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Crossing T h e Threshold

An O P E R A T IN G D IR E C T O R Y for Rosicrucian Members

Pubished under the Authorty of the Supreme Grand Lodge of A M O R C , Inc. Copyright 1978

Rosicrucian Park, San Jos, California 9 5 1 9 1 , U . S. A .

No h is re trie v a l tra n sin itted , in any form o r by any m ean s, e le c tr o n ic , m ec h a n ic a l, p h o to c o p y in g , re c o rd in g , or o th erw ise, w ith ou t p rio r w ritten p erm issio n o f th e p u b lis h e r.

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T abe o f Contents

1. W h at A M O R C is
M eaning of ame. A brief history.

7. Initiations
T h e valu of same. AIso obtained in lodges.

2. How governed
T h e Constitution the Supreme Grand Lodge G rand Lodges (lo catio n s)

8. Rose-Croix University 9. Child Culture Institute 10. Jnior Order 11. Conclaves - Conventions
A dvantages of same.

3. Legal Status
Corporations Recognition

4. Your Membership
Sanctum membership. Privileges Correspondence. O bligations ~ privacy. Companion membership.

12. T he Council of Solace 13. Seminars

W h at T hey A re.

5. Lodges, Chapters, Pronaoi

W h a t T h ey A re (D ig est listing). H ow to affiiiate (benefits, ceremonies, e tc.)

14. Rosicrucian Park

Facilities. Visiting.

15. T o W hom T o W rite

A djustm ent and O th er D epartm ents. Instruction D ept. Key N um ber.

6. Teachings
Degrees Experim ents, and so on. T h e Rosicrucian Digest, the Forum . H ow to Study. W h a t to E xp ect in the Studies.

16. Supply Bureau 17. Questions and Answers

Rosicrucan inernbershfp ias a greater valu to the member when he or she is aware of the extent of the organization with which he or she is affiliated. It is of particular advantage to you to be able to turn to a rea d y sou rce o f Information regarding the various services of the Order. T o meet these needs is the purpose of this operational directory. W e have entitled this directory, Crossing the Threshold. One who becomes a Rosicrucian is figuratively and literally Crossing the threshold to a new life of understanding and personal mastery. There are tools the member must use to create and attain this new fuller life. These tools are the laws and principies contained in the Rosicrucian teachings. They are the things you will work with. However, there are other member tools: T h e various dep artm en ts of the Order established to render you particular services. Please refer to the T a b le o f C ontents in this operational directory. There you will find listed the various categories and functions of the Order to which you may refer for in form ation and to fully utilize your membership privileges. Please look through the directory carefully now. Each time you are not certain with regard to any aspect of your Rosicrucian member ship or how A M O R C may be of assistance to you, re fe r again to this directory. Opposite each divisin or part listed in th e . T a b le o f C ontents you will find the page number given for your quick reference. W hen you study the monographs or do exercises or the traditional rituals suggested, k e e p this d irecto ry han dy. Do not deprive yourself of the many features of membership by laying the directory aside and not remembering how useful it can be to you. W ith all good wishes for Peace Profound, I am, in the Bonds of the Order, Sincerely and fraternally, Ralph M. Lewis IM P E R A T O R

M eaning of the am e
T h e initials A .M .O .R .C . are an abbreviation of the full title of the Rosicrucian Order. T h e complete and authentic ame is, T h e A ncient Mystical Ordo Rosae Crucis. Note the Latn term R o sa e Crucis in the title. Throughout Europe in past centuries the Order was known as Antiquns Arcanus Ordo Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis. Translated literally this is, T he Ancient, Arcane Order of the Red Rose and of the Golden Cross. Popularly, the O rder is known throughout the world as the Rosi crucian Order, and its equivalent in the various languages. However, the initials A .M .O .R .C . must always follow the words Rosicrucian Order (Rosicrucian Order, A .M .O .R .C .) to signify its authentic title. Th e authentic Order never uses such titles as Rosicrucian Fellowship or Rosicrucian Society.

T h e Rosicrucian Order, A M O R C has an extensive history dating back many centuries. T h e history may be divided into two parts, namely, the tradition al and ch ron olog ical. Traditionally, the Rosicru cian Order gains its inspiration and its basic organic structure from the ancient Egyptian mystery schools organized by Pharaoh Thutmose I I I ( X V I I I Dynasty e l 503 B .C .). This was the systematic attempt to study the nature of man and his relationship to the Cosmic. It was more than a school which Thutmose I I I established. It was an initiatory Order. C h ron olog ically , the first public pronouncement of the Order was in Germany about the year 1610. It spread throughout Europe, enduring many turbulent times of prejudice and persecution. However, the Order even at that time included many scientists, philosophers, and eminent persons of the period. T he Rosicrucians first carne to America in 1693, locating in the vicinity of what is now the city of Philadelphia. They were active in the affairs of the birth of America. There was a period after this of relative dormaney of the Order in America. In 1909 D r. H. Spencer Lewis, after due initiation into the traditional Rose-Croix of France, was given authority to reactvate the Order in America. W ith such authority Dr. H . Spencer Lewis formed the first Supreme Council of the Order in New Y ork City in 1915 and was elevated to the title of Imperator, which is the executive officer of the Supreme Lodge of A M O R C . For an interesting account of the history of the Rosicrucians in past centuries and the part that great historical personages played in serving it, you may obtain a copy of the book, R osicrucian Q uestions and A nsw ers with C o m p lete H istory o f th e O rder. (In Part I I I of this M anual you will find references to the A .M .O .R .C . that appear in leading encyclopedias and dictionaries from throughout the world, which further confirms the perpetuity and authenticity of A M O R C .)

