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PLATFORM Much of my platform consists of similar ideas to those that I have evoked since my campaign for Underclassmen Representative

in 2011. This time, I hope to achieve the same (and more) goals as your Chapter President!

Experience Member of SBHS JSA since 2010 2011-2012 SBHS JSA Underclassmen Representative 2011-2012 SBHS JSA State Assembly Representative During Fall State 2011, Passed A Bill to Abolish Best Moderator Awards Initiated A Bill to Simplify the Law Code 2012-2013 SBHS JSA Event Coordinator 2012-2013 MAS LTG Expansion Agent Started 2 entirely new chapters and initiated chapters to begin next year! (Including Princeton HS, Noor Ul-Iman, Ewing High School) During Winter Congress 2013, Clerked for Senate E and Full Senate 2 During Winter Congress 2013, Passed A Bill to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools

Meetings -Work with the Director of Debates to create ideas for novice debates -Increase attendance and encourage people to join by advertising JSA beliefs -Strongly stress on deadlines for dues/requirements in order to maintain members -Work with the Secretary in order to create more efficient attendance taking -Meetings in the freshman cafeteria as opposed to segregated rooms in order to exude a sense of closeness and community within the chapter -Plans for initial meetings: Teach members about how attendance works and how they will be given credit for the year! This includes discussion about pay-to-participate, how many events should be attended, bringing IDs to every meeting, and what percentage of meetings should be attended (This will eliminate any confusion about whether a member receives credit for the year or not)

What is JSA about? Give an introduction about what the club stands for and why it has made such a great impact on its members How does JSA work? Give a break-down of the MAS/NJR, introduce the officers/advisers, what conventions are held during the year, what is cabinet, how do debates work (different styles: moderated caucus, speed chess, etc.), Roberts Rules of Parliamentary Procedure, past elected officials Instill goals for the year: CHAPTER OF THE YEAR, passing a bill for the SAR, wear your SBHS JSA shirt to every meeting, fundraising goals (pay off the cost of transportation for Winter Congress 2014), a best speaker at every event, more goals that you come up with! The secretary should be in charge of uploading a brief document of what was covered at each meeting and the brief agenda for the next meeting (this will be posted early on in the week rather than the night before the meeting) Create myJSA accounts during the first 2 meetings so that it is easy for members to sign up for conventions and debates

-Casual debate styles: ABC debates, hot potato (we tried this at one of our meetings this year!), reading articles then breaking up into discussion -As we move on in the year, we can move towards more serious debate styles as members have gained more confidence in expressing their opinions! -INCENTIVIZE debates by offering best speaker awards to those who spoke best at meetings (i.e. a pizza coupon for a free slice of pizza at the next meeting) -Debate sign-ups: Director of Debate manages a forum website for members to post their thoughts about what we should discuss at our meeting; members will sign up for debates using a website similar to debateware Events -Work to oversee all logistical issues of trips and act as event coordinator. This includes being in charge of: Car-pooling for all events (including all one-day conferences, state conventions, chapter conferences, etc.) Clearly advertise the dates, deadlines, and permission slips for all JSA events (can be done with POSTERS, allocating speakers to inform students in classrooms, utilizing VTN, Clearly advertise the costs for all events (and opportunities to fundraise to lower such costs!) Make sure that all of our members are present and safe during events Collect receipts during events for reimbursement

-Create surveys of different themes for our chapter conference (YOU get involved! We should discuss what YOU want to discuss!)

-Create small committees to help plan and prepare for events (ex. create small committees to help organize our chapter conference). Much of this commitment can be placed upon our UNDERSTUDIES*. This will help to alleviate the work load put upon few officers as opposed to delegating work to more people and increasing productivity! -HAVE A CHAPTER CONFERENCE -Fundraising: Rapid bake sales (after school) Join fundraising with charity events (Blood drives co-sponsoring) Sports tournaments (Dodgeball, volleyball) Car washes Food coalition fundraisers (i.e. Redberry, Buffalo Wild Wings, Ritas) Summer school fundraising fund (so more people can attend summer school!) YOUR fundraisers-GIVE ME YOUR IDEAS!

Logistics -Advertise all events to members and explain what each involves (most of this initiative will be committed by the Vice President) -COMMUNICATION IS KEY: Teacher advisers and officers must have a close relationship as well as officers and chapter members in order to effectively communicate necessary information -Organize carpools as efficiently as possible in order to increase the number of members attending events -Advertise through the schools television network (VTN), utilize posters around the school, utilize our club bulletin board for essential information, allocate students to talk within classrooms about upcoming events or meetings -Currently advertising to the middle school (with the help of the lovely Chelsea Richardson) by speaking to social studies classes and making them aware of JSA for the upcoming year - Continuously update teacher advisers about the status of attendance for events in order to eliminate any issues with costs (i.e. Is another bus needed for Winter Congress?) so that YOU dont have to spend more money -Give the secretary the initiative of using our chapter tumblr and website! Both websites should be tailored to have an interactive face so that our members are able to express their opinions about change for future meetings and events -Inform our school's student council about parliamentary procedures

Activism -Creating more exciting activism initiatives instead of the COMMONPLACE letter-writing or phone banking -Visit our local board of education! (Schedules will be posted frequently in order to set up visits to express our concerns! Our club has initiated such events before, and we can make it happen again!) -Joining with charity projects: Relay for Life American Red Cross Club (currently working on personally co-sponsoring a blood drive with which Shruty Shreshtas fundraising initiative will be intertwined)

-Joining with initiatives such as WOLF PAC (

My goals for YOU as members YOU contribute debates to our Director of Debate for each meeting-we should discuss what YOU want to discuss! YOU increase your public speaking skills by signing up for debates at events or gaining more practice at meetings (MORE THOUGHT TALKS in order to encourage everyone to express their opinion) YOU take the lead for smaller scale fundraisers such as bake sales in the high school

I want to be your mentor, leader, friend, and chapter president! I want to hear what YOU have to say so that WE can have a successful year!