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The Instant Pay Raise Special Reportby Bill Young, Certified Personal Financial Coach


Thank you. By purchasing this Special Report on the Instant Pay Raise System, you are telling me that you have a strong interest in taking home extra money, is that right? My name is Bill Young. I am a Personal Financial Coach. I have teamed up with my partner, Winston Thompson, a CPA with 25 years of small business tax experience. Our mission is to show struggling Middle Class Families, Single Parents and Seniors how to play the same Secret game the Big Boys play and become financially independent in 1-3 years! This Special Report is excerpted from Our “How to Quit the Rat Race,” (QRR) program which shows our private clients how to do the same thing. QRR is a Private Coaching System that clients pay $5-$10,000 to use. We develop a Personal Financial Road Map for them that shows them how to escape the sad, pay check to pay check existence most working Americans struggle with for 40 years, never able to retire. Their Road Map shows them how to to Quit the Rat Race, quit their jobs, financially independent in only 1-3 years. The Instant Pay Raise Program is the Group Coaching version of the Quit the Rat Race program. The goal, financial independence in only 1-3 years is still the same! The difference is that we show you how to use a home based business to provide the income instead of real estate. It will show you how to totally revolutionize your finances! When you buy the Instant Pay Raise System you will discover: • • How to put $400-$1,000 in Extra Take Home Pay in your pay check on your current job every pay day starting next week! How to play the same secret game that let’s the Big Boys make hundreds of millions of dollars every year and get away with paying little or no income taxes; legally! How to Get Rid of All of your unsecured debt; credit card debt, personal loans and personal loans in only 1-2 years! How to pay off your 30 year mortgage in 15 years! 2

• •


• • • • •

How to Boost your FICO or credit score by 100 points in 90 days! How to use professional Internet Marketing methods to produce Multiple Streams of Income. How to Spend yourself Rich! How to protect yourself from and actually profit from the coming Depression! How to get the government to pay for this program for you!

And much more, as you will see.

Slash Your Income Taxes by 30-50%!
I just read a report yesterday that said 2/3 of all corporations paid NO Income taxes from 1995-2006! Surprised? I wasn’t. I know that corporations as a whole pay only 7% of all income taxes collected in this country. I bet you didn’t know that there was another tax system for them did you? That’s why I called it a secret game because so few middle class people know of it. Before we start to get into the details, I want to tell you a couple of things we see in our successful private clients. They are serious about improving their financial situation. Are you? They have already made an unconscious commitment to improve their family’s financial situation. The fact that you are reading this report is concrete proof that you are looking to go in the same direction, isn’t that right? I also know: • You are fed up with taking orders from a boss and making someone else rich. 3

4 • • • • You want the freedom of being your own boss one day. You are tired of living pay check to pay check You are probably in serious debt You will be so excited about the information in this Special Report, you will be motivated to make the changes necessary to change your life.

As you will see, all of the strategies and tactics you will learn are approved and sanctioned by the IRS for everyone, Big or small, who follow the rules of the Secret game I am going to reveal to you. Let me give you a quick example of the power of what you are going to learn. Did you know that Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Researcher, estimates that if half the 1 Million, two income; middle class families that went bankrupt last year had only $300/Mo more income, they would not have gone bankrupt? Or that the HUD, the Federal Housing and Urban Development agency estimates that an additional $500/Mo more income would have saved a “substantial” (their word) number of homeowners from the horror of foreclosure. Imagine, you are going to get that information, the information that those poor folks did not have. We are going to give you the knowledge that will let you take home HUNDREDS of Extra Dollars each month on your current job or self employment! That will be enough in many cases to Save you and your family from bankruptcy or foreclosure! This information sure would have changed the lives of those poor souls and it will change YOURS!

