Adobe Lightroom 4 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Shortcuts

Working with Catalogs
Open Catalog... Open Specific Catalog when opening Lightroom Ctrl O Hold down Ctrl while opening Lightroom

Import Photos and Video... Tethered Capture Hide Tethered Capture Window Shrink Tethered Capture Window New Shot Layout Overlay Show Layout Overlay Choose Layout Overlay Image... Options Ctrl Shift I Ctrl T Alt-click on close button Ctrl Shift T Ctrl Alt O Ctrl Alt Shift O Hold Ctrl key

Grid View Go to Grid view Increase Grid Size Decrease Grid Size Show/Hide Extras Show/Hide Badges Cycle Grid View Style Loupe View Go to Loupe view Show Info Overlay Cycle Info Display Compare View Go to Compare view Switch Select and Candidate G = (or +) Ctrl Shift H Ctrl Alt Shift H J E Ctrl I I C Down arrow

© 2012 Victoria Bampton - The Lightroom Queen. Updates can be downloaded from

Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts Make next photos Select and Candidate Swap most-selected/active photo Survey View Zoom Go to Survey view Toggle Zoom View Zoom In (Zoom In Some) Zoom Out (Zoom Out Some) Open in Loupe View .lightroomqueen.The Lightroom Queen.Adobe Lightroom 4 ...9 (panel number) Ctrl 0-9 (panel number) Ctrl-click on panel header Alt-click on panel header Shift-click on panel header Tab Shift Tab F5 F6 F7 F8 Ctrl A Ctrl D or Ctrl Shift A Ctrl Shift D © 2012 Victoria Bampton . Updates can be downloaded from www. Show / Hide Toolbar Moving between Modules Library Module Develop Module Map Module Book Module Slideshow Module Print Module Web Module Go Back to Previous Module Go Back Go Forward Panels Expand / Collapse Left Panels Expand / Collapse Right Panels Open/Close All Panels Toggle Solo Mode Open Additional Panel in Solo Mode Show / Hide Side Panels Show / Hide All Panels Show / Hide Module Picker Show / Hide Filmstrip Show Left Panels Show Right Panels Selections Select All Select None Select Only Active Photo Up arrow \ N Z Ctrl = (or +) Ctrl Alt = (or +) Ctrl Ctrl Alt Enter Ctrl J T G/E/C/S or Ctrl Alt 1 D or Ctrl Alt 2 Ctrl Alt 3 Ctrl Alt 4 Ctrl Alt 5 Ctrl Alt 6 Ctrl Alt 7 Ctrl Alt up arrow Ctrl Alt left arrow Ctrl Alt right arrow Ctrl Shift 0 .

.Adobe Lightroom 4 . / Shift-click on photos Ctrl-click on photos Shift left/right arrow Ctrl Alt A Ctrl Alt Shift D Ctrl-click on symbol in Filter bar Ctrl left arrow Ctrl right arrow Ctrl Alt F Ctrl Shift F F Shift F Ctrl Shift L L Shift L F11 Shift F11 Ctrl Shift F11 Shift G Shift E Ctrl Shift Enter Shift C Shift N Ctrl Alt Shift Enter Shift \ Ctrl Shift = (or +) Ctrl Shift Alt = (or +) Ctrl Shift Ctrl Shift Alt Shift = (or +) Shift F1 Ctrl Alt / Ctrl / © 2012 Victoria Bampton .com .Normal Loupe .lightroomqueen...The Lightroom Queen.Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts Deselect Active Photo Select Multiple Contiguous Photos Select Multiple Non-Contiguous Photos Add previous/next photo to selection Select Flagged Photos Deselect Unflagged Photos Select Rated/Labeled Photo Moving between photos Previous Selected Photo Next Selected Photo Screen Mode Normal Full Screen and Hide Panels Next Screen Mode Previous Screen Mode Lights Out Lights Dim Next Light Mode Previous Light Mode Secondary Display Show Secondary Display Full Screen Show Second Monitor Preview Grid Loupe . Current Module Shortcuts. Current Module Help....Locked Compare Survey Slideshow Show Filter View Zoom In (Zoom In Some) Zoom Out Zoom Out Some Increase Thumbnail Size Decrease Thumbnail Size Lightroom Help. Updates can be downloaded from www.

