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Manohar Rao

Book II Types of Astrology

Compiled by T. Manohar Rao (late) Bangalore, India 1


T. Manohar Rao

Astrology is a divine science of correspondence, in that it applies cosmic principles to the minutest part of everyday life. It is an unique system of interpretation of the correlation of planetary action in human experience. Life, purpose and design are so intimately woven together by the loom of destiny, that our earthy eyes may well be satisfied, if they but see the pattern and no more. Since it is not possible to penetrate the mystery of How and why such things can to solve the mystery of life itself, so it is not possible to follow the meaning of its various manifestations. be, That is no reason for saying that they are not possible. Just as it is impossible Faith is the first born of God, the heir that neither time nor tears can dispossess and so in the end will occult knowledge possess the earth, and crooked ways will be of daily life, its faith in the unfolding of Gods purpose, its patience to wait for the appropriate time. The occult side of life, is the real life that binds all together. made straight. The usefulness of occultism has in its strength to withstand the trials

Astrology is such a wide-bodied area of knowledge, that it is not an exaggeration to call it the Mother of Science. This is a science linking extra terrestrial, terrestrial Cosmos. It is the science that tries to bridge the gulf between the World of galaxies and the World of living cells. studies. Astrology or the study of Sun, Moon and other planets is the oldest science effect on character, its causation of difficulties between man and woman, with the hundreds of tendencies it calls into being. and human phenomena and attempts to establish a correlation between Man and The occult science consists of Astrology, numerology, palmistry, mantrik, and tantrik known to mankind. The greater mass of people desire to have put before them, as much information as possible about the influence of the zodiac on human life, its Astrology, a science of tendencies, teaches the distressed to see the good and bad in

their lives, as a result of their past deeds or Karma, and also indicates the mode of 2

facing and preventing the malefic effects, and if they are inevitable, how to endure
Theory of Astrology:

T. Manohar Rao

them under such circumstances.

The theory of Astrology, is based on the fact that the planets influence Man, and follows a standard pattern. The planets have been assigned certain qualities, which mould man accordingly. Their motion in the zodiac, and relative strength, have been taken into account. The change in this standard behavioural pattern of each planet is envisaged by association, aspect, and opposition of other planets. The they produce certain type of power, and these powers travel trough space, penetrate then influence Man. The planet and stars, produce a basic frequency and harmonics. basic rules of Astrology, pertaining to this part, reveal a scientific and knowledgeable approach. Since planets influence Man, it has to be concluded that our ionosphere, propagate through our atmosphere, reach the surface of Earth, and frequency will necessarily be a low frequency, which require a media for transmission from the planet to Earth. Since no media is available, this frequency cannot travel to Earth. But the by-product of harmonics in the short wave range, is capable of producing energy travelling through space, just like any other cosmic ray. harmonics, as by-products. In the process of rotation on its own axis, the planet produces energy and propagate in the particular direction in conformity with the natural condition of the cannot be changed, unless a physical change takes place. This natural formation of a microwave beam, is available for all planets and stars. This subtle force from the Since there is no regulated frequency range, they planet change, i.e. in the form of a microwave beam. This direction of the beam other planets reaching the Earth, has been utilised in Astrology in the explanation of in Astrology, as exaltation and debilitation of the planet. This exaltation is felt when the Earth comes opposite to the direction of the beam. 3 The basic

Yogas, conjunction with reference to Sun and Moon. This beam or force, is identified

Each planet of our Solar system is connected by a subtle force with all the other planets, as in an atom, while maintaining the space between them, and following a between them, depending on the size of the planet, activities on its surface, and the interplanetary distance. These create an inter-planetary force. Hence these subtle forces also act as short and medium wave harmonics from the definite orbit, without colliding with the others. A subtle force is constantly flowing

T. Manohar Rao

planets to the Earth at every stage, creating change on humans die to their various of Yoga in Astrology.

aspects, association, opposition, etc. The planetary power is less when it enters Thus, we see planets as well as humans, have their fields of gravitation. Through this the Universe and made the recipient of constantly operating planetary influence.

directly, then when it enters with the aid of the Sun or the Moon. This is the theory resonance between cosmic radiation and human radiation, Man has been linked to

Astrology is a divine science, and is as old as the Vedas. Astro means Stars, and logy means Light. In other words, Astrology is the light through stars, or the message of stars, planets, etc. heavenly bodies in the form of cosmic rays and energy, act, react and create wonderful results on the daily life of the animate and inanimate objects. The radiation, so Astrology can be referred to as the Science of Radiation. Sanskrit term Jyothisya for Astrology, mans Science of Jyothi or Light. Light is Indian Astrology is based on the theory of Karma. It is obvious, that every person or living creature under the sky, experiences pain or pleasure, as a result of past karma. Every one seeks ways and means to perpetuate pleasure and avoid misery. They want to know the method by which the malefic events can be reduced, if not minds. It points out that all trials and tribulations or joy, luxury experienced in the The vibrations, radiation, and attraction of the

avoided. Astrology gives answers to these natural questions which arise in their present life, is as result of the deeds done by them in their past life. It also indicates 4 the period, extent, and the mode of alleviating or diminishing the effects of good or

bad events. It teaches them that calamities cannot be averted by any propitiatory reconciliation to their lot in future. Even fatalists, who feel that there is no need to calamity, are forced to seek the advice of an astrologer, to learn ways to mitigate Moksha, in addition to fame and glory. these ill-effects. Varahamira declares, that he who knows the secrets of the science This science is the result of continuous research and propagation, through centuries,

