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April activity at the HC...

Parents to be? Practice in the perfect company at The Happiness Centre.

Reiki master Emma Fotherby hosts level 2 attunements & the Angel healing circle.

Meet Becky - Our food therapist

Stories about food make the news almost daily. Did the one about the dangers of eating processed meat affect what you put in your trolley? Food is a valuable tool in achieving and maintaining good health and wellbeing. But how do you make the best choices for your family when walking around the supermarket? Are you able to make sense of the reams of good advice in the media? This is where The Food Clinic can be your friend. The Food Clinic really is the place where you can improve your understanding of the benefits of good nutrition in practical and innovative ways. Well start with breakfast, as you should its a vital part of your day to enhance mood and energy levels and progress from there. Future challenges and workshops will look at a range of practical issues from what to put in a lunch box for hardworking parents as well as for your children, how to de-stress with food and how food might help specific issues of wellbeing for women. Dont forget April also sees the start of a new term for the Nutrition Workshops. The next topic is digestion. The digestive system can go wrong in many ways. You may hear rumbling or gurgling sounds; you may suffer from bloating, cramps or gas; or you may experience diarrhoea and constipation. Could these issues be food related?

Pregnancy relaxation hour with our midwife/ doula Amanda every Friday from April 5th at 10.30 to 11.30.

protected you feel.

The cost is 35 per couple, includes all workshop materials and light refreshments. In the modern world find- Saturday April 6th 10.00 ing time to relax can be a to 13.00. challenge and increasingly so during pregnancy. I am also holding the Research has shown that following courses and unborn babies absorb workshops in April: their mothers moods and stress hormones so it is in BabyCalm Mother this magical period that and Baby 4 week relaxation time should course commences 8th become a priority! April (50) Come along to our weekly classes and learn some really easy breathing and relaxation techniques to benefit you and your unborn. The taught techniques can be applied anywhere and anytime. Cost - 2 weekly. Dads To Be workshop on 13th April (35) HypnoBirthing course commences 14th April (200 per couple) Positive Birth Movement Meeting on 19th April 7-9pm Free of charge.

Join a beautiful healing day of Usui Reiki 2 attunements, where you will learn distance healing, the 3 Reiki Symbols to be used with healings and during distance healings and advanced higher chakras. You will also have time to practise your new Reiki 2 distance healing gift on a family member or friend who is at home, please ask for this persons consent before the course begins on Sunday 14th April. When you are attuned to Usui Reiki Level 2, you will learn how to do: Distant/absentee healing, Healing deeper traumas, Healing crises, Healing relationships , Healing situations from the past, present or the future. You will learn the three sacred symbols, their form, their sound and their meaning, which will enable you to consciously direct Reiki energy through your mind to achieve specific results. Healing through 2nd degree can be profound, as it is considered a quantum leap forward on your spiritual path, indicating your souls desire to be of service to others through sharing unconditional love This group is open to all interested in healing light and spreading love! On the 27th April we will have the oppertunity to work with the Archangels power-

ful energy of the Full Moon: exploring new connections, insights, wishes, healing and energy, learning new techniques for you to heal with at home and heal others, deepen your awareness, search for inner knowledge and expand your consciousnes. We all share in a healing circle ~ where all will receive healing. You will also learn about the bodies higher Chakras with the Earth Star, Soul Star and Higher Heart Chakra. Every month we will share a different healing gift which is yours to keep and take home with you ~ full moon crystal singing bowl charged water, you own unique chakra meditation ornament, Luna bookmarks/positive affirmation art & more.. These workshops will teach you ways to clear any energy that no longer serves you from your life, to focus on growing from your heart centre, activating your light body and attuning to higher frequencies of the divine & the universe. To book your place on this healing workshop please do so via the website or call or text Emma on 07771 553733 Many blessings & love. Reiki 55 (includes certificate & lunch) Healing circle 11 per person.

For more information about the classes and the topics we shall be covering, you can drop me a line, tweet me on @ Ilkleynutrition or connect on FB, search Ilkley Nutrition.

