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LESSON PLANS Mr. Patterson May 6, 2010 10-11th Grade U.S.

History The Great Depression Standards: Benchmark numbers 3, 4 and 7 from the Core Content Standards Corresponding to the Iowa Tests are important benchmarks that will be incorporated into the lesson plans. They are as follows Students can draw conclusions, make inferences, and deduce meaning Students can infer traits, feelings, and motives of characters or individuals Students can determine the main idea, topic, or theme and make generalizations Students will demonstrate completion of these standards when discussing in small groups what they already know about the Great Depression and sharing with the class (main ideas, topics, themes). These standards will also be completed by viewing the YouTube video of the Great Depression and having students discuss their feelings after viewing this video (infer traits, feelings and motives). In the second lesson plan students will be able to draw conclusions, make inferences and deduce meaning after sharing individually researched topics and also making a collage to represent the Great Depression. The objectives within the lesson will also complete specific standards within the Iowa Core Curriculum for 9-12th grade History. The PowerPoint presentation about the Great Depression will allow students to achieve the following history standards of the Iowa Core Curriculum Understand the role of individuals and groups within a society as promoters of change or the status quo Understand how and why people create and participate in governance Understand the effect of economic needs and wants on individual and group decisions Understand the effects of geographic factors on historical events Understand cause and effect relationships and other historical thinking skills in order to interpret events and issues

The content objectives for the lesson include analyzing the daily lives of Americans during the Depression, and the YouTube video allows for completion of this objective. Furthermore, a PowerPoint presentation fulfills the other objectives for the lesson in identifying key individuals and events as well as causes and outcomes of the Great Depression. Through an instructional PowerPoint presentation, viewing a YouTube video, and creating a skit and collage, many key state standards and all objectives for the lesson will be met.

Lesson Plan: Part One of Two Focus Set: This will be an informal assessment in which students will be asked to share what they already know about the Great Depression. What was the Great Depression? What caused the Great Depression? What was life like during the Great Depression? What key individuals or events shaped the Great Depression? What were the outcomes of the Great Depression

These questions will be asked in order to gauge the current extent of knowledge and comprehension that students have in regards to the objectives that have been set for the lesson. Students will talk in groups about what they believe to be the answers to these questions and then each group will share their ideas with the class. In this way, the teacher may gain an understanding for the comprehension and ideas students have in regards to the content objectives. Content Objectives: Students will be able to identify causes of the Great Depression Students will be able to analyze the lives of Americans and the national culture during the Great Depression Students will be able to understand the role of key individuals and events that influenced the Great Depression Students will be able to identify outcomes of the Great Depression and evaluate the changes that occurred in U.S. economics, politics and society due to the Great Depression

Language Objectives: Students will discuss answers to questions in groups amongst themselves. Then they will share their ideas with the class and listen to other students while they speak. Students will need to listen to the PowerPoint presentation and read the information presented in the slides in relation to the content objectives. Furthermore, students will be encouraged to take notes during the presentation to help them with later assignments related to the subject. Instructional Input: Causes of the Great Depression will be communicated to students through a PowerPoint in story fashion. It will make it interesting for students and there will be pictures. This will help them understand the cause/effect nature of the Great Depression and how it kind of unfolded like a story with chronological events that would affect the outcome. Because the story of the causes of the Depression will also be presented with pictures, ELL students will also be able to follow the lesson.

The PowerPoint presentation will also include numerous pictures demonstrating the lives of Americans and the national culture during the Great Depression. Pictures will depict the hardships and struggles that individuals and families experienced, including photos of food lines, unemployment lines, makeshift houses, unsanitary and crowded living conditions and other aspects of life during the Depression. There will also be information included and pictures about the popular music, movies and politics of the time. Although there will be some descriptions as well, the pictorial nature of this part of the presentation will also allow ELL students to follow along. In order to facilitate students in identifying individuals and events of the Great Depression pictures will once again be used to clearly label individuals such as President Hoover or President Roosevelt and a short description of their impact will be given. Events, such as the stock market crash or the Dust Bowl will also be portrayed with photos and short descriptions. Once again, descriptive photos with clear titles will allow ELL students to understand what is being covered. Even if they do not understand the full detail of every description that is given to each person or event, they be able to gain a general comprehension of the material based on the connection between the clear titles with each descriptive picture. So that students will be engaged and able to comprehend the outcomes of the Great Depression the PowerPoint presentation will conclude in story format as it began. Pictures will represent the outcomes and it will be told in terms of cause and effect in chronological order how certain events and policies brought about the gradual end to the Great Depression. ELL students can follow along with the pictures of the story if they cannot fully comprehend the verbal descriptions. The Powerpoint presentation will be the teacher talking to students but will be presented in an interesting way in story format with many pictures to help students gain more of a real sense, or emotional sense for the topic. Modeling: A YouTube video will be shown that has live footage of some of the conditions, with narration, that many Americans faced during the Depression. It will be good visual representation of what is trying to be explained to them. A visual representation can be very powerful in helping students to recognize what the Depression actually looked like for people who lived through it and how it affected the lives of Americans who experienced it. Checking For Understanding: During classroom instruction some questions will be asked as a form of informal assessment in order to check for understanding in regards to topics being covered. The following questions will be asked: What stuck out to you most about the harsh conditions people lived with during the Depression?

What are some differences between your life today and the life of a typical individual during the Depression? What are the similarities? What people or events do you think were the most important to the Great Depression? Why?

Guided Practice: Students will be numbered off into 3 groups. Each group will be responsible for using the notes they have just taken and the knowledge they have gained from the presentation in order to create a short skit/presentation to explain their topic. Each group member must participate in some manner. Group One will be responsible for depicting the causes/beginnings of the Great Depression. Group 2 will be responsible for depicting life during the Great Depression for Americans. Group 3 will be responsible for depicting the outcomes/endings of the Depression. Independent Practice: As homework, based on information gathered in class and any notes taken, students will need to write 5 questions that interest them about the Great Depression. They will research to find the answers to those questions and their written questions and answers will be turned in next class session. Assessment: Teacher will informally assess students comprehension of the material based upon classroom discussion and participation. Students will receive points based upon their participation in discussion/skit. Materials PowerPoint presentation, computer (w/ internet access for YouTube video), Projector