How much will your Pay Raise be? The exact amount of your Pay Raise will depend on how much you are making now on your job and how much taxes you are paying. Imagine the big smile you will have on your face when you get that first, big fat juicy Pay Raise in your hands! Get a pencil and paper right now and find your last pay stub. You will need it shortly. We are going to show you exactly how much more 4

5 money this program will stuff into your pocket next pay day and every pay day thereafter! Got your pay stub, pen and paper? Good. What is the amount of your net pay, your take home pay, the amount you get in your hand if you cashed the check? Got it? Now, multiply that number by .20 or 20%, then add that to the amount your check is for, your take home pay; that is approximately how much more money you will get each pay day! It varies from 15-25% of your net pay. If you happen to have a calculator, or you are one of those propeller heads, just multiply your net pay by 1.2. In either case, you will come up with the additional amount of money you will be bringing home from now on, each pay day when you get your Pay Raise. Don’t forget to multiply this number by the appropriate multiplier, depending on whether you are paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. For example: Your pay check is $500. Multiplied by .20 is $100 more. You will now take home $600 per check instead of $500. If you are paid weekly, multiply the $100 pay raise by 4.3 to get the monthly total increase. (there are 4.3 weeks in the average month) Your Instant Pay Raise, every month is $430! It is kinda like finding a crisp, new $100 bill under that rock, you know, the one near your steps where you hide the spare key to the house! In fact, those $100 bills were there all along, its just that you did not know it! If you do not buy the Instant Pay Raise System, you will be stepping over another $100 bill every week. (The Toothless Fairy takes the ones you don’t pick up!) If you are self employed, the Instant Pay Raise will Slash your income taxes by 40-50%!


6 Therefore, you will only have to save half or so of the money you usually set aside to pay your taxes, quarterly or annually. The difference is Your Instant Pay Raise. What would you do with that extra money? Close your eyes and imagine… • • • • • • Catching up with some bills? Finally getting rid of that dangerous old car? Saving your home from foreclosure? Help support a parent or loved one? Buy your medication? Go Shopping! (God, I hope not!)

If you are a two or even a three income family, you probably feel guilty about not being able to spend enough time with the kids, right? I know me and my wife did. Time flies and kids grow so quickly. Your Instant Pay Raise may even be large enough to allow one of you to quit your job or quit that second, part time job and spend more time with the kids, especially when you take a hard look at what is left after taxes and the additional expenses associated with that second job. Can you imagine how proud little Sammy will be when Dad shows up at soccer practice or Mom can go on the trip to the museum with little Johnny’s class? The Instant Pay Raise System has allowed many families to quit a second or part time job, to spend more time at home with the kids!

How does the Instant Pay Raise System work?
Let me ask you a question. How much income tax did you pay last year? I would not be surprised if you do not even know how much income tax you paid last year! Let me prove it. Answer the question, how much income tax did you pay last year? See! If you are like most people, you will state the amount of tax you paid on April 15. Others will say none, they got a refund!


7 It is amazing that so many people are unconscious of the fact that taxes are their biggest expense. Most households pay more in taxes than for housing, clothing and food together! It’s a terrifying amount of money to sacrifice, especially when you can so easily stop it with the information you will get in the Instant Pay Raise System. To figure out how much tax you really paid, look at your pay stub and multiply the total taxes taken out, federal, state, local and FICA and social security, by 12, 26 or 52, depending on whether you are paid monthly semi monthly or weekly. Add or subtract any additional payments you made on April 15 and deduct your refund from the annual total. Shocked? You should be. Ever heard of “Tax Freedom Day?” That is the day in the year when you have made enough money to pay your taxes for the year. For most of the country, tax freedom day is, ironically, approximately April 15. For heavily taxed North East states like New York and Connecticut, with their heavier tax burdens, it can be as late as May, 25! That is more than 40% of the entire year, working just to pay your taxes! Hello! Let’s look at it another way. You are working on your job as much as 40% of the time, just to pay your taxes. That translates to working Monday, Tuesday and until 3:15 PM on Wednesday, every week, just to pay your taxes! On a daily basis you work Every day from 9AM-12:20PM just to pay your taxes! Starting to see why you can never seem to get ahead, why even with a “Big” raise, (4%) you are still short every month? Amazingly, you will find that when you stop the government from grabbing all that money from you, your life will become much happier with much less financial stress. It is really sad that so many people know so little about this subject and it could mean so much to them and their families. Think about the lessons you are learning.