T. Manohar Rao

ceremonies to the planetary deities, it gives them consoling reasons for know the future as the inevitable is bound to occur, at a time of misfortune or of Astrology, obtains the four Purusharthas, namely - Dharma, Artha, Kama and

by the ancient seers and sages. Hence, it has to be regarded as a Dharma Shastra,

and acquires the sanctity of Vedas. Vedas are intended for yagnas, which are to be

performed according to the time and muhurthas that can be fixed only by a knowledge of seasons, date, star, planetary movements -- in other words, Jyothisya Vedangas -- i.e. Siksha, Vyakarna, Chandas, Niruktha, Jyothisya and Kapla. These six angas are referred to as the angas of Vedapurusha. Vyakarna is the mouth, Vedangas. or Astrology. Hence Jyothisya or Astrology has been included as one of the six Jyothisya the eye, Nirutktha the ear, Kalpa hands, Siksha the nose and Chandas the legs. Since Jyothisya denotes the eyes of the Vedapurusha, it is the foremost of the Vyakarna (Grammar): Vyakarna is the mouth, which utters the succession of Siksha (Instruction): Siksha teaches the intonation of these sounds. As it is with the nostrils that the voice is produced, aiding in imparting instructions needed to master the Vedas, it is denoted as the nose. and manners of discussion. Kalpa (Vyavastha or Methodology): Kalpa teaches arrangement and formation, sounds taught in terms of grammatical sequence.

which needs skilful manipulation (that is usually done by the hands), or method

Niruktha (Etymology or Treasury of Words): Niruktha enables us to understand the meanings or intention of others, by means of the words heard by the ears. It pertains to the study of Etymology and Lexicography. of the Vedas. succession. It suggests the idea of footsteps. Hence Chandas is said to be the feet influence of heavenly bodies, in the form of numbers, charts and calculation. Hence it is termed as the eye of the Vedas. Chandas (Metre or Sense of Music): Chandas teaches us Karma i.e. order and Jyothisya (Astrology): It is an important organ of the Vedas as it indicated the

T. Manohar Rao

Branches of Astrology:

The various branches of astrology are: Medical Astrology. Astro Meteorology. Natal Astrology.

Mundane Astrology (or judicial). Horary Astrology. Kabala Astrology. Kerala Astrology.

Election Astrology/Muhurtha

Omens or Sakuna.

Medical Astrology:

Man endowed with all wealth, luxury, etc., may be wanting in health, or may be

suffering from some incurable, chronic and loathsome disease, according to his by trial and error methods apply remedies till the diseases are eliminated. But 6

destiny. This may be the result of his past karma. Medical experts may resort to

various examinations and ascertain the precise nature and cause of the disease, and

Astrology pin points the part of the body affected, the disease, and selects the

T. Manohar Rao

opportune time for treatment. Thus the time wasted on tests, etc., can be eliminated or minimised. Medical Astrology, is concerned with the diagnosis, mode of healing, the time of onset of the disease, and the psychiatric aspect, that may influence to have a thorough knowledge of astrology, and make use of the same, in their Astrology have been introduced. progress and prognosis of the disease. Hence it is advisable for the medical experts profession. In USA, Europe and other developed countries, classes on medical Astrology, the Public Health Department, may prepare itself to meet any eventuality, thereby reducing the panic among the Department and the public. 1. Astro Meteorology: By knowing in advance as to when and where an epidemic is going to erupt, through

This is useful for predicting the conditions of weather. It assists in planning and thereby prevents any catastrophe caused by cyclones, rains, famine, etc. Even though in the modern age, the meteorology department with the aid of satellites is not able to predict the weather months and weeks in advance, Astrology can give a with determined research, it will be a boon to the nation. Other nations have already embarked towards this goal. 2. Judicial (Mundane): correct picture, well in advance. This branch of Astrology, is in a nascent stage, and

This branch pertains to the prediction of important events in a nation, i.e., wars,

earthquakes, financial crisis/improvements, calamities like floods, famine, etc. With the present knowledge it may not be possible to predict correctly in which quarter a particular trouble or calamity can be expected, by whom, why and when. This may bring out many alternatives, creating confusion rather than information. Even possible to predict accurately, the events in the near future. though many astrologers have started probing sincerely in this field, it may not be Astrologically, the countries, towns, have been roughly assigned various signs. With this the astrologer is able to roughly indicate the probable places which will get 7

if only when every locality is allotted a particular position/sign in the zodiac, can systematic and methodical research. 3. Natal Astrology:

affected due to the planetary configuration, during a certain time, or period. Hence,