T h e Constitution
T h e rules governing the A .M .O .R .C . are set forth in the Constitu tion an d Statutes of the Supreme Grand Lodge. T h e manifest decreeing the purpose and founding of A M O R C for its second cycle of active existence in America was issued in June of 1915 at a meeting of the First American Supreme Council held in the city of New York. It was later ratified and placed in the proper legal form at a national convention of A M O R C held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1917. A ll Rosicrucian members are affiliated with the Grand Lodge of A M O R C , which is subordnate to the Supreme Grand Lodge. The rights and ob ligation s of the mernber are set forth in this Constitution, which was duly approved by members assembled at a national conven tion of the Order in 1934, and thus subsequently amended. A copy of this Grand Lodge Constitution should be in the possession of every member. It may be purchased from the Rosicrucian Supply Bureau, San Jos, California 95191. T h e G reat M anifest upon which the Constitution of the Supreme Grand Lodge was founded, reads in part: T h e purpose shall be the same as those of the Ordo Rosae Crucis throughout the world, and its Constitution shall be identical in spirit to that which guides and directs the Order in other lands. T he Rosicrucian O rder, A M O R C , is a fraternal, cultural, and mystical Order. It is neither a political or a religious sect. It is legally recognized by the governments of all the lands in which it operates as a n on -p rofit organization.

Grand Lodges
Subsequently, at W orld Councils of the Order held in Brussels, Belgium, authority was given to the then incumbent Imperator, Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, and later to his successor, Imperator Ralph M . Lewis, to extend the jurisdiction of A M O R C in its modern form throughout the world. Grand Lodges were thus established in various nations throughout the world. T h e teachings and initiatory work of the A .M .O .R .C . are disseminated in the languages of the respective countries in which it functions. Each Grand Lodge has chartered authority as an affiliated body of the world A ncient M ystical Ordo Rosae Crucis, this authority being issued by the Supreme Grand Lodge of A M O R C . Each Grand Lodge in turn may charter subordnate bodies known as Lodges, Chapters, or Pronaoi in cities of its jurisdiction. T he Grand Lodges of A M O R C exist in the following countries France, Brazil, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Japan, Italy. T he English and Spanish memberships are of the Grand Lodge located in Rosicru-

cian Park, San Jos, California. In certain other countries there are organized administrative offices established under the direction of the Supreme Grand Lodge to serve the respective members in those countries.


T he Supreme Grand Lodge of A M O R C is incorporated as a nonp ro jit fraternal organization in the state of California, U .S.A . However, its am e an d sym bols and its n o n -p ro fit status is eq u a lly reg istered in every country of the world in which it has subordinate Grand Lodges. A rticle X , Section 30a of the Constitution of the Supreme Grand Lodge reads in part: None of the moneys of the funds deposited in the bank by the Supreme Grand Lodge and its Board of Directors shall enure to the benefit of any member, officer, or supreme executive of the O rder, or shall any such funds be held in trust for any Lodge or group of Lodges or Chapters, or for the general membership of any individual member or officer, but exclusively for the maintenance and perpetuation of the ideis of the organization in accordance with the Constitution of the Supreme Grand Lodge.

T he following are but a few of the many authentic reference works which refer to A M O R C . A complimentary booklet containing actual photocopies of like articles will be sent to you by A M O R C . Such reference works further confirm your affiliation with the authentic Rosicrucian Order. Such established literary sources make public references only after they have made adequate investigation as to the authenticity of the subject of their article. American Peoples Encyclopedia (1956 Edition) Encyclopaedia Britannica * 14th Edition (1929 and subsequent reprints) Modern Encyclopedia T h e Progressive Reference Library T he New Century Dictionary W ebsters New International Dictionary (Second Edition, Copyright 1934) Everymans Encyclopedia Funk and W agnalls Dictionary American Heritage Dictionary O f T h e English Language (Copyright 1969)

Sanctum M em bership
You are, as is every Rosicrucian, a member of the Grand Lodge of A M O R C . You are termed a Sanctum M em ber. This means that your studies a re issued to you b y th e G ran d L o d g e fo r stu dy in you r H o m e Sanctum . Arrangements for the traditional Sanctum are explained in the preliminary instructions the member receives entitled, Neophyte Guide. T here are numerous benefits and privileges to which you are entitled as a Sanctum M em b er, such as the m on og rap h s, which contain the official teachings of the Order. These monographs include exercises, demonstrations, illustrations, and summaries. You also receive for use in your Sanctum, D eg ree In itiation s to perform as you become eligible to advance from one Degree of the teachings to another. You receive as a Sanctum Member the additional benefits of the monthly periodical, the R osicru cian D igest, with its articles on mysticism, metaphysics, the sciences and arts, and containing photographs of particular interest to every Rosicrucian.

As a Sanctum Member you are given the privilege of correspondence with your Class M aster and other instructors and officers of the Order. W hen and to whom to write is more fully explained in Part X V of this booklet. Please read it carefully.

