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arc hip e la go book s

fa l l 2012

Dear Friends, As we continue the journey into our ninth year, Archipelago now has eighty titles in print, translated from over twenty-five different languages, and over 80% of our titles are now available as e-books. We are grateful to you, our readers, for your warm companionship along the way. Its been a good year: Bill Johnston was twice nominated for the 2012 Best Translated Book Award and won for his stunning rendering of Wiesaw Mys liwskis Stone Upon Stone. Elias Khoury and Karl Ove Knausgaard participated in the PEN World Voices Festival in May, and Khoury was awarded the UNESCO-Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture. As a not-for-profit press, we are only able to publish such remarkable literary works with the participation of a supportive community. We rely on the involvement of governmental arts organizations, foundations, international ministries of culture, and, above all, each of you. Without the generous support of individual donors and our core readership, without inspired booksellers, librarians, and professors, without the passionate responses of book critics and editors, and without the talent of our authors, translators, and book designer, we would not be able to continue. We remain grateful to you all. What a spectacular fall line-up we have for you: Antonio Tabucchi, Bohumil Hrabal, Severo Sarduy, Miljenko Jergovic , Breyten Breytenbach, Abdellatif Labi, Pierre Michon, and Yannis Ritsos. (Each of these gems will be served to you in a delectable translation!) We send hearty thanks every one of you and invite you to take a close look at our fall offerings. With immense gratitude and our warmest regards, Jill and Florence

cover photo: Jill Schoolman

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Miljenko Jergovi c / Mama Leone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Antonio Tabucchi / The Flying Creatures of Fra Angelico . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Abdellatif Labi / Bottom of the Jar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bohumil Hrabal / Harlequins Millions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Breyten Breytenbach / Catastrophes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yannis Ritsos / Diary of Exile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pierre Michon / The Eleven . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Severo Sarduy / Firefly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16

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st a f f . . . . . . . . 48

By the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize-winning author of Sarajevo Marlboro Winner of Italys 2003 Premio Grinzane Cavour for Best Book in Translation

Jergovi c is an enormously talented storyteller. Aleksandar Hemon

A masterful collection of linked stories that draws the reader into a precocious boys episodic, personal recounting of his war-torn homeland and childhood. Dazzling, rhapsodic, and above all compassionate, these linked stories, deeply rooted in place and history, break down stereotypes and humanize a complex cultural conflict.

Mama Leone
Miljenko Jergovic
translated from the Croatian by


M i lj e n k o J e r g o v i c , born in 1966, is a poet, novelist, short story writer, and journalist. He was awarded the Ivan Goran Kovac ic Award, the Mak Dizdar Award for Warsaw Observatory and the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize for Sarajevo Marlboro (Archipelago), now in its third printing. D av i d W i l l i a m s is the translator of Karaoke Culture (Open Letter) and a number of other essays by Dubravka Ugreic, which have recently appeared or are forthcoming in The Paris Review, A Public Space, The Baffler, and Salmagundi. He has lived in Auckland, Sydney, Munich, Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Berlin.

David Williams
October 2012 6 x 7 220 pages $16 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-32-0 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-71-9 fiction

a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

Hypochondria, insomnia, restlessness, and yearning are the lame muses of these brief pages. I would have liked to call them Extravaganzas . . . because many of them wander about in a strange outside that has no inside, like drifting splinters . . . Alien to any orbit, I have the impression they navigate in familiar spaces whose geometry nevertheless remains a mystery; lets say domestic thickets: the interstitial zones of our daily having to be, or bumps on the surface of existence . . . In them, in the form of quasistories, are the murmurings and mutterings that have accompanied and still accompany me: outbursts, moods, little ecstasies, real or presumed emotions, grudges, and regrets.

The Flying Creatures of Fra Angelico

translated from the Italian by

Antonio Tabucchi (on The Flying Creatures of Fra Angelico)

Antonio Tabucchi
tim parks
October 2012 5 x 6 128 pages $15 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-56-6 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-57-3 fiction


There is in Tabucchis stories the touch of the true magician, who astonishes us by never trying too hard for his subtle, elusive and remarkable effects. The San Francisco Examiner
A n t on io T a b uc c h i (1943-2012) is one of the most beloved Italian writers of his generation. His works have been translated into more than forty languages and have received many prestigious prizes including the Prix Mdicis Etranger, the Aristeion, the Nossack, and the Europaeischer Staatspreis. His most celebrated titles include Pereira Maintains, Little Misunderstandings of No Importance, Requiem: A Hallucination (which he wrote in Portuguese), and Indian Nocturne (all published by New Directions). In France he was named a Chevalier of Arts and Letters. T i m Pa r k s teaches literary translation at IULM University in Milan and is the author of Italian Neighbours, An Italian Education, The Server, Dreams of Rivers and Seas, and Teach Us to Sit Still. Twice winner of the John Florio Prize for translation, he has translated works by Alberto Moravia, Italo Calvino, Antonio Tabucchi, and Roberto Calasso.
w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

By the winner of the Goncourt Prize for Poetry

An exploration of Labis childhood city in Fez, undertaken through Namoussa, his semi-fiction dred spirit. Coupled with intimate portraits of the lives of various colorful characters filling the homes and alleyways of Moroccos Medieval capital, The Bottom of the Jar is a warm and lyrical elegy to his family and a moving glimpse into a city that he holds dear.

