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The Ice Crystal
In the snowy mist of Alaska, Anna walked out with Kristy to the secret igloo. Kristy
was Anna's best friend, and they did everything together in the secret igloo. They
talked, slept, laughed, cried, and had even made up a secret language there.
"Oh, be quiet!" called Anna. "You'd do the same thing if Emma had
jumped out and scared you!" just before they went to the igloo Emma, Anna's
cousin, had jumped out and frightened the living life out of Anna. It was absolutely
hilarious, just not to Anna.
The laughing and playful arguing came to a sudden stop as the girls
turned their heads back to in front of them. Where the igloo was supposed to be, it
was just a misty snow. It was like a deserted desert, just with snow and wind.
Anna tugged her sky blue jacket closer to her body, like the nightmare of
not seeing the igloo there would go away if the jacket was snug. Kristy grabbed
Anna's arm and pulled her close. As they held each other, Anna held back the tears.
All the memories in the igloo, it was all gone. It had just disappeared.
"Kristy, i-it's ..... gone." Anna whispered. Kristy nodded. They were thinking
the same thing. Being best friends for 14 years, they knew what the other was
thinking. They had met each other when they were two, when Kristy moved to
Alaska and the Markson family moved into the biggest cabin in Alaska with Anna
and her family.
"I know." Kristy answered. They strolled up to the exact stop where it
was supposed to be. There was words imprinted in the snow. It was a note. The girls
looked at the ground where it was and both got down on their knees. The looked at
the note, then each other, then back at the note.
"Go to Greenland. Go across the ice by using your dogs and sled. Once
you get to Greenland, find the snow castle. Bring Kristy. Your journey will
continue from there.
The School of Gems"
"Kristy .... "Anna silently said. Her voice was hoarse and she could barely
speak but Kristy understood her.
"They ... want me." Kristy said, frightened out of her mind. Anna knew she
was terrified.
"D-don't worry Kristy. We'll both go together. 1-1 won't let them take
you. I promise. I'll be right beside you the whole time. I promise." Anna
assured her best friend. Kristy nodded, still worried
"Lets go pack." Kristy whispered. Anna nodded and grabbed Kristy's arm.
They walked slowly back to the house in complete silence. They walked in
through the door and ran into the room that the girls shared.
Anna pulled the two suitcases out that they kept in the closet outside
the room as Kristy searched through her drawers to find clothes to pack.
Anna threw one suitcase on her bed and the other on Kristy's. By the time
Anna started scrambling through her own drawers, Kristy had already had all
her clothes laid out on her bed beside her suitcase, getting ready to pack.
Kristy organized all her clothes and grabbed a few jackets to wear.
After shoving them in her suitcase and then fiddling around until they had fit
perfectly, she packed her hygiene stuff in the pockets of the suitcase and
zipped it all up. Kristy set it beside her bed and looked over at Anna, who was
finishing up tearing through her drawers. Kristy could help but burst into
laughter, and Anna stopped and looked over at Kristy in confusion.
"What?" Anna questioned. Then her eyes glanced over all the clothes
lying on the floor around her. "Oh ... that's what you were laughing about .... "
Anna smiled" I can fix this!" After she finished her statement she rose to her
feet and started picking up and folding the clothes, then setting them beside
her suitcase. Soon, after finishing her laughing fit, Kristy walked over and
helped Anna.
"There, all done." Kristy giggled. She took Anna's clothes and put them
in the suitcase neatly while Anna packed her hygiene stuff. They zipped that
suitcase up, and set it beside Kristy's on the floor.
"Well, we've packed. I wrote a note saying where we'll be and that we
don't know when we'll be back. I'll set it on the table tomorrow morning. Lets
get some sleep." Anna remarked. They down and zoned out before the clock
hit ten. They had an adventure ahead. They had a journey.
By Hannah Spahr
We hadn't been there. No one had. We hadn't seen it. Until now.
But it was scary. Something we had never seen before. It was sweet. It was
bitter. Something you loved. Something you hated. It made you happy. It made you
sad. All emotions mixed into one, everything you could dream, right there in front of
you. What could you do? That's right. Nothing. You could do absolutely nothing
about it. just sit there and watch.
It was light. It was dark. It was amazing. It was scary. You would wonder if
you could ever get out. But there was no escape from this. There was no way out.
Terrifying? Yes. But you couldn't stop it, so you had to sit there and enjoy. You were
forced to. The power was too strong. You had to get out, but that was simply
impossible. Leaving this place just couldn't happen. You were stuck there. Stuck for
the rest of your horrifying life. All alone. Stuck. Scared. Stuck. Hungry. Stuck. Thirsty.