As in any fraternal organization and as a member, certain obliga tions are expected from you. These are set forth in detail both in the monographs and in the Constitution of the Grand Lodge of A M O R C . Each member is required to pay the nominal monthly dues of which he has been informed and which entitles him to membership privileges. T here are 110 further initiatory fees or assessments. Each Rosicrucian member legally and morally assumes the obligation of keeping co n fid en cial an d p rv a te the property of the Order loaned to him, such as the monographs and rituals, which are an incident of his membership. On each monograph and each ritual cover, the legal statement appears stating that such material is the property of the Order and the title of same rests in the Order itself. Thus the Rosicrucian mem ber must not loan such material to others or permit others to read the contents of his prvate monographs. This is not only illegal but vioiates the m o ral obligation which the student assumes.

Companion M em bership
Th e companion member may be a members husband or wife, father or mother, son or daughter, brother or sister. Both individuis

must submit seprate applications. They shall each, between them, as Grand Lodge members at large, receive but on e series of instructions and on e copy of all printed material to which a student member is entitled. They shall separately be entitled to all other privileges of Grand Lodge membership. Grand Lodge Sanctum Members contributing dues as specified, are entitled to the privileges of companion membership. T h e dues for Companion Members (not more than two persons) is less than trvo se p ar ate m em bersh ip dues.



W hat A re T h ey ?
There are subordnate branches of the Order, chartered by the Grand Lodges of A M O R C . These are Lodges, Chapters, and Pronaoi. A L o d g e is the largest of such subordnate bodies. It can be formed in a city where there is a mnimum of fifty members. A Lodge may confer upon Sanctum M em b ers the impressive full Degree rituals, which are conducted in attractive traditional Rosicrucian temples of the Order. A member must have attained the Degree (or beyond) in his studies into which he wishes to be personally initiated. T h e mem ber can obtain from the Rosicrucian A M O R C Lodge in his area the place, date, and time that the initiations will be conferred. An active Sanctum M ember can affiliate with the Lodge in his area as an additional membership privilege. W hen so affiliated he can particpate in their convocations where rituals are conducted, experiments performed, forums held, and enjoy the fraternal benefit of contact with other members and those of like mind. T h e Sanctum Member, however, contines to receive his offcial teachings in monograph form from the Grand Lodge for his Home Sanctum study. A C h a p ter is a smaller body of Rosicrucian members existing in various areas. Sanctum Members are eligible to affiliate and are invited to attend such Chapter convocations. A ll the functions of a Lodge are included in a Chapter ex cep t the Degree Initiations. Chapters exist where there are not enough members for the formation of a Lodge. A P ron aos is the lesser of the three subordnate bodies. It has a smaller number of members but may grow into a Chapter as member ship in the area increases, and subsequently into a Lodge. A Pronaos provides interesting discourses and also has an impressive and inspiring ritual. Every active Sanctum Member is entitled to affiliate with a Pronaos in his area.

How T o Affiliate
In the back section of the February and August issues of the R o si crucian D igest (which each member receives), is a Directory of all

subordnate bodies, that is: Lodges, Chapters, and Pronaoi. The complete addresses of these bodies are not given in the Directory in the Digest. However, if you see any such subordnate body listed in your area which you can attend, n rite at on ce to the Grand M aster, A M O R C , Rosicrucian Park, San Jos, California 95191, for the com plete address. Upon receiving this Information, then write to that subordnate body which you have chosen and ask for the date and time of their meetings. It is absolutely necessary that each Sanctum M em b er present his membership credentials, establishing his activ e membership, to the officers of the subordnate body so as to be admitted. If you wish to participate in an initiation they are going to confer, your member ship credential (with receipt of dues), showing what Degree you have attained in your membership, is necessary for eligibility to receive the Degree Initiation.


T he subjects of the Rosicrucian teachings are so integrated as to form a flowing continuity, that is, one subject relating or contributing to what follows. T h e teachings follow a centuries-old traditional order termed D egrees. T he Degrees are divided into, for example, Neophyte, Postulant, Temple, and so 0 1 1 . T he Degrees vary in length depending upon the subjects which they embrace. Therefore, some Degrees are necessarily longer than others. The monographs of each Degree contain a W eekly Application. This is an exercise or example further illustrating or demonstrating the principies contained in the monograph. Thus the Rosicrucian member can use the principies, that is, demnstrate them personally. O ften at the end of each monograph there are certain questions by which the member can test himself as to what he has learned. Further, each monograph contains a summary of the contents for quick reference and review. T he monograph also contains a Concurrence, that is, a quotation from famous Rosicrucians, philosophers, scientists, and others stating views that concur with the contents of the monographs. The Rosicrucian teachings are a presentation of the traditional knowledge and wisdom of the O rder as advanced through past centuries. They also contain the results of m odern contributions by, for example, the Rosicrucian International Research Council. This is composed of Rosicrucian scientists, philosophers, educators, and specialists in various branches of knowledge who add to the teachings of the Order. Therefore, and this is important, you are not just study-

ing the single ideas of some sef-appointed teacher which can be, and often are, limited in scope and dogmatic.