The Bottom of the Jar


Abdell atif L a bi
translated from the French by


A b de l l a t i f L a b i , poet, novelist, playwright, translator, and political activist, was born in Fez, Morocco in 1942. He was also the founder of Souffles, an important literary review that was banned in Morocco in 1972. Labi received the Prix Robert Ganzo for Poetry in 2008, the Prix Goncourt for Poetry for his collected work in 2009, and the Acadmie franaises Grand Prix de la Francophonie in 2011. A n dr N a f f is-S a he ly s translations include The Rule of Barbarism (Pirogue Poets Series), The Barbary Figs and The Funerals by Rachid Boudjedra (Arabia Books), and Franktiennes Ripe to Burst, forthcoming from Archipelago. He lives in London.

Andr Naffis-Sahely

November 2012 6 x 6 240 pages $17 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-60-3 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-61-0 fiction/literature

a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

. . . the whole world hurts. My credo was always delight, bliss, longing. Bohumil Hrabal Hrabal is a most sophisticated novelist, with a gusting humor and a hushed tenderness of detail. Julian Barnes

Harlequins Millions

Now available in English for the first time, this lyrical and exuberant novel invites us into a home for the elderly whose inhabitants reminisce and reencounter their lives and their changing country. Written with one eye on the absurd and another on the poignant revelation of memory, Harlequins Millions lets us into the pain and quiet joy of a woman coming to terms with the passing of time, and with growing old. B oh u m i l H r a b a l (1914-1997) is widely regarded as one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. His novels include I Served the King of England, Closely Watched Trains, Too Loud a Solitude, Dancing Lessons for the Advanced of Age, and The Death of Mr. Baltisberger. Hrabals writings were banned after the Soviet troops invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968. S t a ce y K n e ch t lives in the Netherlands. She is the translator of Marcel Mrings The Dream Room, The Great Longing, and In Babylon; Anke de Vriess Bruises; and Lieve Joriss Back to the Congo. Knecht is editor-in-chief of the literary website The Ledge.

Bohumil Hr abal


Translated from the Czech by

Stacey Knecht

December 2012 5 x 6 220 pages $15 trade paperback isbn: 978-0-9819557-3-5 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-44-3 fiction

a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

The greatest Afrikaner poet of his generation . . . No one elevated the Boer language to such pure beauty and no one wielded it so devastatingly against the apartheid regime as its exiled poet Breyten Breytenbach. The New Yorker As a writer, Breytenbach has the gift of being able to descend effortlessly into the Africa of the poetic unconscious and return with the rhythm and the words, the words in the rhythm, that give life. J. M. Coetzee


Breyten Breytenbach
transformed from the Afrikaans by the author with original art by the author
January 2013 6 x 7 200 pages $18 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-17-7 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-26-9 fiction/art

This incandescent collection of lyrical and often nightmarish visionsnow in English for the first timeis a feast for the senses and mind. At once raw, chiaroscuro, unearthly, and musical, these dreamscapes shed light on the human condition, history, isolation and connection, death and rebirth. Warning: these bite-sized pieces may detonate within. B r e y t e n B r e y t e n b a c h is a poet, painter, novelist, memoirist, essayist, and activist. Breytenbachs works include All One Horse, Mouroir, Intimate Stranger, Notes from the Middle World, A Season in Paradise, The True Confessions of an Albino Terrorist, Dog Heart, The Memory of Birds in Times of Revolution, Lady One, Windcatcher, and Voice Over: A Nomadic Conversation with Mahmoud Darwish. His many honors include the Alan Paton Award, the Hertzog Prize, the Max Jacob Prize, and the inaugural Mahmoud Darwish Award.


a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

Y a n n i s R i t s o s is a poet whose writing life is thoroughly entwined with the contemporary history of his homeland. Nowhere is this more apparent than in this volume, a series of diaries-in-poetry Ritsos wrote between 1948 and 1950, during Greeces Civil War, while a political prisoner first on the island of Limnos and then at the infamous camp on the desert island Makronisos. Even in these darkest of times, Ritsos dedicated his days to poetry, trusting in writing and in art as collective endeavors capable of fighting oppression, and bringing people together across distance and time. These poems offer glimpses into the daily routines of prison life, the quiet violence he and his fellow prisoners endured, the ebbs and flows of the prisoners sense of solidarity, and the struggle to maintain humanity through language. This moving volume justifies Ritsoss reputation as one of the most venerated poets in Greeces modern history. K a r e n Emme r ich has translated work by Vassilis Vassilikos, Yiorgos Skabardonis, Rhea Galanake, Miltos Sachtouris, and other twentieth-century Greek poets. She has received translation grants and awards from PEN and from the Modern Greek Studies Association, and her translation of Sachtouriss Poems was a finalist for the NBCC Poetry Award. She teaches in Eugene, Oregon. Edm u n d K e e l e y is Director of Hellenic Studies at Princeton University. Keeleys translations of Yannis Ritsoss shorter poems received the Harold Morton Landon Translation Award of the Academy of American Poets and the First European Prize for the Translation of Poetry.


