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Optimize your daily network performance tasks

Network operators are faced with the growing complexity of their networks (2G, 3G, LTE, Wimax, DSL, FFTH, etc.) whilst they are also having to deal with the boom in network trafc. This creates a huge challenge which is almost impossible to solve with traditional methods and network performance tools. The LivingObjects platform provides all the necessary tools to enable network process automation and to facilitate detection of performance degradation, thanks to its powerful data mining algorithms.
Visualize / Analyze
Daily reports Topology / Map view Health network picture Analysis tools

Automatic detection
Network element deterioration (QOS faults, planned works, spof) Configuration audit Filter / Correlation Prioritization

Capacity rollout Planned works correction Equipment correction Spof correction Tasks follow up



Data mining algorithms


Data labelling Class

Data processing DATA

Machine learning

KPI Topology Trap Works



Data mining is the process of discovering human-understandable patterns from large data sets, involving methods at the intersection of articial intelligence, machine learning, statistics and database systems. The LivingObjects platform provides automated tools relying on this technique.

Unified workspace
Multi-vendor and multi-technology platform: GSM, UMTS, LTE, GSM-R, DSL and FTTH. Web-based interface: Zero-install web front-end. Modular features: Use the modules you need, and expand your analytics capabilities as your needs expand. Centralized data repository: All data is available to users in a single location. Scalability: Optimized for regional operator service providers and to Tier-1 operators. High availability architecture.
Visualize Analyze
Data process
Healing Engine
Check Track Diagnostics

Web interface


Rule Engine
Sort Prioritizing Filter

Reports Engine
Build Update Alert

Data Collection

Network OSS

Equipment Mibs

Equipment Trap




iLO: Your networks with you anywhere, anytime. CellCenter: Performance management modules dedicated to mobile networks.

iLO CellCenter Netminer IPtomizer

IPtomizer: Performance management modules dedicated to xed networks. NetMiner: Scalable collection manager.

The cornerstone of a daily performance process is to guarantee consistent network quality to the customer, despite numerous interventions and failures. Based on statistical algorithms, advanced decision rules and task-related analyses, the LivingObjects platform prepares the daily tasks by providing automatic views of faulty and non-standard network elements. Deterioration detection engine. Rule engine. Planned works verication. Top bad elements. Settings check. Conguration auditing.

As your network cockpit the LivingObjects analysis interfaces enable you to access all your data quickly and accurately. Data searching is no longer reserved for a few specialists in a very specic tool. Interfaces can be fully congured by an administrator according to your own networks and organization and by the end-user for his own work environment. Cluster builder: Geographical, technological responsibility. KPI builder: BH, rates, average, max, etc. Alerter builder. Customizable dashboard. Automatic reports. Multi-displays: Graphs, tables, text, etc. Geographical analysis: Topology, coverage.

Capacity planning
With the fast and consistent increase in data usage, capacity planning control is a fundamental concern for network operators technical teams. The LivingObjects platform provides tools to optimise your capacity resources by maximizing the usage of existing systems. Daily follow up: Saturated elements, recurring issue, degradation. Mid-term evaluation. Customizable modeling forecast.

About LivingObjects
Founded in 2009, LivingObjects designs and develops multi-vendor software solutions for the management and performance optimization of xed and mobile telecoms networks. The platform uses state-of-the-art software technologies and is ready to assist you in the new challenges of LTE roll out and network convergence. Its been built to facilitate the swap from legacy monitoring solutions. The different modules of the platform are based on 15 years experience in the design, operation and organisation of European Tier-1 networks. We use this experience to provide high-quality application modules to make operating tasks easier. This telecom experience associated with advanced data mining algorithms at the forefront of R&D explain the sustainable growth of LivingObjects and is making the company into a future leading provider of performance management solutions.

Why are we different?

LivingObjects products provide the operator with real performance management improvements to its network. A platform focused on daily performance challenges The LivingObjects platforms are targeted at operational and performance monitoring teams. As dedicated products they base their effectiveness on practical experience of the operating challenges. They meet the needs of recurring tasks (degradation tracking, auditing, diagnostics, etc.). Data mining analyses Our R&D team is trained in the best data mining techniques. They use these powerful data processing tools to automate recurring tasks such as fault detection and diagnostics. Your existing network provides all the data and KPIs our platform needs Using existing data from the whole network guarantees the efciency of its decision-making algorithms, facilitates implementation and doesnt require expensive external hardware. Web-based and easy-to-use interface Through the administration user interface your IT staff can easily deploy modules and new accounts. Within a single platform, the expert has access to advanced tools to achieve precise diagnostics, and the manager has easy data browsing tools to obtain an overview of network performance. Highly skilled telecoms engineering team Our team has wide knowledge and experience of the technologies, protocols, vendors hardware and operating tasks. Our relationship with leading network operating organizations allows us to stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment.