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Propag Group
nancial services assets management International stock market

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C.M.Propag Group
nancial services assets management International stock market


We are a group service provider to nancial rms, whose

objec ve is, register and submit proposals to our customers without intermediaries, so business elapse clearly and directly, without the presence of intermediaries or brokers in mes where nego a on does not allow them to arrive. Right now we are providing exclusive services for a Bank of sector ASSET MANAGEMENT, private one to custodear Brazilian LTN's. Our client issues SKR, about their tles with full responsability, not being a bank not ranked. About of our Client: Flexibility of nego a on, Allianz with 3 Interna onal Bank (Con nentalNZ, Hinduja Bank and Sweden and Bal c) world presence, 7 years negocia ng assets, is share of Medinas Group a one of the largest manufacturers and researchers of drugs against cancer in Brazil. Large part of their prots will be applied to research and combat degenera ve diseases.

Asset Management With over R$ 5.2 billion of assets under our management and administra on, our knowledge of Brazil, London, Hong Kong, New York, Zurich, among other equally strategic places, allow us to oer an excellent service and a wide range of tradi onal and dieren ated products. With a culture of young, dynamic and meritocra c, Prime Bank has seen its business expand gradually in the Brazilian Asset Management market, with very a rac ve gains and focus on capital preserva on and strict risk control. Structured Opera ons In this area, the best opportuni es and alterna ves of the domes c and interna onal markets are available to our clients to achieve their business goals with our nancial support.

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C.M.Propag Group
nancial services assets management International stock market


All are renego ated, not screen, have SKR full responsability of Prime Bank, are not in Euroclear or Bovespa, have interna onal ISIN Bovespa. Can be nego ated in the way that they are, or can be removed to be traded in Euroclear. A) Normal cases - 14% of PU + 3% commission, being 1.5% seller side (our side closed) + 1.5% (buyer side your side). We can accepted proposal. B) In Euroclear - All deal is struck as above, the cost is paid by buyer Euroclear and placed in the contract. The buyer will receive your tle directly in Euroclear have all the documenta on transfered to your name. Advantages of receiving the tle in Euroclear. Normal Oer - 17% a er to be loaded on Euroclear 25% - Time 2 weeks - protability of 8% on the PU. The Buyer must be willing 100,000 euros, the bank prime enters on behalf of the buyer as beneciary of the transac on. In normal case,ask Bank to Bank with a bank that accepted the tle block and transmission electronics KTT (Key Telex Transmission). The Most Bank on USA accept this form of transference, including; Bank of America, Barclays, HSBC, Ci bank, When the Bank dont have KTT code - having in a correspondent . For Mone za on cases, or PPP or others cases: Minimun accept for Signatary is 60% - 40% (Comissions fee 5% - 50% each side) BASIC Procedures: a) Buyer : Must be issue a M.O.U for PRIME BANK BRAZIL concording with the terms and condi ons, and requires issue RWA. b) Seller: Answers with CIS owner + RWA , sign agreeing waits un l 72h get agreement and bank details to issue the order electronically for Blocking of securi es. The Lock and other electronic transmissions occur a er the making of the agreement, BANK to BANK (Prime does not accept to nego ate transmission and delivery of

everything can be negotiated

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C.M.Propag Group
nancial services assets management International stock market

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In an environment as dicult as the business world nancial the gure of the Templars is our inspira on and journey. His loyalty to his cause, his predetermina on about a goal, and especially perfect control over your nances, this group did reach the days without disappearing. Financed the expedi ons to the New World, see his cross on the ship of the great Portuguese navigators and never deceived anyone.

Edno Souza Specialyst on Bank Operations e mail: skype: edno8560

Carlos Moraes Specialyst on Marketing e mail: skype: Carlosr.deMoraes

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