Diary of Exile
translated from the Greek by

Yannis Ritsos
K aren Emmerich and Edmund Keeley
January 2013 6 x 6 120 pages $15 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-58-0 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-59-7 poetry



a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

Winner of the Acadmie franaises Grand Prix du Roman

Michons prose tends to slow down in order to oblige you to hear its rhythms and also to see and touch and smell what is happening beneath it. Harpers


The Eleven
Pierre Michon
translated from the French by

Corentin, a young man of humble origins, rises up in Parisian society, becoming a famous painter who is called upon to decorate the homes of Louis XIVs mistresses. Yet his masterpiece is The Eleven, a revolutionary Mona Lisa representing the eleven members of the Committee of Public Safety (including Robespierre and Saint-Just) during the Reign of Terror. P i e r r e M ic hon , born in Cards, France in 1945, is one of Frances foremost contemporary writers. He was awarded the Grand Prix du Roman for The Eleven, the Prix Dcembre for his short novels Abbs and Corps du roi, the Prix Louis Guilloux for La grande beaune (The Origin of the World, Mercury House), and the Prix de la Ville de Paris for his body of work. Jod y Gl a ddi ng is a poet and translator. Her most recent collection of poetry is Rooms and Their Airs (Milkweed Editions, 2009). She has translated over twenty books from French. She teaches in the MFA program at Vermont College of Fine Arts and lives in East Calais, Vermont. Gladding and Deshays received the Florence Gould French-American Translation Prize in 2009 for their translation of Michons Small Lives. E l i z a b e t h De s h a y s is a teacher, translator, and landscape artist. She is the author of a study on bilingual education, LEnfant Bilingue (Robert Laffont). Her translation of Julien Gracqs La Prequile is published by Green Integer. She lives in Provence.
w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g 15


Jody Gl adding and Elizabeth Deshays

January 2013 6 x 7 240 pages $18 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-62-7 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-63-4 fiction

a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

By the Mdicis Prize-winning writer of Cobra

Severo Sarduy has everything . . . So brilliant, so funny, and so bewilderingly apt in his borrowings, his derivations, as well as in his inventions, his findings, he leaves one breathless, like a shot of rum. Richard Howard Sarduy is the master of wordscapes that dip, shake, and explode. The New York Times Book Review


Severo Sarduy
translated from the Spanish by


mark fried

Firefly (Cocuyo) is a dream-like evocation of pre-war Cuba, replete with hurricanes, mystical cults and slave-markets. The story is the coming-of-age of a highly intelligent and exuberant boy with an oversized head and underdeveloped sense of direction, who views the world as a threatening conspiracy. Told in breathless and lyrical prose, the novel is a loving rendition of a long-lost home, a meditation on exile, and an allegory of Cubas isolation in the world. Se v e r o S a r du y (1937-1993) was a Cuban poet, novelist, playwright, painter and literary critic, who lived and worked in Paris. Considered one of the best prose artists of the twentieth century, in 1972 he was awarded the Mdicis Prize for his novel Cobra. Firefly, the most autobiographical of his novels, was published three years before his untimely death from complications from AIDS. M a r k F r i e d has translated six of Eduardo Galeanos books, including Mirrors, Voices of Time, Upside Down, and Soccer in Sun and Shadow, and works by Emilia Ferreiro, Jos Ignacio Lpez Vigil, Oscar Ugarteche and Rafael Barajas Durn. He also translated the historical collection Echoes of the Mexican-American War.
w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g


March 2013 6 x 7 240 pages $16 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-64-1 fiction

a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

recently published
Wheel with a Single Spoke and Other Poems
translated from the Romanian by Sean Cotter
$18 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-15-3 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-42-9

recently published
As Though She Were Sleeping
elias khoury
translated from the Arabic by marilyn booth
$27 trade cloth isbn: 978-1-935744-02-3 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-34-4

nichita sta nescu

For those sadly most of us unacquainted with this brilliant post-World War II Romanian poets prolific accomplishment, this selection should prove a revelation. Michael Palmer

An enchanting hymn to the Middle East, infused with the richness and beauty of classical poetry. The Guardian

Albert Cohen eric chevillard


Book of My Mother
translated from the French by bella cohen
$15 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-33-7 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-54-2

Prehistoric Times
translated from the French by alyson waters
$16 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-16-0 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-30-6

Chevillards book is a very profound contemplation on the nature of posterity. The Quarterly Conversation

Brilliant . . . Straight out of French farce . . . A miracle of patience and suppleness . . . A phantasmagoric display of a certain view of the world. London Review of Books


k arl ove knausga ard
translated from the Norwegian by don bartlett
$18 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-18-4 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-52-8

My Struggle

translated from the Polish by danuta borchardt

$16 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-07-8 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-53-5

cyprian norwid

Between Proust and the woods. Like granite, precise and forceful. More real than reality. La Repubblica (Italy)

Poignant . . . flows onto the page with a melodic rush conveyed in Borchardts nuanced rhymes and assonances . . . off the page leaps surprise after surprise. The Arts Fuse

a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

- nosuke akutagawa ryu
Stories by translated from the Japanese by charles de wolf
$16 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9778576-0-9 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-12-2

The Twin

translated from the Dutch by david colmer

$25 hardcover isbn: 978-0-9800330-2-1 $16 paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-04-7 e-isbn: 978-1-9819873-3-0 2010 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award winner An NPR pick for Best Foreign Fiction of the Year

gerbr and bakker

The flow of his language is the best feature of Akutagawas style. Never stagnant, it moves along like a living thing. His choice of words is intuitive, naturaland beautiful.  Haruki Murakami