How T o Stndy
W h at is now being said is merely a reminder of the best way to take advantage of the laws and principies of the Rosicrucian teachings being presented to you. There is a great difference between just readin g and studying. For example, we rea d a newspaper. But in doing so we are not particularly concerned as to whether we remember what we read in a daily press. Some things, of course, will register with us quite definitely depending upon the extent of the impression they make upon us. Y et other matter read in the newspaper will not. W hen we study, we w ant to remember as much as we can, at least about the essentials. Therefore, it is suggested that after each page or half-page, the student put down the monograph, relax and see how many of the ideas read can be recalled. T h e monograph then should be re-read until the member can recall, not word-for-word of course, but the principie ideas. This practice also sharpens the memory regardless of ones age. Another way is to read carefully the whole of each monograph and then test yourself as to how many of the ideas, not words you can recall.

T h e Rosicrucian Digest and Forum

T he attractive R osicrucian D igest is sent to each Sanctum Member month/y as part of his membership privilege. Its articles are in form ative and interesting. You will also find its photographs of ancient cities, archaeological sites, civilizations and places of the great philosophers, scientists, and mystics of the past a pictorial treat. There is also contained much news about Rosicrucian activities throughout the world and notes of importanee to you as a member. T h e R osi crucian D igest is not prvate. You may show it to any nonmember. In fact, en cou rag e them to read it as well. Th e R osicrucian F orum is a periodical of a high informative nature. It is limited to m em bers only. It consists of questions an d anw ers on mystcal, philosophcal, and metaphysical subjects that are asked by Rosicrucians throughout the world. These questions are p erson ally an sw ered by the Imperator, Supreme and Grand Lodge officers, and by your Class Master. T h e R osicru cian F orum may be subscribed to for a very small amount per year. Take advantage o f this specia feature of membership.

W hat T o Expect In T h e Studies

Th e following are a very small portion of the great number of studies that are included in the Rosicrucian monographs. It would be impossible to list all the subjects here. F u rth erm ore, the subjects listed here do not appear in the exact same order in your monographs. You must realize that the Rosicrucian

teachings are no separate isolated subjects rather, they are like links in a chain. One contributes to or leads to another. T h e desultory study of separate subjects has little valu; that is why the studies in A M O R C are progressive. Remember again, you are in an organization that has a centuries-old existence. It is not the product of one mind wanting to start a school or church, or a correspondence course. A M O R C has Lodges, Chapters, and administrative centers through out the world. Meditation M ental Association Laws of Health T h e Human Aura M ental Creating Concentration di Memorizing T h e Cosmic O Reality Structure of M atter Earth Radiations Visualization Sensations, Consciousness 8 Knowledge Nature Itself M ystical Principies Light Q Color Intu tion Principie Teachings of the G reat Teachers of the Past Psychic Energy T h e Emotions, Th eir Valu 8 Control T he Soul 8 Self O Their Nature Character 8 Personality Cosmic Consciousness


T h e Valu of Same
T he importance of initiations, mystically, psychologically, and historically are explained thoroughly when you receive the first initiation. However, we will touch upon the subject here. First, remember that you are a member of a fra tern a l O rder the A ncient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, (A M O R C ). Therefore, you are not just taking a course of study. You are passing through degrees of study, rituals, ceremonies, exercises, and demonstrations that have a lotig historical backg rou n d with new information constantly being added. As a further, indication of your fra tern a l relationship, there are Lodges, Chapters, and Pronaoi which you can attend and particpate in their activities. This has been explained in Part V. Consequently, initiations are especially prepared to introduce to you in an impressive, symbolic and dramatic way the importance of each new degree of membership in the Order into which you are entering. A ctually, all true esoteric initiations are mystery-dramas. This means in a dramatic way the initiations sheds illumination upon certain sub jects which otherwise may not be thoroughly understood and appreciated. Further, initiations by their mystical aspect arouse the p sy ch ic and emotional response of the individual with regard to

subjects to be studied and produce that awareness, that State of consciousness which otherwise could not be achieved. Each of the many Degrees are preceded by an initiation that in an impressive and brief form can be performed by the Rosicrucian mem ber in his H o m e Sanctum . T h e full initiations with many officers participating are conferred in a Rosicrucian Temple (a Lodge). (A gain refer to Section V ). Let us repeat what is succinctly said about initiations on the cover of each initiation manuscript. Initiation brings into the realm of reason the purpose and into the realm of emotion the spirit of ones introduction into the mysteries.


The Rosicrucian Order maintains, as part of its cultural program, what is known as the Rose-Croix University. T h e University is located in Rosicrucian Park, San Jos, California. It is divided into three distinct colleges: T h e College of Fine and M ystic Arts, the College of Mundane and Arcane Science, and the College of Humanities. T he Rose-Croix University building contains well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and a large Reference Library. T h e faculty members are R osicrucian s and they have academic degrees from worldrecognized universities in their chosen field of instruction. T he students, Rosicrucians only, are froni all over the world and attend the Universitys special terms. T h e University is strictly a noncom m ercial venture. Th e terms of the University are three consecutive weeks during June and July of every year. T he fees are very nominal.

W ho M ay Register?
Every active member of A M O R C may register for the p erson al courses which are given at the Rose-Croix University. For further details and the curriculum of courses available, and from which you may select what you desire, write to D ean , R ose-C roix U n iversity, A M O R C , Rosicrucian Park, San Jos, California 95191, U .S.A . Ask for the complete information which will also State the nominal student fees for the terms. W hile attending Rose-Croix University, the student-member will likewise have the opportunity to attend Convocations in the Supreme Temple, to visit the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and the Planetarium, and to particpate in any D eg ree In itiation s for which he is eligible.