New for April is the launch of our waterbirth workshop. If you are in- Visit our website or terested in labouring and/ give us a call for more or giving birth in water details. then this is the workshop for you. This 3 hour session will answer many of your questions about waterbirth in the home and in hospital. You will even get a chance to sit in a pool (no water involved!) and see how much space there is and how

Positivity Makes Perfect at The Ilkley Happiness Centre

Hosted by Fionna Carnegie The Positivity Makes Perfect workshop is ultimately designed to set you on the road to looking at yourself differently. At this inspiring event you will learn how to recognise your debilitating negative thought patterns, how to off load them, replace them with positive patterns and how to re-enforce this into your everyday living. Additionaly the class will explore how to celebrate life, how to look at bringing more harmony and balance into the areas of your life that need so and importantly Fionna will guide you to understanding methods of how to stop yourself from undermining goals, that you will realise are very much attainable. The workshop will get your creative juices flowing as our teacher is determined to re-ignite your dreams and ambitions you may have talked yourself out of acheiving. The session involves role-play and you will be given the tools and exercises to take home with you to carry yourself forward. It is never too late to say yes to you and all that you can be! The event will be held on Monday 22nd April from 10.30 am - 1.00 pm. To book your place please visit us online at

Free Kung Fu for Kids every Tuesday and Wednesday

We are delighted to be hosting free martial arts classes for children on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Over a six week period Centre resident and trained martial arts expert Irshad Mohammed will teach the Wing Chun discipline of martial arts, helping participants to integrate the practice into everyday life whilst boosting confidence and self esteem. The course so far has stired rave reviews amongst parents and children a like: Parent of attendee, Nic Slater said: Wing Chun has given our son a new- found confidence, he never misses a session and cant wait for the next; he strives for the challenge. Irshad has become a great role model, not only teaching self defence but respect for others. My sons concentration and self discipline have improved and importantly he has become proud of his achievements and not just with Irshad. I really hope it can reach out to other parents and children so they can reap the benefits too. Creating balance and awareness of structure in ones physical being, Wing Chun originates from Southern China and has spread with to every corner of the globe. The art has enjoyed great attention centered on its positive self defence methods and its many famous exponents. To cement a place on Irshads course contact: or alternatively book online via The Happiness Centres website.

Smile at the future - readings with Kam and Peta.

Sunday 14th April 2013, with appointments available between 10.00am and 4.00pm: In this special New Year, we are holding an exciting day of readings to help you gain clarity and face your future with confidence. Kam will be offering 15 and 30 minute Clairvoyant Guide & Angel Readings at 15.00 or 30.00 to help you find out who is working with you and how. Plus 45 minute Medicine Wheel readings at 40.00 showing you what energies you are working with both now and for the next year. Peta will be offering 20 minute Tarot Readings for 20.00. Are you looking for answers? Can the cards help you? Please contact the relevant reader to check availability for times. A payable deposit of 10.00 secures your session, please contact the relevant reader first and then buy the deposit online. Please contact Kam directly for more information and to book your reading. Full details and testimonials available on Phone: 07854762790 Please contact Peta directly for more information and to book your reading. Phone: 07736929614

A gathering of like minds at the April Reiki share.

This is a lovely Reiki share that is open to all like-minded students, practitioners and masters who wish to use their Reiki skills in a safe, informal and comfortable environment. The evening starts with introductions and a short meditation to open up and allow the energies to come and work with us. After that the couches will be ready for the share, Where we will be able to experience and grow using the Reiki energies. Everyone will have the opportunity to both give and receive Reiki, and benefit from the sharing of ideas and techniques during the discussion time from 7.30 pm after the evening meditation aiming to finish by approximately 9.00pm. The group is open to all who are Reiki attuned. To register your interest please contact Peta Gelder on 07736 929614 or book your place online via The Happiness Centres website.

Conversations for Men continue in April.

Experienced therapist and specialized herbalist of twenty years Nick Hudis is offering a space to all men seeking natural and holistic ways to care and develop for themselves. This is a group where cars, computers, politics and football are off the agenda. Attendees can muse over contemporary life and express their spiritual understanding in a masculine environment. To guarantee a place book online or call us.