Stuck. Sad. Stuck. Bitter. Stl.Kk.
Old stairs. Creaky stairs. Wooden stairs. Hard stairs. Bad stairs. Wet stairs. Grey
stairs. Splintery stairs. Owwie stairs. Bloody stairs. Murder stairs.
Sadness is a swimming pool.
Makes me want to sleep
Takes you soaring so-so high
Yet leaves you falling oh so deep
Sadness is a mean person
Brings you up to bring you down
just remember to never forget
That you just can't drown.
Hannah's Poem
Something in the air
Its something you just can't have
It is everywhere
The smell so sweet
Hear the birds tweet tweet tweet
Feel the groovy beat
By Hannah Spahr
Narwhals are cute
Narwhals are real
Narwhal make me smile
Narwhals aren't steal
Tile 1a111111ram18s
Tlllel" llnlle llie cll)1s

Tile lerooiUilics
The au:lent 11111 lll'iUnti
l.a1JU11311l or mos
Swimming invitation
Do you want to come swimming with me
Don't you see
You need a swim
So ....... .
Won't you come swimming with me
Life is a string.
My life is a string.
Hopefully strong as a metal chain.
It winds and winds along.
Then it stops.
My life is a string.
Sadly it will be cut.
The Life Of A Whipped Cream Bottle Hi my name is wipy and this is my story. I
was in a factory and whooooo ow shake shake bump bump. I was in a box I new that
because I went to school] in a truke. Then pisss I was sprad. Down a dark tune!! went
lukelle I had a flashlight. And now I have a home in a tummy untl ...
The Life Of A Whipped Cream Bottle Part 2
Flush wohhh am dizzy. Down a long dark tunnel with dirty water I go yuck. I traveled
a long time finally I stopped. I was greeted by a friendly voice. Welcome to the sewer
home to all oreos were having a party and your invited yeh! There were more
scremens and shots as I got closer to the party. We danced and sang and played and
stuffed are sellfs until zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Hello their piglets Hi their piglets time to play
It is a great day.
They lived happily ever after. They lived happily ever after for right now but if you
look into there future they end up destroying the earth because they're EVIL! So
there plan is to drop everybody into the volcano then go to space and make the sun
roll into the earth they will jump into the volcano with volcano suits.
There once was a lake that appeared out of nowhere it had snowflakes all winter
and summer if you ice-skate on it you'll turn to a icicle and sink to the bottom witch
is deeper then the Pacific Ocean
Ocan Stock Photo- cspl0368099 and it can move. So if you're
planning on being bad prepare to sink deeper then the Pacific Ocean in a block of
ice. It's not to smart once a guy took a knife and a piece of meat out to his dog and he
fell into the lake he wasn't trying to kill his dog he was cutting steak for his dog. So
be earful and watch were you step.
Snowflake lake is big and beautiful with snowflakes all year. It gives me joy all year long bringing
happiness to the town. You hear the grownups talking well the kids splash and play you can hear
them giggle. Are town is such a jolly place we almost never get attacked if we do we just work
together in the end ever thing works out. I love are little town. We may be small but are hopes are so
big we may be weak but together are hopes are strong and are love is bigger then the world and for
some reason I feel like the love comes from that little lake.
The Pond Monster
By: Drake Harris
Years ago there was a boy named Jake who believed in
fairies and mystical creatures. He also believed in the Golden
Harp. One day Jake was in the woods on a hike. Then he came
upon a pond with a harp in the middle. He even saw a rock path
leading to it. He started to walk on the path. When he got to the
harp he saw that it was a golden harp. He grabbed the harp and
took it. What he didn't know was it kept an evil monster trapped in
the pond.
He went home to his mom and showed her the harp. When
she saw it she asked "Son where did you get that harp?"
He answered "I found it at the pond in the woods."
His mom said "Take it back," he was about to ask why when
she yield "now!" He started to run back when he heard his mom
scream "NO! STAY A WAY FROM ME!" All Jake could do was
run away because he was afraid that whatever attacked his mom
would attack him too. He got to the pond but the rock path and
pedestal was gone.
Then Jake thought What happened? Then the monster came
with the boy's mother. Then the monster said "Thank you for
freeing me from that prison. It was really hurting my back." Then
Jake just started playing the harp and the monster dropped Jake's
mom and she was caught by a group of fairies. Jake kept playing
the harp and then the monster ran from the sound of harmony and
love. The family of fairies went after him. Jake asked one fairy
"What was that thing?"
The fairy answered, "He is the monster that could not be
beaten in a battle. Only one hero could stop him. His name was
Jake of the Golden Harp that he took from the monster. The
monster was so mad that he chased Jake all the way to this pond.