Gerbrand Bakkers writing is fabulously clear, so clear that each sentence leaves a rippling wake. The Los Angeles Times

Telegrams of the Soul

peter altenberg peter wortsman
Selected Prose of selected, translated, and with an afterword by

My Kind of Girl
buddhadeva bose
translated from the Bengali by arunava sinha
$15 paperback isbn: 978-0-9826246-1-6 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-05-4

$16 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9749680-8-7 e-isbn: 978-0-9819557-7-3


Peter Altenberg is a genius of nullifications, a singular idealist who discovers the splendors of this world like cigarette butts in the ashtrays of coffeehouses. Franz Kafka

attila bartis
translated from the Hungarian by imre goldstein
$15 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9800330-0-7 e-isbn: 978-0-9819873-4-7 Three Percent Best Translated Book of 2008 Award winner

Charming . . . Riveting . . . Rich and strange . . . The design is familiar, going back to the great European story-cycles of Boccaccio and Chaucer, but sharpened by that extra edge of sophistication Bose invariably managed to bring into his best work . . . A novel of ideas, a veritable history of emotions that alludes to some of the most profound testimonies of love in world literature. The Telegraph


Mafeking Road

herman charles bosman

$14 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9793330-6-4 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-51-1

Reading like the bastard child of Thomas Bernhard and Elfriede Jelinek, Tranquility is political and personal suffering distilled perfectly and transformed into dark, viscid beauty. It is among the most haunted, most honest, and most human novels I have ever read. Brian Evenson

The pacing and perspective of Bosmans tales are unlike anything else in English . . . The closest comparison may be Robert Frost poems or Bob Dylan songs.  Publishers Weekly Bosman is disrespectful, subversive and lethal on the silly, savage ways of old South Africa. Ive no doubt he would have been just as wicked about the new South Africa.  Christopher Hope w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

All One Horse

breyten breytenbach
with 27 original watercolors by the author $20 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9793330-7-1 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-25-2

Voice Over

breyten breytenbach

a nomadic conversation with Mahmoud Darwish

All One Horse is . . . a cartography of exile, a primordial mythology, a surreal philosophy of history and an exegesis of the art of poetry . . . There is weight to every passage, political weight, human weight, natural weight . . . Its as if Grard de Nerval had made it, immortally, into the twenty-first century, gone deep into apartheid-era South Africa and refused to go mad. Bookslut

$9 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9819557-5-9 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-29-0 2010 Mahmoud Darwish Award winner

Voice Over is a short but affecting sequence, with a slightly experimental feel to it, its author trying to come to grips with the death of his friend and colleague through a variety of approaches. A beautiful little pocket-sized pamphletvolume, it is well-worthwhile. The Complete Review

Intimate Stranger
A writing book


breyten breytenbach
$15 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9800330-9-0 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-27-6

translated from the German by richard sieburth

$14 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9749680-2-5 bilingual edition e-isbn: 978-0-9819557-8-0

georg bchner


In this inspiring, insightful, and heart-warming meditation, Breyten Breytenbach has given us a masterpiecea term I use with all due caution . . . As unpretentious as a comfortable old shirt, this is a book to be read and reread, to be cherished by anyone who values the enlightenment found in great poetry of all kinds. Sam Hamill

A totemic work of German literature.  Times Literary Supplement A brilliant and widely influential prefiguring of the modernist narrative imagination It is a work that fully breathes in the present. Michael Palmer



breyten breytenbach
$15 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9800330-7-6 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-28-3

Education by Stone

joo cabr al de melo neto

translated from the Portuguese by richard zenith

This is not a prisoners book. It would be a crass injustice of underestimation and simplification if it were presented and received that way. It describes how the ordinary time-focus of a mans perception can be extraordinarily rearranged by a definitive experience . . . Prison irradiates this book with dreadful enlightenments; the dark and hidden places of the country from which the book arises are phosphorescent with it. Nadine Gordimer a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

$16 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9749680-1-8 bilingual edition e-isbn: 978-1-935744-55-9 Academy of American Poets 2005 Translation Award winner

Joo Cabral de Melo Neto is one of Brazils most acclaimed poets . . . Avoiding ceremony and circumstance, his poems follow centuries-old paths.  The New York Times Book Review w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g


eric chevillard

From the Observatory

julio cortzar
translated from the Spanish by anne mclean
Idols invite respect, admiration, affection, and, of course, great envy. Cortzar inspired all of these feelings as very few writers can, but he inspired, above all, an emotion much rarer: devotion. He was, perhaps without trying, the Argentine who made the world love him. Gabriel Garca Mrquez
$18 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-06-1

translated from the French by w yatt mason

$15 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9728692-4-9 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-11-5

The current American new fabulism could learn a great deal from this very amusing book and its willingness to take real narrative risks . . . Palafox is a must for anyone interested in anti-realist fiction. Rain Taxi


hugo claus

Diary of Andrs Fava

julio cortzar
translated from the Spanish by anne m c lean
This beautiful amalgam of marvelous instances tilts against the airy blades of empty thought with a vengeance. Equal parts tender wit, elegant aside and acid observation, Diary of Andrs Fava, which comes to us from the desk of one of the twentieth centurys greatest literary explorers, is 100 percent delight. Laird Hunt
$14 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9749680-6-3

translated from the Dutch by michael henry heim

$15 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9800330-1-4 2010 PEN Translation Prize winner