T h e Child Culture Institute is a subordnate body of the organization. It offers unique and most helpful instruction to parents concerning p ren a ta l in flu etice and also for children of p resc h o o l age. T he ancient Greeks learned that it was highly advantageous for a wonian in a State of pregnancy, in a prenatal period, to be subject to conditions which were harmonious. As much as possible, she was to be surrounded with things of nature that were beautiful, have the opportunity to listen to fine music, occasionally visit places having beautiful paintings and statuary, also read uplifting literature. Women in a state of pregnancy were not permitted to be subject to sordid conditions or a profane environment. T h e principie behind this was that du ring the gestation period the unborn child would be affected beneficially by the finer emotional states of its mother, by her harmonious mood, induced by aesthetic surroundings. For some years in the past, modern pediatric physicians and child psychologists thought this was a highly abstract theory without factual foundation. Subsequent research has found that the ancient Greek principie h a d m erit. Long before modern Science condoned the principie of the ancient Greeks, the Rosicrucian Order had advocated it and had issued to prospective mothers interesting discourses on how to prepare for the future of the child even during the p ren atal stage. T h e staff, in the Child Culture Institute, is proud to say that they have received many glowing testimoniis of the practical help the mothers have received with these instructions and the resulting effects on their beautiful ch ildren . T h e second part of the Child Culture Institute deais with children after birth, the p resc h o o l p e r io d ; in other words, certain things that parents can do which will subconsciously begin to form the latent character of the child and strengthen it as it matures. For further details about either one of these divisions of the Child Culture Institute, address a letter to: C hild C ulture Institute, Rosi crucian Park, San Jos, California 95191, U .S.A .

P A R T 10


T he Rosicrucian O rder, A M O R C , has a Jnior Order. Th e youngest divisin is known as the K in dlers D ivisin and is for the children between the ages of 6 and 10 years. This provides interesting manuscripts to be read by the parents to their children. They are written in a simple and entertaining style. However, they convey lessons which in story form contain a moral and examples which develop

character. Exercises and non-sectarian rituals are also given for the child to perform. These register forceful ideas simply and in an interesting manner and not only add to the childs knowledge but also develop character. The second and older age divisin of the Jnior Order is known as the T orch B earers. This divisin is for children between the ages of 10 and 13 years. Manuscripts are sent to the child to read personally. They are prepared with the realization of the growing intellectual curiosity of children of that age. The third divisin is known as the C rusaders D ivisin. It is for young men and young women from 13 to 17 years inclusive. Some of the subjects dealt with concern the sciences, the five senses of man, effects of color, and so on.

How To Receive Information

T o obtain full information as to how your son or daughter may particpate in the activities of the R osicrucian J n ior O rd er, write to the Rosicrucian Jnior Order, Grand Chapter, Rosicrucian Park, San Jos, California 95191, U .S.A . (Children who belong to the Jnior Order are not eligible for any of the functions of adult membership.)

P A R T 11

A Conclave is an assembly of A M O R C m em bers usually held either in their city or in a nearby one. A Conclave is a special event for the Rosicrucian member. There are guest speakers from the Supreme and Grand Lodges of A M O R C , as well as O fficers from nearby Lodges, Chapters, and Pronaoi. T he discourses given are on mystical, metaphysical, and scientific subjects. They are not only enlightening, but practical. There are also mystical demonstrations of Rosicrucian prin cipies and parapsychological subjects. There are conducted as well D eg ree Initiation s and alleg o ries, that is, mystical and historical dramas. A fra tern a l spirit is had in meeting many other Rosicrucians. Social activity, entertainment, and a banquet make a Conclave an event one will enjoy and remember. A nominal fee is requested for admission. Conclaves are of varying length, either on e d a y or a mximum of a weekend.

How Y o u Can Enjoy A Conclave

Conclaves are announced sev eral rveeks in advance in the R osicru cian D igest which each member receives. Also, if the Rosicrucian is a

member of a subordnate body such as a Lodge, Chapter, or Pronaos, the Secretary of his respective subordnate body will send him directly an announcement in the bulletin of that Lodge, Chapter, or Pronaos. Details will be given in the bulletin as to when and where the Con clave is to be held and how you may enter into the event.

Th e Rosicrucian Order is a w orld w ide organization. It does not have just scattered members throughout the world but has as well Grand Lodges and subordnate Lodges, Chapters, and Pronaoi in many countries. (See Part V .) Every year, there is a W o rld C onvention of the A .M .O .R .C . All of the numerous events that occur at such a Convention are available in several languages. Rosicrucians attend from every continent. Recent Conventions have had members registered from 66 different nations! A Convention is usually held in a different country each time. Aside from your country in which one may be held, if you attend one in another country you have the opportunity of seeing and visiting that country.

