197th Infantry Brigade (United States



197th Infantry Brigade (United States)
197th Infantry Brigade

Shoulder sleeve insignia Active Country Branch Type Role Size Nickname United States U.S. Army Infantry Training Brigade Sledgehammer (special designation)

Distinctive unit insignia

The 197th Infantry Brigade ("Sledgehammer") [] was an Infantry brigade of the United States Army. Currently, the brigade is garrisoned at Fort Benning, GA as part of TRADOC. The brigade's mission is to "access and train Soldiers and Infantry leaders, demonstrate Infantry tactics, provide subject matter expertise, develop doctrine and support the USAIS in order to provide the army with soldiers and leaders prepared to fight and win."[1]

Located at Fort Benning, Georgia on Kelley Hill, the unit mission was not only support to the Infantry School but also to specialize in desert, jungle and urban warfare. The 197th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized) (Separate) was a stand alone heavy brigade, which during the Gulf War (Desert Storm) was attached to the 24th Infantry Division out of Fort Stewart, Georgia as their third brigade. Soldiers in the 197th who are veterans of the Gulf War wear as their combat patch the patch of the 197th, not the 24th. However, The Institute of Heraldry has not yet minted a combat service identification badge (CSIB) for the 197th.

<https://www. Web. 15 May 2011. 1st Battalion. Current The current incarnation of the 197th was created by "reflagging" or redesignating the 29th Infantry Regiment. 18th Infantry Regiment 2nd Battalion. 1st Battalion. to be officially reactivated as the 3rd Brigade. Experimentation and Support • Sniper School • Combatives School • CONUS Replacement Center (CRC) Notes [1] The United States Army | Fort Benning.197th Infantry Brigade (United States) 2 Organization Gulf War During Operation Desert Storm. 24th Infantry Division. 69th Armored Regiment 4th Battalion.army. 5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (attached) • 197th Support Battalion • 72nd Engineer Company The 197th was inactivated within months of returning from the war. 29th Infantry Regiment • US Army Infantry Experimental Forces Company • Bradley Master Gunner Course • Mechanized Leader Course • Stryker Leader & Transition Courses • Stryker/Bradley Proponent Office • Mechanized New Equipment Training Company • 2nd Battalion. 5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment • 3rd Squad.mil/infantry/197th/>.97" (the "dollar ninety-seven"). It is currently organized as follows: • 1st Battalion (Mechanized/Stryker).mil/Inf/ 197InfantryBrigade. References • The Institute of Heraldry: 197th Infantry Brigade (http://www. 18th Infantry Regiment 2nd Battalion.hqda.htm) . the "Buck and Change". 41st Field Artillery Regiment C Battery. 29th Infantry Regiment • Small Arms Ranges. The motto of the 197th is "Sledgehammer" and the unit is unofficially known as the "$1.pentagon. A Battery.tioh.benning. and the "Bite the Bullet" brigade. 4th Platoon. the brigade was composed of: • • • • • • Headquarters and Headquarters Company 1st Battalion.

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