22nd April 2013

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Dear Customer, Please find enclosed the Construction Progress Report of all our projects. Should you have any further queries, please feel free to contact our sales teams. Thank you Ananta Singh Raghuvanshi Director- Sales and Marketing

Bangalore l Chennai l Hyderabad l Jalandhar l Kasauli l Kochi l Lucknow l New Chandigarh l Panchkula l Shimla

816 2. Level difference wall by macceferri in progress 3.420 3. Laying of sewer and storm water pipelines is in progress 2. Total number of plinths complete . External electrical work awarded . Internal electrical and plumbing work is in progress 4.229 acre Integrated Township in Panchkula Construction Status of Independent Floors 1. Internal plastering work has begun External Development 1. Total number of slabs cast at various levels .

Construction by Shapoorji Pallonji Co. Hyde Park Terraces . . Construction has begun for all floors. Ltd. 2. 5. Sewage Treatment Plant(STP) in progress. The work on parks and horticulture is in progress Tubewell boring is almost complete in R1 and R2. The laying of sewer and storm water pipelines .Hyde Park Estate is a 229 acres Integrated Township in New Chandigarh T E R R A C E S A R C A D E External Services 1.95% complete Electrical work is under progress in R1 and R2. 3. 4.

e. storm water pipelines and water supply line is in progress. Foundation work for electric poles is complete 2. 3. .A 250 acres Integrated Township in Lucknow 1. 4. sewer. Road work including black top is in progress. 5. Laying of services i. Construction of compound wall in A Block has begun. Work for underground water tank and sewage treatment plant (STP) is in progress.

External roads and retention walls work in progress .Spread over 58 acres of forest bed.External finishes in progress 2. Himachal Pradesh 1. in Kasauli. Villa reaching completion stage .

Foundation 1 Slab st 2 nd Slab 3 rd Slab 1 1. 25 Completed Completed Completed Completed Completed Completed Completed 2 21.6 acres of cedar forest in Shimla S. 18. 22 --- . 23. 9. 20. 19.Luxury cottages in over 1. 4. 24.No. Cottage No. 8. 5.

Kochi External Development 1.River facing luxury apartments in Vytilla. Club work finished 3. Finishing completed 7. Squash court work in final stage 4. STP 90% complete 5. Landscaping work in finishing stage 2. Final coat paint of lobbies in progress . Driveways work complete 6.

STP raft slab & side wall works in progress 2. AC drains in place 7. Kitchen and toilet walls tiling in progress . Tower area slab complete 5.An Integrated Township spread over 26 acres in Kochi External Development 1. Plastering of walls and ceiling almost complete 6. Macaferri works for entrance road in progress 3. Compound wall and drainage works in progress 4.

OHT (Over Head Tank) & structure works completed at Tower D1 & D2 2. B. Non tower upper ground / podium slab works in progress at Cluster A. Preliminary works for the lift installation in Tower D1 & D2 started . Plumbing & fire fighting work in progress in all the towers 8. Electrical conduiting and allied works in progress in all the towers 7. B & C 3. LMR & OHT works in progress at Cluster A. Bengaluru Structure works 1. Toilet waterproofing work in progress in Cluster A. underground tank and other external structure works in progress Finishing & Services work 1. MS railing fabrication and fixing for the Living & Bedrooms in progress in all towers 4. External plastering work nearing completion in Tower D1 & D2. LMR (Lift Machine Room).High rise apartments in a 75 acres Integrated Township called DLF New Town on Banerghatta Road. B. 3. C & D 5. Compound wall. Block work near completion at all towers and plastering work in progress 2. Toilet wall & floor tiling work begun 6. C & D 4.

D towers) 4. L&T is the construction Partner 6. Slab up to 9th floor cast in various buildings . Internal electrical and plumbing work has begun (B. Rajapura. D towers) 5.Value Homes in MyTown. 1. Construction work is in progress in all towers 2. Bengaluru Construction of 12 Towers of Stilt + 12 Floors each. Total 33 slabs have been cast at various levels 3. Block work is in progress (B.

Luxury Apartments at Ethiraj Salai. Chennai L&T is the Construction Partner .

3. Soft launch of Clubhouse is scheduled by in Aug/ Sep. . In T-24 to 27. Chennai 1. internal tiling. Offered units for fit outs. T-4 and T-6. PSBB Millennium School operational up to 10th class with 1700 students Under Completion of Towers: 1. In T-2. 2.2013. Entire block of T-34 to T-42 ready. Mall structure is ready. internal finishing work is under way and lifts are being fitted 4.A 52 acre Integrated Township on OMR. T-3. electrical and plumbing work is in progress. Plastering is complete. 100 families moved in 2. T-5 is being handed over 3.

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