W hat Conventions lnclude

W orld Conventions are virtually crammed with a variety of events, thus permitting every member to be able to participate and to enjoy things of interest to him or her. It is, of course, not possible to list here the variety of activities included in a Convention. This informa* tion is provided for you in a sp ecial an n ou ncem ent. However, in general, Rosicrucian Conventions include person al instruction in classes of the various Degrees, Rosicrucian Initiations, mystical demonstrations, and scientific lectures 0 11 cultural subjects of interest to all Rosicrucians. There are as well special motion pictures, parapsychological demonstrations concerned with such topics as the Human Aura, Telepathy, Projection of Consciousness and Telekinesis. From the social point of view, in addition to meeting with members from all over the world, there is entertainment, music, dances, and films. T h e Convention concludes with a banquet. A W orld Convention usually extends over a period of five days. T h e Convention Registration Fee includes all events. Th e banquet, an event of fraternal spirit, is sometimes included in this fee or may be acquired separately if desired.

Convention Announcements
Several months in advance, the R osicrucian D igest publishes a large announcement telling w hen an d w here the next W orld Convention is to be held. It tells where you should write to get fr e e details of how you can be one of often thousands of members who attend. For information about the next W o rld C on ven tion , write to the Conven tion Secretary, A M O R C , San Jos, California 95191, U .S.A .

T he thoughts of others cosm ically directed to each of us in tim e o f n eed can be helpful. T he united thoughts properly directed can give solace as well as practical help with problems of health and the many other stresses with which we are confronted today. T o provide this special help fr e e ly is the function and the ob lig ation of the Council of Solace.

W hat Is the Council of Solace?

T h e Council of Solace consists of the Imperator and the O fficers of the S u p rem e an d G ran d L od g es, as well as certain o th er m em bers especially chosen throughout the world. These members are in the higher Degrees of the A .M .O .R .C . They are well acquainted with the cosmic laws and principies which are taught by the Order. W hen your case detailing your special need is received in writing by the S ecretary of the Council of Solace, you are immediately sent instructions as to how you, in your Home Sanctum, may cosmically enter into a special period of cosm ic con tact to receive the help that will be sent to you by this Council. Further, each day a special session is held in the Supreme Tem ple by the m em bers o f th e C ouncil o f S o la ce when, in th e u n iqu e w ay which they have been taught, they mentally and psychically endeavor to help those who have requested their aid.

Receiving the H elp of the Council

W e should all first endeavor to apply the Rosicrucian principies which we have been taught directly to ourselves. However, if you wish additional help from the Council of Solace, just address a letter to the Council of Solace, A M O R C , San Jos, California 95191, U .S.A ., and briefly state what your d ifficu lty is. T h e Council of Solace will not provide advice 0 11 legal matters, investments, real estte, or any other matters for which there are specialists available. Th e help that the Council provides is of a cosmic nature which transcends these other matters. T h e services o f th e Council o f Solace are fr e e ; there are no charges. Members, if they so desire to further this work, can make a donation but such is not obligatory.

P A R T 13

A sem in ar is a group o f p erson s gathered together for discussion o f a sp ecial subject. R osicrucian Sem itiars are exactly that. T h e Supreme Grand Lodge periodically conducs a Seminar in the United States and various parts of the world for the purpose of lecturing upon and

demonstrating certain phenomena of nature in which Rosicrucian members and their friends are interested. For example, Seminars have dealt with such subjects as the Human A ura, Projection of Consciousness, Intuition, Psychic Forces of the Mind, Telepathy, Telekinesis, and many other intriguing so-called mysteries. Rosicrucian scientists do research in these subjects in the parapsychology laboratories in Rosicrucian Park. Th en, they and especially prepared speakers of A M O R C , bring these topics and demonstrations to Rosicrucians and their friends. They are simply and fascinatingly presented.

How Y o u Can A ttend

T h e Seminars are announced in advance in the R osicrucian Digest. Announcements are also issued to all Rosicrucians in the city and the surrounding area where the Seminar is to be held. Information is given as to w hen an d w here you can register in advance. A Seminar is an all-d ay event, with time provided for a luncheon period. A Seminar is not just a public lecture but a fascinating class of instruction. Every Rosicrucian is eligible to attend as well as the non-Rosicrucian members of his or her family and friends. A n om in al fee is charged to cover the hall rental, travel expenses of the lecturers, and the cost of announcements. Usually the representatives of the Rosicrucian Order are also interviewed on the local radio and televisin stations during the time of the Seminar. W atch fo r an an n ou n cem en t o f a Sem inar.

P A R T 14

T h e little booklet, W ho and W h at Are the Rosicrucians, which will be sent to you fr e e and which you also may give to nonmembers, includes photographs of the various buildings in Rosicrucian Park and the facilities and services which they provide the membership. T h e Rosicrucian Park includes the beautiful S u p rem e T em p le, where Initiations and Convocations are held. It is for fraternal lodge activities and not for religious ceremonies. T h e renowned R osicrucian E gyptian M useum contains the largest collection of Egyptian, Babylonian, and Assyrian antiquities 011 the Pacific Coast. Admission is free and it is visited by over 500,000 pcrsons annually. T h e R osicrucian P lan etariu m , which is for astronomy lectures and demonstrations by means of modern technology, shows the heavens as you would sce them through any giant telescope. Further, the instrument projects on a domed ceiling the stars, the planets, and the constellations as they were thousands of years ago. T h e Rosicrucian Planetarium was the third one constructed in the United States. T he first Rosicrucian Planetarium was designed and built by Dr. H.