8 Think ahead a couple of years after you buy the Instant Pay Raise System. What would you have done with that extra money over the years? What wonderful, future plans will you make come true when you buy the System and share the benefits with your family? People have been shocked at how much an Instant Pay Raise has changed their lives! I am sure you will have a couple of sleepless nights when you really understand how transformational this information will be on your life; not because you are worried, but you are so anxious to get your Instant Pay Raise System and snatch all that money back from Uncle Sam as soon as possible! You will probably be making some significant changes in your life, based on what you are learning in this Special Report. I don't know if you will buy the full Instant Pay Raise System itself, but this Special Report only hints at the dramatic changes the System will make in your life.

Debt Elimination
Debt Slavery is one of the biggest reasons that middle class families end up at 65 too poor to retire. After working 40 years and earning 1-2 million dollars, they do not have the assets to produce the income that would let them quit working. American Seniors are becoming a fixture at fast food restaurants, WalMart, Staples, etc. working in low paid service capacities. They are there because they must work, not because they want to meet new people. The program shows you how to turn the credit card companies own payment schedule that would have you still in debt for the next 40 years, even if you never charged another penny; on its head! Our exclusive Debt Elimination program will have you completely out of All credit card debt, bank and personal loans in 1-3 years! Part B of the program will show you how to pay off your fixed rate mortgage is half the time! A 30 year mortgage will be gone in 15 years! Again, our proprietary program turns the banks Amortization Schedule on its head and allows you to escape your mortgage in half the time, without doubling your payments or borrowing more money.



Boost Your FICO score by 100 points in 90 Days!
Your FICO or credit score is becoming more important each passing day as the banks tighten their lending criteria. Gone are the days of easy credit when you could get a mortgage with a 500 FICO score. Banks are actually looking for an 800 score to refinance! Banks are not the only ones piling on. Insurance companies are now looking at FICO scores as another criteria to evaluate when looking to set premiums! Health insurance carriers feel that if your are nor responsible with your money, your are probably not that concerned about your health. Ditto the auto insurance carriers. So you could find yourself paying more in many different situations because of your FICO score. We will show you what “buttons to push” to get the credit bureaus to increase your score by about 100 points in as few as 90 days!

How to develop Internet based, Multiple Streams of Income
The middle class will have to become the Internet Class to survive and prosper in the future, we believe. First the factory jobs, now the white collar and professional jobs are being eliminated, enabled by the Internet and the era of low cost, instant communications. Ironically, it is those same innovations that we believe will be the salvation for the average middle class family. Now, working from home or wherever there is a laptop and an Internet connection, you will be able to make money. One of the biggest selling ebooks on the Internet is called 20 Ways to Make $100/Day on the Internet! Internet marketing can be the main source of income or it may supplement your other income. It will be a necessary part of every families income.


10 We will show you how to make money on the Internet. You will have to learn new skills, terminology and ways of working. We will show you how to diversify your income and perhaps become your primary source of income.

How to Spend yourself Rich!
Everyone spends all their money it seems. The problem is that most people are spending it on the wrong things, consumer goods. We are conditioned from birth to consume, compare what we have to others and to always want the newest, biggest, fastest, etc. Children as young as two years old and become excited at the site of the Golden Arches! They are also conditioned to react to food in a certain way, having been weaned directly from the bottle to the Happy Meal. Spending is a key point in determining how you are going to end up, financially independent or totally dependent! We will teach you how money works so that you will no longer spend yourself poor, you will now spend yourself rich with our simple plan that does not require budgeting or saving!

How to protect yourself from and actually profit from the coming Depression!
Yes, we are anticipating that this “Economic Downturn” will blossom into a full scale, 2nd Great Depression, despite the frantic efforts of the government. A stimulus of less than 1 Trillion is going to do little to reverse a loss of over $30 Trillion world wide. The housing market has no bottom as prices continue to be depressed by foreclosure and abandonment as 20% of home owners owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth.


