British Army Order of Battle (September 1939



British Army Order of Battle (September 1939)
The organisation of Divisions and Brigades of British Army in 1939, at the outbreak of the Second World War, is listed below. The ultimate head of all the British armed forces was nominally King George VI, with the various Offices coming underneath. The War Office covered the Army in the United Kingdom, and the Middle East Command. The professional head of the Army was the Chief of the Imperial General Staff, Lord Gort[1] and it was administered through the Army Council.[2]

War Office
Leslie Hore-Belisha was responsible for the War Office in his role as Secretary of State for War.[3]

Northern Command
The Northern Command, under Commander-in-chief Lieutenant General Sir William Bartholomew, with its HQ in York.[4][5] • 5th Infantry Division[4] • Northumbrian Area (HQ in Darlington).[6][7] • 23rd Motorised Division[6] • 50th (Northumbrian) Motor Division[6] • 25th Army Tank Brigade[6] • West Riding Area (HQ in York).[8] • 46th Infantry Division[8] • 49th (West Riding) Infantry Division[8] • 5th Cavalry Brigade[8]

Eastern Command
Eastern Command, under Lieutenant General Sir Guy Williams, with its HQ in London.[9] Apart from the 4th Infantry Division, the units were drawn from the Territorial Army. • 4th Infantry Division[9][10] • East Anglia Area (HQ in Hereford).[9] • 18th Infantry Division[11] • 54th (East Anglian) Infantry Division[11] • Home Counties Area (HQ in Woolwich).[12] • 12th (Eastern) Infantry Division[12] • 44th (Home Counties) Infantry Division[12] • 21st Tank Brigade[12][13] • Chatham Area (HQ in Chatham).[14] • No divisions or brigades.

[18] • • • • 55th (West Lancashire) Infantry Division[16] 59th (Staffordshire) Infantry Division[18] 6th Cavalry Brigade[18] 23rd Army Tank Brigade[16][18] • East Lancashire Area (HQ in Manchester). with its HQ in Edinburgh. with its HQ in Chester.[30][31] • 9th (Highland) Infantry Division[30][31] • 51st (Highland) Infantry Division[30][31] .[28][29] • Highland Area (HQ in Perth). under Lieutenant General Sir John Dill. under Lieutenant General Sir Bertie Fisher. under General Sir Charles Grant. with its HQ in Salisbury. Aldershot Command Aldershot Command.[21][22] • 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division[21][22] • 45th Infantry Division[21][22] • South Midland Area (HQ in Oxford).[24] • No divisions or brigades. under Lieutenant General Sir Robert Haining.[25][26] • 1st Infantry Division[25][27] • 2nd Infantry Division[25][27] • 1st Army Tank Brigade[25][27] Scottish Command The Scottish Command.[20][21] • 3rd Infantry Division[20][21] • 1st Armoured Division[20][21] • South-Western Area (HQ in Devonport).British Army Order of Battle (September 1939) 2 Western Command The Western Command.[21][23] • 48th (South Midland) Infantry Division[21][23] • 61st Infantry Division[21][23] • 20th Light Armoured Brigade[21][23] • Southern Area (HQ in Salisbury).[16][17] • 38th (Welsh) Infantry Division[16][17] • 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division[16][17] • West Lancashire Area (HQ in Liverpool).[16][19] • 42nd (East Lancashire) Infantry Division[16][19] • 66th Infantry Division[16][19] • 24th Army Tank Brigade[16][19] Southern Command The Southern Command. • Salisbury Plain Area (HQ in Salisbury).[24] • No divisions or brigades.[15][16] • Welsh Area (HQ in Shrewsbury). with its HQ in Aldershot.

[40] • Mobile Division[40] • 7th Infantry Division[40] • Mandate Palestine (HQ in Jerusalem). under Major-General Robert Pollock. with its HQ in London.[31][32] • 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division[31][32] • 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division[31][32] 3 Northern Ireland District The Northern Ireland District. in the northwestern London suburb of Stanmore.[42] • • • • Brigadier commanding British Troops in the Sudan:[42] 1 Worcs 2nd Battalion. with its HQ co-located with RAF Fighter Command[36] at RAF Bentley Priory. under Lieutenant-General Sir Archibald Wavell. York and Lancaster Regiment 1st Battalion. It had no subordinate divisions or brigades. under Major-General Andrew Thorne. Middle East Command The Middle East Command.[33] London District The London District. Egypt. under Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Pile.[34][35] • 1st (London) Motorised Division[34][35] • 2nd (London) Motorised Division[34][35] • 22nd Heavy Armoured Brigade[34][35] Anti-Aircraft Command Anti-Aircraft Command. the units were drawn from the Royal Artillery. with its HQ in Belfast. with its HQ in Cairo.[37] • • • • • • • 1st Anti-Aircraft Division[37][38] 2nd Anti-Aircraft Division[37][38] 3rd Anti-Aircraft Division[37][38] 4th Anti-Aircraft Division[37][38] 5th Anti-Aircraft Division[37][38] 6th Anti-Aircraft Division[37][38] 7th Anti-Aircraft Division[37][38] There were varying numbers of brigades to each Divisional HQ.[39] • British Troops in Egypt (HQ in Cairo). • 8th Infantry Division[41] • 14th Infantry Brigade[41] • 16th Infantry Brigade[41] • The Sudan (HQ in Khartoum). Cheshire Regiment (machine-gun battalion) .British Army Order of Battle (September 1939) • Lowland Area (HQ in Darlington).

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