The Immigrant-Friendly City
Growing the Local Economy by Welcoming Immigrants

Workshop Presenter: Richard Herman

This workshop will attempt to answer these two questions: “What is an „immigrant-friendly‟ city?” and “why is it important?” There is increasing discussion, both in Ohio and around the country, on the need for local policies that welcome immigrants, help make them feel safe and integral to our community, connect them to resources, and raise awareness in the mainstream population on the economic benefits of becoming globally diverse. But not much is known on what an “immigrant-friendly” city is, or how to become one. Struggling, depopulating cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, Dayton, Syracuse, and St. Louis have all launched immigrant-welcoming initiatives in recent years in an effort to boost the local economy, create jobs, repopulate and build a more cohesive community. While this discussion certainly includes advocacy for comprehensive immigration law reform to welcome undocumented workers and their families out of the

shadows, the “immigrant friendly city” movement goes beyond federal legislation , and explores ways that local institutions can become “immigrant-friendly” and help catalyze a community-wide shift in approach to immigrant newcomers. In other words, what can we do now to be a more inclusive community? Every sector of a city, whether it‟s government, business, labor, education, philanthropy, religion, and the arts, has a role to place in instituting immigrantfriendly policies within their own sphere of influence. Being curious about different cultures and understanding the unique barriers that immigrant face are half the battle. Immigration reform in one form or another is likely to happen in 2013. Is your city ready to welcome our undocumented families who have lived in fear for so long? Is your city ready to leverage the power of immigrant entrepreneurship and job-creation? Is your city ready to global and grow? If so, get ready to throw open your arms and shout:


‫ ترحيب‬में आपका स्वागत है

welcome 欢迎

‫קבלת פן‬

добро пожаловать chào đón



Richard Herman is an Ohio immigration lawyer, author and national speaker on creating immigrantfriendly companies and cities. As the founder of The Herman Legal Group, Richard has dedicated his life to changing the conversation on immigration. He has helped shape the national movement to revitalize America‟s economy through federal and local policies which welcome immigrants and leverage the talents they bring to this country. Richard is the co-author of the acclaimed book, "Immigrant, Inc. --Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Driving the New Economy" (John Wiley & Sons, 2009) a powerful interweaving of success stories and research which will forever change the way you look at immigrants --- and America. Richard speaks around the country on behalf of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg‟s initiative, Partnership for a New American Economy, a national coalition of over 400 CEOs and mayors who make the case that smart immigration makes America stronger and economically more

vibrant. Richard has appeared on FOX News (The O‟Reilly Factor), ABC News 20/20, National Public Radio, and has appeared in USA Today, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Inc., PC World, Computerworld, CIO, TechCrunch and InformationWeek. Richard is the President of the Herman Legal Group, a nationwide immigration and business law firm based in Ohio, serving a global clientele in over 10 languages. Richard is
the co-founder of TiE Ohio (The Immigrant Entrepreneur) and Global Detroit. of The Swedish Chamber of Commerce of Ohio. Richard is a also a board member

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