11 Unemployment is high and climbing. The new banking regulations on lending have disqualified half of the pool of buyers, even if they wanted to buy, which they do not because of the fear of unemployment as well as the game of waiting to see how low prices will go. We are in a deflation with no bottom in sight. Job losses lead to bankruptcies, personal and business as the consumer has less and less money to spend or pay bills. Businesses have to adjust to the lack of customer’s ability to purchase by laying off workers, and cutting prices, which eventually can lead to bankruptcy for them. Government, Federal, State and Local are cutting back, shedding jobs and cutting services. Many will go bankrupt as the value of their investments plummet. We feel the way to survive and prosper is to invest in precious metals. We will show you how to get the government to help you by putting up 1/3 of the money you invest in precious metals. The combination of multiple sources of income and investments in precious metals will help you survive and prosper and come out on top! ‘ ‘

How to get the government to pay for this program for you!
Amazing as it may seem, we will show you how to pay the already nominal cost of this program, less than $1/Day for you! If you know the rules and play by them, Uncle Sam can become a beneficial partner to your business. He can help you support your lifestyle, by purchasing things such as country houses, cars, boats and even airplanes for you. He is fully on your side, pulling for your business to grow into a big business, full of employees he can tax! The back bone of American Business is small business and the government can be quite an ally if you know how to pull it off and we will show you how in our program.

Tell me about the Instant Pay Raise System

12 The Instant Pay Raise System is a Group Coaching Program. You are actually hiring Bill Young and Winston Thompson as your Personal Financial Advisors! Their program consists of: • • • A written Guide to explain how the System works and what you must do in order to qualify for your raise. An optional, 1 hour audio version of the Guide that you can download to your computer and transfer to your iPod or to burn a DVD to listen and learn on the go. 52 Weekly lessons delivered right to your email box. These lessons are the heart of the System. They are written by tax and financial experts and give you the detailed instructions on how to convert most of your present living expense into tax deductible business expenses that will generate your Instant Pay Raise. 12 Monthly webinars with your tax and financial experts, where you will get the chance to learn and hear from not only the experts but from other home business owners just like you. Membership in our private web forum which will allow you to ask questions about tax and financial issues and how to questions about using the System. Business plan software that will allow you to produce a complete business plan just by filling in the blanks. A personal Roadmap to a $1 Million Investment! o We will show you how to get the IRS to make the contributions to this fund o We will show you how to get free stocks and bonds o We will show you how to diversify a percentage of your fund into Silver, which is key to coming out on top from the coming Depression We will show you how to keep your investments safe from lawsuits, creditors and judgments.

• • • •

As I stated, the weekly lessons are the heart of the System. Taking back the money from Uncle Sam that is rightfully yours is only the first step to becoming financially free. You will also discover: • • • How to get completely out of credit card debt in 2-3 years How to Slash your income taxes by 30-50% How to Boost your FICO or Credit Score by 100 points in 90 days


13 • • • • • • • How to Slash tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments from your mortgage by paying it off in ½ the normal time. How to start or run your existing home based business for most profit and efficiency How to Spend Yourself Rich How to set up a Million Dollar retirement fund and let the Government stuff it with cash for you! How to use your retirement money to buy real estate and other assets so you can quit your job in a few short years, at any age. How to Bomb proof your investments and possessions. And much more!

I know you are anxious to grab your tax money back from the government. It is Your money. You worked hard for it, don’t let the government continue to confiscate it, especially when you see the preferential treatment others get from our friend, Uncle Sam.

What do I need to get my Pay Raise?
As we mentioned, the Instant Pay Raise is a Government Program. The Government makes the rules. The government says you must have a home based business to qualify to get your Pay Raise. The Government’s minimum requirements for a qualifying home based business are: • • • • You "actively" pursue the business with the intent of making a profit You devote more than 20 hours per month to it A portion of your home is used exclusively for the business You take appropriate deductions and document them properly

To those minimums, I personally add the following criteria:


14 • • • • • • Leverage-able, that means that you can make money off the time, effort and resources of others Low start up cost, $5,000 tops A huge industry that is experiencing exponential growth Experienced, successful, company owners A product or service that caters to the Baby Boomers Unlimited potential income