Look at bringing harmony and balance into the areas of your life that need it

... The Ilkley Happiness Centre offers much

more than we can fit in the newsletter. For more information on the abundance of therapies and classes we hold why not come in? Reception is open 9 til late Monday - Friday.

Study, practice, news and events... New psychic development group to start April 17th.
Do you sometimes know who is on the phone as it rings or who is sending you an email before it appears in your inbox? Are these just odd happenings or is this your psychic skills at work? Everyone has the ability to be psychic and all it needs is to be nurtured in a safe and friendly environment. From April 17th come and join Peta on this 12 week course and encouraging journey where you will learn how to work with your gifts and expand on your abilities. Each week you will be introduced to a new tool that will open up your full potential. Areas to be covered include: protection and clearing, auras, ribbon reading, pendulum dowsing, psychometry, flower reading and scrying. The group will meet from 8pm straight after the evening meditation. If this appeals to you, book online now or for more information on this weekly workshop call Peta on 07736 929614

This month The Art of Happiness is kindness.

is a unique club that explores the subject the subject of happiness through film, books, poetry and music.
The Art of Happiness

pier place but also deliver happiness to those that perform them. To celebrate the joys of kindness we are showing the film Silver Linings Playbook at 7.00 pm on April 11th. This is one of the best films of 2012 and won Jennifer Lawrence the Oscar for her lead role as an outspoken young widow. It is an unusual yet deeply affecting about the joys and tragedy of life lived by deeply flawed characters facing triumph and adversity against a backdrop of painfully familiar family dysfunction. Please book early this will be a popular event.

Peru charity leader needs baby assistance.

Leander Hollins, co-founder of MySmallHelp (one of the international charities supported by the Happiness Centre) and director of the work going on in Peru is about to become a mum!

E.F.T. - Tap your way to emotional health and well being.

In this introductory workshop you will learn to use a simple tapping routine on acupoints on the face, hands and upper body to release stress, fears, and anxieties, improve health and feel more in control of your responses to lifes challenges. You can use it to change unhelpful patterns and addictive cravings (eg for sugar or alcohol). After the workshop you will able to use EFT on yourself and your friends and family or use it as a foundation for the practitioner level. For more information call Maggie on 07939118136, or visit her website: www. Places are limited so book on-line to ensure your place.

Each month we will have a theme for the centre such as love, friendship and beauty and show a film, suggest a book, poem or essay that touches on this area. Each month we will have a theme for the centre such as love, friendship and beauty and show a film, suggest a book, poem or essay that touches on this area, provoking thought and discussion. The theme for April is kindness. According to Leo Tolstoy Nothing can make our life, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness. Kind acts not only make the world a hap-

Her baby (a girl) is due in June. Baby gear is difficult to get hold of and expensive in Peru, so people who are travelling out in the near future are going to help by taking donated items for her. Im one of them, flying out on 13th May. but there area few visitors in the near future who can help carry things ot there. Leander would particularly like to get hold of a breast pump and some sterilising bottles, but also any good quality baby clothes for the first year. If you can help, please contact Kay: email or phone 07538552958. Many thanks! Kimm Fearnley will be holding a beautiful day for you to connect with your spirit guides and tune into their advice. You may also wish to have a longer session and experience Kimms channeled ethereal healing. Cost is 20 for a half hour slot and 40 for the hour on Saturday 6th April and Thursday April 25th.

A sprig of Spring - The H.C herb of the month.

Resident herbalist Nick Hudis has picked Coltsfoot as the herb of the month. Coltsfoots little yellow flowers are some of the first flowers of spring to appear. Its Latin name Tussilago means drive the cough away. And thats just what it does. It is a wonderful herb for all kinds of coughs and respiratory problems. To find out more, check out the Centres blog.

Everyone has the ability to be psychic and all it needs is to be nurtured in a safe and friendly environment

The Dervish


Following the success of our whirling Dervish workshop our sufi healer Irshad Mohammed is holding another spiritual spinning session on April 7th. Dance, whirl and learn about your soul!