.com ... 1.... 2. X or turn on Caps Lock 0. Ctrl Alt .lightroomqueen. Ctrl Q Library Module Undo/Redo Undo Redo Quick Collection Add to Quick Collection (Add to Quick Collection and Next) Show Quick Collection Save Quick Collection. 3.5 stars Decrease Rating Increase Rating Auto Advance Ctrl Z Ctrl Y B Shift B Ctrl B Ctrl Alt B Ctrl Shift B Ctrl Alt Shift B Ctrl N Ctrl Shift N Alt-click on folder disclosure triangle Ctrl R Ctrl G Ctrl Shift G S Shift S Shift [ Shift ] P U X ` Ctrl up arrow Ctrl down arrow Hold shift while using P. Updates can be downloaded from www. Ctrl .Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts Plug in Manager Preferences. Quit Lightroom Ctrl Alt Shift . Expand all subfolders Show in Explorer/Finder Stacking Group into Stack Unstack Collapse/Expand Stack Move to Top of Stack Move Up in Stack Move Down in Stack Toggle Flag Flagged Unflagged Rejected Toggle Flag Increase Flag Status Decrease Flag Status Auto Advance Toggle Rating 0 . 5 [ ] Hold shift while using 0-5 or turn on Caps Lock © 2012 Victoria Bampton .. U. 4... Clear Quick Collection Set Quick Collection as Target Folders / Collections New Collection. Catalog Settings..Adobe Lightroom 4 .The Lightroom Queen. New Folder.

......... Rotate Left (CCW) Rotate Right (CW) Delete Delete Photo..lightroomqueen.Adobe Lightroom 4 ... Doesn’t Contain... Remove Photo from Catalog. Updates can be downloaded from www... 6-9 Hold shift while using 6-9 or turn on Caps Lock Ctrl Alt K F2 Ctrl [ Ctrl ] Delete Alt Delete Ctrl Alt Shift Delete Ctrl Alt Shift C Ctrl Alt Shift V Ctrl Alt Shift A Ctrl S Ctrl X Ctrl C Ctrl V Ctrl K Ctrl Shift K Ctrl Alt Shift K Shift K Alt 0 Alt Shift 0 (Alt numberpad for 1 9) Ctrl L \ Ctrl Alt R Ctrl F + at beginning of word + at end of word ! at beginning of word Video Editing Trimming Set In Point Set Out Point Toggle Play/Pause Shift I Shift O Space © 2012 Victoria Bampton . Paste Metadata Enable Metadata Auto Sync Save Metadata to File OS Copy/Paste (within text fields) Cut Copy Paste Keywording Go to Add Keywords field (Change Keywords.. Yellow.Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts Toggle Color Label Red. (Remove and Trash Photo..) Set Keyword Shortcut..) Metadata Copy Metadata.. Ends with. Toggle Keyword Shortcut Next Keyword Set Previous Keyword Set Apply Keyword Filtering Enable/Disable Filters Show Filter Bar Refine Photos. Green...The Lightroom Queen. Text Filters Select Text Filter Starts with. Blue Label Auto Advance Painter Tool Rename Rotation Enable Painting Rename .

