 12 .Roadmap: Business Transformation.

12 R8.12 R7.8 In planning Trade Promotion Optimization Deduction and Settlement Management R8.11SP1√ R9.2 (Siebel Sales) R7.12 13 .12 √ R8.8 R8.0 Siebel Peoplesoft Hyperion Advanced Forecasting and Demand Modeling Real-time Sales and Operations Planning Predictive Trade Planning R12 R11i10 R8.Demantra Product Integration Plan Oracle Demantra Product Demand Management EBS R11i10√ R12 JDE Enterprise1 R8.

Demand Management Details 14 .

Oracle Advanced Planning Complete E-Business Planning Solution Supply Chain Intelligence Network Design Sales and Operations Planning Demand Management Inventory Optimization IO SCI SNO DM Service Fulfill Make Procure Maintain Finance HR All Product. Customer. & Supplier Information Projects From detail to summary Supply Chain & Manufacturing Planning ASCP Global Order Promising Distribution Planning Production Scheduling PS GOP ASCP Plan Order Sell Market Develop SC Exception Management CP Collaborative Planning From short-term to long-term 15 CP .

Booking History. Returns History • Manufacturing & Fiscal calendars • Units of Measure • Price Lists. Currencies.EBS-Demantra DM Integration Description The Integration of E-Business Suite & Demantra includes: • Seeded collections from EBS into Demantra DM • Shipment History. Currency Conversion Rates • Level Values for seeded Hierarchies & Levels: Item Levels • Product Category: Item > Category • Product Family: Item > Product Family • Demand Class: Demand Class Location Levels • Zone: Site > Trading Partner Zone > Zone • Customer Class: Site > Account > Customer > Customer Class • Business Group: Organization > Operating Unit > Bus Group • Legal Entity: Organization > Legal Entity • Sales Channel: Sales Channel 16 .

Customer. Fiscal Calendar & to specify the Category Set • Support for multiple source instances • Item A from Instance 1 & Item A from Instance 2 are treated as the same item • The items & parents collected are determined by profiles: • Master Category Set • Master Org 17 .EBS-Demantra DM Integration Description • Legacy collections to support bringing in historical data and dimensional data from Legacy systems into DM • Shipment & Booking History • Level Members • Some customization is required to collect Sales Channel.

PS 18 . IO. SNO.EBS-Demantra DM Integration Description • Output from DM to E-Business Suite includes: • Forecasts to • • • • Advanced Supply Chain Planning Inventory Optimization Strategic Network Optimization Production Scheduling • Forecast accuracy to Inventory Optimization • Forecast priority to Advanced Supply Chain Planning • APS and Demantra must be on the same database instance in order for Demantra to output forecasts to ASCP.

separate 11i10 Demantra instance (no other APS products) • Consolidated 11i10 EBS source / Demantra instance (no other APS products) • Supported database versions are Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g • Future plans include support for R12 and for configurations with R12 as the destination and 11i10 as the source 19 .EBS-Demantra DM Integration Description • Supported configurations • One or more EBS 11i10 sources instances + one or more legacy instances. separate 11i10 APS/Demantra destination instance • Consolidated 11i10 EBS source / APS / Demantra instance • One or more EBS 11i10 source instances + one or more legacy instances.

Forecast Accuracy. UOM.Bookings. Price Lists Items.EBS-Demantra DM Integration Description Single EBS/APS/DM Instance EBS Transactional Applications Shipments. Single EBS/DM Instance Consolidated 11i10 EBS source / Demantra instance EBS Transactional Applications Demantra Staging Flat file Loads External File or DB View Demantra 20 . Orgs etc. Calendars ODS Demantra Staging Demantra Flat file Loads Consolidated 11i10 EBS source / APS / Demantra DM instance ASCP IO SNO Demand Priority Forecast. Currency..

Currency.EBS-Demantra DM Integration Description Items. Demand Priority Demantra Instance Demantra Staging External File or DB View One or more EBS 11i10 sources/ One or more Legacy instances / Separate Demantra destination instance EBS Source Demantra Flat file Loads 21 . Bookings. Price Lists One or more EBS 11i10 sources/ One or more Legacy instances / Separate 11i10 APS/Demantra destination instance ASCP IO SNO Forecast.. Forecast Accuracy. Calendars APS Planning Instance ODS Demantra Staging Demantra Flat file Loads EBS Source Shipments. Orgs etc. UOM.

& Full Download if Auto=NO Demantra Load Completes Automated process 22 .EBS-Demantra DM Integration Setup and Process SETUP Set up Instances PROCESS Run Standard Collection Run Collection for Currency Conv. Returns History Run Standard Collection Run Collection for Shipment & Booking Designate Calendars For use in DM Designate Price Lists For use in DM Designate New Products (if required) To appear in DM Automatically Launch Download? Yes Download Runs Automatically No Run appropriate Download Workflow for Price List. Run Collection for Price List.. Returns. UOM Conv.

Standard Collections run and Calendars. run the appropriate collections processes Loads reference data from EBS Loads EBS data into DM Staging tables Loads data from Legacy Systems into DM Staging 23 . Price Lists & Calendars setup.EBS-Demantra DM Integration • After Instances have been setup.