Spencer Lewis. T he Planetrium Building includes as well many scien ti c In stru m en ts a n d exhibts con cern in g a s tr o n o m y a n d terrestrial phenomena. The R ose-C roix S cien ce B uilding contains chemistry, physics, and parapsychology laboratories and classrooms. Adjoining it is the R o si crucian R esearch L ibrary which contains several thousand volumes on the subjects of mysticism, metaphysics, philosophy, the arts and sciences, plus rare volumes on and by famous Rosicrucians of the past. In this building is also a Biology Laboratory. Rosicrucian Park also contains the F ran cis B acon A u ditoriu m where Rosicrucian Conventions have been held and where special lectures and entertainment features are held periodically. There is also the R ecord in g an d M otion P icture S tu dio B uilding. In this studio, cinema films are produced as well as the many recordings of lectures given by the Imperator and other officers and staff members. These are available in tap e and cassette form. The A dm in istration buildings of A M O R C include the Computer Department, the Latin-American Instruction Department, the Council of Solace, the Im perators and Supreme Secretarys offices, and facilities for the Grand Lodge officers, the general Instruction Department, the Adjustment Department, and a large staff of assistants. The Studio Building mentioned above also includes the Organizational Development Department. O ther facilities at Rosicrucian Park are a large Mailing Department, where several million pieces of mail are sent out annually, warehouses, and a large M aintenance Building. Rosicrucian Park is landscaped beautifully with flowers, trees, shrubs, fountains, artistic statuary, and shady nooks where members and others may sit in quiet and meditate.

Following are suggested days and hours to visit Rosicrucian Park. A t other times, the facilities may be closed, especially on holidays. A dm in istration Buildings M onday through Friday 9:00 A .M . to 4:00 P.M . E g y p tian M useum Tuesday through Friday 9:00 A.M . to 5:00 P.M . Saturday, Sunday, Monday Noon to 5:00 P.M .

P lanetarium June through mid-September Everyday mid-September through June Saturday, Sunday and most holidays Noon to 5:00 P.M . R esearch L ibrary S u p rem e T e m p le Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 2:00 P.M . to 5:00 P.M . Convocation every Tuesday 8:00 P.M . (3rd week of September through 2nd week o f M ay)

A ppointments
If you wish an appointment with a particular officer or staff mem ber, p ica se w rite in ad v a n c e to determine if such an appointment will be possible at that time. However, during the visiting hours shown above there are always some officers and staff members to greet you and to be of every possible service.

P A R T 15

A monograph may not arrive or in error it may be the wrong one; a membership card may be lost; a receipt may be wrongly credited; the R osicru cian D igest may not arrive. Such errors are kept to a mni mum with our Computer facilities, but such things can occasionally happen.

Adjustm ent D epartm ent

W hen something does not appear rght in connection with your membership Service, such as the conditions mentioned above, write at once to the A dju stm en t D ep a rtm en t , c/o A M O R C , Rosicrucian Park, San Jos, California 95191, U .S.A . Explain briefly your problem and print carefully your ame, address, and K e y N u m ber. It is requested not to write about different matters in the same letter which is addressed to the Adjustment Department. If you do, it only slows up attention to your adjustment problem. I f living outside of the United States, please write airm ail. Please realize that even b y airm ail it takes a few days for your letter to r ea ch Rosicrucian Park, and then it takes the Adjustment D epart ment two or three days to investgate your problem and to rcply. T he answer takes the same time to reach you as the inquiry you sent.

Instruction D epartm ent

This department is only concerned with correspondence in respect to the Rosicrucian studies and your initiations and experiments. W hen writing to them, p lea se d o not include comments about dues in the same letter. M ake them on a separate sheet, one which you may put in the same envelope. Kindly be b rief in your reports on the experi ments, comments on the studies, and questions. Address your letter to the D ep artm en t o f In stru ction , A M O R C , Rosicrucian Park, San Jos, California 95191, U .S.A . I f you live in a foreign country, please obtain from your post office postal coupons equivalent to the amount of postage for a reply. Do not send foreign stamps. You will be acquainted with other departments to whom you may write as they advise. But we repeat, d o not in clu de in on e letter matters ntended for several departments. Make each a sep a rate enclosure, but you may put them in the sam e en v elo p e. Again, we kindly remind you to always put your K e y N u m ber with your ame and address. This helps us to lcate your membership records more readily and quickly.

Change of Address
W hen changing your address, p ica se do the following: 1. A t once n otify y ou r post o f fic e o f you r ad d ress change. 2. Kindly notify A M O R C at once of your new address by writing to the D ata P rocessin g D ep artm en t, c/o A M O R C , Rosicrucian Park, San Jos, California 95191, U .S.A . In doing these things you will prevent loss and delay of mail sent to you not only by A M O R C but also by friends.