Fine and ambitious . . . A work of savage satire intensely engaged with the moral and cultural life of the authors Belgium . . . Packed with asides, allusions, and fierce juxtapositions, a style created to evoke a world sliding into chaos where contrast and contradictions are so grotesque that we can only wonder. The New York Review of Books


Autonauts of the Cosmoroute

A Timeless Voyage from Paris to Marseille

joseph coulson

Of Song and Water

$25 cloth i s b n : 978-0-9778576-6-1 $15 paperback isbn: 978-0-9819557-0-4 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-20-7

julio cortzar & carol dunlop translated from the Spanish by anne m c lean with drawings by stphane hbert
$20 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9793330-0-2

An elegy performed as the lightest of dances . . . An adventure stood on its absurd head . . . a mask of comedy concealing the enigma of an archaic smile.  The Los Angeles Times Book Review a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

The power of this beautiful novel stems as much from the rich and poignant music that emanates from it, from its constant ebb and flow between past and present, as from the tide of memories that recount the painful drift of one man. Le Monde

The Vanishing Moon

joseph coulson
$24 cloth i s b n : 978-0-9728692-0-1 $14 paperback , Harcourt isbn: 978-0-1560301-8-2 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-21-4 A Barnes & Noble Discover New Writers Selection

A River Dies of Thirst

mahmoud darwish
journals translated from the Arabic by catherine cobham

$16 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9819557-1-1 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-67-2

The Vanishing Moon . . . explores human frailty with the simplicity and directness of haiku . . . [and] at times achieves the quiet beauty of William Maxwells finest workgenerous, episodic, elegiac but not sentimental . . . Coulson seems to want to bring Faulkner to Ohio. The Nation

There are two maps of Palestine that the politicians will never manage to forfeit: the one kept in the memories of Palestinian refugees, and that which is drawn by Mahmoud Darwishs poetry. Anton Shammas

Eline Vere

A Novel of the Hague louis couperus

translated from the Dutch by ina rilke
$17 papberback isbn: 978-0-9819557-4-2 e-isbn: 978-0-9826246-6-1

mahmoud darwish

In the Presence of Absence

translated from the Arabic by sinan antoon
$16 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-01-6 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-65-8


Superb . . . Couperus handles his many characters with masterly ease and keeps his prose smooth, light, and flowing. Ina Rilkes translation cannot be praised highly enough. Michael Dirda , The Wall Street Journal

In a unique hybrid of verse and prose, Mahmoud Darwish, shadowed by mortality, created an autobiography of exile and return, a lyric narrative whose every section is at once a vivid aperu of life unfolding in historys shadows and a poem with a poems internal logic. Marilyn Hacker


My Body and I
ren crevel
translated from the French by robert bononno
$14 paperback i s b n: 978-0-9749680-9-4 e-i s b n: 978-1-935744-03-0

Journal of an Ordinary Grief

mahmoud darwish
translated from the Arabic by ibr ahim muhawi
$16 paperback isbn: 978-0-9826246-4-7 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-69-6

He will be read more and more as the wind carries away the ashes of the great names that preceded him.  Ezra Pound One of the most beautiful pillars of surrealism.  Andr Breton a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

Mahmoud Darwish is the Palestinain poet laureate. His verses chronicle the Palestinians anguish at the loss of their land. His rhythms tattoo their angry heartache . . . Ibrahim Muhawis limpid translation captures the longing, the ache of exile. The Economist

Why Did You Leave the Horse Alone?

mahmoud darwish
translated from the Arabic by jeffrey sacks
$18 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9763950-1-0 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-68-9

The Waitress Was New

dominique fabre
translated from the French by jordan stump
$15 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9778576-9-2 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-10-8 2009 PEN Translation Prize finalist

Darwish is the premier poetic voice of the Palestinian people . . . lyrical, imagistic, plaintive, haunting, always passionate, and elegantand never anything less than freewhat he would dream for all his people. Naomi Shihab Nye

The strong, intimate voice of this gentle, canny narrator continues to stay with us long after we reach the end of The Waitress Was New what an engrossing, captivating tale, in Jordan Stumps sensitive translation. Lydia Davis

Yann Andra Steiner

marguerite dur as
translated from the French by mark polizzotti
$15 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9763950-8-9 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-22-1

The Serpent of Stars

jean giono
translated from the French by jody gladding
$15 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9728692-8-7 e-i s b n : 978-0-935744-45-0


Duras manages to combine the seemingly irreconcilable perspectives of confession and objectivity, of lyrical poetry and nouveau roman. The sentences lodge themselves slowly in the readers mind until they detonate with all the force of fused feeling and thought.  The New York Times Book Review

Plants Dont Drink Coffee

unai elorriaga
translated from the Basque by amaia gabantxo
$16 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9778576-8-5 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-13-9

Giono has created his own private terrestrial domain, a mythical domain . . . It is a region over which the stars and planets course with throbbing pulsations. It is a land in which things happen to men as ons ago they happened to the gods. Pan still walks the earth. The soil is saturated with cosmic juices. Events transpire. Miracles occur. Henry Miller



witold gombrowicz

translated from the Polish by bill johnston

In these stories there is a psychological process, a learning curve, a painful jump toward crucial knowledge. In Plants Dont Drink Coffee that jump takes place toward the end, which helps the story glide along joyously, aided by the novels two main strengths: the innocent but brilliant, and almost shrewd language of the child narrator and the abundance of secondary stories. El Pas a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