. New Preset Folder.Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts Develop Module Go to Develop Copying..The Lightroom Queen..... Paste Settings Paste Settings from Previous Sync Settings. Pasting & Syncing Copy Settings. = (or +) Shift while using = (or +) or W Ctrl Shift U Ctrl U V Ctrl N Ctrl ’ Ctrl Shift N Ctrl Alt N \ Y Alt Y Shift Y Ctrl Alt Shift left arrow Ctrl Alt Shift right arrow Ctrl Alt Shift up arrow Ctrl Alt Shift N Ctrl Alt Shift T Ctrl Alt Shift H Ctrl Alt Shift S Ctrl Alt Shift L © 2012 Victoria Bampton .com . Updates can be downloaded from www. Sync Settings . Before / After Previews Toggle Before/After Left / Right Top / Bottom Split Screen Copy After’s Settings to Before Copy Before’s Settings to After Swap Before and After Settings Targeted Adjustment Tool Deselect TAT Tone Curve Hue Saturation Luminance D Ctrl Shift C Ctrl Shift V Ctrl Alt V Ctrl Shift S Ctrl Alt S Ctrl Alt Shift A Ctrl Alt Shift M .lightroomqueen...Adobe Lightroom 4 .no dialog Enable Develop Auto Sync Match Total Exposures Sliders Select next Basic panel slider Select previous Basic panel slider Increase slider value Decrease slider value Move slider value by larger increment Auto Go to White Balance Tool Auto White Balance Auto Tone Black & White Snapshots & Virtual Copies Toggle Black & White Create Snapshot Create Virtual Copy Presets New Preset..

Updates can be downloaded from www.The Lightroom Queen.lightroomqueen.Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts Black & White Mix Clipping Indicators Show Clipping Temporarily Show Clipping Reset Reset Slider Reset Group of Sliders Reset All Settings Cropping Go to Crop Tool Reset Crop Constrain Aspect Ratio Crop to Same Aspect Ratio Rotate Crop Aspect Crop from Center of Photo Rotation Angle Ruler Cycle Grid Overlay Cycle Grid Overlay Orientation Spot Removal Go to Spot Removal Increase spot size Decrease spot size Hide Pins or Spots Delete Pin or Spot Local Adjustments Go to Adjustment Brush Go to Graduated Filter Show Overlay Cycle Overlay Color Switch brush A / B Temporary Eraser Increase brush size Decrease brush size Increase brush feathering Decrease brush feathering Set Flow value Constrain Brush to Straight Line Constrain Gradient to 90 degrees Invert Gradient Hide Pins or Spots Ctrl Alt Shift G J Hold Alt while moving slider Double-click on slider label Double-click on group name Ctrl Shift R R Ctrl Alt R A Shift A X Alt while dragging Ctrl-click on start and end points O Shift O Q ] [ H Select Spot then Delete K M O Shift O / Hold Alt ] [ Shift ] Shift { 0-9 Shift while dragging Shift while dragging ‘ (apostrophe) H © 2012 Victoria Bampton .com .Adobe Lightroom 4 .

Ctrl Shift E Ctrl Alt Shift E Ctrl Shift M Map Module Previous Photo Next Photo Search… Tracklog Previous Track Next Track Delete GPS Coordinates Delete All Location Metadata Show Filter Bar Show Map Info Show Saved Location Overlay Lock Markers Map Style Hybrid Road Map Satellite Terrain Light Dark Zoom Map Zoom In Zoom Out Ctrl left arrow Ctrl right arrow Ctrl F Ctrl Alt Shift T Ctrl Alt T Backspace Ctrl Backspace \ I O Ctrl K Ctrl 1 Ctrl 2 Ctrl 3 Ctrl 4 Ctrl 5 Ctrl 6 = (or +) - © 2012 Victoria Bampton .. Edit in Photoshop. Export with Previous Email Photo.The Lightroom Queen..Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts Confirm brush stroke Delete Pin or Spot Increase or decrease Amount slider Soft Proofing Show/Hide Soft Proof Destination Gamut Warning Enter Select pin then Delete Click and drag  horizontally on pin S Shift S Edit in Photoshop & Other Programs Edit .Adobe Lightroom 4 .. Edit in Other Application. Updates can be downloaded from www. Ctrl E Ctrl Alt E Export Export.lightroomqueen..

