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a Student's Book CONTENTS PN eee { 1 No place like home ‘The tense system Compound words lifestyle, po Simple, continous, pect Thre toven, house proud pS ‘Active and passive ps Spoken English informal language ‘Been here two days, Ws kind of boring pS fp 2 Been there, done that! Present Perfect Hot verbs make do pe “es been Vietnam, ake way, do demage “Hes been staying in hoses. ould do with ep of te. Simple snd Continous He mae up the whol story. “He works for IBM. 33 Tim working wit im. p17 Spoken English Being imprecise ‘ad stuf ike that ‘ortof Fillers Ten like four the morning p24 a= a active and pase pus Hast been made into afm? Spoken English Tests Haron Ford. 929 News od tponses Did you vend tht story about .? You kidding! Tone gern p28 The we ol lite” eas ik ely out ofthe oninary p32 Stop and check | Teacher's Book pl47 ae = oierase The question How come? “How come you don't eat meat? p36 PEN ‘A home from home — two people describe their experiences of living abroad (jigstw) p10 "Paradise Lost’—how tourism is destroying the object of i allestion p19 (Chapter One of The Blind Assassin, a novel by Margaret Atwood p30 “Diana and Elis shot TJEK? ~three ofthe ‘world’s most popular conspiracy theories Cigsaw) p38 ‘Spoken English ees B 6 Moingitig a ee oe ‘Spoken English refuse and ‘refuse p60 Apple Macintosh Informal expressions of quantity Gigsaw) p38 ee Sree Tr Things I miss from home’ = people describe what they miss When they travel abroad ps ZG [Exchanging information about people who live abroad pO Discussion ~the pros and cons of living abroad pl ENOL Social expressions (Grea see you! Don't F know ou from somewhere? PIS CN Applying fora job A‘CV and a covering letter p110 ‘My most memorable ie! Discussion ~ good and bad les "He lives in castle? ‘Does he?” ps Being polite ‘An interview with Tashi Wheeler Information gap and roleplay Exclamations Informal letters about her travelsasachild with ‘Tony and Maureen Wheeler Wow! That’ unbelivablet orvecting mistakes pL12 her parents, who founded the pis How amazing! Lonely Planet guides p24 Dreams come true—things to do What abril idea! before you die p22 What rubbisht p25 ‘The money jigsaw—anewsitem Retelling a news story ‘Showing interest and surprise Narrative writing 1 from the BBC’ Radio 4 Today Responding toa news tory p28 Echo questions ‘Using adverbs in narratives programme p32 ‘Talking about your favourite Anew boyfriend? sed 10 go skiing frequently in book or film p29 Reply questions winter pLL3 Linking ideas people confess to untruths p37__ps7 Tm sory to bother you Conjunctions Exchanging information about Could you possibly change a whenever, so that, eventhough ‘conspiracy theories p38 ten-pound note? p43 puis Arranging to meet three fiends Future possibilities in your life ‘Telephone conversations ‘Waiting emails decideatimeand aplaceto get pa? Beginning a call Emailing friends together (jigsaw) p32 Exchanging information about Ending 2 call ‘Sor can't make next Sat. pS ‘people arranging to meet pS2__ Roleplay p53 Radio advertsememts— what's the ‘product? What’ the selling point? p57 ‘A lifestyle survey p56 Writing an adver p57 [Exchanging information about famous brands p58 A business maze ~ opening a restaurant poo Business expressions ‘Numbers, factions, decimals, dates time, phone numbers, sport scores p61 ‘A consumer survey Report writing FAO: The Managing Director p116