$26 cloth i s b n: 978-0-9728692-9-4 $16 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9763950-7-2 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-14-6

Gombrowicz is one of the most original and gifted writers of the twentieth century: he belongs at the very summit, at the side of his kindred spirits, Kafka and Cline. This collection of his stories will serve as an admirable introduction to his oeuvre. The Washington Post Book World w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

Travel Pictures
heinrich heine
translated from the German by peter wortsman
$17 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9793330-3-3 e-isbn: 978-0-9819873-0-9

miljenko jergovic

Sarajevo Marlboro
translated from the Croatian by stela tomaevic

$15 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9728692-2-5 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-73-3

Heine possesses that divine malice without which I cannot imagine perfection . . . And how he employs German! It will one day be said that Heine and I have been by far the first artists of the German language. Friedrich Nietzsche Funny, biting, but always tender . . . inimitably pleasurable.  Eric Banks

Like all great war books, Sarajevo Marlboro is not about warits about life. Jergovic is an enormously talented storyteller, so the people under siege come through in all their poignant fullness . . . Sarajevo Marlboro is a book for the people who appreciate life. Aleksandar Hemon

Fossil Sky
david hinton
$17 map format i s b n : 978-0-9728692-7-0

elias khoury

Gate of the Sun

translated from the Arabic by humphrey davies
$26 cloth i s b n : 978-0-9763950-2-7 e-isbn: 978-0-9826246-8-5 Picador paperback edition, isbn: 978-0-31242670-5

Hinton has re-defined the boundaries of poetry in print . . . This is great brain candy. Bookslut 30 Fossil Sky describes a landscape: the south of France . . . Its a portrait we receive in fragmentsa tatter of sky here, of water there, with images of bright summer fields blurring into ones of frost. Seven Days

There has been powerful fiction about Palestinians and by Palestinians, but few have held to the light the myths, tales and rumors of both Israel and the Arabs with such discerning compassion. In Humphrey Daviess sparely poetic translation, Gate of the Sun is an imposingly rich and realistic novel, a genuine masterwork. The New York Times Book Review



friedrich hlderlin

translated from the German by ross benjamin

White Masks
elias khoury
translated from the Arabic by maia tabet
$22 hardcover isbn: 978-0-9819873-2-3 e-isbn: 978-0-9826246-9-2

$14 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9793330-2-6 e-isbn: 978-0-9819557-9-7

Friedrich Hlderlin unquestionably belongs in the intense company of Shelley, Kleist, Novalis, Lenz, and Bchner . . . [Hlderlins] is one of the great writers lives, full of intensity and movement, work and projects, abrupt departures and friendships. Michael Hofmann a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

Khoury is the sort of novelist whose name is inseparable from a city. Los Angeles has Joan Didion and Raymond Chandler, and Istanbul Orhan Pamuk. The beautiful, resilient city of Beirut belongs to Khoury. The Los Angeles Times w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g


elias khoury

The Great Weaver from Kashmir

halldr laxness
translated from the Icelandic by philip roughton
$26 cloth i s b n : 978-0-9793330-8-8 e-isbn: 978-0-9819873-6-1

translated from the Arabic by peter theroux

$25 cloth i s b n : 978-0-9793330-4-0 Picador paperback edition, isbn: 978-0-31242868-6 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-00-9

Elias Khourys Yalo is a novel that transcendsas only art canthe deep divisiveness of ideology, both political and religious . . . That such a vision should, at this moment in history, come to the American reading public from a great Arab novelist makes this an extraordinarily important publishing event. Robert Olen Butler

Laxness is a beacon in twentieth-century literature, a writer of splendid originality, wit, and feeling. Alice Munro [Laxness is] a poet who writes to the edge of the pages, a visionary who allows us a plot . . . It is not possible to be unimpressed. Daily Telegraph

heinrich von kleist

Selected Prose of

The Mountain Poems of Meng Hao-jan

translated from the Chinese by david hinton
$14 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9728692-3-2 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-09-2

selected, translated, and with an afterword by peter wortsman

$15 paperback isbn: 978-0-9819557-2-8 e-isbn: 978-0-9826246-7-8

Exploiting to the full the rigors of German syntax, he uses language to impose order and meaning on a profoundly disordered world . . . Catastrophes unfold in a subclause. Idiosyncrasies of word order defer full, terrible understanding to the last possible moment. The Wall Street Journal

These are poems of great serenity, great satisfaction, great joy. The Mountain Poems of Meng Hao-Jan can be read in an evening, revisited for a lifetime. Find time for it.  The Kansas City Star


A Time for Everything

k arl ove knausga ard
translated from the Norwegian by james anderson
$20 paperback ISBN : 978-0-9800330-8-3 e-isbn: 978-0-9819873-5-4

henri michaux

Stroke by Stroke
translated from the French by richard sieburth

with illustrations by the author $16 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9763950-5-8

A marvelous book . . . The descriptions of forests, floods, streams, and fields are ravishing and . . . create the feeling that we are being transported, again and again, into some primordial world. The New York Review of Books a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