The monster tripped on a root and fell in the pond."
"What did Jake do after that?" Jake asked.
The fairy answered "He played the harp a sertent way that
put a seal on the pond. He then placed the harp on the monsters
head to keep him from getting out of it." Jake was thanking that he
might be related to the Jake in the story.
He asked his mom and she said "Jake was your father until
he died a day before you were born. His last words where 'Don't
let our son find the harp.' I tried to keep you from that harp, but I
knew that you would find it anyway." Jake was shocked. He never
heard his mom talk about his dad before, and at that moment he
knew what he had to do.
He went in the direction the monster and fairies went. Jake
had to finish what his dad started, and that is to defeat the monster!
When he was running the harp started to change into a sword.
When he caught up with the monster, all the fairies were on the
ground. The monster charged at Jake. He moved under the monster
and stabbed him in the heart. The monster fell to the left side of
Jake and died. The fairies held a feast for Jake. After the feast he
and his mom went home and lived happily ever after.
~ v '
l TAeni rrOkp.e J whCA-t-5
1 y o-v...r l\o-..rne
\ sa.ld/lOh
jevtcy Of\!2- me W V/hxt.>
11 yoD..( na_.N\e,
(o JC, fy\ f.\ ' s 0-.1 a) c. He I p m (.; pleo.'>d)
fo..nd<led Y"le..
l I o,sked/(
lyo\A. w. n+ me.- f-o d o wffh


\-\-csq( d,c( I hoof- me..)'
Do ltm OJ11r sQ{J/{
/0j t+l ))
H G SeA m
. Th-e_ man [{-q.fierJ
t 0 s p e,uJ\ c ( nes o.rA s Q ( d {
:r10W )10\A bofh { 0 rf\or
,5h.oo-tfr-g meJ nvA. A_ you,r Is
:yo'--\, w/P btA t- he o 1 d
I f\oT Jc e he droped
i d a W V\ f1e <Lo 1 _ \ Q f'{\ Q k e S 4
I <5 (5
: . We f\t:ver
M-o r --\-ht tXs-r
c I J: CkS \) () 0 ':> 1f
-----1- - - -- - _:-.. .al..:_.__::__::_,' .
. - --- ... --.. - --
--f- ---- --- ---
- --- ---;---- --- -- .. ------ --t-4---Ji:-+.J'---'--/-C-
- __ , __ _
.. -r
--r--- -
HOLY HUXLEY!!!!!!!!!! Said Pete what in North America is that!? He pointed at a
Motorcycle with the Grim reeper in it.
Chapter One
I t<:new the legend Of a girl Who could turn fire into ice. MY parents alWaYs
talt<:ed about how somedaY the legend would come true. But I t<:now better than anyone.
WhY. you maY be ast<:Jng. I am the girl. It Started the week I was camping out with dad.
firSt, I saw a black cat walking over to me. It was obviouslY Starving, and I wasn't about
to let it Starve to death. That cat is part Of the reason rm aliVe. But, StaY on topic. I
was walking back to tell dad, and a White dog crossed mY path. I tried to go around it,
but it kePt fOllowing me baCk to the tent. "Phoenix, no petS." my dad said. This time I
had an argument. "Chloe has eleven dogs and eleven catS
Chapter One
I was running for mY life. Not liKe you humans would thinK,
but I was running for mY life. If animal control would find me, I
would be dead. I would tell you where I am, but you might find
me. If anyone found me, I'd run for the hills. That is exaCtlY
what rm doing. !ruSt no one. Then you will be safe." That is
what mama said before she was caught bY animal control. WhY
did I trust that woman with her phone? Because I was Stupid,
that's whY. If mama said I couldn't even count on catS, what
made me think I could count on humans? MY little cave is not
big enough for mY Kittens or me. We need to move, but that
would be too dangerous. Little susanna is sicK and moving
would be too StressfUl fOr us. Besides, animal or humans might
Kill US.
Chapter one
'Where arn I?''
EverYthing was blurry. I seemed to be drifting in and out Of life. I heard
things like "She hit prettY hard and juSt sunk under." Or "Who knows if she'll be
the same." What did theY rnean? I felt wet, hurt, and shocked. I heard crying
and saw people all over. I felt like I needed to talk, but I didn't have enough
strength. I couldn't Close tnY eyes, water was all over thern. Then all tnY rnernory
hit rne at once. I had been diving and a kid pushed rne. I sunk under and the
lifeguards were switntning toward rne. I could juSt squeeze out the words "where
arn I?''