T. Manohar Rao

one easily predict with confidence. So, it is necessary to complete this branch by

Natal astrology, is concerned mainly with the life of human beings. A chart made out the life of the native -- i.e. character, temperament, health, marriage, profession, later.

for the time and place of birth, is read out for all the characteristics, and events in longevity, finance, etc. It can also indicate the actual time of the occurrence of any specific event. The principles governing such events, will be dealt with in detail, 4. Horary Astrology:

Generally, this branch of science is resorted to mainly to those who have no horoscope, or who doubt the correctness of them. This branch of the science can never assure all questions, and clear all doubts. Even when one is confident about ones predictions, Horary astrology can be used as a first safe method. This science takes into account the time of query by the inquirer, and thus establishes the correct time for the astrologer to consider it as the birth of a question, and proceed with the details will be dealt with later.) casting of horoscope for the time of judgement, and predict accordingly. (Further 5. Election Astrology (Muhurtha):

This branch indicates the most auspicious time for any new ventures, for marriages, upanayansms (thread ceremony), construction and house warming, education, country, this is the most important information sought for, by all classes of people. 6. Kabala Astrology: religious and social functions, joining of duty, purchase of vehicles, etc. In our

Many nations of antiquity, made use of letters of their alphabets as substitutes for any independent signs, to typify numerical conception. Ancient records show that 8

Greeks used their numbers almost exclusively for everyday purposes. The Jewish Rabbis discovered so much of interest and importance behind the superficial values of numbers and words as their representatives, that they developed a complete Kabbalah or Cabala. By associating the ancient doctrine of numbers, with the letters divinity was practised, by which the professors attempted to foretell the future. This science became an means of handing down, from one generation to another. religion. science of numerical conception, apart from mathematics, and this took the name of of alphabets, planets, stars and zodiac signs and astronomical terms, a form of This became a secret and was veiled by only mystery, to be approached through 7. Kerala Astrology:

T. Manohar Rao

This branch of science, deals with prediction, by looking into the face of the inquirer, or asking him to mention the name of a flower. 8. Omens (Sakuna):

Sakuna or omen, is defined as a symbol of indication, which forecasts results of the query whether successful or not. It is a common day observation, that people refrain from proceeding with an action, if they meet or face something deemed to be an ill omen. The omens do not create the effects, but are only indicators of what is this fully, in his Brihat Samhita, and any intelligent person, by referring to this, can note the result directly. The omens are to be understood according to the direction objects or creatures living in towns, forests, in watery regions, or flying in the air. of the noises, movements, genders and other characteristics of animals, birds -- i.e. As an example, the call of lizards, lizards falling on different limbs of the body, howling of jackals, seeing a single Brahmin, a widow, fire, etc. These are verified, to avoid the objects known to be evil omens. Astrology is divided into three sections, namely: 9 and the nature of the effect is found. The action is taken after sometime, taking care

likely to occur, as a result of that persons karmic effects. Varahamira has dealt with

Ganita skandam. Jataka skandam. Sakha skandam.

T. Manohar Rao

The first deals with the modus operendi of the movement of the planets, and it is therefore concerned with computation and calculation. The second deals with the position of the planets at the time of birth and is called the Science of Horoscopy -- it auspicious function. The third section helps to answer any query, i.e. prashna sastra. An astrologer must be proficient in all these three sections of astrology. Qualifications to learn Astrology: helps to determine the appropriate time, i.e., Muhurtha for travel, marriage or any

The students of astrology, have to acquire knowledge of astronomy, and be good in elementary mathematics to make precise calculations. They should be capable of preparing the horoscopes accurately using the drik panchangas, or modern ephemeries, have thorough knowledge of astrology, and be astrologers or institutions. upto date in the latest trend in research, study or thinking of modern, renowned They must develop thinking and analysing capacity, besides applying blindly the bookish knowledge, and must arrange study circles, seminars, etc. or develop methods to get fairly accurate predictions. themselves posted with various new developments. It will be better if they compile A good astrologer must always be content, not hate anyone, be learned in mathematical methods and election, well balanced in mind, calm and unperturbed, have a pleasing tongue, know to predict well, should have conquered his senses, partake in prayers and rituals regularly, be well versed in various principles of mathematical methods in astrology, are not sufficient to make one a successful astrologer. 10 mathematical methods in astrology, be a man of intuition and of mantra. Mere to keep the horoscopes dealt with them, get the feed back, note the results, and further use

System of Astrology:

T. Manohar Rao

Astrology as practised in India, based on Fixed Zodiac, is known as Nirayana System,

while Movable Zodiac as adopted in the West, is known as Sayana System. The

western astrologers have calculated the movement of the first part of the signs of Aries, till date, while the Indians have maintained the same zero degrees of Aries, as their reference point. The difference between these, is known as Ayyannamsa. This helps to convert Sayana to Nirayana and vice versa. --o0o--