Michaux travels via his languages: lines, words, colors, silences, rhythms. And he does not hesitate to break the back of a word . . . In order to arrive: where? At that nowhere that is here, there, and everywhere. Octavio Paz

pierre michon

Small Lives
translated from the French by

The Salt Smugglers

translated from the French by richard sieburth
$16 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9800330-6-9 e-isbn: 978-0-9819873-9-2

gr ard de nerval

jody gladding & elizabeth deshays

$15 paper back i s b n : 978-0-9728692-1-8 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-70-2 2009 French-American Foundation/Florence Gould Translation Prize winner

In the flow of Michons meditations and narratives, the visonary becomes the actual, and the actual becomes the visionary. Leonard Michaels An astonishingly rich, mythic new direction in modern French narrative.  Guy Davenport

Every intelligent English-speaking reader must be grateful to Richard Sieburth and Archipelago Books for rescuing from oblivion this gem of factual fiction, revealing a Nerval poised somewhere between the subversive Diderot and the vitriolic Voltaire. The Salt Smugglers now has pride of place in my ideal library. Alberto Manguel

Posthumous Papers of a Living Author

robert musil
translated from the German by peter wortsman
$15 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9763950-4-1 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-48-1

The Novices of Sais

translated from the German by r alph manheim illustrated by paul klee
$18 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9749680-5-6


wies aw mys liwski

Stone Upon Stone

Musils originality of mind and perfectionism of temperament are evident throughout these pieces, which range from delicately enameled miniature portraits of the natural world to casual yet trenchant little essays and parables on art, culture, kitsch, psychoanalysis, and even feminism.  The Christian Science Monitor

There are two poets at work in the body of this mysterious and transporting book, one using language, the other line. And what an intriguing, epoch-spanning duet they form.  Donna Seaman, Speakeasy


enrico pea
translated from the Italian by ezr a pound introduction by mary de r achewiltz
$14 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9749680-3-2 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-46-7

translated from the Polish by bill johnston

$20 paperback isbn: 978-0-9826246-2-3 2012 Best Translated Book Award Winner

Like a more agrarian Beckett, a less gothic Faulkner, a slightly warmer Laxness, Mys liwski masterfully renders in Johnstons gorgeous translation life in a Polish farming village . . . Richly textured and wonderfully evocative . . . Undeniably original. Publishers Weekly (starred review) a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

When the phantasmagoria of Peas prose momentarily lifts in order to reveal almost Czanne-like notations of local landscape, we hear the old miglior fabbro turning out sentences as splendid as any in Joyce. Bookforum

Mute Objects of Expression

fr ancis ponge
translated from the French by lee fahnestock
$17 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9763950-3-4 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-49-8

Translation is a Love Affair

jacques poulin
translated from the French by sheila fischman
One of my favorite writers in the world is Jacques Poulin.  Rawi Hage We fall under the spell of this heartwarming, human novel penned by Jacques Poulin at the summit of his art.  Mieux Vivre
$14 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9819557-0-4

Ponge, to be sure, forfeits no resource of language, natural or unnatural. He positively dines upon the etymological root, seasoning it with fantastic gaiety and invention.  James Merrill

jacques poulin
translated from the French by sheil a fischman
$16 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-31-3

Mister Blue

Auguste Rodin

r ainer maria rilke


The writer hiding from the world in his house on the beach is as shy and charming and friendly as this light, generous, refreshing novel. Shelf Awareness

translated from the German by daniel slager introduction by william h. gass photographs by michael eastman
$30 cloth i s b n : 978-0-9728692-5-6 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-23-8

jacques poulin

Spring Tides
translated from the French by sheila fischman
Poulins language is simple, even affable, but he can also summon an austere and chilling beauty . . . An unexpected sense of loss sneaks up on you at the end of the novel, like a sudden deep pain, as if Poulin has been distracting you by making shadows with one hand while the other did its subtle, cutting work. The New York Sun

Combining Daniel Slagers elegant translation from the German of Rilkes writings on Rodin with Michael Eastmans photographs of Rodins sculptures, Auguste Rodin offers a fresh look at an unlikely mentorship.  The New York Times Book Review


$14 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9778576-4-7


joseph roth

translated from the German by ross benjamin

$17 paperback isbn: 978-0- 9826246-0-9 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-35-1

Job is perfect . . . A novel as lyric poem.

Joan Acocella

A beautifully written, and in the end uplifting, parable for an era of upheaval . . . Job, opened to any page, offers something of beauty. The Quarterly Conversation w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

new poems

tadeusz rz ewicz

The Chukchi Bible

yuri rytkheu
translated from the Russian by ilona yazhbin chavasse
$16 paperback isbn: 978-0-9819873-1-6 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-36-8

translated from the Polish by bill johnston

$16 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9778576-3-0 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-50-4 2007 National Book Critics Circle Poetry Award finalist

Rz ewicz is a poet of chaos with a nostalgia for order. Around him and in himself he sees only broken fragments, a senseless rush. Czesaw Miosz

Breathtaking, wild, and imaginative. The Los Angeles Times

To Mervas

elisabeth rynell
translated from the Swedish by victoria hggblom
$15 paperback ISBN : 978-0-9819873-7-8 e-isbn : 978-1-935744-24-5

Poems (19451971)
miltos sachtouris
translated from the Greek by k aren emmerich
$16 paperback original i s b n : 978-0-9763950-6-5 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-40-5 2006 National Book Critics Circle Poetry Award finalist

Rynells language can only be described as breathtakingly beautiful. Upsala Daily News 38 Elisabeth Rynell is one of Swedens most intense and, for the lyrical clarity of her voice, most intensely appreciated storytellers in prose and verse. She never wastes words. Rika Lesser