"Honey, you are at the doctor." Morn said, "SatntnY shoved you and you fell.
We don't know anYthing but the faCt your eyes are red around the edge, and
that'S nortnal fOr a hurt kid." OkaY
In the eyes of a
Chapter One Super bowl weekend
The super bowl was coming up in 2 weeks. John and his family were so happy
because they were going to the super bowl. The super bowl was in Indianapolis,
Indiana. John and his family lived in Chicago, Illinois. They used an RV to get to
Indiana. John was so happy that they were taking an RV. He was happy playing with
his cousins. They had the best hotel in Indianapolis. John brought his Xbox 360. His
favorite game was NBA 2k 13.
Chapter Two Super Bowl Day
john woke up with a smile on his face. They got to the stadium early in the
morning. He played some games that were set up at the stadium. After that they
tailgated for a while. john and his cousins played their favorite games together.
Before the game they took a long nap. Then they went back to the hotel before the
Chapter Three The Super Bowl
When john and his family arrived at Lucas oil stadium. They got there tickets and
gave them to the ticket tacker.
The Attic
"It has been 1 year since I have been in that attic, and I am starting again
now." said Matt to his mother. After his first experience he did not want to go back
in there. Since Matt was only 8 years old, dark places with spider webs, dust, and
insects still scared him. Matt had bad dreams after his first time in the attic. His
mother replied go get a flashlight and that is exactly what he did.
Matt was walking in the attic and suddenly he hears water dripping. His body
is shaking and heart is pounding at this point. Matt looks around with his flashlight,
now he chose to go in. Now he relied on his bravery to make him last his journey to
the attic.
Matt still heard the water dripping but he could not find out from. He took
three more steps and right at that second the water was dripping on his head. Matt
called for his mom to come and she did. She flipped on the light switch Johnny did
not know about. After he realized there was a light switch he also realized that
dripping stopped. His mom asked what was the problem he answered back saying
never mind. When his mom left the dripping started again but now not in the same
spot it was the first time. This really scared him.
He tried to run out of the attic but then tripped. He finally gathered himself
and ran out of the attic. Later that day when it was time for him to go to sleep he was
still wondering what was in the attic. He did not want to tell his parent because they
would think he was crazy. Now Matt just gave up he was just going to keep
wondering about what was in there.
The game of week was the Tigers versus the Wildcats. This is biggest rivalry in the state and they were both
competing for the ability to have all the bragging rights. The game was going to be a nationally televised event. Samuel Meddle
was one of the top prospects in the nation who played for the tigers, was feeling confident. The wildcats on the other hand
were looking more like a team many of them were gjving their teammates tips and motivation. The tigers were going on
nonchalant and acting like they were going to kill the wildcats. The Tigers were definitely the better team, but in warm ups it
looked like the wildcats were the better team.
Sr1 ''""'!' r I l ' ...
Everyone in D.C. looked to the skies, they
were looking at what was going to cause
the end of the world.
ChaPter 1
"I need Avengers, now!" Fury said. "The
only person I can get is Dr. Banner, sir."
"Tell him to to D.C. and get angry.
Ring Ring! Ring Ring!
"Fury. Cap. I need you in D.C." "I need to
get there somehow." said Captain
"Fine, you know where anyone else is?"
"Just got a call from Stark, he's on his way
and so are Widow and Hawkeye." "Alright
where are you?" "My apartment." "I need
a chopper at Captain's apartment, now."
"Where do I take him sir?" "D.C."
ttSir, we need Thor." a Okay try him." ttHe's
not picking up." ttlfthis is Loki, Thor's
probably dead or trapped. But that's not
our biggest priority. Tell all Secret Service
to be on high alert!"
ttChaPter 2
What's the play Captain?" said Tony Stark.
ttl say that we should obviously fight, but
stick together, whoever we're up against
is more powerful than Loki. [He gave me
five bucks to say this in my story, Tony
Stark is awesome and Hulk really is stinky
when he get's nice after he's angry. That's
why he passed out in The Avengers.]
Sssssssssssss Boom!
aN ice shot." Exclaimed Black Widow.
Black Widow is super awesome at kicking
butt by the way. Man ... now I have enough
to buy a king-size Hershey Bar. Woo-Hoo!
is the villain nowT' ((I don't know
yet, Fury." ((Captain, Widow, Banner,
Hawkeye, does anyone know who we're
up against?" ((Raaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh,
I am Thanos. Humans, you must bow
down to me." ((Apparently we are up
against a total loser named Thanos.", said
Black Widow as she fired off 6 rounds.