P A R T 16

The R osicrucian S u p p ly B ureau contains many accessories that are helpful for the full advantage and benefit of your membership. T he Supply Bureau stocks the Rosicrucian books on various subjects related to the Rosicrucian teachings. These books are written by the Imperator and other officers of the Order in America and Europe. A co m p lete catolog and descriptive folder of these books and their valuable subject matter will be sent you. T h e catalog tells you how you may order these books directly from the Rosicrucian Supply Bureau, A M O R C , Rosi crucian Park, San Jos, California 95191, U .S.A . T h e prices of the books and the other supply articles are Usted in the currency of the various countries. T h e Rosicrucian books are available in English and Spanish from A M O R C , San Jos. T hey may be purchased from the Grand Lodges of other countries in o th er languages. Further, your lo ca l su bord n ate b o d y , if there is one listed in the R osicrucian D igest D irectory, may have these Rosicrucian books avail able for you to purchase. T h e Rosicrucian Supply Bureau also has A M O R C membership emblems, rings, stationery, monograph and D igest binders, incense, aprons, sanctum supplies, and num erous other useful commodities. A ll supplies are shipped to the member by su rface m ail, unless extra p ostag e is provided by the member for them to be sent airm ail. Please realize that a package costs much more when sent by air than does a letter, and airmail packages to countries outside of the United States may be prohibitively expensive. Since most supply bureau articles are sent by su rface m ail to sav e you ex tra cost, kindly allow the necessary time for the shipment to arrive before writing and asking if it has been sent you. Upon request, we will gladly send you a com p lim en tary time schedule for surface mail showing the time required to reach the various areas throughout the world from San Jos.


AMORC stales thal il is a nonprofit organization. Wlio decides that il is, and what does this nonprofit status include?
T h e nonprofit status of A M O R C is stipulated in the Constitution of the Supreme Grand Lodge of A M O R C , A rticle V I, Section 2:
T his Corporation shall have no capital stock or is it organized or shall it be operated for pecuniary gain or profit, or will it distribute any gains, profits or dividends to the members or officers of the Corporation or to any other indi vidual. T h e property, assets and net income of this Corpora tion are irrevocably dedicated to the purposes for which the Corporation is formed and no p art of any property, assets or income of this Corporation shall at any time ever inure to the benefit of any director, officer or member thereof or for the benefit of any prvate individual.

T h e Supreme Grand Lodge is legally incorporated in California as a n on p rofit cultural, educational organization, and is so registered with the United States Government and other governments throughout the world. A M O R C s books are periodically audited by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. It is accordingly exempt from Income T ax. However, since A M O R C is not a church or religin, it must pay p ro p erty taxes amounting to a large sum annually. A M O R C is obliged to submit an annual financial report to the United States Government.

Why does an organization like AMORC advertise in newspapers and general periodicals? Does that not detract from its p u rp ose?
Advertising in any form is an an n ou n cem en t . In fact, the word advertising means announcement. I f you had something worthy and you knew it could and would help the sincere inquiring individual, would you suppress it? Every philosophical and mystical Order in every age has proselyted in the manner available to it at the time. Although A M O R C is not a religious organization, we will use the analogy of the Christian Apostles: They spoke as did Jess to the multitudes expounding the virtues of Christianity. Christ did not speak only to the elite; he spoke to the masses as well. T h a t is what A M O R C does in using radio, T V , newspapers, magazines, leaflets, motion pictures, and so on. As to whether advertising detracts from the dignity of A M O R C , look at the church pages of your newspaper. Note the extensive ad vertising in the ame of religin, the publicity campaigns conducted by evangelists A re these considered undignified? Our advertisements merely offer a free copy of T h e M astery o f L ife and do not reveal

any details regarding membership n the Order. Such informador can only be obtained by personally reading T h e M astery o f L ife itself.

If the Rosicrucians are disseminating truth and knowledge fo r the enlightenm ent and advancem ent of m an, why do they cliarge dues? Why isnt such instruction freely disseminated to m ankind?
It is quite agreed that there should not be dues or fees for any knowledge that is for the advancement and betterment of mankind. However, how is such free knowledge to reach individuis living perhaps thousands of miles from the source of that knowledge? T h e Rosicrucian teachings are free, but the paper, the printing, clerical help, postage, and buildings to house the staff are not. W e all believe that the teachings of the Bible or the Koran, for example or any sacred work should be free. Nevertheless, the indi vidual has to buy a copy of such a work. H e is not purchasing the contents but is paying for the material form in which it is presented. Ethically speaking, however, why should the recipient be free of the expense of disseminating such knowledge to him? In antiquity students traveled hundreds of miles at their own expense to hear a distant teacher. It was the only way such knowledge could be obtained. Todays student wants that knowledge brought to him and that is what his dues provide for.

If the Rosicrucian teachings have long had a valu, why does AMORC continually add to the existing ones?
Succinctly, the answer is to avoid becoming dogmatic and static. C h an g e is one of the greatest laws of reality. T h e Rosicrucian In ter national Research Council continually adds new scientific knowledge to the Rosicrucian teachings, while new mystical and philosophical concepts with a broader and more useful basis are also being added. This does not cause the Order to deviate from its traditional goal of the enlightenment of man, however. It adds to and substantiates it, in fact.


T h e intricate symbol above is called the alchemical and H erm etic Rose Cross, and is a very od mystical symbol. It is com posed o f two Rosy Crosses United into one: the small Rosy Cross at the center representative o man, the microcosm is in turn the center point of a larger rose residing at the heart of the large cross symbolic of the m acrocosm . U pon the four ends of the large cross are inscribed the three alchem ical symbos: mercury, sulphur, and salt. A t the top of the cross, mercury is placed in the center, sulphur on the left, and salt on the right. U pon the other ends of the cross the symbols have been inscribed in such an order as to conform to the esoteric tradition. A fuller explanation of this very od symbol, with its mystical meaning, is given in the Rosicrucian M anual.

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