Terminalia Arjuna, Wight and Am

The decoction of bark (3g), cane sugar (24g) with one particular cup cow's milk is a fantastic preparing for heart condition. Powdered bark (2-3g) soaked right away in a cup of drinking water, decanted following early morning and h2o taken vacant tummy for bringing down the blood pressure. (b) Other Utilizes It is beneficial as diuretic, in cirrhosis (degeneration of liver), inflammatory problems, dropsy and in the fracture of bones. The ash of bark is approved in scorpion sting. Fruit is a tonic and deobstruent. In doses of 14 to 28 ml in the type of decoction it is helpful in hemorrhages, (bleeding), the escape of blood from any portion of vascular technique and other fluxes (an abnormal fluid discharge from the entire body), also in diarrhoea, dysentery and sprue characterized by morning diarrhoea with bulky pale stool, anemia, sore tongue, and failure to take in fat. Doses&shy Decoction &shy60 to one hundred twenty ml Powder-one to three g Rawolfia serpentine, (L) Bentham ex-kurz for blood stress Family members: Apocyanaceae Title: Hindi - Chota chand Sanskrit - Sarpgandha English - Serpentine Bengali - Chander Kannada - Sootvanti Tamil - Chiran mal podi Gujarati - Amal podi Marathi - Aelakayi Trade identify - Sarpagandhaa

Description: An erect easy shrub, 3.-seven.five cm large, leaves whorled, 8-twenty cm lengthy, gradually tapering into short&shypetiole. Bouquets about 1.five cm extended, petals white or pinkish, peduncle deep purple, in modest clusters. Fruits modest, spherical darkish purple or blackish when ripe. Distribution: Discovered in all components of India up to a thousand metre height. Accessible in Indian market place. Parts utilised: Root. Qualities: Bitter, tonic, sedative, febrifuge, coronary heart stimulant, hypotensive, distinct for madness, Central Anxious Method (CNS) depressant, stimulates the mammary gland and many others. Phytochemicals: Many alkaloids, sterols. Forms of use: Powder, decoction Medicinal Employs (a) Blood pressure/heart diseases The root of this plant consists of numerous alkaloids which are proved affective in lowering the blood pressure. It is confirmed treatment for blood force related with moderate anxiousness and soreness in arms. (b) Other Uses It is sedative and hypnotic in character and is employed for insanity (Long-term psychological ailment), sexual aggression and intestinal dysfunction. The drug has tranquillising influence. The drug must not be provided to people suffering from bronchitis, bronchial asthma or gastric. volcano vaporizer Decoction of the root is utilized to enhance uterine contraction and encourage expulsion of the foetus. In U.P. and Bihar, the plant root is bought as Pagal-ki-dawa. It really is tiny root part puts children to sleep in distant parts of Bihar (tribals). Household: Myrtaceae Names: Hindi - Jamun

English - Black berry Sanskrit - Jambul Bengali - Kalijaam bija Kannada - Koddanirlu kalu Marathi - Jambhul chabi Gujarati - Jambunu bija Tamil - Sambal virat Telugu - Naredu vittulu Trade identify - Jambul stone Description: A large evergreen tree, leaves opposite, eight&shy20cm prolonged, leathery. Fruit one.5-four cm lengthy, violet black on ripe. Seed typically one particular. Fruits are eaten uncooked with salt, make tongue purple for several hours. Distribution: Developed during the plains of India. Parts utilised: Fruits, leaves, seeds and bark. Houses: Astingent, stomachic, diuretic (boosts the amount of urine), anti-diabetic and antidiarrhoeal. Phytochemicals: Phenols, terpenes, glucoside. Medicinal Uses