Suddenly Thanos appeared beside them.
for that I will kill you slowly and
painfully, Black Widow." And at that
Thanos punched the lights out of Black
Widow and took her away.
ltN ooooooooo." Hawkeye screamed.
got to get her back, now!"
screamed Hawkeye. get her back
after this is all finished.", said Iron man.
I choose now." It No, if you go after
her now you could get caught too.", said
Iron Man in an convincing tone.
bad.", said Hawkeye. fury I'm going
rouge and I'm going to find her."
"Fury, Hawkeye's gone rouge. He's going
to find her." "What, wait, quick question:
what the heck happened?" uweeeeeellllll,
Black Widow might've gotten kidnapped,
blah, blah, blah. And now your best agent
has gone rouge. Ta-Da." ((What?"
((Stark, Captain, Banner, somebody ...
To be
continued ...
21st Century Grim Reaper by Samuel
Evan Jolly wasn't actually very jolly at all. He never talked to
anyone, and when he did talk, it was to insult someone or
complain about his or her dog marking territory in Evan's yard. He
was a very simple and smart man.
he last two days had been a blur but he did remember a few
things. He was walking home two nights ago and was scared out
of his pants. His neighborhood had no streetlights and he was
only scared sometimes. This was one of those times. When he
finally got home he locked the door and triple-checked it. After he
had had a snack of grapes and juice he went to bed. About 10:00
he started having a nightmare.
He was dressed in a baggy, black, robe that was giving him a bit
of a wedge. His feet were dressed in rough, brown, sandals that
felt like they were put together with superglue. He could barely
move his toes and they were getting numb.
"I've got to get these off." He thought. So, Evan sat down on the
grass and started to take them off. "Stop." Someone screamed.
"Someone must be in big trouble." Evan thought. Then he realized
it was him that was in big trouble. As if on cue a scythe landed in
front of him.
"Aaaaaahhhhhh! Don't hurt me. Don't hurt me." Then Evan
realized that it was a dream. That day was still a blur, but when he
was walking home, his life was clear again.
He wasn't scared tonight and walked home whistling to the tune
of surprisingly, Sweet Home Alabama. When he got home he had
a snack of, again, grapes and juice. Then, Evan grabbed a
blanket and his lpad and sat down by the fireplace. He checked
his email and he saw that he had an email from Grim "Well it can't hurt to see what this guy
wants." Evan thought.
The Other Side
By: Sydney Carrow
"!hate this stupid new house Mom'" jerry told his mom
"Why don't you go explore this house jerry? It is huge and old." jerry's mom demanded
"Fine I will go explore the stupid basement, and I will stay there'" jerry yelled as he waited for a
reply from his mom
"Whatever Jerry."
"You don't even care, WOW! You are the best mom ever."
"just leave me alone so I can write."
jerry walked down the hall to go to the basement steps with a mad face for his mom. As he
walked down the basement steps, he saw nothing but darkness. He struggled to find the light switch
he got aggravated.
"Mom where is the light switch?" jerry yelled up to his mom
"There is a hanging pulley thing on the ceiling."
"OK, thanks'" Jerry yelled to his mom with a smart-alecky tone
"You're welcome." Jerry's mom said with a smart-alecky tone too
jerry almost fell down the stairs on his way down. He found the hanging pulley thing witch was hard
to find because it was pitch black down were he was. He pulled it and it did not work. Then all the
sudden it fiickcrcd on, witch scared him out of his pants (not literally). He looked around and saw
nothing except junk. He looked around for a better look and saw a tiny door littler then him to his
"Mom what is this door for?" jerry yelled to his mom
"What door? There is no door down there." Jerry's mom said
"Yes there is, Mom."
"Honey I promise there is no door, just leave me alone."
"She never listens." Mumbled Jerry
At first. jerry just rubbed his eyes because his mom had said there was no door. Maybe she was right.
Maybe he was seeing things. When he stopped rubbing his eyes, nothing changed except for the fact
that they hurt now. He inched closer to the small door and kicked the wall. You are probably thinking
why would he kick the wall, well jerry thought it would prove the door was real. It did not prove
anything except that now not just his eyes, but also his foot hurt too.
"OOWW" Jerry yelled slash mumbled to himself
"jerry, did you say something?" jerry's mom asked while typing her story
"No mom." Jerry said as he thought, "Now she cares."
Jerry was so angry with his mom and the fact that his foot really hurt, that he reached for the door
hoping it led to some mystical place like in Alice and the Wonderland. But it did not: when he opened
it, there was nothing but the same wallpaper as the surrounding wall.