• Additional workflows can be created as needed 24 .EBS-Demantra DM Integration • Workflow Manager gives the Admin access to the workflows that download data. upload data etc. calculate the forecast.

Admin launches the Forecast Calculation & Approval Process workflow • At completion.EBS-Demantra DM Integration • After Setup & Collections are complete. the Planning Group workflow is automatically invoked to notify the Demand Analysts the forecast is available 25 .

EBS-Demantra DM Integration • Once the forecast is approved. SNO & PS • The Workflow invokes an export integration profile to upload a global or local forecast to EBS 26 . forecast accuracy and forecast priority to ASCP. IO. the Admin can upload the forecast.

Week. Demand Priority • Output Levels: Item. Demand Class 27 . Demand Priority • Output Levels: Item. Week. Zone. Forecast Accuracy MAPE. Zone. Demand Priority • Output Levels: Item. Demand Priority • Output Levels: Item. Week • Global Zone Forecast • Series: Final Forecast. Org. Demand Class • Global Zone Forecast with Demand Class • Series: Final Forecast. Forecast Accuracy MAPE.EBS-Demantra DM Integration The exported dataset is determined by the export integration profile • Local Forecast • Series: Final Forecast. Org. Week • Local Forecast with Demand Class • Series: Final Forecast. Forecast Accuracy MAPE. Forecast Accuracy MAPE.

EBS-Demantra DM Integration • Admin can create additional import integration profiles to download custom series • Admin can also create additional export integration profiles to upload series. however the following naming convention must be followed for Series’ internal names: • • • • Forecast: FCST_ Priority: PRTY_ Forecast accuracy MAPE: ACRY_MAPE_ Destination key: DKEY_ 28 .

analysis. exceptions. internal and external collaboration • Preseeded components • Levels. collaboration.EBS-Demantra DM Application Description • Demand Management offers: • Statistical forecasting. levels and menus based on security settings for groups and users 29 . data series • Preseeded worksheets • Demand Analysis & Waterfall Analysis • Preseeded workflows • Analyst notification & Approval process • Forecast archiving to preserve current period’s forecast • Process run manually or can be scheduled • Access to series. hierarchies. reporting.

final approval and forecast accuracy • Analysts can run ad-hoc forecast simulations • Analysts can create & share worksheets 30 . overrides. statistical forecast.EBS-Demantra DM Application Description • Workbench organizes the Analyst’s information • Select from seeded & custom worksheets • View notifications and assigned tasks • View online status of the collaboration group • Seeded worksheets in Demand Management offer a consolidated view of history. final forecast.

EBS-Demantra DM Application Setup and Process SETUP Admin sets up security & User Groups (First time only or to modify groups) PROCESS Analysts receive Notification from Forecast & Approval Workflow Analysts review & modify forecast Admin customizes Workflows (One time only) Analysts review & Modify forecast Send email to Manager Admin runs Archive Process and/or Upload as needed Analyst checks off Task as done when analysis complete Admin runs/schedules Forecast Calculation & Approval Workflow Manager receives Notification to approve/disapprove Analyst changes No – Mgr Sends email Automated process Admin receives Notification the Forecast is ready for upload Forecast Approved Yes 31 .

EBS-Demantra DM Application Create/Modify Users • System Administrator creates a new user in E-Business Suite with the relevant responsibility: • Demand Management System Administrator • Demand Analyst • User is automatically created in Oracle Demantra 32 .

33 .EBS-Demantra DM Application Analyst Overview • Analysts are notified when the forecast is available for review • Analysts manage or view forecasts and demand by starting Demand Management Workbench • Seeded worksheets with the necessary series for analysis and modification of the forecast are available for the analyst at the beginning of each cycle.

EBS-Demantra DM Application Analyst Overview • Select Demand Analyst responsibility and Demand Management Workbench to start Oracle Demantra • The Collaborator Workbench displays. note the 4 panes of information 34 .

EBS-Demantra DM Application Analyst Overview • Analysts can start their review by selecting a Waterfall Analysis worksheet to determine the accuracy of previous forecasts • Use the members browser to select the Category/Org combinations and review the actuals to forecast data 35 .

EBS-Demantra DM Application Final Approver Overview • When satisfied with the forecast. the Final Approval checkbox is checked which locks the forecast • The My Tasks checkbox is also checked to notify the Sys Admin the forecast is available for upload 36 .

SNO & PS • The Workflow invokes an export integration profile to upload a global or local forecast to E-Business Suite 37 .EBS-Demantra DM Integration • Once the forecast is approved. forecast accuracy and forecast priority to ASCP. the Admin can upload the forecast. IO.

html 38 .oracle.oracle.com/technology/documentation/applications.com/ • Oracle Product Documentation: • http://www.Additional Resources For Customers and Partners • For More Information about our Products • http://www.com/support/ • For MetaLink Information: • http://metalink.com/products/ • For More Information about Education • http://www.oracle.oracle.oracle/com/education/ • For More Information about Support • http://www.

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