Miltos Sachtouris has created, through the development of a style as spare and lucid as Baudelaires, a surrealist world of ordinary horror, where the most bizarre flowerings of intolerable anxiety unfold with dreamlike clarity at your elbow as you walk down the street. John Corelis


A Dream in Polar Fog

yuri rytkheu ilona yazhbin chavasse
translated from the Russian by

Emblems of Desire

translated from the French by richard sieburth

$15 paperback original i s b n : 978-0-9778576-5-4

Selections from the Dlie of Maurice Scve

$24 cloth i s b n : 978-0-9749680-7-0 $14 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9778576-1-6 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-47-4 2005 Kiriyama Pacific Rim Prize Notable Book

Rarely has humanitys relationship to nature been so beautifully and vividly depicted . . . It recalls, in both substance and style, the best work of Jack London and Herman Melville, and it is a novel in the grandest sense of the word.  Neal Pollack a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

Sieburth has found a contemporary equivalent for Scves extremely compact music and enabled it to breathe in English, while still retaining the tension of the original.  John Ashbery

A Mind at Peace

ahmet hamdi tanpinar

gknar translated from the Turkish by erdag

magdalena tulli
translated from the Polish by bill johnston
$16 trade paperback isbn: 978-1-935744-01-6 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-41-2 2012 Best Translated Book Award finalist

In Red

$25 hardcover isbn: 978-0-979330-5-7 $20 paperback isbn: 978-0-9826246-3-0 e-isbn: 978-1-935744-19-1

The greatest novel ever written about Istanbul. Orhan Pamuk A masterpiece . . . A honeyed, searching, and melancholy epic. Publishers Weekly

There is much to treasure. Tulli plays with the line between unexpected and quirky very well . . . you cant help but want to return again and again. NPR

Dreams and Stones

magdalena tulli
translated from the Polish by bill johnston
$20 cloth i s b n : 978-0-9728692-6-3 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-37-5

Moving Parts

magdalena tulli

translated from the Polish by bill johnston

Tullis snapshot vignettesof trains covered with bright zigzags of graffiti, of a fur that gives off the oppressive smell of mothballs, of a hobo who rakes cigarettes out of his haircan be read as lapidary, Cubist poetry or a word collage thats amorphously if resonantly evocative.  Kirkus Reviews

$22 cloth i s b n : 978-0-9763950-0-3 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-39-9


Powerful imagery caught in a sinewy, architectural, elegiac prose. An inner-outer dance of cityscape with the taut emotion, terror & psyche of the human. . . And rendered from Polish to English in an inspired translation by Bill Johnston.  Anne Waldman



Three Generations
yom sang-seop
translated from the Korean by yu youngnan
$16 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9778576-2-3 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-41-2

magdalena tulli
translated from the Polish by bill johnston
$14 paperback i s b n : 978-0-9793330-1-9 e-i s b n : 978-1-935744-38-2

In Flaw, Magdalena Tulli has fashioned a theater of reality that Descartes devil might have dreamed up, a world of sinister politics and slapstick metaphysics, crowded with lonely hearts, refugees, and riot police. The book is coolly charming, funny, and heartbreaking. Even the devil should weep. Edwin Frank a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g

The novel, filled with gossip and family intrigues as scandalous as any contemporary soap opera, reads deliciously like a Dostoevsky novel or Les liaisons dangereuses meets Koreas traditional middle class. KoreAm

Physician and Murderer ernst weiss
translated from the German by joel rotenberg
$26 cloth i s b n : 978-0-9763950-2-7 $17 papberback isbn: 978-0-9800330-3-8 e-isbn: 978-0-9826246-5-4 Best Translated Book Award finalist, 2011

Georg Letham

Selected Stories

by sait faik abasiyanik

translated from the Turkish by maureen translated from the German by peter

freely and alex dawe

Selected Tales from the Brothers Grimm


Ernst Weiss is in fact one of the few writers who may justly be compared to Franz Kafka . . . This is easily one of the most interesting books I have come across in years . . . Strangely real but also unforgettably fashioned. Thomas Mann


by mircea c a rt a rescu

translated from the Romanian by sean translated from the Dutch by david


Selected Poems of Hugo Claus Ripe to Burst

by fr anktienne


translated from the French by andr


naffis-sahely hahn and sean obrien


Selected Poems of Corsino Fortes

translated from the Portuguese by daniel (co-publisher: Island Position)


by fr anktienne

Of Champions

by halldr laxness

translated from the Icelandic by philip


Against Heaven

by dulce maria loynaz

translated from the Spanish by james


A Treatise on Shelling Beans

by wiesaw my s liwski
a r c h i p e l a go b o o k s

translated from the Polish by bill

w w w.a r c h i p e l a g o b o o k s.o r g


Bitter Life
by josep pla

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roland bush

Private Life

by josef maria de sagarra translated by mary ann newman

The Expedition to the Baobab Tree

by wilma stockenstrm
translated from the Afrikaans by j.

m. coetzee

Time Ages Rapidly

by antonio tabucchi translated by martha cooley and antonio romani

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The Woman of Porto Pim


by antonio tabucchi

translated from the Italian by tim



Moscow in the Plague Year

by marina tsvetaeva
translated from the Russian by christopher translated from the Spanish by thomas


Selected Poems of Jos Angel Valente


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