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Term 1

Definition 1


A main component that is created and used to make the database function.

Term 2

Definition 2


The smallest data element contained in a table (first name, last name, address).

Term 3

Definition 3


A complete set of all the data elements (fields) about one person, place, even, or concept.



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Term 4

Definition 4


A collection of related records.

Term 5

Definition 5


Consists of one or more tables to store data, one or more forms to enter data into tables, and one or more reports to output the table data as organized information.

Term 6

Definition 6

Navigation Pane

organizes and lists the database objects in an Access Database.


edit. Term 8 Definition 8 Design view Is where you create tables.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 7 Definition 7 Datasheet View Is where you add. and modify field properties. www. Term 9 Definition 9 Primary Key Is the field (or combination of fields) that uniquely identifies each record in a 3/28 . and delete the records of a table. add and delete fields.flashcardmachine.

or an expression used to filter the records in a table.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 10 Definition 10 Form Is an object that enables you to enter. Term 11 Definition 11 Query Is a question that you ask about the data in the tables of your database. a text phrase. Term 12 Definition 12 Criterion Is a number.flashcardmachine. modify or delete table 4/28 . www.

com/print/?topic_id=1008515 5/28 . Term 15 Definition 15 Backup Creates a duplicate copy of the database.flashcardmachine. www. Term 14 Definition 14 Compact and Repair Reduces the size of the database.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 13 Definition 13 Report Contains professional looking formatted information from underlying tables or queries.

and OR.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 16 Definition 16 Filter Displays a subset of records based on specified criteria. Term 18 Definition 18 Filter by Form Displays table records based on multiple 6/28 .flashcardmachine. Term 17 Definition 17 Filter by Selection Displays only the records that match the selected criteria. Filter by Form enables the user to apply the logical operators AND. www.

Term 21 Definition 21 Calculated field Produces a value from an expression or function that references one or more existing fields. and.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 19 Definition 19 Comparison Operator Is used to evaluate the relationship between two quantities to determine if they are equal or not equal.flashcardmachine. if they are not equal. a comparison operator determines which one is greater than the other. 7/28 . such as ascending by last name or by ascending Employee ID. Term 20 Definition 20 Sort Lists records in a specific sequence.

Term 23 Definition 23 Data redundancy Is the unnecessary storing of duplicate data in two or more tables. like a birth date. but uses uppercase letters to distinguish the first letter of each new word. www.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 22 Definition 22 Constant Is an unchanging 8/28 .flashcardmachine. Term 24 Definition 24 Camel Case Notations Uses no spaces in multi-word field names.

www. Term 27 Definition 27 Referential Integrity is enforced. Reference Data types found on page 122. you cannot enter a foreign key value in a related table unless the primary key value exists in the primary 9/28 .5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 25 Definition 25 Data type Determines the type of fata that can be entered and the operations that can performed on the data. Term 26 Definition 26 AutoNumber data type is a number that automatically increments each time a record is added.

com/print/?topic_id=1008515 10/28 . www.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 28 Definition 28 Cascade Update Related Field is an option that directs Access to automatically update all foreign key values in a related table when the primary key value is modified in a primary table. Term 30 Definition 30 Indexing property Setting enables quick sorting in primary key order and quick retrieval based on the primary key.flashcardmachine. Term 29 Definition 29 Cascade Delete Related Records is an option that directs Access to automatically delete all records in related tables that match the primary key that is deleted from a primary table.

5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 31 Definition 31 One-to-Many relationship Is established when the primary key value in the primary table can match many of the foreign key values in the related 11/28 . www. Term 33 Definition 33 Simple Query Wizard Provides dialog boxes to guide you through the query design process. the Design view is divided into two parts – the top portion displays the tables. Term 32 Definition 32 Query Design view Enables you to create queries. and the bottom portion displays the fields and the criteria.flashcardmachine.

Term 36 Definition 36 Wildcard Is a special character that can represent one or more character in the criterion of a 12/28 .5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 34 Definition 34 Select query Displays only the records that match the criteria entered in Design view. www. Term 35 Definition 35 Delimiter Is a special character that surrounds the criterion’s value.

flashcardmachine.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 37 Definition 37 Comparison Operator Uses such symbols as “=” or “<” to insert wanted criteria. Term 38 Definition 38 Null Is the term in Access to describe a blank 13/28 . Term 39 Definition 39 Query sort order Determines the order of records in the query’s datasheet view. www.

flashcardmachine. www.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 40 Definition 40 Run command Is used to produce query results. Term 41 Definition 41 Related Tables Are tables that are joined together in a relationship using a common 14/28 . Term 42 Definition 42 Order of operations Determines the sequence by which operations are calculated in an expression.