The Lightroom . Updates can be downloaded from www.Adobe Lightroom 4 .Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts Zoom to Selection Alt-drag rectangle on map Book Module Selections Select All Text Cells Select All Photo Cells Select Multiple Cells Copy/Paste Copy Layout Paste Layout Delete Remove Photo from Page Remove Page Create Saved Book Go to Beginning Previous Page Next Page End Show Header Bar Show Guides Guides Page Bleed Text Safe Area Photo Cells Filler Text Show Info Overlay View Options Multi-Page View Spread View Single Page View Zoomed Page View Next View Mode Previous View Mode Increase Grid Size Decrease Grid Size Text Targeted Adjustment Tool Text Size Leading/Line Height Tracking Baseline Shift Kerning Ctrl Alt A Ctrl Alt Shift A Shift-click Ctrl Shift C Ctrl Shift V Backspace Ctrl Shift Backspace Ctrl S Ctrl Shift left arrow Ctrl left arrow Ctrl right arrow Ctrl Shift right arrow \ Ctrl Shift G Ctrl Shift J Ctrl Shift U Ctrl Shift K Ctrl Shift H I Ctrl E Ctrl R Ctrl T Ctrl U Ctrl = (or +) Ctrl = (or +) Drag horizontally Drag vertically Ctrl-drag horizontally Ctrl-drag vertically Drag horizontally over cursor / insertion point © 2012 Victoria Bampton .lightroomqueen.

Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts Temporarily deactivate TAT tool Exit the TAT tool Hold down Alt Escape Slideshow Module Impromptu Slideshow New Template New Template Folder Create Saved Slideshow Go to Next Slide Previous Slide Show Header Bar Show / Hide Guides Run Slideshow Pause Slideshow End Slideshow Export PDF Slideshow.. Video Slideshow...The Lightroom . JPEG Slideshow.lightroomqueen.Adobe Lightroom 4 . Ctrl N Ctrl Shift N Ctrl S Ctrl Shift left arrow Ctrl left arrow Ctrl right arrow Ctrl Shift right arrow \ Ctrl Shift H Ctrl Shift J Ctrl Shift M Ctrl Shift K Ctrl Shift U Ctrl R Ctrl Shift P © 2012 Victoria Bampton .. Ctrl Enter Ctrl N Ctrl Shift N Ctrl S Right arrow Left arrow \ Ctrl Shift H Enter Space Escape Ctrl J Ctrl Shift J Ctrl Alt J Print Module New Template New Template Folder Create Saved Print Go to First Page Previous Page Next Page Last Page Show Header Bar Show / Hide Guides Guides Page Bleed Margins and Gutters Image Cells Dimensions Show/Hide Rulers Page Setup... Updates can be downloaded from www.

To switch catalogs when . Updates can be downloaded from www. Ctrl N Ctrl Shift N Ctrl S Ctrl R Ctrl Alt Shift / Ctrl Alt P Ctrl J Standard Modifier Keys On both platforms. Alt changes the use of some controls.Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts Print Settings. Print.... select multiple folders. © 2012 Victoria Bampton . select multiple folders. and holding it down while moving some sliders shows masks or clipping warnings. it swaps the ‘Clarity’ and ‘Vibrance’ buttons for ‘Sharpening’ and ‘Saturation.. hold down Ctrl to select multiple photos. For example. Ctrl selects or deselects multiple items that are not necessarily consecutive.. it changes the panel label to a panel ‘Reset’ button.. hold down Shift while clicking to select multiple photos. For example. select multiple keywords etc.. in Quick Develop. in addition to keyboard shortcuts.lightroomqueen. select multiple keywords. Export Web Photo Gallery. Shift selects or deselects multiple consecutive items.. hold down Ctrl.The Lightroom Queen. the standard modifier keys are used in combination with mouse clicks to perform various tasks. etc. Print One Ctrl Alt Shift P Ctrl P Ctrl Alt P Web Module New Template New Template Folder Create Saved Web Gallery Reload Use Advanced Settings Preview in Browser. For example.’ In Develop panels.Adobe Lightroom 4 .

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