"Mom, where is my pocket knife." Jerry yelled up to his mom
"In the drawer by your bed" Jerry's mom answered back
jerry ran up the basement steps and ran down the hall to his room. He opened the drawer
and grabbed his pocketknife in a hurry. He ran back down the hall and down the basement stairs this
time without any trouble.
"Why do you need it? "jerry's mom asked
"just because!" jerry answered to his mom. "Why don't you leave me alone
" jerry asked his mom
"Fine!" jerry's mom replied
jerry was getting ready to cut the wallpaper but then he heard something strange.
"SSSHHH, he's going to hear us." An unfamiliar voice demanded.
"Fine, but he needs to know not to open the door." Jerry now heard two unfamiliar voices in his new
house's basement.
"How, human morons can't know we exist." Said the first unfamiliar
"Don't call them that Grump." The second unfamiliar voice
"Fine, but how? If he we introduce him to US we will get, I do not know a hanging. I don't
want to die Quarly," Said the first familiar voice that must be Grump
"I think he heard us." Said the one that must be named Quarly
Jerry quickly got up and started backing up. Before he got to the stairs, he ran into some of
the boxes that are full of junk. With a big THUMP, the box was necked over.
"What was that'!" asked the person named Grump
"It was a box." Jerry said, witch took him a lot of courage
"I told you he heard us." Said the one who must be Quarly
Then all of the sudden a claw was cutting the wallpaper, while arguing was going back and
forth whether or not to cut it all the way. Then out came two little people or animals that Jerry
thought were dwarfs. They were a green color, with slim and goo all over them. They were shorter
then the dour is, witch is small. One of them had one eye, and the other three. Jerry almost screamed
when one of them grabbed him and covered his mouth.
"SSHHH kid, someone is going to here you. Mine name is Quarly, and that is Grump."
Explained Quarly as Jerry was almost crying
"Now I am going to let you go, so be quiet." Grump told Jerry as he loosened his grip.
"What-Who-Buu." Jerry mumbled
"I knew this would happen." Grump complained
"We are Croolens from Croolies land." Quarly
"Okay, what are you doing here?" asked Jerry
"Well someone was getting ready to open a portal to Croolies land, but then Quarly had to
cut it open." Grump said
"Sorry, but I had to." Quarly said
"Okay, you just need to leave." Jerry said
"We are with you." Quarly informed Jerry
"What, no I AM NO---" Jerry tried to get out, but did not finish because Grump tried to pull
him through the tinny door but he would not fit.
"Owwww!" Jerry complained. But Grump had his slimy hand over Jerry's mouth, so his mom did not
"Get the bottle of alarmist." Grump demanded Quarly to do
Quarly got the bottle out of Grump's bag he had dropped on the other side of the door and put some
in Jerry's mouth.
"What is that?" Jerry asked after it was too late
Then all the sudden Jerry shrank into something that was even smaller than Grump and Quarly.
"Why are you guys so tall?" asked Jerry
"I gave you some alarmist." Quarly answered
"What's that
" asked Jerry in a confused voice
"Oh just some potion The Witch made for us." Answered Grump in a calm voice
"A WITCH!" Jerry yelled, "What does it do?"
"Just shrinks you for ... I would say about a week*, in our world." Grump said as calmly it
could have been said.
"It what?" asked Jerry
"You heard me." Grump said
"Oh my, oh my' Mom'" yelled Jerry
"She won't be able to here you." Quarly said
"Why not, you two can hear me fine." Jerry said as if he knew more than they did about
"Well we can because we saw you change and we are magical dwarfs." Quarly replied
"Well change me back." Jerry demanded as if he was tougher, even though he was shorter now.
"The only way to change you back is to get a potion. That by the way The Witch is the only
person can make it. And she would make us find the ingredients. That mean we would have to go on a
quest." Grump explained
"Well you guys go and I will wait" jerry said as he sat down
"Get up because you have to go. You think we are going to let you roam free while we are
going into a different diminution."
"Fine, why not
This just a dream." jerry said as he stepped into the other side
To be continued
(It will actually be continued)
By: Sydney Carrow
Do not lie
Do not lie,
Or I'll make you cry.
I will make you some pie,
Hopefully you will forgive me.
Or I will call you a dummy.
My name is Sydney,
And I am really chatty,
A little clumsy,
And a little greedy.
But I am as sweet as a cookie.
The sun shines most of the time.
But when daytime ends,
The sunshine fades out.
And out comes the moon,
About 7 hours past noon.
It gets real dark.
Then out come the stars,
That we can call ours.
We dance in the rain,
As it splatters around us,
Into the puddles.
As we grow up,
We make lots of memories.
About the things that has happened,
Some good,
Some bad,
But we cherish it all.
Bob had a boat,
He also had a goat.
