The Assassin Creed Chronicles

“ A Look Into the Era of the Creed” By: Brandon Munroe

Q: What is Assassins Creed?
A: Assassin creed takes place in the years of 2012/2013, feauturing a main character by the name of Desmond Miles, a bartender who is a descendant of several lines of prominent assassins. Though raised as an assassin, he fled his nomadic family to seek out a more common lifestyle. He is initially kidnapped by a megacorporation, Abstergo industries the modern day face of the Knights Templar (the protagonists), who are aware of Desmond's lineage. During these gameplays Desmond is forced to use the “Animus”, a device that allows him to experience his ancestral memories, to seek out artifacts to help save humanity from destruction. Abstergo is seeking to discover the location of several of these artifacts, or “Pieces of Eden”, because they hold great power that can control mankind and alter its fate. Abstergo understands that once these artifacts are found they can bring humanity into a single unified group under their control. Desmond uses the Animus 2.0 to continue experiencing the memories of his assassin ancestors to discover the locations of the Pieces of Eden so that, they can be recovered before Abstergo. While experiencing these memories, some of Desmonds assassin ancestors abilities are genetically leaked into Desmond, The Bleeding Effect, giving him some of the assassin skills at the cost of living with multiple sets of memories and personalities in his mind.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Q: What is Assassins Creed Brotherhood? A: This is the third installment in the AC series. Desmond and group of allies collected from previous games retreat to the ruins of the Monteriggioni villa in Tuscany, and Desmond reenters the animus to continue memories of an assassin by the name of Ezio Auditore. He experiences the Ezio’s memories to identify the location of the Apple of Eden, one of the most powerful artifacts. After facing against Rodrigo Borgia, the father of the main enemy, Ezio returns to Monteriggioni, but forces under the command of Cesare Borgia, Rodrigo’s son, soon attack the villa. Cesare kills Mario, the leader of Monteriggioni, and the Apple of Eden is stolen. Ezio then vows revenge by helping to free the people of Rome from the Borgia Family. As Ezio works covertly to turn the city against the Borgia’s, he gains followers that want to join his cause, and Ezio trains them to become assassins forming a Brotherhood. 1

Review: AC-Brotherhood shares many of the same features as the previous games in the series. Even though it takes place primarily in Rome the player is able to spend money to buy and upgrade shops and other facilities throughout the city in order to increase revenue. One great thing is that, Ezio collects the money in banks around the map, giving him the ability to invest, buy, and sell items. However, the player will be required to destroy Borgia towers that control various sections of the city before buildings can be bought. Saving citizens from certain events creates the Brotherhood of assassins. The player then can invite these citizens to become assassins; they can then be dispatched to remote locations across Europe to gain experience and money or can be called in to help the player directly in a mission.

   Huge, beautiful city stuffed with amazing detail Lairs and other plat forming sequences are fantastic Economy more meaningful than before

  Main story is disappointing Assassin recruitment is meaningless

Assassins Creed: Revelations Q What is Revelations? A: In AC-Revelations Desmond comes to consciousness in a virtual area within the animus, The Animus Island. Here he meets a digital personality by the name of “Subject 16”. Subject 16 explains that from the trauma of stabbing Lucy, Desmonds closest ally in AC-Brotherhood, Desmond must complete memories of both Altair, the former leader of the assassins, and Ezio to be able to separate his mind from theirs and to allow him to come out of his coma. The negative aspect of this choice will destabilize the island. As the animus recovers the memory segments through out the game the island beginning to breakdown causing, at one major point in the game, Subject 16 to sacrifices himself to allow Desmond to continue experiencing the memories. Desmond rejoins Ezio story many years after snippets from AC-Brotherhood, where Ezio is curious to the assassin’s origins and has traveled to Masyaf, Syria to locate their original headquarters. There he finds Altair’s library, though it is locked by five keys from the Pieces of Eden, which the Templars are also seeking believing there to be great power within it. Ezio then travels to the Ottoman era Istanbul where the keys are said to have been hidden by explorer Niccolo Polo. There he finds the city embroiled by the feuding brothers Selim and Ahmet vying for the