Term 44 Definition 44 Syntax Is the set or rules that Access follows when evaluating 15/28 . www. Term 45 Definition 45 Function Produces a result based on inputs known as arguments.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 43 Definition 43 Expression Is a formula used to calculate new fields from the values in existing fields.

and the original value of the loan. Term 47 Definition 47 PMT function Calculates the monthly loan payment five the interest rate.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 46 Definition 46 Argument Is a variable or constant that is needed to produce the output for a function. Term 48 Definition 48 IIF functions Evaluates an expression and displays one value when the expression is true and another value when the expression is false. term of the loan.flashcardmachine. 16/28 .

Term 50 Definition 50 Date Part function Enables you to isolate a specific part of a date. www.flashcardmachine. Term 51 Definition 51 Total Row Displays as the last row in the Datasheet view of a table or query and provides a number of aggregate functions. such as the year.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 49 Definition 49 Data formatting Affects the date’s display without changing the actual underlying value in the 17/28 .

products. www. Term 54 Definition 54 Record Source Is the table or query that supplies the record for a form or 18/28 .5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 52 Definition 52 Totals Query Contains an addition row in the design grid and is used to display only aggregate data when the query is run. and other primary tables.flashcardmachine. employees. Term 53 Definition 53 Form tool Is used to create data entry forms for customers.

com/print/?topic_id=1008515 19/28 . www.flashcardmachine.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 55 Definition 55 Stacked layout form Displays fields in a vertical column. and displays one record at a time. Term 57 Definition 57 Tabular layout form Displays records horizontally. Term 56 Definition 56 Layout view Is used to modify the design of a form. with label controls across the top and the data values in rows under the labels.

com/print/?topic_id=1008515 20/28 .5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 58 Definition 58 Split form Combines two views of the same record source-one sections is displayed in a stacked layout and the other section is displayed in a tabular layout. www. Term 59 Definition 59 Splitter bar Divides the form into two halves. Term 60 Definition 60 Multiple Items form Displays multiple records in a tabular layout similar to a table’s Datasheet view.flashcardmachine.

com/print/?topic_id=1008515 21/28 . and give your form a uniform appearance.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 61 Definition 61 Datasheet form Is a replica of a table or query’s Datasheet view except that it still retains some of the form properties. www. Term 62 Definition 62 Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Is Microsoft’s programming language that is built into all of the Office Products.flashcardmachine. Term 63 Definition 63 Layout control Provides guides to help keep controls aligned horizontally and vertically.

com/print/?topic_id=1008515 22/28 . www.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 64 Definition 64 Form’s Header Section Displays at the top of each form. Term 65 Definition 65 Detail section Displays the records in the form’s record source.flashcardmachine. Term 66 Definition 66 Form’s Footer Section Displays at the bottom of the form.

the layout and design of the form cannot be changed in this 23/28 . edit. Term 69 Definition 69 Label control Is a literal word or phrase to describe the data. www. Term 68 Definition 68 Text box control Displays the data found in a form’s record source.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 67 Definition 67 Form view To add. and delete data I a form.

com/print/?topic_id=1008515 24/28 . Term 71 Definition 71 Unbound control Is a label or other decorative design element.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 70 Definition 70 Bound Control Is a text box that is connected to a field in a table or query. www.flashcardmachine. and is not connected to a source of data. Term 72 Definition 72 Calculated control Contains an expression that generates a calculated result when displayed in Form view.

Term 74 Definition 74 Tabular layout report Displays data horizontally across the page in a landscape view.flashcardmachine. 25/28 . Term 75 Definition 75 Stacked layout report Displays fields in a vertical column.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 73 Definition 73 Report tool Is used to instantly create a tabular report based on the table or query currently selected.

5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 76 Definition 76 Report Wizard Asks you questions and then uses your answers to generate a 26/28 .flashcardmachine. Term 78 Definition 78 Page Header Section Appears once at the top of each page. www. Term 77 Definition 77 Report Header Section Prints ponce at the beginning of each report.

will appear just below the Detail section in Design 27/28 . Term 81 Definition 81 Group Footer Section When activated. with the name of the field you are grouping. Term 80 Definition 80 Group Header Section When activated.flashcardmachine. Sort. will appear just above the Detail section in design view. and Total pane. but only when you select this option in the Group.5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 79 Definition 79 Page Footer Section Prints once at the bottom of the report. www.

5/1/13 Printable Flash Cards Term 82 Definition 82 Report view Enables you to see what the printed report will look like in a continuous page layout. same primary 28/28 . www.flashcardmachine. Term 84 Definition 84 Many-Many Relationship Two one-many relationships with a third party junction table. Term 83 Definition 83 One-One Relationship Two different tables.