Use of even Even is used to talk about surprising extremes.

 

It is warm there, even in winter. (So you can be sure it will be very warm there in summer.) Even a child can understand this book. (Therefore you can be sure it is a simple one.)

Position Even most often goes in mid position (after auxiliary verbs andis/am/are/was/were; before other verbs).
 

He is rude to everybody. He is even rude to the police. (NOT Even he is … or He even is …) It puzzled even the experts. (NOT It even puzzled … or Even it puzzled …)

Even goes at the beginning of a clause when it refers just to the subject.

Even a child can solve this problem.

It is also possible to put even before other words and expressions that we want to emphasise.

I work every day, even on Sundays.

Not even is used to talk about a negative extreme.

He can’t even write his own name.

Even if and even though We can use even before if and though.

I will go even if (though) you forbid me to.

Even so Even so means ‘in spite of that’, ‘however’.
 

The book is expensive, but even so you ought to buy it. (NOT … even though you ought to buy it.) he ideal English text is clear, concise and easy to understand. Even advanced level academic text books are written in plain English words. So when you write, try to keep your sentences clear and well structured so that your readers will have no difficulty understanding them.

It is also a good idea to restrict their number to a maximum of three. For example. This does not mean that every sentence you write should be short and devoid of details. they might abandon your text before finishing it. Make your text interesting by using a wide variety of sentence patterns. You don’t have to completely eliminate passive forms from your writing: sometimes they are more appropriate than active forms. That doesn’t mean that you should only write short. some simple and some compound. but if it is then do it. use a variety of sentence patterns – some complex. your text should have more active verbs than passive ones. Avoid saying the same thing twice. infinitive constructions and if-clauses. relative clauses. Chances are they wouldn’t. prepositional clauses. Just make sure that your sentences are not ridiculously long. when your sentences are extremely long. Consider the following sentence. simple sentences. How to write concise sentences? A sentence should contain no unnecessary words. If it doesn’t. . When writing in English. You certainly can. Here are some notes towards conciseness in writing. a paragraph should contain no unnecessary sentences. you can write ‘This means that …’ Active verb forms Use active verb forms instead of passive verb forms. Not that you can’t have more than three subordinate clauses in a sentence. What’s more. What it does mean is that every word you write should have something to tell. In the same way. It is not always possible.         Don’t try to use complex sentence patterns with the sole objective of impressing the reader. Keep subordinate clauses short Participles and infinitives are useful for shortening lengthy subordinate clauses. Use verbs instead of nouns. For example. Worse still. eliminate it because vigorous writing has to be concise. But as a general rule. keep the following rules in mind: Use simple language. but the more clauses you have in a sentence. you are invariably going to make mistakes. use participle clauses. instead of writing ‘The meaning of this is that…’. the more complex it gets. Instead.

Write as: .Many illiterate people who cannot read or write will gladly attend school if they get an opportunity. Rewrite as: 10 boys participated in the program. (The clause who cannot read or write is redundant (and hence needs to be removed) because that idea has already been expressed by the phrase illiterate people. Rewrite as: The meeting will be held at 5 pm. A total of 10 boys participated in the program. What is the point in saying ‘a free gift’?) The meeting will be held at 5 pm in the evening. It should be rewritten as: Many illiterate people will gladly attend school if they get an opportunity.) More examples are given below. (A gift is always free. She is planning to write a biography of her life. I was offered a free gift by my company. It should be rewritten as: I was offered a gift by my company.

/ he/she In spite of the fact that / although In the event that / if One and the same / the same A period of four days / four days Personally. More examples are given below.She is planning to write her biography. I think / feel / I think/feel Refer back / refer . . their leaner. Against each redundant phrase. more appropriate versions are also given. . 12 midnight (incorrect) / midnight (correct) 12 noon / noon 5 pm in the evening / 5 pm Absolutely spectacular / spectacular A person who is sincere / a sincere person A total of 10 girls / 10 girls Close proximity / proximity / unanimous Completely unanimous Consensus of opinion /consensus Cooperate together / cooperate Each and every / each Enclosed herewith / enclosed End result / result Exactly the same / the same Free gift / gift He/she is one who .

Take out a blank piece of paper and jot down all ideas that come to your mind. While writing the first draft.Repeat again / repeat Return again / return Revert back / revert Shorter/longer in length s / shorter/longer Small/large in size / small/large Rectangular in shape / rectangular Summarize briefly / summarize Surrounded on all sides / surrounded Surrounding circumstances / circumstances The future to come / the future There is no doubt but that / no doubt We are in receipt of / we have received Create an outline Free writing is a great way to get started. The introduction is the first part of your essay. try to paraphrase it. Revise the draft Once you have prepared the draft. Start with the main idea. Remember that your introduction is the most important part of your essay. start with them. Just make sure that you don’t spend too much time on this process. revise it. . do not put too much pressure on yourself to make it perfect. you have to pay careful attention to your grammar. don’t worry about your grammar or structure. choose exact words instead of more general ones. spelling and choice of words. Do not repeat the question in your introduction. but if you feel that you are more capable of handling the body paragraphs first. So spend some time and make it as compelling as possible. Your choice of words is an indication of your range of vocabulary. Of course. Once you have prepared the outline. it is possible only when you have a vast vocabulary. As far as possible. In the body paragraphs of your essay. you have to further develop the main idea introduced in the opening paragraph. At this stage. The purpose of this process is to create an outline for your essay. If you have to. During this stage. you can start writing your essay.

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