Sultanate, leader of Istanbul. What he does not know but soon finds out is that the Templars are secretly behind the battle. While searching for the keys, Ezio meets and falls in love with Sofia Sartor, a librarian who creates and translates literary contexts for Ezio to follow towards the locations of the keys. Eventually, Ahmet is revealed as the agent for the Templars, and is killed by Selim, who thanks Ezio for his help but banishes him from the city for his own good and safety. Ezio uses the keys to witness (along with Desmond) Altair’s memories following the death of Al Mualim, a former ally/crusader for the Assassins. Review: Revelations includes many new weapons. Bomb crafting is now available, allowing the player to create explosive, distraction and tactical bombs from materials found throughout the world and on Assassin's Guild missions. As the player progresses through, Ezio can train new recruits to defend "dens" (Assassin HQs) and upgrade Assassin's mission’s section called "Mediterranean Defense" in which the player works to strip control of various cities from Templar hands. This is similar to the experience side missions in Ac-Brotherhood. The hook blade is also introduced, which can be used in free running (to travel along zip wires and climb more easily) and in combat (to manipulate enemies). Eagle Vision has been upgraded to Eagle Sense, which allows Ezio to not only see where his enemies and targets are but where they have been and where they are going to be.

    Desmond sections have improved Emotionally fullfilng ending Fantastic soundtrack New movements=more fun

 Tower defense isn’t fun

Assassins Creed III Q: What is so new about 3? A: Desmond and his allies arrive at the temple entrance in a cave in the New England area on October 31,2012. They are able to open its doors using the Apple of Eden, discovering a larger chamber of precursor technology behind it, including another door requiring a key. Desmond suddenly falls into a coma and is put into the animus. There, he experiences the memories of a half Mohawk Indian tribesman and half British man name Ratinhnhaeton, later named Connor when 18years old by a former Assassin named Achilles. Achilles lived and fought through the


American Revolution. Connors father, Haytham Kenway, is a British agent for the Templars. In the beginning of the game he went to the colonies in America with a stolen medallion, recruited Templar allies of famous historical figures including Charles Lee, William Johnson, and Thomas Hickey. After creating a Templar order they began to work to gain the trust of the Mohawk people. They understood that the Mohawk people could show him them the location of the Powerful Temple, but to his annoyance his medallion did not open the temple for him. Connor, as a young boy, witnesses Lee and his troops set fire to his village, killing his mother. Lee then grabbed Connor and spoke about letting him live, while Connor promised to find and kill Lee. Years later in his 20’s Connor are shown an artifact from the Pieces of Eden by Juno (a goddess hologram through the animus). She speaks to him and instructs him to get training from Achilles Davenport. Connor then has to prove his commitment to Achilles by showing consistency and patients through a number of tasks. Achilles then takes Connor and teaches him about the history, morals, guidelines, and linage of assassins and introduces him to Patriots in the revolution, through which Connor stops several Templar plans to disrupt their efforts including an assassination attempt on George Washington. During these memories, Desmond does recover from the coma, and helps his allies recover power sources to bring power back to the different Temples scattered about the games map including Abstergo. Review: Assassins Creed III is structured similarity to previous games, with missions taking place on an open world map based in colonial Boston, Baltimore, Connecticut, Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York. It offers large wilderness areas, such as the frontier and in the Davenport Homestead, where the player can hunt animals for goods, which can be uses to construct good and sold in the colonies. Some animals include bears, rabbits, deer, buck, wolves, beavers, and cougars. Naval battles were newly introduced, where the player must steer a sailing ship in dangerous waters and perform ship to ship combat with cannons and mounted guns. There are also a large assortment of mini missions and items to purchase.

    Better killing spree More adventurous side missions Map is designs are fantastic Story line has g

    Map is to big with not enough actions Storyline is to short After mission gameplay is boring General stores are too complex




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