The goat was afraid of spiders,
The spiders were afraid of fires,
So Bob set some fires.
The fires burned his boat,
Witch meant he hade to use his rowboats.
I feel ice cold,
With my fingers turning to gold.
I look for a hold,
Of something un-cold.
Maybe a rag,
Or even a bag.
IS warm
is bright
is a nice color
is a funny color
smells like lemonade
tastes like lemons
sounds like kids laughing and playing
looks like the sun
feels like a warm breeze
looks like a smiley face
is of course
Spring is colorful
It tastes like Kool-Aid
It sounds like kids laughing
It smells like new blooming flowers
It looks like bees flying around
It makes me feel like I'm on vacation
OJ1.1 yOU! cv cry
OJ1.1 try "to- make-YOU! hct:ppy whe-n; YOU! Cte-- not; Cte
me.cvvv"to-YOU! or donJ"t CtEW1J"t cv

C> Cory Thoman
ca-vvbe-pwp"Le-- browVI!or b-Lue.-

yOJll.t the-mt bCLC1v but- wa..nt door
Love-- ca-vv hurt or etehe, love- ca-vv make-yOU! brealv, love- ca-vv be-
love- we- ca-vv not" make- i:t" i.w Li,fe--
Vvea#'ll hct:ppy

Meam; be- ccwe.{tAl- or make-your!,clf
hcwd- yOUin,e,vev k.tww
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Chapter one: w Tlorvor
be4 witJIICI/ 71lU"-1P! Whe,n, wet'l.t"'to- get" up c?W'I.i, he
foot: {eJr Cl/ shcup pCLiNI! ou:t wi:tht Cl/ loud..-yelp. Her, CINine-' (.w'to-
hilp her get" up c?W'I.i, him! 0 Vcui.- I ca.n.O't get" up tJ1?' foot' w lne-' c?W'I.i,
I j t.Mt't euvYU5't o.
Hl!/ WeU..- hor!.ey you- hew!/ 'to-get" up you- hew!/ c?W'I.i, you.-
d..on.Ot wCLI'lt' 'to- /)e., l.a..'te.- do-you- 0. WeU..- Y\0" but' I j t.Mt't CCU'1.t' get" tJ1?' ow(4 'to-
I MnO't c;,ay(!/ if I CU111l.Gtt'l!/tod.a.y I jt.Mt't ctonO't want 'to-pta' tJ1?'
Let- ml!/try 'to- help yow. IO you- t4 jt.Mt't Y\Ot'
work< j t.Mt't tl-t.Mt't ml!/ c?W'1.i, Let- lne-' try J e.t'IKI.a/ ( thatO what' he- c.a.l4- ml!/
So-he.-tY'ie.CHo-pt.a' WI?' but' Ijt.Mt't So-he-
c?W'I.i, Let-themt k-now c?W'I.i, ml!/'to- wecw Cl/
tJ1?' rlfjhtfoot;'to-
T1t.e- n.e.a he- toolv lne-' 'to- Cl/ doct'or c?W'1.i, tJ1?' tJ1?' m.otw
at: 2:30 but' Wl!/Le{t at; 11:00 11:30 c?W'I.i, I Wet.&-
d.octoY took- ml!/ rlfjht .:n.t'o- O'YLl!/ of hW Y'OOW for c?W'I.i,
tJ1?' c1l.ecku;p. I't Wet.&- petin{uL c?W'I.i, l!/ tJ1?' m.otw c?W'I.i, da.d, c?W'I.i, him; WEW/3/
IOVl!/ n.eNer (.w WI?' '/..i{e> Let", hew!/ them.< ffN\.cLUy he- if I
'tomorrow that' I
I had, 'to- 'h.o$pi'tetl, c?W'I.i, had,.. 'to- get" &e.ttfw 1--fy m.otw i't
would, oo c?W'I.i, they woul.d,'tC!lc,e, c;,arl!/ of ml!/ther& 1--fy da.d, c;,arrie41ne-'
ho$pi'talt. A n.d..- WI?' m.otw Cl/ ready. 1--fy m.otw re,e.l.ed., aUt that'
c?W'I.i, ml!/ up 'to- WI?' roomt whle.. tJ1?', lne-' iNI< T1t.e- I
whe,n,wl!/a.rrwe4int'o- WI?' new roomtW% OI HAVE 1--fY OWN 1<00"-1 WI71l A 7V,6
or marl!/ Uke- Y'oomt keeper lne-' c?W'I.i, lne-' Cl/ pi.e<;e.o ofpa;per
that' Wet.&- 'to- WI.Or"l!/ pa;per c?W'I.i, had, WI.Or"l!/ tha..vv 8 'to- Uke- 16
worc;4- werl!/ c?W'1.i, 'to- wri'tl!/ n..mber CU'1.I
would, get" ml!/themt SOOTh 1--fCU'Vt;hW Wet.&- better tha..vv I EWEW\1 haN!/ tJ1?'