Workshop timetable.
Thursday 4th April: Art Of Happiness Club Mood And Food Saturday 6th: Can Food Help Boost Your Immunity? Sunday 7th: Five Rhythms Dance Monday 8th: Baby Calm Thursday 11th: Art Of Happiness Club Saturday 13th: Dads To Be Workshop Can Food Help Boost Your Immunity? Sunday 14th: Readings Day Usui Reiki 2 Attunement Day HypnoBirthing Five Rhythms Dance Monday 15th: Baby Calm Tuesday 16th: Reiki Share Wednesday 17th: Emotional Freedom Technique Psychic Development Group Thursday 18th: Art Of Happiness Club Taking The Strain Off Digestion Saturday 20th: Understanding Your Five A Day Sunday 21st: HypnoBirthing Five Rhythms Dance Monday 22nd: Baby Calm Positivity Makes Perfect Wednesday 24th: Psychic Development Group Thursday 25th: Art Of Happiness Club
Taking The Strain Off Digestion

Saturday 27th: Understanding Your Five A Day Archangel & Full Moon Healing Circle Sunday 28th April: HypnoBirthing Five Rhythms Dance Shakti Dance And Sacred Circle For Women Monday 29th: Baby Calm Wednesday May 1st: Psychic Development Group Thursday 2nd: Art Of Happiness Club (new theme) Taking The Strain Off Digestion

Too hot to handle!

Spring Yoga at The H.C
To meet rising demand we are delighted to announce that we have added extra Hot Yoga Classes for spring. Helena is now taking extra classes on Mondays and will be taking on a fuller role at the centre towards the end of April/middle of May. We have added an extra class on Monday, Tues and Thursday evenings and all start times now correspond with the Leeds train times. Each of our hot classes are suitable for all levels. If in doubt, Helena and Susan will be putting on some posture clinics to help you perfect your techniques. Register your interest in these clinics by emailing us or contacting your instructor. Also for hygiene reasons we are recommending you purchase your own mat. We have them for sale at 20 along with the grip towels for the same price however; if you forget your mat or wish to use ours we will hire them out for 2 a time. We have purchased extra mats to be able to offer the facility and also installing a mat rack for used mats so you can be sure yours is fresh and clean.
New Timetable: Monday: 5.45 pm with Helena 7.15 pm with Helena Tuesday: 9.30 am with Susan 5.45 am with Susan 7.15 am with Susan Wednesday: 9.30 am with Susan Thursday: 9.30 am with Susan 5.45 pm with Susan 7.15 pm with Susan Friday: 9.30am with Susan 6.00pm Ashtanga yoga at 30C with Susan Saturday: 8am with Helena 9.30am with Helena

Weekly timetable.
Sunday 6.30 PM 7.30 PM Meditation 7.30 PM 9.00 PM Five Rhythms dance Monday 9.30 AM- 10.30 AM Meditation 5.45 PM 7.00 PM Hot yoga 7.00 PM 8.00 PM Meditation 7.15 PM 8.30 PM Hot Yoga Tuesday 9.30 AM 10.45 AM Hot Yoga 5.00 PM 6.00 PM Wing Chun 5.45 PM - 7.00 PM Hot Yoga 7.00 PM 8.00 PM Meditation 7.15 PM 8. 30 PM Hot Yoga Wednesday 8.30 AM 9.15 AM Meditation 9.30 AM 10.45 AM Hot Yoga 5.00 PM 6.00 PM Wing Chun 7.00 PM 8.00 PM Meditation Thursday 9.30 AM 10.30 AM Meditation 9.30 AM 10.45 AM Hot Yoga 5.45 PM 7.00 PM Hot Yoga 7.15 PM 8.30 PM Hot Yoga Friday 9.30 AM 10.45 AM Hot Yoga 9.30 AM -10.30 AM Meditation 6.00 PM 7.15 PM Ashtanga Yoga Saturday 8.00 AM- 9.15 AM Hot Yoga 9.30 AM 10.45 AM Hot Yoga

Changes will apply from Monday the 8th April.

Telephone: 01943 60 15 17 - Email: Twitter: Blog: Facebook: Om Yoga: Address: 7a Railway road,West Yorkshire, LS29 8HQ

Newsletter April 2013