Hire Your Family for Maximum Pay Raise!
Stop giving your kids an allowance. Give them a Pay Check! When you hire family to work in your home based business, the money you were giving them for household expenses becomes tax deductible salary, since your family are now your employees! (They couldn’t have a nicer boss, I am sure!) The IRS has said that children as young as 7 years old can be employed in the family business. They can earn up to $5,500 this year and pay no taxes on it, and their salary, (probably what you regularly give them or spend on them any way!) is a tax deductible business expense that you can write off as a business expense. Now their Air Jordans, their piano and ballet lessons become tax deductible business expenses! Let me close with a couple of other actual examples of how your home based business will generate large business write offs that will slash your income taxes by 40-50%!: Example. You drive your family to the mall on Saturday. That is clearly not a business expense. However, you meet a prospect or customer at the food court make a sales call or deliver product to a client near the mall. Or even stop to pick up an ink cartridge at Kinkos for your computer. That trip now becomes primarily a business use of your car and the government will allow you to write off approximately 59 cents per mile for business use of your car. 100 miles driven on business equals a $59 tax deduction!


15 Oh, the light just went on in your head! I thought so, you are beginning to see how this System will change your life! Do you go out to dinner with friends or do you take prospects or clients out to dinner, see the difference? The government will let you deduct ½ of the dinner’s cost if you are discussing business with clients over dinner, providing you properly support the expense with documentation. The average person can deduct Nothing, because they don’t know how to play this Secret game. The amazing thing about the System is that you will actually spend the same money you were already spending on cars, children, entertainment, travel, etc. but the System shows you how to make them into business expenses, so now they are deductible. As long as the expenses incurred were reasonable, ordinary and necessary for your business, there is no difference between what you are doing and what Warren Buffet is doing and he is in a lower tax bracket than you are, even though he makes $170 Million per year! In closing, let’s review. Think about all the wonderful things you will now be able to do because when you buy the Instant Pay Raise System and have the extra money you receive each pay day, you can: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Stay at home with the kids Pay down debt Start saving for retirement Pay for daughter’s wedding Help support grown children Save for your children’s education Stave off bankruptcy Invest to grow your business Make your car payment Contribute to the upkeep of parents and in-laws Save for the down payment on a house Pay off old student loans Take a great vacation, er, Business trip Avoid foreclosure

Simply stated, if you buy this System, you will have the power to change your life, right in your own hands!


16 Click here to see what a few of the many people who have bought the Instant Pay Raise System have to say about it: Pay Raise Testimonials!

When you have finished reading this report, you will be excited about starting your new home business career and getting that extra money into your hands as soon as possible! Then, listen to this radio segment where I grill my partner, CPA Winston Thompson about the details of the Pay Raise Program. http:// tw2.us/Nv Then take the next step toward your financial freedom and join the Instant Pay Raise Program. http://AmericanMoneySystems.com You will then have 30-60 days to get your new business started. If you have questions, you can call Bill Young to schedule a free, confidential interview. Bill can help you determine what type of business you qualify for. You can reach him at 646-961-3818, 9Am to 10PM Monday thru Saturday, Eastern time.

Bill Young, Metropolitan Business Council 50 Hill St Southampton, NY 11968 646-961-3818



17 The Instant Pay Raise will pay you Hundreds of Extra Dollars Every Month on your current job or self employment! It will show you how to get completely out of credit card and bank debt in 1-2 years! It will show you how to Boost your FICO score 100 points in 90 days!



About Bill Young

Bill Young, President, Metropolitan Business Council
Bill is an experienced real estate investor and Personal Financial Coach. He is experienced in many phases of personal finance, having held such positions as bank loan officer, licensed financial consultant and debt and credit consultant. He is a published author:

and lectures on personal financial topics in the US and Canada.

Mike Litman, the acclaimed author of the best selling book, “Conversations With Millionaires,” and one of the Internet’s top motivational and business coaches has hired Bill Young to be the featured speaker at his annual Master Coaching Seminar in New York City and to Mentor his Coaches in the areas of personal finance. Mike says, “Bill is one of the most knowledgeable and innovative thinkers I have met.” Bill is also a personal financial coach to Mike. He recently consulted with Mike on a significant real estate purchase.



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