OWl"\! room- .1-ef"Vi.cel. WeU..- I woul.d,fi.nd.,ou:t i't w Y\Ot' NO' pretty.
Chapter 2: my nurses
I ha.d.-two- mCLiNI! took- c;,ay(!/ of ml!/ Their I'1..IM'J'I.EW
We'!/ c?W'I.i, c?W'I.i, le4 jt.Mt't that' Wet.&- CU'1.I etdul.'t ver.tmt
of me< She- ha.d.- tJ1?' ha.i.r WI?' c?W'I.i, tn?' l.i1ht' ;,ki..vv coLor 'too: they
very n,ice.o weU..-that' w for k-n.owl"'l
tJ1?' m.otw lne-' Cl/ wi:tht lcwffe- c?W'I.i, the.I"'!VUN
VUNNNNNNN WI?' CINine-' .:n.t'o- WI?' room- wi:thtthree- LARGE NITVLES FOR
TAKING 1--fY 'BWOO. they tJ1?' I la.'t
the-1"11 clme.r 'to- WI?' Gtrf'l14" c?W'I.i, tJ1?' tnOml by
rlfjht k-now do-you- mi,.nd.,. if you- come.- bad<.-l.Gtt'er. 'T'hey w<m:t
OOCI/prohl.em,at: ctlL. I Wet.&,d,c?W'I.d,I a.rl!/
wi:tht WI?' m.otw c?W'I.i,, hor!.ey but' your
they Gtrl!/LI.ofl::Y SW"l!/I Wet.&-
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yecth, riffht.
The-w I11:Y ca,.rn.e.- bot.cJc., with- I11:Y teeth- CLt' I11:Y tn0m1 we-t'\t 'tot-
of I11:Y bed- whl.e, I11:Y we-t'lt 'tot- the.- et'ld- of I11:Y bed- CLt' the-n; I11:Y tn0m1 l'l'l.e-
bt"e, dowi'IIOYV Cl/ CLt' l.oolv Cl/ het- the.- The-w they
teeth- i.ntl:>- l'l'l.e- I I WCI.t' de.a.d.t or I WCI.t' I WCI.t' I 'But I
woke- up With-Cl/ from; I11:Y Cl/
m.ill.i.owfe,e't CLt'l.d..-the-n;they 't WCI.t'
a: WCI.t' cWotct CLt' hctd.- Cl/ woodpecke.r pet' L4'll u: CLt' a: WCI.t'
CLt' they ,la(.d. I WCI.t' one-
Ofthe-c,r L4'11the.- world.- wht:ch- WCI.t' ntce-CLt' .veet" but' they were.-Jt"dlt
blood-from; Y\OW. '(h.ey to{d., l'l'l.e- they were- wrry w I forf8{e.-
For d..Lrute.r we- ha,d, 'to- eat' HOSPITAL f<9<9<9<9<9<9<9<9<9<9<9V!!! !I!! T
Mt'e4 it: WCI.t' Cf.I.Cl., W Y\.CI4ty.
I Cl/ 'M'RI ,K.CU'\1 ( Cl/ put Cl/ bo,v U]c.e.,CU'Iten.t'Ul/
orv yOtA WCI.t' I11:Y foot' wthey put: u: ow I11:Y foot'. they putthctt
orvthe-Yitthey CCtY\1 yOtA bo-ne4rCLt'l.d..- I'twel.4' I'I.W'"W
thctt t'ook.- care- of l'l'l.e- thctt there- w no- reaL to- worry CLt' I
be- L4'll there-for thirty f'I1.U.1.u'tlW CLt' it: ar cU.L. S tha.tO wM.'t lhe-
,la(.d. but' it: ti"IA.e/ I WCI.t' L4'll there- for CLt'\1 hour CLt'1.1i- it: UJc.e., crap. The- ff}'
L4'll the, room; ha,d,t-o- come.- out: CLt' h.oid- I11:Y hcU'Id- W
,la(.d. I have- Cl/ d..e.a:dv fft"if:>
I WCI.4' CLone, they l'l'l.e- up Cl/ cp of c.e.- I WCI.4' happy cU:' thctt:
Tlwee- lcl.tlw
I (ou..nd.- out: thctt I WCI.t' I WCI.t' W happy CLt' would, ne-ver Cl/