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BMW M Performance Top Stripes Add a dash of sportiness to your car with the top black-striped sticker. Part No. 51142217583 Regular Price RM1,196.70 Promo Price RM933.00

20 BMW M Performance Dual-Spoke 405M Complete Wheels. Eye-catching alloy wheels with visible wheel studs, exclusive bicolour design and full-colour M logo. Comes with runflat tyres. Part No. 36112219607 Regular Price RM27,782.78 Promo Price RM21,333.00

BMW M Performance Front Grille in Black Striking design details with grilles in black high-gloss. Part No. 51712240778 (right) 51712240775 (left) Regular Price RM670.54 Promo Price RM530.00

18 BMW M Performance Sports Brake 4-piston aluminium fixed caliper on the front axle and 2-piston aluminium fixed caliper on the rear axle. Internally-ventilated and lightweight-constructed brake discs. Available in 3 striking colours with full-colour M logo. Part No. 34112221447 / 446 / 445
(Orange / Yellow / Red)

Regular Price RM16,275.01

Promo Price RM12,000.00


(Rear Axle Brake Disc)

BMW M Performance Carbon Mirror Cover Create a distinctive appearance with the exterior carbon fibre mirror caps. Part No. 51162211904 (right) 51162211905 (left) Regular Price RM3,405.40 Promo Price RM2,600.00

BMW M Performance Steering Wheel Alcantara Add a stylish motorsport touch to the interior with a flat-bottom Alcantara Steering Wheel, finished with white cross stitching and a red centre mark. Part No. 32302230197 32302230190 Regular Price RM5,220.15 RM4,934.06 Promo Price RM3,999.00 RM3,888.00

(for cars with Sports Automatic Transmission) (for cars without Sports Automatic Transmission)

BMW M Performance Interior Trim Set Carbon Aesthetically appealing carbon fibre and Alcantara interior trim for a sportier ambience. Part No. 51952250264 Regular Price RM4,718.37 Promo Price RM3,699.00

BMW M Performance Selector Lever The unmistakable open-pored motorsport design that offers direct contact with the high-tech material of carbon fibre. Part No. 61312250698 61312250697 Regular Price RM991.55 RM943.95 Promo Price RM788.00 RM750.00

(for cars with Sports Automatic Transmission) (for cars without Sports Automatic Transmission)

BMW Lines Floor Mats in Textile Complemented with a stylish, dynamic look, these dirt-repellent and water-resistant mats are a perfect fit to the interior. Part No. 51472293358 / 362 (front) 51472293359 / 363 (rear)
(Red with Black / Beige with Black)

Regular Price RM984.73

Promo Price RM730.00

BMW Lines Handbrake Grip Stylishly accentuated by a leather middle section in red or beige. Part No. 34402240174 / 182 Regular Price RM412.58 Promo Price RM330.00

(Red with Black / Beige with Black)

Backrest Bag Meticulously designed to provide you with multiple easy-to-access compartments in various sizes including an insulated bottle compartment. Can be folded into a portable bag. Part No. 52122219889 / 891 Regular Price RM608.60 Promo Price RM488.00

(Red with Black / Beige with Black)

Rear Seat Storage Bag Secured to the central seatbelt but can be easily removed and used as a carry on bag with shoulder straps. The base is made from waterproof and non-slip material. Part No. 52212219904 / 905 Regular Price RM813.75 Promo Price RM650.00

(Red with Black / Beige with Black)

Sun Protection for Rear Windows Easy to attach and custom made for a seamless fit to your all-new BMW 3 Series. Part No. 51462293367 Regular Price RM689.27 Promo Price RM380.00

(Rear Side Windows)

Folding Table A convenient surface. Adjustable for tilt as well as height. Also includes a fold-out cup holder with an elegant chrome ring. Part No. 51952183853 51952183852
(Base Attachment)

Regular Price RM512.82 RM102.53

Promo Price RM380.00 RM75.00

Coat Hanger Provides you with space to hang your jacket. Easily secured to the base attachment. Part No. 51952183854 51952183852
(Base Attachment)

Regular Price RM376.11 RM102.53

Promo Price RM275.00 RM75.00

Universal Hook Designed around a base attachment, it is ideal for hanging light shopping bags. Part No. 51952183855 51952183852
(Base Attachment)

Regular Price RM136.80 RM102.53

Promo Price RM100.00 RM75.00

BMW Holder for Apple iPad 2 Gives rear passengers access to all Apple iPad 2 functions. Locks into the base attachment easily.

Part No. 51952293656 51952183852

(Base Attachment)

Regular Price RM854.77 RM102.53

Promo Price RM588.00 RM75.00

Junior Seat I - II with Isofix Keep junior safe and secure. These seats feature a restraint cushion and a height-adjustable back. Suitable for children from 9 to 25kg. Part No. 82222162871
(Black & Anthracite) (Black & Blue)

Regular Price RM2,547.28

Promo Price RM1,990.00

Valid till 31 December 2013. Prices are excluding installation.